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UNITED FRANCHISE GROUP (UFG) Sells Franchise Dreams. Here’s How Many End.

Experimac Franchise ReportUnited Franchise Group (UFG) of West Palm Beach, Florida sells franchise investment dreams under such brands as Signarama, Fully Promoted (aka Embroidme), Transworld Business Advisors, Supergreen Solutions and used computer resale shop Experimac.  Here are some of the Experimac franchise owner profiles United Franchise Group promotes – and the sad and devastating outcomes they don’t.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) Franchisors like West Palm Beach, FL-based United Franchise Group (UFG) flood the Internet with search engine optimized blog posts and press releases about enthusiastic new franchisees and their shiny new stores.

Yet there are no press releases and only a rare mention in the local press when, a short time later, those same stores close and the enthusiastic franchisees are faced with possible bankruptcy, home foreclosure, and lawsuits from landlords, creditors and the U.S. Treasury for their defaulted SBA loans.

Franchisors’ typical reactions to failures are to blame the franchisees – so recently heralded – as not having followed their system.

As part of our crowdfunded investigation of United Franchise Group brand Experimac, we found that many of the franchise stores and owners so recently hyped by the UFG PR machine have quietly and painfully gone out of business.  Here are a sampling:

Christof Sevin, Experimac of Orlando, FL

Experimac Christof SevinExperimac franchise blog:

Leaving a Secure Job in France to Open a U.S. Business

Opening an Experimac franchise is an incredible franchising opportunity, and even a language barrier didn’t stop Christophe Sevin from leaving his engineering job in France to open an Experimac in east Orlando.


Outcome: Experimac of Orlando is reportedly closed. Christof Sevin is listed in the 2018 FDD List of Terminated, Cancelled or Not Renewed Franchisees as of December 31, 2017

Experimac Glenn TrommerGlenn Trommer, Experimac of Cherry Hill, NJ

Experimac franchise blog:

Former Office Depot E-Commerce Director Brings Experimac to New Jersey

Ultimately, Trommer sees his new shop, and those he expects to open in coming years, as an opportunity to mentor future employees as well as to build a legacy for his family. He anticipates that family members will become involved in the shop and that the venture will create opportunities for future employees.


Outcome: Glenn Trommer is suing Experimac Franchising, LLC, alleging he has lost over $1M.

Matt Rusconi, Experimac of Rocky Hill, CT

Experimac Matt RusconiUnited Franchise Group franchise blog:

Nine years ago, as of February 2017, Rusconi made the decision to leave his full-time career in Corporate America and open his first business. In those nine years, he has opened 20 restaurants in both Connecticut and Rhode Island, including Moe’s Southwest Cantina, Mooyahs, and Wingstop. After seeing his success in the fast-casual sector, Rusconi decided to try his hand at a new type of business, Experimac. Experimac is Rusconi’s fourth brand and the fourth time he has brought a new brand to the market.


Outcome: Experimac of Rocky Hill, CT is reported closed. Matthew Rusconi is listed in the 2019 FDD List of Terminated, Cancelled or Not Renewed Franchisees as of December 31, 2018

Amit Phillaura & Jana Phillaura, Experimac of Addison, TX

Experimac TexasExperimac franchise blog:

Experimac Owner Started Prepping for His Newest Career When He was Only Eight

Open since Jan. 17, Experimac is located at 3713 Belt Line Road, in Addison. The 36-year-old Phillaura, who spent the last ten years as a systems and software engineer, is partnering with his wife, Jana, who is handling the business’ finances. Already with a steady stream of customers…


Outcome: Experimac of Addison, Tx is reportedly closed

Ricardo Salinas, Zachary Salinas, Experimac of Arvada, CO

Experimac Rick SalinasExperimac franchise blog:

Owner Spotlight: Rick Salinas

Prior to opening his Experimac store, Rick worked in software development and accrued over 30 years of experience in this field as a developer, VP of Engineering and Director of Engineering. Working right alongside Rick is his store manager, Zach… Life as an entrepreneur might be new for Rick but he’s really excited about this opportunity and being in a city he loves. Rick’s wife is behind the scenes taking care of all the bookkeeping for the store.


Outcome: Experimac of Arvada, CO is reportedly closed. Ricardo Salinas & Zachary Salinas listed in the 2019 FDD List of Terminated, Cancelled or Not Renewed Franchisees as of December 31, 2018

Experimac FranchiseAllison Stahl, Stacy Flowers, Pickerington, OH

Experimac franchise blog:

Experimac Pays Tribute to its Female Entrepreneurs: International Women’s Day 2017

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, March 8, 2017 – In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), Experimac honors its female franchisees…

Allison Stahl – Experimac of Pickerington, OH Allison, a Mechanical Engineer, spent more than 11 years traveling for her career and was ready to get off the road and buy a business of her own.


Outcome: Experimac of Pickerington, OH is reportedly closed

Leroy McCarty, Fonda McCarty Experimac of Jacksonville, FL

Experimac Leroy McCartyExperimac franchise blog:

New Pre-Owned Apple® Device Business Experimac Comes To Jacksonville

Leroy McCarty and his wife Fonda will be joining forces to open and run their Experimac… Before opening his own business, Leroy served in the U.S Navy and Army for 13 years and deployed to Iraq 4 times.

“After learning about Experimac I came away convinced that it was going to be the next big thing in computers,” said Leroy.

The newest addition to the United Franchise Group, a family of brands… Experimac is backed by a reputation of business success. This, said Leroy, gave him confidence in the concept as a viable career choice.

“I grew up in a low income family but never let anything down so I am looking forward to offering top of the line products for affordable prices,” said Leroy…


Outcome: Experimac Jacksonville is reportedly closed. Leroy & Fonda McCarty are listed in the 2018 FDD “List of Terminated, Cancelled or Not Renewed Franchisees as of December 31, 2017”

Gary Wolf, Peoria, IL

PJ Star article:

Former Mitsubishi worker now tunes up Apple computers

It may be a start-up, but Gary Wolf’s not just getting started in business. The owner of Experimac Peoria, 5011 W. American Prairie Drive, spent 27 years at the Mitsubishi Motor plant in Normal.

Wolf opened his franchise store in July 2016.

“United Franchise Group led me to the Apple repair business while I was exploring a Sign-a-rama franchise that they also had,” he said.

“Experimac was a brand new franchise with them at the time and growing very rapidly. They knew that I liked working with my hands and that I liked trouble shooting problems. It just seemed like a great fit,” said Wolf.


Outcome: Experimac of Peoria, IL is reportedly closed

Tim Larkins, Stephen Hyde Experimac of Shreveport, LA and Bossier City, LA

Experimac Franchise Owners Larkins HydeExperimac press release 11/20/17:

Franchise Partners Find Synergy With Historic 13-Unit Deal Through United Franchise Group

Tim Larkins and Stephen Hyde grow the Experimac® and Signarama® brands in Texas and Louisiana

When it comes to having faith in a company, franchise owners Tim Larkins and Stephen Hyde have it in spades for United Franchise Group (UFG), a South Florida-based franchisor that boasts a variety of internationally-recognized brands. Larkins and Hyde recently purchased 13 franchise units, six Experimac® and seven Signarama®, which will grow the brands in the Texas and Louisiana markets…

“…this is historic– business partners purchasing 13 locations across two brands,” said Ray Titus, CEO and Founder of United Franchise Group. “We’re very excited to have Tim and Stephen as part of our UFG family, and we look forward to working together and seeing their businesses thrive.”


Outcome: Shreveport North, Shreveport South, Bossier City Experimac locations are reportedly closed. Never opened: Alexandria, LA, Longview, TX, Tyler, TX. Tim Larkins & Stephen Hyde are listed in the 2019 FDD “List of Terminated, Cancelled, or Not Renewed Franchisees as of December 31, 2018”

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3 thoughts on “UNITED FRANCHISE GROUP (UFG) Sells Franchise Dreams. Here’s How Many End.

  • Former franchisee

    UFG only cares about getting the initial payments, after that it’s see you later. What can we do to stop this con?

  • TaTa Dehavo

    Ray “Wart Dick” Titus is a Charleton. wraps himself in his supposed Christian faith when in truth he is a scum bag. A total pussy when confronted face to face. Karma and the coming lawsuits will bring him and his band of thieves down.

  • Glenn Nicholas Haddad

    As an X employee of United Franchise Group I highly suggest avoiding the company as an employee. The family run organization borders on scandalous due to inept management by brand leaders. They talk a good story on being a great place to be employed however, brand leaders ruin the reputation of the parent company. I tripped at a corporate meeting, fell, got hurt and then punished (demoted after 10 years of employ) resulting in my resignation due to “job stress” no job to do. The culture is fake and as one previous employee once stated, don’t drink the “cool aid!” touted by senior management! They preach the gospel but fall short on performance. I am now a senior within today’s standards, searching for employment to meet my employment expectations since I also have several years of premier corporate work experience. I have owned three competitive Franchises to having senior level corporate management employment experiences. Think I have a chance upon departing United Franchise Group?

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