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JAN-PRO Franchise Complaints

JAN-PRO Franchise Complaints.
Janitorial franchises like Jani-King, Coverall and Jan-Pro are quite controversial, with detractors warning that franchisees are really just buying low paying jobs… or worse. asked:  Is the JAN-PRO Franchise a Scam?We are not Jan-Pro

Here are some of the comments we received:

N LYNN wrote:

“We have an account we no longer wish to service – it doesn’t pay enough for all the work required.

“We gave them notice that we would no longer be working that account, but they say we can’t quit it until they find someone to fill it. I don’t think they are trying very hard. “

Jeff wrote:

“These guys underbid all the competition, so low that no one can make any money. If you buy a franchise from Janpro, read their contract before anything. Don’t gave them any money until you read the contract. You can Google them and read anything on Ripoff report to see what their former franchise people have to say about Janpro. I agree, they pay so low there is no way you can hire anybody, so low you will have to hire illegal immigrants to work for nothing because you can pay enough for the minimum wage because they bid so low onthe job and suckered you to buy the account because the cleaning is getting done for nothing…. Search and research if this business is for you, it is not a 100K business like you think, it takes a lot of work to earn that.”

Patty wrote:

“Beware, Beware, Beware!!!!!!!!! Jan Pro franchise is a huge rip off. The business tactics they use are very deceitful. They lie to you to get you to buy into the business and AFTER you have given your money to them you find out the truth. You will not make money unless you work 24 hours a day and do all the work yourself. Find an ongoing lawsuit and join in if you can or start your own lawsuit against them to get your money back.”

Jerry wrote:

“I to got rippedoff by jan-pro. They got me accounts that payed so low that I was making less than minimum wage. Since I posted my Phone number on another site I have been geting Tons of calls from people all over the country. I cant believe how many people from all over the country have called me. I even received a call from Canada. It’s really sad how jan-pro keeps ripping off so many people and so many families. What is really sad is when they ripoff single Moms. Now many of us from all over the country are getting together and we are taking legal action. I’m now a member of a National Class Action Lawsuit.”



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723 thoughts on “JAN-PRO Franchise Complaints

  • RJ Cleanrogers

    I would like to shed some light on some things. I am a person that has been employed by two of the biggest franchisee cleaning system companies in the country. I wont mention who, but lets just say the top 5 are all the same. The business model is the same. I am not here to stick up for Jan Pro and I am not here to bash them either. I have spent the last 8 years learning this business so I just want to put some things out there for anyone considering a single unit franchise. So many people complaining……
    First make sure the master owner is someone you would like to do business with. If he or she seems crooked then they probably are.
    This is important. YOU ARE STARTING A BUSINESS!!! Act like a business owner. If you do not understand what acting like a business owner means, do not get involved. Being a franchisee is more than showing up to take trash out. If you cant build a relationship with the client. Do not get involved. Why would you allow the company to build the relationship for you? They aren’t. Operations representatives are out building their own relationships. You need to go see your customers. You need to make small talk. You need to clean well. You need to make sure your employees clean well. YOU JUST STARTED A BUSINESS.

    If you don’t think the franchise way is right for you then do it yourself. But wait, now you have to sell, have a payroll, certainly pay yourself, make cold calls, be told no 100 times, then collect the money from your monthly invoice.

    Realize in every single business that you start there is a price to do business. Becoming a franchisee doesn’t change that. Your cost of doing business comes off the back end. Guess what? Somewhere out there, there is an inside telemarketer calling accounts, then there is a sales person that pays a toll to get to the appointment, then a commission is paid to that salesperson when they close it.

    This all happens when your sitting back not doing any of it. Get accounts on your own if everything is a rip off.

    Here’s some more truth as well. Operations reps hate doing walkthroughs and change outs. They hate it. Because they have to deal with problems. Problems that bad cleaning has caused.

    So the lobby of this office has dust and cobwebs in the corners and the franchisee hasn’t noticed it in two months? Yea, this is defiantly the company’s fault. I haven’t seen one review with any of you taking responsibility for being bad cleaners. For not knowing the contact at your account and building relationships. Fact- A bad cleaner with a great relationship will hold an account longer then a good cleaner that the contact hasn’t or heard of since the walkthrough.

    So some things to keep in mind.
    Your becoming an business owner. You need to know the difference between being a business owner and being an employee. Your are not an employee.

    These companies can not take business away from you if your contact loves you. Its illegal. If you put the time into building a relationship with your customer and provide them with good service, this should not be a problem.
    If the customer doesn’t know you. They don’t care about you. Tug at their heart strings by getting to know them so when there is an issue they are comfortable coming to you rather than just going to the company hence opening up the opportunity of losing your account.

    Be responsible and have some damn self respect and have pride in your work. Don’t buy a cleaning franchisee if you truly do not understand what clean is.

    You do not have to take every account they offer you. Say no. Its your business.

    Learn how to bid accounts on your own.

    Understand what you want out of this business. You will never be happy with what you have gotten yourself into if you do not understand what your goals are.
    This is cleaning. Old word? Janitorial. Make sure your goals are realistic.

    There are many of these companies now and they are all competing against each other. What was once done for $20.00 an hour is now down…

    Hopefully these companies are not just throwing low numbers out there and hoping they stick. But understand prices of accounts are driven by the competition. If you were a hiring manager in charge of finding the next cleaning crew, your going to do the best for your company. Well that’s what’s happening out there and the sales people have to deal with it.

    Trust the master of that region- There are bad owners. They would suck to get into business with. Don’t do it. Your not applying for a job. get involved with a master that you would want to do business with. Not the one who sells you the best.
    Know your goals
    Be responsible
    Understand that this is a customer service job as well as cleaning.
    Be professional.

    Ok I am done. I hope this helps someone out there. All of these people complain and I guarantee a high % of them are at fault.

    I am not affiliated with Jan Pro. I do not support them and I do not denounce them. They are probably great for some people out there. But happy people usually do not take to the internet to complain about being happy.
    Have pride in your work.
    Don’t get in over your head.
    Be realistic

  • Ok my husband and I are with janpro now they gave us their one account that the client is always in happy they try to even say we clean in the morning when I have little ones to bring to school the person there from janpro are very rude they don’t wanna take any of your calls it’s ridiculous the client was always rude and saying negative things to me when I called and ask how things are ….. When new people sign on they give you the worst accounts and they want to see you fail sad to say

  • DiscoveryPoint_fraud

    It is a misconception that franchiser wants franchisee to succeed. Actually new franchisee fee is an order of magnitude more than the royalty collected from an existing franchisee. It is better for the franchiser if the franchisee fails. They do not need to disclose those failures as FTC does not check anything. This has been going on for years at Discovery Point franchise.

  • Cardele Jones

    Does Jan Pro require Professional liability insurance to protect against theft by employees?

  • Josefina Chavez

    I’m interested in the cleanuo please let me know Thanks

  • as a former Operations Manager, and one who used to set up accounts with Franchisee’s (we are NOT your boss). it is ALWAYS told to the Franchisee BEFORE he takes a job, what it pays… they DO NOT have to take it! it is up to them to wait if they prefer… and there are many others to offer it to… as far as Losing accounts, it is Very true that if a franchisee has a relationship with the business owner it goes a LONG way! But, many never speak to the owner, stop in during their Non cleaning day to say hello and check up on their OWN cleaning. it is YOUR business to grow or lose, so be professional! visit YOUR accounts! I don’t care if its your Uncle or Aunt cleaning, Brother or Sister, Mom or Dad.. They are not perfect and Make Mistakes! YOU still have to check on them! so don’t blame the Operations for taking accounts away if YOU don’t follow up yourself… if the Customer/Owner calls in a complaint WE have to investigate it.. but it should NEVER get that far if YOU have that relationship with your client! they should ALWAYS come to YOU first! ALWAYS…. and you should be willing and responsive to take care of it, YOURSELVES… Operations DOES NOT want to get involved if we don’t have to, you don’t think they have enough to do? so be a responsible OWNER of a business… Manage it, Care for it… Nurture it… but be INVOLVED….. Thanks…

  • I operated a cleaning franchise for 4 years. It has its positives and negatives in the business. I do blame myself mainly for my business failure. My self and my employees should have done better in servicing the accounts. I do admit I felt like some of my clients were not satisfied no matter what I did. And on the other I hand I had rapport with some clients who hired me to service their homes as well. All in all I would do it all over again but better.

  • andrea davis

    They rip you off steal your accounts janpro is a very bad place to have a business partner with I regret getting into this with janpro

  • jamal

    i used to own a franchise with janpro. its true that the clients they give you are terrible. the owner Chris Foote is a complete buffoon and does not care about his franchise operators. I tried to sell my business after many years operating and i couldn’t which i essentially just walked away from it. Not saying its a total scam but the people in the toronto west office will definitely rip you off. If you want to start a cleaning business, just do it on your own and you will make way more money!

  • RJ Cleanrogers thank you so much! Please know you helped MORE THAN anything I have been reading for a month online about cleaning company franchising!!! I wish all the best and great success in anything you do! World is a better place because of people like you!

  • Very bad company to start your own business, like the coments before they rip you off!!! They make it sound too pretty after you give them the money then yoy found out how it really works!!! The money that you get from the accounts is to low for all the work that you have to do, i know that you will not become rich but come on now is ridiculous even if you want to invest more with them (wich i wouldn’t) i think it will take you a full year or so. Beware people!!

  • New to JanPro

    I can definitely see where there is a need for a discussion on the dishonesty of JanPro. Their Regional Manager Jabvon Webster in the Pooler Georgia site has a used car salesman personality. The comments here are worth reading and are valid. Please, where is the lawsuit sign up?

  • Unhappy Jan Pro of Southeast Louisiana Franchise Owner

    Charles and Melissa of Jan Pro Southeast Louisiana are 2 of the biggest liars and thieves a person can ever meet.

    If you are in Southeast Louisiana, PLEASE don’t put your money or time. They will mislead you and manipulate the system and financial return.

    If you are local ask around, many Franchise owner has been burned by these 2.

  • I just wanted to know how does the pay work? My husband just started working for someone at jan pro he the guy told him he has to wait a whole month before getting paid for the contract is this true?

  • Kendrick Lawrence

    Re: Unhappy Jan Pro of Southeast Louisiana Owner….

    I have been a franchise owner with Jan Pro of Southeast Louisiana for 10 months now. Charles and Melissa Smith have represented themselves and Jan Pro with integrity and honesty. In there conversations with me during the decision making phase, they gave me a very realistic expectation of what I could expect; however they let me know upfront that the path of my business was entirely determined by my performance. Within less than a year, I have a business worth over $150,000, with only a minimal initial investment. I would encourage anyone who is interested in building a future for yourself to give this company and the Christian owners an opportunity to assist you.

  • Kendrick Lawrence, go suck dick

  • This guy is a stupid dick sucking bastard, he will rip you off and then sue you.

  • Emily

    My husband and I paid over $6,000.00 for several accounts with Jan pro.

    Most of the accounts paid very little. We had to clean by ourselves, so it was time consuming. The money was barely paying our bills.

    Jan Pro rips people off because they pay like $250.00 a month to clean three times a week, that’s not money you can live on if you have to give a good two hours of cleaning three times a week!

    We had a building that paid $750.00 a month, yes pretty good money, but the building was huge and bathrooms were a health hazards waiting to happen, stopped up , leaking, smelly and in a construction building. The workers brought cement into the toilets and clogged them. We had to clean this building 3 times a week and it took us 4 hours max to clean all the rooms, mop the floors, dust and Polish the furniture, empty trash and clean these nasty bathrooms. At the end of the week, we were working out.

    This was a franchise that did not bring in a any interest for 4 years. So we gave up this building and others and eventually gave up all of them and lost all our money, even after we had paid up what we owed Jan Pro.

    This is not a business, it’s a rip off. Think before you buy into this Jan Pro! Their rates are too low to live on, unless you are doing it as a hobby. Or unless you have other jobs like we did, but still lost money on gas, cleaning stuff and equipment.

    We were very good cleaners that’s why we kept our accounts for 5 years, but we were just loosing money and time with about 6 accounts. One thing though, Jan Pro paid us our money on time, but it was too little to live on. You are better off flipping burgers and making more money. We walked away with all our money gone!

  • Gloria L Rankins

    I don’t advise Jan-pro to anyone it is so a scam. It’s all about selling contracts to building and reselling. I got building that were so filthy and never once did I get money for deep cleaning. Every building I got I left them in way better condition than when I got them. But yet they want to charge me for deep cleaning. Because I brought cash to the table they had no reason to prolong my contracts so any reason would do to take my contracts, the reason the building was so dirty when I got them was when you take out loans for contracts no matter what they let you keep buildings until you have paid the loan back regardless to if you are actually cleaning or not. Say class action and I am in. I don’t want to be part of something that treats people so poorly

  • My husband and I are looking to buying into Jan Pro at mid level.. I notice that most of these comments are.. anyone on here with current info?

  • Emma Shanchez

    My Husband and me have account with Jan pro a friend recommended it and said a lot of good things I wish we could say the same but its Terrible there are two workers who are Idiots they made singed a contract for a job we didn’t want and now we owe a lot of money. And if you don’t clean correctly we have money taken away from our account. They promise you will make a lot of money and then there are costumers that wont pay you and Jan Pro wont pay you so we have lost allot of our money.

  • zoraya Pedraza

    JAN PRO -EAST HARTFORD – Its a Fraud selling dreams is your company they LIE you work for THEM. pay a lot of money for them can terminate the contract any time they want and No money back!!

  • Juan carlos Marte

    I need a lawyer they stolen my money they lié so much i give my money complete i have 2 year and they dont complete my account please i need to talk to some lawyer

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