U-TURN VENDING Business Opportunity Complaints

U-TURN VENDING Business Opportunity Complaints:  Have you had experience with the U-Turn Vending business opportunity?  Please share your experience – good or bad – with a comment below.  Share advice for those considering investing in a U-Turn opportunity or any vending franchise or biz-opp.

(Unhappy Franchisee) U-Turn Vending, based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, has been promoting its vending machines and business opportunity for many years. 

U-Turn Vending claims that it has helped thousands of people start successful vending businesses, and coached them until “they are 100% comfortable being their own boss.”

The U-Turn Vending brochure claims:

”Our dedicated customer support team educates you in all aspects of managing your own successful bulk vending machine business. From understanding the costs of starting your business to learning how to operate your business at our training seminar, the UTurn staff is with you every step of the way to ensure that your new vending machine business is a success.

“We know that your success is our success, that’s why we work extremely hard to answer your questions and provide you with the training you need to get your business growing. In fact, 95% of UTurn owners come back to buy more machines and continue to build their businesses.”

“Every minute $64,000 is spent in vending machines.” (U-Turn Vending brochure)

According to U-Turn Vending, there’s huge money in vending and “Now a piece of that pie can be yours with quality vending machines and support from UTurn. Our vending business opportunities demonstrate the finest service, quick delivery and doing more than what is expected of us. With over 20 years of experience, UTurn is the leader in the vending industry. Our staff not only helps our customers make the right vending machine business decisions, but coaches them from start-up to success.

“Whether you are looking to replace your full-time income or just earn a little extra cash, UTurn can help you enjoy the benefits of being your own boss. There is nothing more rewarding…”

Some claim U-Turn is a turn for the worst

Despite the company’s longevity, there are a disturbing number of complaints about U-Turn Vending, including the availability of locations, the quality of the machines and the lack of promised support. 

On Ripoff Report last December, Bill from Maumee, OH wrote:

I bought 30 of their pieces of crap (they call them machines) about 4 months ago. They are the biggest pain in the rear!! They chip easy, I constantly had to replace parts, the parts are hard to install, it takes about 30 minutes to service one machine, and they are heavy as Hell!!!

You don’t want to have to relocate these things. That’s a problem, because nobody wants them – they take up too much room!!

Stores want machines that can fit against the wall – not something that has to have room to rotate!! I wish I had thought about that.

I called up my ‘business development consultant’, which is just a fancy way of saying “lying, cheating, sales person”, and have not been able to get him on the phone.

Ron apparently has a very busy schedule. Probably scamming other people!!! They know no one wants these machines!!

I wish I knew a way to get back my $9,100!!


Maumee, Ohio



2 thoughts on “U-TURN VENDING Business Opportunity Complaints

  • I’ve been in bulk vending since 1996.

    The Uturn was the first vending machine I purchased.

    Here’s some problems with bulk candy vending.

    1.)It’s not nearly as profitable as it used to be. When I started, I averaged $30 to 40 per machine per month. After a few years, with more competition, my average dropped down to $20 a month, and mind you, I was running 125 machines with a wide variety of locations. I’ve purchased a dozen or so existing routes over the years and now, the average location does around $7 or 8 dollars a month.

    2.) Uturn says that $64,000 a day is spent on vending. What they don’t say is that less about 1 percent of that is from bulk vending (that includes bulk toys in grocery stores and restaurants).

    3.) Everyone uses debit cards and don’t carry change anymore.

    My advice: If you want to get into bulk, buy used routes on craigslist. Offer an amount so the route pays for itself in 1 year or less.

  • Willie Mcmillian

    I bought 12 U-Turn Machines about 13 years ago and I have not been able to place one yet. What should I do with these machines? They are still in the boxes.

    Confused Willie:

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