If You’ve Got a Voice, You’ve Got the Power

Trusting the untrustworthy cannot make you powerless.

Making a bad business deal cannot make you powerless.

Losing years of savings cannot make you powerless.

As long as you’ve got a voice, you’ve got the power.

They can take your business.

They can take your car.

They can take your house.

But they can’t take your spirit,

Repo your voice,

Garnishee your will.

Or seize your power.

Some things can only be given, not taken.

I think you’ve given enough,

Don’t you?




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One thought on “If You’ve Got a Voice, You’ve Got the Power

  • June 21, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Will the power of rhetoric on the Internet work to bring needed changes to franchising and will prospective buyers of franchises be warned by the voices of those who have been financially destroyed in franchising — Or encouraged by the voices of those who have had success in franchising?

    Will the moral and ethical franchisors lend their voice to the debate on churning and encroachment, and competition and saturation? Will they voice their opinions on what, if any, obligations franchisors have to their franchisees who labor in and provide the capital to build the physical units that wear the brand name, and who pay royalties and fees on their gross sales even when they are operating at a loss and trying to reach breakeven?

    Where are the voices of the indentured or destroyed franchisees? Where are the voices of the happy and successful franchisees? Where are the voices of the ethical and moral franchisors?

    Only a small proportion of franchisees actually get out on the Internet and stay out there and try to help those thousands of prospective franchisees who will in the next months be the subject of the “hard sell” to buy The American Dream, a business of their own.”

    We understand that prospective buyers of franchises have NO VOICE and NO LOBBY in the Congress to protect them. We understand that the FTC and the Congress have created the current ugly status quo of franchising wherein the actual risk of the investment, as reflected in the historical performance statistics of startup franchisees in franchise networks, is “legally” withheld from new buyers of franchises because of The FTC Rule. We understand that there is cooperation in the Franchise Industry and the status quo surrounding the industry to obscure the actual and known risk of the franchise investment because the powers that be believe that the means does serve the end and “the greater good” of the American People.

    What do you think? WHERE ARE YOU?

    Franchise Pick and Franchise Pundit and sites like Blue Mau Mau are providing a “reputational” forum in which franchisees — past and present — CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and something good can come out of the pain and loss of all of those who invested their lives and money and good faith in an American Dream that became the American Nightmare —-or that was the fulfilment of The American Dream. Either way! Where are you?

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