The Anago Cleaning Systems franchise website boasts that it has been named by Entrepreneur magazine as 5th fastest growing franchise in 2010, and that it is “ahead of the competition due to the availability of profitable markets throughout the nation.”

Like most commercial cleaning franchises (janitorial franchises), Anago Cleaning Systems offers both “Master” franchise opportunities and “Unit” franchise opportunities.  According to the Anago website: 

“An Anago Master Franchisor has exclusive rights to a defined territory. The Master sells and trains Unit Franchisees throughout the territory. The Master also obtains cleaning contracts to be serviced by the Unit Franchisees. A Master Franchise candidate should have a strong sales & marketing background

An Anago Unit Franchisee owns his or her own cleaning business, and the business can be started with a minimal investment.”

However, unhappy franchisee commenters have posted complaints about the Anago Cleaning Systems franchise opportunity, with some claiming the Coverall franchise is a scam. 

In December, 2009, commenter “holy one” wrote on the Complaints Board website:

“I thought my family and I were making a great move by purchasing into Anago not true. This is the worst experience I have ever gone throug they promise cleaning contracts never fulfill their mission. We invested $9, 000 into this company guess how many contracts we recieved 2 that’s right. Guess how much a total of 1300.00. Please do not invest with Anago please pass the word they are a noncompliant company here in atlanta GA their out to take your money.

More recently (on the same board) “Coverall Franchise owner/until expires” wrote:

I totally agree with the complains. I am a franchise owner myself. they are totally liers. I made a contract for $20k, I gave $14.000 downpayment and we agree that I was going to pay the rest each month /deducted from my paycheck. I though I was going to get my acconts (offices to clean) in one month. But, they made me wait about a year, plus I was making $9 dollars per hour (fast and hard work) and I did not had any money to hired an employee to help me. How much I was supposed to pay if I hire one? 1 dollar? THEY ARE SCAMMERS. Yes, they are in the forbes magazine, of course because they make money but franchises dont. they will take you money and make you work like crazy. they also charge for administration but you are the one who has to comfront the office owners if something is wrong or if you want them to increase your payment because you are working extra hours. DONT MAKE ANY CONTRACT WITH THEM, They are not good, this business is not worth it at all. I am totally dissapointed :(

on the same board, jjamiranda wrote that all janitorial franchises, not just Coverall, are scams:

I bought a franchise with Anago in 2006 and when I started everything sounded great – when I actually started doing the "real thing" it was different than what I was told in my initial interview- so the first 6 months I didn’t make any return on my investment (I was spending more money than expected or than I was making) – I had complaints from companies and lots of various problems – the whole conversion into franchise owner was very unorganized and chaotic – it made me very upset and frustrated.

After a year or so I began to understand why I was having all those problems and most of the problems were because I simply did not read the contract – although the person I bought the franchise from did not supply me with the training necessary to begin my journey after we worked it out everything began to get better and I began to learn and make good money.

Being a franchise owner is NOT for everyone no matter if it’s a cleaning company or a restaurant – you have to posess the certain skills and determination to keep trucking along when times are tough and become the proper business owner that you need to be.

The thing to make you successful at anything in life -not just this is to read and constantly develop your personal skills on every spectrum of learning – from managerial skills to business knowledge in general – building your self esteem as a business owner will put you leaps and bounds in front of others.

A franchise is a learning experience – in the first half of it – consider yourself an employee you are still learning THEIR system and training and developing the skills – it is not until YOU learn how to work and run the system for YOU that you become a business owner and start making the system work for you instead of against you.

Anago is a good starting point for any franchise owner – it allows you to get in cheap and develop your necessary skills to make more than you have put in – in a short period of time compared to other big name mainstream franchises. I learnt how to make my franchise system work for me and with me beside me at all times – I hope you can too – the key = learn the system.

NEVER quit – or give up – let your obstacles guide you in a new direction – good luck!





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78 thoughts on “ANAGO CLEANING SYSTEMS Franchise Complaints

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  • March 1, 2010 at 8:13 pm


  • April 21, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    My husband and i put down 1500.00 down for Clean Net USA. We finished the 2 wk class still got no responds on our contracts.

  • May 12, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    I purchased a franchise with anago about 3 years ago.I put down 15,000 dollars,had to wait about 3months before receiving anything.The places we were cleaning had no complaints at all,but it just seems like Dave and Bill were basically complaining themselves to get rid of me, to give the contract to another person so that they can make more money off it.Telling me they lost a contract,but weeks later the same place they said they lost called me talking about we left the keys.So all they did was give that contract to a new franchise.You wont wake as much as they say you will,but as you see they are making BIG money off of your services.While you basically lose everything and go bust.They dont care neither,never gave me a call about getting anything else,MONEY WAS JUST GONE.I had a friend call me a few days ago and you were right they done me the same way.So it wouldnt be wise to spend your hard earned cash with them because they are out for them selves,they care nothing about you.

  • July 7, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    Hello, I just want to say that Anago is the worst company to invest in,They only want i s to get your money promesing you a lot if pretty things,but once they got you they don’t care about you.Also,they don’t fill your package as it should be.I bought with them at the end of 2009 and still thay haven’t fill my package.


  • July 8, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    It seems like all of these fake cleaning franchises are all a scam. All of us who have been riped-0ff by cleaning franchisors need to come together. You should file a complaint with the FTC Federal trade commision. http://www.FTC.Gob You should also file a complaint with the Attorney General.

    I’m a lead plaintiff in a national class action lawsuit againts jan-pro. I have heard the same stories from people that had a franchise with jan-pro, coverall, cleannet, and janiking.

    We need to all come together. You can find my e-mail adress on under the jan-pro complaint and I think we should start a page on on all of these rip-off cleaning franchisors.

    Please go to and read the following article
    “Taking off the Gloves”

  • July 9, 2010 at 5:53 am

    1st amendment: REALLY aren’t you getting tired yet. Same old stuff, now you are wanting to start a “facebook” page. Oh come on, who wants to see your smiling face full of monkey pooh!!!!

    Here you go again, giving hope to the hopeless, spreading the fact that you are the lead plantiff in a lawsuit against one of the big “3” what’s your contingency plan as you talked about on the other posts. You and your minions with SEIU money going after the “tier two” or “tier three” companies!

    Please say it isn’t so! Am I going to have to type all of this “stuff” all over again, Can you teach me how to “cut and paste”!

  • July 9, 2010 at 6:17 am

    To the people of Anago there is a troll here who works for jan-pr. he says that his name is jerry ?? and that he is from Indiana ?? He works for jan-pro and the other cleaning franchisors he is getting paid to come in here and attack us. He does this 7 days a week 24 hours a day. He is getting paid allot of money $$$$$$
    Don’t let him intimidate you. You all need to unite and stop these franchisors from ripping of any more people.

  • July 9, 2010 at 8:45 am

    1st amendment, Jerry “v”, Iloveamerica and friend of “guest”:

    Could you please make up your mind, on one site you call me a “monkey”, on another site you call me a “troll” when you keep calling me different names, I get confused!

    Getting paid by Jan-Pro and the other cleaning franchisors REALLY! I didn’t know that, wish it were true, but its not. Can you say the same thing? How about your “pimping” your attorneys, drinking and eating with the SEIU membership etc… Think there’s only one of us getting PAID! I know it’s not me!!!!!!

    Intimidation tactics, REALLY!!! Was I the one that attempted to close down multiple cleaning companies, was I the one that followed teenagers to school calling their father name’s and threatening them with posters and signs, was I the one wanting “secret ballots taken”, was I the one intimidating management and employees of a “traditional company”? NO, it was your “friends” of the SEIU against David Bego and EMS!!!! These are facts, not lies, not misdirection, not misstatments of facts.

    Need to try harder.

  • July 9, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    To jerry ?? From Indiana ??

    So now your mad because I posted an article that I saw on the internet on how some people who had a job for over 20 years got laid of and the company that they worked for hired a fake cleaning franchise to replace them.

    Do you know why they did that ?

    Because this way they dont have to pay for workers compensation or any benefits ay all.

    To jerry ?? From Indiana ?? What if they shiped your job to someone in bangledash? What if they did it to your Mom or family, then you would feel diferent wouldn’t you!

    This company that laid off it’s employees wont pay no benefits, no Taxes, no workers compensation and now they can abuse the people who bought the fake franchise! The fake cleaning franchise will do it for any low badly underbid price and the people who bought the fake franchise gets screwed. The people who got laid of get screewed and now they have to collect unemployment. The American Taxpayer gets screwed and the only ones that made money is the fake cleaning franchise.

  • July 9, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    1st amendment, Jerry “v”, Friend of “guest”, IloveAmerca!!!!:

    I’m not mad that you “cut and paste” it just lacks original thought. Then I read your “original thought” and wish you would “cut and paste” more. But i digress.

    Your “reason” for the “cut and paste” is my problem. Admit that you are an SEIU “stooge”, admit your attorneys are being “financed” by SEIU union dues, admit that you have an “agenda” other than the one you “proclaim”. That is my problem. YOUR DISHONEST!!!!!!

    Bangledash, REALLY!!!! Ok, if they want our “cleaning jobs” go ahead and take them, not sure how they are going to clean “long distance” but I’m on the “short bus” again.

    American Taxpayer is getting screwed by you, people like you, illegal aliens, attorneys, SEIU and others. Your biggest problem is “standing” “validity of argument” and oh here’s another one “current law”. Franchising companies have been in business for nearly 50 years, want to get technical, over 50 years if you count ServiceMaster in the mix. By the way, do you know what ServiceMaster stands for? Service to the Master. No, not the master franchisor, to God Almighty!

  • July 9, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    To jerry?? From Indiana ??

    Who said that he is waching me and that he is going to come and get me!

    For those of Anago who don’t know him he works for the cleaning franchiors and is getting paid alot of money $$$$$$.

    He is in here 7 days a week 24 hours a day trowing all kinds of mud at the wall to try and see what sticks but nothing does.

    The cleaning franchisors are desperate and are trying to do damage control.

    They will Lie and say anything on these blogs to defame me but Jerry from indiana ?? Wont reveal his real name ?? He said that he is an insider at jan-pro but then he says that he doesnt work there???????????? Which one is it ???

    Then he says that he is going to reform jan-pro but how can he do so when he said that he doesn’t work for jan-pro ??? Again which one is it. He is just a monkey lying and saying anything because the cleaning franchisors are afraid that they will get in allot of trouble for ripping of so many people.

    The money making Racket is coming to an end. Even a Judge called them a modified Ponzi Scheme!

  • July 9, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    1st amendment, Jerry “v”, Iloveamerica, friend of “guest”, member of SEIU and Obama supporter:

    Whew!!!! You really need to change your “handle” it takes me longer to type all of that in and it will definitely take you days to respond. As I stated over on the other site, I had triple duty tonight, I had old ladies to rob, veterans to degrade, children to beat, dogs to steal, count my money, get the food stamps, milk money and make a deposit to the bank before closing.

    What did I miss?

  • July 9, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    To someone who calls himself jerry ?? who is from Indiana or Florida ?? who is working for the cleaning Franchisors and who told me that he is going to come and GET ME !

    You think its funny however you wont explain why the check they gave those ladies BOUNCED. You saw it when they were exposed on Television. They also had to hide there face because they are scared of retaliation and harassment. Why were kiked out ????
    Why do you underbid accounts ???
    Why do you steal accounts ???

    You still havent explained why they ripped-off this veteran that is now forced to take legal action. He is also starting his own class action Lawsuit.

  • July 9, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    1st amendment, Jerry “v”, Friend of Guest, Guest, Iloveamerica, SEIU member, Obama supporter:

    1. The ladies on the Telemundo show, didn’t show their faces because the were/are illegal aliens. You know that.

    2. If a check was “bounced” then they should sue. They should win. They should get all their money back and should be happy.

    3. You on the other hand, are a Dishonest Broker.

    Why doesn’t “guest” pick on you for your spelling and grammer errors. Are you driving the “short bus”.

  • July 9, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    To someone who calls himself jerry ?? who says that he is from Indiana ?? Who says that he is waching me and that he is going to come and get me.

    1. To jerry ?? if thats even your real name ?? So you are saying that anybody in this country that speaks a diferent language like for example Jagoda Walckzak a polish imigrant who has 2 tenage kids and borrowed money from family and paid over $17,000 dollars and was ripped-off are you then saying that if someone is an imigrant or even with no document that those people deserve to get RIPED-OFF???? Do you think God would be ok with ripping of and stealling from anybody wether they are illegal or not ??? Do you have any MORALS ???

    2. I do hope they sue if they were given a bad check on purpose. They said on the Television that they were told that the customer hadn’t paid but when they went and asked the customer the customer said that they had paid !!! Now do you see the Racket the scam or what the Judge said the Ponzi Scheme !

    3. Here you go again with your LIES. Why do you LIE? Why? I guees you can’t breack the old bad habbits that you learned at jan-pro. Why do you say I’m a broker. I’m not a broker you LIAR. I’m a simple hard working American that was Ripped-off by a fake cleaning franchisor.

  • July 9, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    1st amendment, Pimp my attorney master, Jerry “v”, friend of “guest”, guest, SEIU Member, Iloveamerica:

    1. Morals, yes without question. My earlier posts show what is wrong with your argument, my earlier posts show some reforms that are needed to impliment a true “change” in the industry, my earlier posts show that you don’t care for anyone else but you and the people that are in your “camp”, my earlier posts show what a Dishonest Broker you are.

    2. Telemundo interviewed a group of illegal aliens. Who entered this country illegally, who should be in jail, who should be deported, who shouldn’t be the responsibility of the american taxpayer, who shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the country for one more day. Telemundo should be ashamed of itself for this level of “tabloid journalism”. You should be ashamed for all the lies, the “half truths” , the things you have done and not revealed all the while you are attempting to “dissuade me” from posting here.

    3. Lies, where? Where’s your proof that I’ve lied. Find it, “cut and paste” it and I’ll be more than happy to answer point by point. But stop the nonsense. Quit acting like the SEIU and the “goons” associated with them acted in Indianapolis against David Bego and others.

    Do you not undersand the term “Dishonest Broker” , have “guest” or your attorney explain it to you. Maybe “guest” has toll money so you can get on the “short bus”.

  • July 10, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    To someone who calls himself jerry who said that he is waching me and that he is going to come and get me.

    This guy owns a master franchise with jan-pro and this is the type of ctap you will deal with if you buy one of there fake cleaning franchises.

    He has no morals he is racist and called anyone who speaks any different language other than english illegal aliens. He thinks that its ok to steal from imigrants.

    He also gets mad when I post articles that come out on the jan-pro Fraud.
    He can’t handle the Truth.

  • July 10, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    1st amendment: You are obviously tired or upset, you are making even less “sense” than usual. It is really hard to follow you. Please consult with “guest” and maybe someone can get you some help with typing.

    The kind of “crap” you will have to deal with. Seems a little on the “frustrated side”of the argument wouldn’t you say? Maybe you shuold check in with your attorneys and get some better “insults” to throw around at me.

    I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but let me say this in the strictist way and clearest way possible:

    1. I am not, nor have I ever been a “master owner” in Jan-Pro, Coverall, Jani-King or any other owner/operator system.
    2. I do not currently work for Jan-Pro in any compacity, do not have any family members that do, no friends or anyone that I have any type of emotional attachement to.
    3. Unlike 1st amendment, “guest” and others that have posted on this site, I have NO vested interest, don’t own stock, don’t have a financial gain or loss in this “game”. I am not being paid by Jan-Pro, Coverall, Jani-king or any other owner/operator system to monitor this site, make comments, offer proposals etc…

    There, now can we move on. Did I not answer something of “value” that you, guest or the others have a question on?

  • July 11, 2010 at 7:56 am

    Open Forum: On the other sites, I’ve been taking “issues” and giving the questions and possible solutions in order to “get the dialogue” going. On this “site” I would like to speak about the following subject: “Accounts are underbid”.

    Though lost in the “back and forth” banter between myself, “guest” and 1st amendment. I talked about how bids are produced by the “big 3” and by “traditional companies” as a whole. Now there are reasonable questions about “underbidding” but let’s admit that both sides are right and both sides are wrong and go from here:

    1. One of the fundemental problems with “underbid” accounts is the following:

    a) Salesperson representing the “master” doesn’t understand the importance of bidding things properly. At the end of the day, the owner/operator who really the Salesperson is representing on the account, needs to keep into mind that they should be selling “quality” and not “price”. The owner/operator system if done properly is far superior as far as quality of end product, service level and retention level vs.traditional based systems which simply hire full and part time employees to do their work.

    Problem: 1. Most of salesperson(s) compensation is “sales driven” based upon commission majority or in some cases only. This needs to change on a “master” level. You can’t simply give a proper compensation when it is commission based majority or only. For one thing, no one can make a living in this industry that way when you are predominately going after “smaller accounts”.
    2. Most Salesperson(s) don’t know what it takes to clean an account, yes they get “production rate schedules” , yes they have “minimum charge” perameters, yes they usually have some sort of “computer generated” pricing verification system that is set from a decade plus ago.
    3. Most “masters” haven’t been in this business either, so they don’t know how to “teach” , “correct”, “sell an account” any better than the “salesperson” in the field.

    Training is mandatory for both the salesperson and the “master” if you have a properly trained, industry veteran as your Operations Manager, that person should have/must have a “say” in the final bid pricing. Maybe not “veto” authority, but certainly “valued input”.

    Finally, salespersons need to be properly trained, that should be offered on a corporate level, and it should be from basics to advanced training and it should be done on a regular basis. Also, there should be available “internet” contact between the trainer and the “master level” salesperson that would be of value on a consistent basis. Website could be developed for “in-house” use only and would cover the “basics”. Direct contact could be done on a Webinar program, call in program etc…. It must be “interactive” though, can’t simply be someone in corporate “spewing” the latest/greatest product of the day.

    I await your input.

  • July 11, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Open forum: Now what is being said is an honest overview of what is “wrong” with the “big 3” in regards to sales. It’s not the “figures” that are wrong as much as it is the closing skills and the ability to increase the closing % of the salesperson and the “master owner”.

    For you see, if there’s not a pipeline of constant growth happening, is when the problems begin. In a properly run “master” there should be a good mix of “new accounts of all sizes”, “national account opportunities”, “renewals” and hopefully “referrals”.

    Accounts of all sizes: What happens is that a package ends up getting filled by too large of an account. If someone is “owed” 500.00 per month account in order to fill, but because of timing issues, a 1000.00 per month account is “offered” and accepted, you’ve in theory wasted 500.00 though you usually get sales/marketing for those. You need a good mix coming in,larger ones, smaller ones, medium sized ones.

    National Accounts: This is something that is very beneficial and in most cases not expected by the masters from corporate. These accounts can assist the “master” in getting their packages filled, usually includes a mix of larger and smaller sized accounts and are very cost effective, because no commission is paid to the on-site salesperson.

    Finally referrals, this needs to be worked on harder by the masters. In many cases there are “sister companies” that you may have one part of their business but there are others, sometimes several others that could be gotten for additional business opportunities.

    One area that we are going to go heavily into next time is owner/operator generated sales.

    More to come………..

  • July 11, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    To Jerry from Indiana who said that he is an insider at jan-pro ???

    You have got to be Kidding me, you posted 11 Times TODAY.

    Today is SUNDAY !

    Today is SUNDAY !

    Did I mention that today is Sunday and you posted 11 times.

    You posted from the Morning all the way till late at Night.

    How much is jan-pro paying you $$$$$$ ???

    Some of your post are very LONG. It’s obvious that you have a lot to loose when we go to trial.
    You seem very, very DESPERATE. You are working so hard to do DAMAGE control.

    Maybe if jan-pro stopped ripping of so many people they wouldn’t have to pay you to be on every day even on Sundays, or on 4th of July or on Fathers Day. You said that you are a father on another post but you spent fathers day posting here all day!

    How much money is jan-pro paying you to come in here and post everyday, all day long $$$ ???
    Jan-pro is going to give you one big paycheck $$$

  • July 12, 2010 at 12:44 am

    You can read another article on how cleaning franchisors keep ripping off people. To read the whole article you can go to

    Franchises: Avoiding the scams
    by: Michael McCagg, Managing Editor

    Federal officials are vowing a crackdown on scam artists in the franchising industry.

    “The janitorial sector is an area that sticks out. We get a number of complaints about unsavory business practices in it,” said Steve Toporoff, a spokesman for the federal agency.

    Derrick Rill, deputy director of public relations for the agency, added that franchising schemes in the janitorial business have grown so troublesome that the agency will be targeting the public with a new educational campaign later this year.

    Trouble lurking
    Daniel said he recently met one franchise owner who paid $6,500 “to go into business” and, after several weeks, had received one contract that left no profit following supply purchases and franchisor fees.

  • July 12, 2010 at 6:18 am

    1st amendment: Surprised that you care, seems that you and “guest” have a fascinaton with “numbers” recently. Is that because your trying to figure out how to “sell” the previous plantiffs in the Coverall case how long it will take them to “pay off” their “judgement”.

    You seem upset that I’m still here. You and “guest” called me every name in the book. “guest” who isn’t a “bigot” has continued to insult people in so many ways, so many times, he’s lost count. Honestly, “I had a dream” last night, I kept tossing and turning in my prison cell, I then turned over to “Roberto” and said, ” I’m sorry for causing you so much anguish or last night here, in jail together” you see, Roberto is on his way to Chicago this a.m. But I digress, the reason I had the dream is I knew “guest” had insulted others, just couldn’t remember. Then I did, it came to me in a song, “the wheels on the bus go round and round”, He insulted the “kids that right the short bus”. Now you need to figure who they are. “guest” will draw you a picture 1st amendment.

    Of course, I still deny getting paid by anyone. Just a public servant.

    Have a Happy Day in California (Jerry V.) and a Happy Day in MA (guest)

  • July 12, 2010 at 6:23 am

    1st amendment: Well there you go again, let’s pull up another article written years ago and make it sound like it was just yesterday! Let’s see in the past few days, he’s “cut and pasted” articles from 1995, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004.

    I guess he needs reassurance from the past, that his future is bright. Let me give you a “picture”.

    After you lose, you’ll be standing on the street corner with your “brokers license” in your pocket, a pail of “monkey pooh” in one hand and a “johnny mop” in the other.

    Don’t know what a “johnny mop” is: Well no wonder your customers asked/demanded in an email to have you “replaced”.

    1. You didn’t even know your customer, didn’t bother meeting them, calling them
    2. You didn’t call them back in two hours because you couldn’t bother
    3. You didn’t clean their toilets because anyone with “commercial cleaning experience” knows a “johnny mop” is used to clean toilets and urinals.

    Wow….. More to come……..

  • July 12, 2010 at 7:27 am

    OK this is both funny & disturbing… Anago proudly issues a press release bragging that it’s latest Master franchisee helped design a nuclear missile system that could have killed millions of people. And while a pesky disarmament treaty did away with his system in 1989, Ken can now do some real damage by selling Anago franchises in Ohio.

    It’s ironic the gov’t can disarm missiles but is powerless to stop janitorial franchises. From the Anago press release:


    “Anago Cleaning Systems is proud to announce the sale of the Eastern Ohio Master Territory to Ken Speece, based out of Canton, Ohio…

    “Ken further remarked that although in his early days as an engineer he helped in the design of the Pershing II nuclear missile system for a defense contractor,

    “But don’t ask Ken to calculate missile trajectories any more. His new target is personal and professional success and satisfaction in owning his own Anago Master Franchise. “

  • July 12, 2010 at 9:40 am

    Guest: You patting 1st amendment on the back is a little “self serving” isn’t it. I find it distrubing that you find it disturbing that someone that “intelligent” is wanting to do something else.

    The “elitest” in you must be dismayed. Let me remind you who and what groups you have offended. Nascar fans, anyone from the south, anyone from the midwest, black people, white people, people who ride short buses, honest brokers, dishonest brokers, 1st amendment (because he’s still not sure why he doesn’t have a brokers license), people from New Jersey, people who don’t think like you do and now rocket scientists!!!!

    Will your attacks on peoples character never stop?

    More to come………

  • July 12, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Why is it that jerry from indiana Is so scared of me posting articles that talk about how cleaning franchisors rippoff people??

    Is it that he has alot to loose because he owns a master franchise ?

    Is it because it’s the truth and he and his company jan-pro can’t handle the truth ?

    You should also know that jerry who works for jan-pro wants you to buy a fake cleaning franchise with jan-pro but he won’t let his own Mother or anybody in his family buy one!

    He gets so MAD when I post parts of articles and post the links to them. Well I dont care how much he Cries I will keep posting them because I don’t want more people to get ripped-off. Here is the article that jerry who owns a Master cleaning franchise doesn’t want anybody to read.

    Taking off the Gloves

    I’m posting part of the article here. You can read the whole article by going to the following website.

    [Duplicate content deleted – ADMIN]

  • July 12, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    1st amendment: Got nothing to loose, or did you mean lose? Love the fact that you keep changing my title, I must say it is an improvement from when you first called me “scum bag’, “low life”, operations manager, etc……..

    By the way, at least on this article it is recent, better than previous ones from 1995 and 1998. Thank you for getting more current.

    Curious though, when you post something that “helps” you and “guest” from franchise times, you take it as “gospel”. But when another article comes out from Franchise times that “hurts you”, they are idiots, liars, scam artists, on the take politicians etc….

    Did you like my comments earlier when I “blasted” your points of your case out of the water? Have you started a “telethon” for “aiwah” and his “merry band of disgruntled owner/operators yet” or did SEIU agree to pick up those judements too.

    Did you take my advice and get something in writing from “guest” that when you lose you won’t have to pay any money back to Jan-Pro?

    Also, waiting on a response about your tax issues?

    More to come………

  • July 12, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    To jerry who owns a master franchise with jan-pro.

    You are saying that if someone comits a crime in 1995 or 1998 that they should be allowed to walk away. I think that any police officer or District Attorney would disagree with you.

    What if someone ripped-off someone in your family? Would it then be ok for them to not have to respond because a few years have gone by ???

    Why are you trying to hide the PAST ? Is it because you and jan-pro are doing the same thing today ?

    Thats why you don’t want me to post what has hapened in the last few years because you are still doing the same crap today!

  • July 12, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    1st amendment: Define “crime”, Your “FTC cut and paste” was/is a settlement with no fault. I know you don’t understand what that means, but as “guest”, he should be able to explain that to you. If not, I will later. You make it sound that the owner of Jani-King was taken away in handcuffs, chains, put in jail etc…. You of course know better. Why do you feel the need to LIE!!!!!!

    With the way you make things sound so personal, it’s not it’s business, all businesses have faults, even your “attorney” has faults, they have past “tax issues” at least what I found out. Do you hold that against them?

    Whose hiding the past? You dig it up every other day and post it. My problem with you posting it, you have a way of “cutting” in the exact area the “date” is located in. So unless I happen to point it out, people “assume” that it was done recently.

    I’m not doing any “crap”, again, unlike you and “guest”, I’m the only “honest broker”. Both of you are “dirty”, you both have “skin in the game”.

    More to come………..

  • July 12, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    To jerry who owns a master cleaning franchise with jan-pro

    You wanted me to explain the crime that jan-pro has done. Then I will.

    1. They steal accounts away from people even though the customer is perfectly verry happy with the cleaners service. Jan-pro LIES and tells the cleaner that the customer isn’t happy and to turn in the account. The cleaner turns in the key and later on they go and talk to the customer. The customer doesn’t understand why they were removed because they were very happy with there service.

    This is Theft, a crime. This is Fraud, a crime. This is a Racket, a crime for jan-pro to enrich themselves. They can resale an account many times and make Thousands of Dillars just from one account. Now do you see the Racket.

  • July 12, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    In Canada cleaning franchisors are also ripping off people.

    I have received calls from people in Canada who have also been ripped-off by jan-pro.

    Lawsuits may soon be getting filled in Canada against jan-pro and other cleaning franchisors.

    Here is a link to a video of a Gentleman who got ripped-off by a cleaning franchisor.–countrywide-victim-arteaga

  • July 13, 2010 at 6:17 am

    1st amendment and guest: I know that both of you have no “business” skills, I also realize that neither of you have any commercial cleaning skills either. You make such “blanket statements” it really isn’t funny any more.

    1. When you “imply” that a crime has been commited against somone that is a criminal action not a cival one in most cases. The cases that you continue to bring up and let’s talk about yours for a minute. You continue to “spew” about how your accounts were stolen in one breath but then you admit when you think no one is looking the following:

    a) Didn’t understand, didn’t read the FDD. So whether the FDD is confusing or not is really beside the point. YOU DIDN”T READ IT. Can someone explain to me, that if you didn’t bother reading it, didn’t bother taking it to an attorney, didn’t bother taking it to an accountant, didn’t bother taking it to a librarian or anyone else in your family to view, HOW IS THAT JAN+PRO”S FAULT!!! You had plenty of time, you had plenty of opportunity, you had plenty of reason to do proper due dilligence and you didn’t. That’s someone looking for someone else to blame for something that really at the end of the day is YOUR FAULT! Now you have become an expert, coached by “guest” and the minions of attorneys and SEIU brothers and instead of you didn’t bother to READ it, it’s I didn’t UNDERSTAND it. It’s like or worse than the U.S. Tax Code!! Really, well I wonder why some of that is true.

    Nearly 50% of what is in an FDD is mandatory information that the FTC, Federal Government and State Governments state that must be in there. The other 50% approx. 1/2 of that (25% for those in MA) is made by attorneys trying to keep their clients out of court. The INFORMATIVE par of the FDD is in a language that even a DUMB, MISSPELLING, SOB like me can understand.

    Now since you likened the FDD to the Tax Code, Who does your taxes?

    2. Since you admitted that you didn’t bother reading it, you didn’t obviously follow the policy and procedures though part of the FDD, Jan-Pro like many others, actually “pulls” that information out of the FDD (copies it really is a better term) and puts in a seperate manual altogether. (Guess you didn’t bother reading that either, forgot to mention that to your attorneys too)

    In Policy and Procedures it breaksdown what your duties are in this “relationship” which it’s sole purpose is to PLEASE THE CUSTOMER!!!!

    a) After the 1st clean you are to: Call the customer and see how thing went
    b) After the 1st week you are to: Call the customer and ask for their opinion on any issues, problems, comments, needs etc…..
    c) After the 1st month and every month after you are to: Go and see the customer face to face, ask them to fill out the one page customer survey form, sign that form and you are to/should make a copy for your records and turn in the original to the REGIONAL OFFICE.

    You didnt’ do any of that. You didn’t build a relationship, didn’t want to build, didn’t get the customer survey back or for that matter to the customer.

    3. As part of the same Policy and Procedures aspect it talks about communication between you and the customer and you and the regional office, you are to respond to your customer’s needs, questions, issues, thoughts, cares, concerns that customer may have because they CALLED YOU!!!!! You chose to ignore them, when you didn’t respond, they called the REGIONAL OFFICE, when you didn’t call them back within the two hours, they decided to levy a fine of $50.00 against you, they were trying to GET YOUR ATTENTION. Obviously, with my personal experience of dealing with you, that doesn’t work.

    4. After repeated issues, that envolved all of the above, cleaning related issues etc.. They asked the REGIONAL OFFICE to remove you. As is their right to do so under the contract terms and conditions. Jan-Pro has a copy of that email/letter and it was shown to you, put in your file, you’ll see it again in court.

    Now I’m tired of going over the same ground again and again with you and “guest”. This is SAD, I’m sorry that you Screwed yourself out of 10K.. I really am, but you’re wanting to blame everyone for what you did wrong. You want someone else to take the blame for: You not reading, you not doing, you not cleaning, you not responding…. Really, did you think you give someone 10K and they exchange it for 15K or 20K and you didn’t have to do anything? Wow, Sign me up for that one.

    I’ve gone into great detail about the bidding, you’ll lose that aspect as sure as “monkey dung” smells on a hot summer’s day.

    I’ve gone into the “churning’ of accounts business, more times than I care too.

    Now let’s get rid of this nonsense about how all of these people at Jan-Pro are “corrupt”, “criminal acts were done”, RICO violations etc….

    If you can’t bother to read and understand the FDD, how in the world could you comprehend the RICO standards? I know, back then you didn’t have (Liz) and her merry band of “illegal alien lovin”, “SEIU paying”, “merry band of attorneys”. Sorry, already asked and answered my own questions.

    If I were Jan-Pro managment, (even the arrogrant, uninformed, well intentioned, lack of commercial cleaning experience idiot Rich Kissane) I would be pissed and have my attorneys in court telling your attorneys to PUT UP OR SHUT UP on garbage spewing like that!

    Though I personally dislike Rich Kissane, though I have little respect for SOME of his executive staff, though I would very much like to see an industry professional to take over at Jan-Pro and get the “corporate and master” relationship issues adjusted, though I think Jacques Lapointe is a bigger idiot than Rich Kissane, I can honestly tell you this, THEY ARE NOT CRIMINALS UNDER ANY ISSUE!!!!

    You want to attack them on points of running a company, you want to attack them on the “master and corporate” relationship, you want to attack them for “oversight management”, you want to attack them for not knowing the “commercial cleaning industry”, FINE! I’M STANDING RIGHT BESIDE YOU! But you want to make them out to be criminals, institutional liers, money grabbing scam artist, veteran hating, momma hating, minority hating individuals? No, that’s wrong, that’s character assasination, that’s going over the line. WAY OVER THE LINE!!

    Now, if you cut and paste anything, make sure you don’t cut out parts of this statement listed above and make it fit what you want. Don’t know what my “legal rights” are to come after you if you do this, but you better believe, I’ll find out.

    You want to argue reasonable points of fact, you want to say things should be better, could be better, must be better, fine I’ll argue with you all day/night/weekend long. These people though they have flaws, though they have issues, in my opinion, are not criminals, are not thieves, are not ‘scam artists” , are not civally liable for criminal acts possibly commited by others.

    I don’t care for these men in a business sense, I have attacked them for the lack of business related matters, PR related matters, commercial cleaning related matters, lack of intenstinal fortitude matters. But I do not believe for one minute that either of these gentlemen, nor the staff of “lackeys” that Rich Kissane has surrounded himself with are criminals under any definition or circumstance.

    GARBAGE LIKE THAT, needs to stop.

    More to come? depends, if you don’t quit attacking these men, these ladies that are part of the executive team and accusing them unfairly and without proof of criminal acts. I’m done with posting on this site. That’s pure non-sense, lies, garbage and at best “hear say” baloney.

  • July 13, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    To anybody looking at buying a fake cleaning franchise don’t do it. They will control you. They will punish you and fine you $50.00 if you dont return a call in less than two hours. They can take your accounts away at any time and if you dont turn in the keys jan-pro will fine you $500.00 Dollars everyday.

    They will steal your accounts by telling you that the customer isn’t happy when infact the customer is very happy with your service and then when you give jan-pro the keys its to late and they have just stolen your account.

    There is so many complaints all over the internet about jan-pro.

    Please see the following video were jan-pro was exposed for ripping off Ladies.

    The checks that they were given bounced and then when they went in to complain they were KICKED OUT !

    There accounts were stolen.

    They were also told that they were not getting paid because the customer hadn’t paid yet but then when they went and asked the customer. The customer said that they had already paid jan-pro.

    Here is the link to the video were jan-pro was exposed on television on Telemundo chanel 52 on a show called Al Rojo Vivo with reporter Maria Celeste

  • July 13, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    1st amendment: You are correct in most of what you are saying in regards to the $50.00 fine. However, your personal “story” is that you didn’t do the following before you got fined:

    a) Didn’t return a call from your customer for a full day
    b) Didn’t return a call from your regional office for a full day
    c) Had to be threatened with the 500.00 fine if you didn’t return the keys for the customers place of business after Jan-Pro received an email from “your customer” asking for you to be removed for performance issues.

    Might want to give ALL information, but it’s kind of like you to do that!

    Might want to “point out” that you, Iloveamerica, Jerry”v”, 1st amendment have been posting on numerous sites for 2 years now. If we actually backed out your “posts” from this one site alone, there would be less than 6 actual “complainers” all the rest are yours, guest, Former Jan-Pro Operations Manager.

    All of the rest of the 300 plus posts on the three primary sites are from me and a couple other “defenders” of the process.

    These are but a few examples of why I call you and “guest” dishonest brokers. If I weren’t here pointing all of these facts out, you’d be a runaway freight train for years to come.

    When are you going to court? God, I hope its soon, getting tired of typing, though I’m up to over 100 words per minute, personal all time best!!!!!

  • July 13, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    To Jerry a master franchisor with jan-pro.

    Again you Lie. It;s Really, Really, Funny the way you just make things up and LIE.

    Jerry from Indiana you are a BIG FAT LIAR.

    Jan-pro never received e-mails from my customers asking for me to be removed. You are such a LIAR. Jerry from Indiana is a LIAR, LIAR, LIAR !

    Jerry from Indiana why do you LIE so much ?

    Jerry from Indiana is a LIAR, LIAR, LIAR.

    My performance was excelent and my customers liked me very much. I received excelent scores every month and even got letters of recomendation and apreciation from the customers

    Again you LIE There is hundreds of complaints from different people complaining about jan-pro. I keep getting calls from people all around the country. Up to date people from 25 different states have called me wanting to join the class action Lawsuit. I have also received calls from people in Canada who got ripped-off by jan-pro.

    Why do you keep saying brokers, why do you keep calling me a broker. I’m not a broker. Again you are like a litle lying monkey just shitting lies out of your ass.

    When are you going to tell us how much money $$$$$$ jan-pro is paying you to come in here and post everyday. Some days you have posted over 12 times and you post everyday day 7 times a week. It sounds like jan-pro is very desperate to do Damage control. If jan-pro pays you by the word then jan-pro has paid you over $100,000 Dollars.

  • July 14, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    1st amendment: Really, this is the best you can do? Please go back to “cut and pasting” leave the “original thoughts” off your menu for a while.

    Your performance was not excellent, why are you acting that it was. Thought you had better sense than (oops my bad, you don’t) to “spew” something that Jan-Pro attorneys will be able to use in court against you.

    I wasn’t talking about the now (hundreds of people) that you are refering too, I’m talking about you.

    “guest” didn’t do a good job explaining to you the term “honest or dishonest broker” or is it like the U.S. tax code as well? By the way, You still haven’t answered who does your taxes?

    Jan-Pro hasn’t paid me one red cent for doing anything in over one year. In fact, if truth be told, they should pay me, shouldn’t they?

    No, Jan-Pro isn’t desperate, but I have a feeling that the people in the “aiwah” case are right about now. YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!!!!

  • July 14, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    Guest: Can you please tell 1st amendment what the term “honest, dishonest broker means” I mean come on, this is your “star” witness to the end of the franchising world as we know it! Can’t you at least “prep” him some?

    I told you, he was out on the California street corner some where, wondering where to purchase a license! And if he’s talking to that many people, shouldn’t I wonder what he’s doing for income, whose paying his bills? Obviously, I’m concerned who’s not doing his taxes since the FDD is equl too or worse than the U.S. tax code.

    In closing, on this beautiful moment where Pete and I are actually more in agreement than disagreement, would you be willing to “join” the dark side?

    Just a reminder, I’m a Nascar lovin, White Gravy eatin, corn bread making, chicken fried steak eatin, Southern Gentleman that LOVES this COUNTRY!!! HOLLER if 1st amendment is your worst nightmare on the stand, ‘guest”.

  • July 14, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    To jerry a master franchisor with jan-pro

    You are such a LIAR.

    My customers were very, very happy with my work.

    I have excellent scores from them.

    I have letters from them were they state that they were very happy with my service.

    The customers that I had are Nationally known businesses.

    They even wanted me to come work for them.

    Dam jerry now you look like a real ugly mad monkey that just shits out LIES.

  • July 14, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    The coverall case in Massachusetts was a Test case. only 3 plaintiffs were used. The Judge already Ruled that all of the Coverall people are infact employees. This is according to the LAW. This is the LAW. A 3 Pong test was used to determine if the cleaners were employees and according to the LAW and the 3 Pong test they are employees. On a later date they will be going back to court to access all of the Damages. This same Judge compared the way coverall was doing business as a Modified Ponsi Scheme!
    Coverall recently started making there cleaners use time cards.
    The Judge also stated that he may certify the case as a national class action challenging Coverall’s Unfair and Deceptive business practices Nationwide.

    Also Rhina alveranga who bought a fake cleaning franchise with coverall was able to prove that she was an employee and not a franchisee. She recouped her loses, investment and also received unemployment benefits.

    In the Jani-King case, they have obtained class certification on the claim that franchisees who have worked in Massachusetts were misclassified as independent contractors.

    In the jan-pro case we are awaiting for the Judges decision for cross parties summary Judgment and for Class certification.
    Jan-pro Lost a lawsuit in Rhode Island. I also know of many other Lawsuits that they have settled out of court.

    If you look at the Climaco Guzman V. jan-pro case you will see that jan-pro LIES. They never gave him any accounts so Climaco Guzman had to take legal action. The Judge found jan-pro Guilty!

    The Judge said that jan-pros promises were FALSE and MISSLEADING! The Judge also said that jan-pro had BREACHED the contract and committed FRAUD !

  • July 14, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    1st amendment: Now come on, no one stated that in the past 15 years. That’s how old the case is that you are quoting. If you are going to “hang your hat” on things that happened that long ago than SHAME on you.

    Now in regards to the “breach of contract”, I stated all along that was where I agreed with you on. I think that in some of these cases, that is really where the problem is. There, you have a legitmate gripe with Jan-Pro for sure. But with a “breach of contract” your contract is between you and the “master” not between you and Jan-Pro International.

    Now in regards to your customers, I can only “report” what is swirling around. There are supposed emails asking for your removal from at least one of your jobsites, I’m sure your attorneys should be able to verify. I wasn’t at your “master location” so I don’t know whether you are “telling the truth” or if “your lying”. At the end of the day, its one or the other RIGHT?

    I’ve told you before, I don’t blame you and the other “disgruntled owner/operators” for being angry, upset and maybe even a Little “pissed”, I just think you’ve gone about this the wrong way, listened to people that you shouldn’t follow blindly. One thing I’ve learned in business and especially in this business, TRUST NO ONE!!!!! Some say, thats a sad way to live your life, not trusting. I trust, just not everyone when it comes to business, Trust is very much earned.

    I’ve also told you before, I hope you lose your case. Because, if for no other reason the thirty thousand or so current owner/operators will lose their investment and there’s not an attorney that you know, that’s going to tell you that, because they don’t care about those people.

    Now, I’ve changed my tone just a little, let’s see if you can do the same. Reasonable people can agree to disagree, but compromise is negotiated fairly and equally between parties.

  • July 14, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    It looks like more Fake cleaning franchisors keep ripping of people.

    They don’t just do it here in the United States they also rip-off people in Canada.

    I have also received calls from people in Canada that were ripped-off by jan-pro.

    Don’t be surprised if you start to see class actions in Canada.

    Please see the following link. This gentleman talks about how a cleaning franchisor ripped his family off.–countrywide-victim-arteaga

  • July 14, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    To jerry a master franchisor with jan-pro

    You are trully one sick person

    You look at people and if you don’t like the way they look you call them illegal aliens. The ladies who came out on those video are not illegal aliens they are American citizens and some of them have kids in the Millitary. For you to call people illegal aliens just because they look diferent than you is wrong.

    How can you defend what you Posted on July 10th 2010 at 1:52 pm
    The following is what jerry from indiana posted on July 10th 2010 at 1:52 pl in the janiking section of complaints

    “““ You shuold be awake by now. Even in California it’s at least “taco time” isn’t it?

    As my “master” took his yaht out today, I was forced to go into the basement and feed/water all of the illegal aliens we are “training” to become the next batch of owner/operators

    Now to show that I’m not as mean the “master”, one of our illegal aliens gave birth last night despite our best efforts to have her wait at least ten (10) days, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. To show that I’m not without feeling, I immediately explained to the illegal alien, that “wet foot, dry foot” didn’t apply to her as she was coming into the world. I then took the mother, sold her a starter kit at 5X the cost of the products and equipment given to her, forced her to take a tremedously underbid account, called the customer and told them I was putting an illegal alien into their facility,

    What you ask about the baby? Well the “master” and I have decided to “sell” the baby to the highest bidder and pocket the money. We wil make a large donation/gift in the baby’s name to the owners of Franchise Times, Frannet, Vetnet and any other “net” willing to name us in the top “5″ of their franchise list. ”””

  • July 15, 2010 at 5:59 am

    1st amendment: Obviously, as a PARODY it was quite funny. You obviously don’t understand the word, not really my fault, maybe you should do some research this time. Of course, probably not, since you didn’t even bother doing any due dilligence and you still handed a “stranger” 10K without even blinking an eye.

    Can I ask you a question, where do I come to get my 10K from you. You’re pretty gullable, thought I would try. Did you ever find out from “guest” that you didn’t need a license yet?

    You make it sound like when people walk into their area Jan-Pro office, they are going to be met by someone who is going to grab their purse, take their check book and write themselves a check and force the person to sign it before they ever speak to them about Jan-Pro. Now come on, just because you basically did that, doesn’t mean everyone is like you. Now I guess you’re going to tell me you have a mother who was in the Military and I should leave you alone too!

    I mean really, everyone that 1st amendment knows is in the military? I live in a city of nearly 1.5 million people, I’m around 40 to 50 people every day, I only know about 1 or 2 that have family in active Military duty as we speak. 1st amendment knows hundreds of people and of course nearly 100 of them are active military, do you live near a base or something?

    And of course, EVERYONE that 1st amendment knows of Hispanic decent are ALL legal aliens or U.S. Citizens. Here’s a little secret, I don’t believe you! I’ll bet a dime to a dollar that most are here illegally, that’s why they are in the “shadows” and that’s why they hide their faces on the TV interview and that’s why they aren’t party to your LAWSUIT, which by of course, YOU are the lead plantiff in!!!

    Did your attorney have a talk with you yet about how they aren’t going to allow you on the stand? It’s ok, I understand that Jan-Pro attorney will be asking for you to take the stand.

  • July 15, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    To jerry a master franchisor with jan-pro

    I guees that the truth is coming out, all you do is look at people and you label them. That is wrong. If you see that someone looks different from you, you attack them. For your information this country is made up of people from all over the world. We are here talking about how jan-pro has been ripping of people and what do you do when you are loosing your argument. You let out your deragatory and racist views.

    Two years ago if you saw one of the supreme court justices walking down the street would you also call her deragatory names? Would you also call her an illegal alien just because she looks latina?

    You know that what you said is wrong. For you to be labeling everyone that works for jan-pro as an illegal alien is very WROING!

    For your information 30% of the people that have called me are white, 30% Black, 30% latino, 5% Asian and 5% european.

    I guess if you can’t win an argument you turn to deragatory remarks and you label everyone that bought a fake franchise with jan-pro illegal. You can try and explain your comments to the Supreme Court.

  • July 15, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    1st amendment: Do you think that Sonia Sotomyer would be wearing some sort of scarf over her face in front of the Jan-Pro office in California now too? There’s your “picture of the day”, “dude love has been replaced” by Sonia Sotomyer wearing a black silk mask in front of a Jan-Pro regional office with Telemundo and their “cracker jack” reporter talking about how Jan-Pro is equal too or worse than “global warming”, “nuclear holocost”, Iranian dictators, Sadam, Osama, Robert Byrd and others.

    Wow, that’s a stretch even for “guest” to cover up for you on.

  • August 31, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Just a word to say how awful Anago of South Florida is. We had been customers for 12 years and had to close our business at the end of June. We sent them 3 emails and a letter as notice which they claim they never got. Although our office space was empty, they say they continued to show up throughout the month of July and early August, and want payment for this period. Now, if I were a cleaner, and I saw the place was empty, with no trash to empty and nothing to clean, wouldn’t you notify the company? They are continuously harassing me, even though I am sure no work was done. If this is how they treat their good clients, you better be careful before doing business with them.

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