KNOCKOUT VENDING Business Opportunity Complaints

Knockout Vending business opportunity complaints:  Have you had any dealings with the Knockout Vending opportunity?  Please share a comment about your experience – good or bad – below, as well as advice for those considering investing in a Knockout Vending business opportunity.

(Unhappy Franchisee)  The Knockout Vending distributorship ads currently running in franchise and business opportunity magazines and websites claims earning cash with their vending opportunity is as easy as 1… 2… 3! 

All you have to do is:

1)  Buy one or more of their Knockout Vending boxer machines,

2)  Place  your Knockout Vending boxer machines in high traffic locations, such as sports bars or amusement parks, and

3)  Collect your cash!

Can it really be that easy?  What do you think?

knockout vending complaintsKnockout Vending claims to be “the fastest and easiest business opportunity.”

According to the Knockout Vending website,

“No matter how much or how little vending experience you have, we’ll assist in getting started and help you on your way to making fast cash. With their attractive lighting and MP3 sound, our punching machines… are often main attractions, earning effortlessly….

“Whether you start with two machines or twenty, we can help you get going and expand your business one machine at a time. Part-time or full-time, Knockout Vending can accommodate any schedule. Your only limits are up to you. You start earning moneys the second you place one of our boxing machines. With such amazing earning potential, do not hesitate, call us now!”

They tout the benefits of the Knockout Vending opportunity to be:

  • Huge CASH Income Potential
  • Immediate and Repeat income
  • No Inventory
  • No Employees
  • No Prior Experience Required
  • No Franchise Fees
  • Not Seasonal
  • Comprehensive Company Support

Knockout Vending packages start at “$3,995 limited time – While supplies last!”

Knockout Vending prices its “VIP Packages” as follows:

2 machines:  $7,795

4 machines:  $14,995

6 machines:  $21,995

8 machines:  $28,495

10 machines:  $34,995

Is Knockout Vending too good to be true?

In general, vending business opportunities generate huge numbers of complaints, including difficulty getting machines placed, machine malfunctions and maintenance issues, misleading earnings projections and outrageous promises by the vending companies.  Is Knockout Vending an exception to the unsavory vending tradition?  Hopefully, those with Knockout Vending experience will share their insights below.


Sources:  Knockout Vending website, national franchise publication (ad)

6 thoughts on “KNOCKOUT VENDING Business Opportunity Complaints

  • I purchased a single machine. Placing the machine has been very difficult. However, my biggest complaint is in the company claiming that the owner of the bar will cover the cost of insuring the machine. FALSE! The owner of the machine must cover all insurance costs, including liability. That will easily add $500-$1,000/yr to the costs of doing business. Had I known that, I probably would not have pursued this venture. You can certainly make money with these machines, but don’t invest $4k unless you have additional start up costs available to get this off the ground.

  • Hi, I have Bought a Boxer Machine with Neil on January 2012. I Have somme problems about this Machine.
    * The Ball defleated each 2 hours after strokes, Please, Where and How can I buy another Inner Tube for the Ball.
    * The Ball turn after each stroke.
    Can You tell me How can I stop the turn of the Ball
    *The Bill acceptor cannot work, There are any lights.

    Thanks for your answer.

    Best Regards
    Mr LO TAI

  • Some money must be stuck in your bill acceptor that’s why the lights off
    You can replace that deflating ball with any inflatable kids ball from the dollar store
    A 3/4in wrench you will need to tighten up the bag so it will not turn

  • They went out of business. Cool machine. Too expensive. You must split commission with owner of bar. The machines have non-stacker bill validators, dollars bills always getting stuck. No insurance cimpany wants to touch this company . It will cost you 100 month for liability only. My 50 vending machines soda and snack only cost me 20 dollars a month. THis was a good fad for a few years. If you have a machine, keep it in your gameroom, it is fun to punch after a few beers.

  • Jimmy mac

    I bought a machine….years ago….not from knockout vending….but another company. Luckily…..the company I bought it from bought it back because they knew some lady who wanted one. I got lucky. I got most of my money back. It was in a sports bar……..didn’t make much money. Glad I didn’t went with knockout vending. Doesn’t surprise me they went out of business. Its not a big money maker. Sales guy there sucked.

  • Troy Moore

    I knew they wouldn’t last.
    I knew it. lol

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