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The Franchise Firm Debuts With Threats Against Hispanic, Veteran-Owned Small Business

Attorney Evan Goldman announced the debut of The Franchise Firm just one month ago.  The Franchise Firm boasts a promising line-up with Founding Partners (in addition to Evan Goldman) that include Adam G. Wasch, Natalie M. Restivo, & Brett Buterick.  Attorney Samantha Hirsch serves as Counsel and Joseph C. Wasch as Senior Counsel. 

The Franchise Firm wasted no time establishing its reputation by allegedly threatening Hispanic and Veteran-owned business owners with litigation on behalf of JDog Franchises, LLC.  Selling franchises exclusively to military Veterans and families, the franchisor of JDog Junk Removal & Hauling has one of the highest failure rates in the industry – twice as high as its junk hauling competitors.  Public records indicate Berwyn, PA-based JDog has terminated more than 300 veteran-owned franchises, including 5 of the first 6 founder Jerry Flanagan sold.  by Sean Kelly, founder, Franchise Truth for Veterans Initiative

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Jerry Flanagan & JDog Are Suing Military Veterans

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  Congratulations, I guess, to Evan Goldman, Adam G. Wasch, Natalie M. Restivo, Brett Buterick, Samantha Hirsch and Joseph C. Wasch on the debut of The Franchise Firm!

I’ve known of Evan Goldman since his early days representing franchise owners at Marks & Klein.  I’ve had minor dealings with Adam G. Wasch and follow him on social media.  Both struck me as decent enough guys.

I was shocked (dismayed, disappointed, bewildered…) when I heard that Evan Goldman had decided to debut their fledgling law firm by representing (in my non-defamatory opinion…  not to be confused with a defamatory statement of fact, here…  Just my opinion…) arguably one of the most shameful, deceptive, un-American and downright despicable franchise sellers I’ve ever come across

And as the publisher of a franchise watchdog site called UnhappyFranchisee.Com for more than 15 years, that’s saying something

The Franchise Firm Enlists for Jerry Flanagan’s & JDog’s War on Veterans

I’ve been publishing an ongoing expose since my investigation of JDog began in April, 2023.

JDog Franchises, LLC targets military Veterans, active service members & military families for its JDog Junk Removal & JDog Carpet Cleaning franchise schemes.

JDog founder Jerry Flanagan hooks veterans with his FOX News-publicized mission of empowering fellow veterans, reducing veteran unemployment, depression and suicide, and his promise of an “ethos of brotherhood” and Vet-to-Vet camaraderie.

Yet even with solid evidence that the company underreports failed franchises & franchisees, JDog disclosure documents reveal that nearly 300 veteran-owned junk franchises had been terminated as of May 31, 2023.  

Adding the JDog carpet franchise failures and the dozens of franchises that have failed between June and now, JDog has terminated more veteran-owned franchises than are still open.

Evan Goldman Will Claim They Must Defend the Brand (The Brand’s a Lie) & the System (for Creating Lost Investments)

As stated in yesterday’s post, JDog, like Dickey’s Barbecue & others whose business model is churning, grinding & reselling the failed dreams of American families, Jerry Flanagan & JDog need a continuous pipeline of trusting, underinformed & creditworthy Veterans at their Discovery Day indoctrination events.

And while they don’t have money to pay staff to support their franchisees, or consultants to fix their failed model, they’ll always have funds for keeping current and former victims  er, franchisees too intimidated and afraid to warn the fresh new recruits they pass on the tarmac as they stumble, limp or are wheeled off.

Congratulations, The Franchise Firm!  We’ll Be Seeing a Lot of Each Other!

Congratulations again to

  • Evan Goldman,
  • Adam G. Wasch,
  • Natalie M. Restivo,
  • Brett Buterick,
  • Samantha Hirsch and
  • Joseph C. Wasch

…on the debut of The Franchise Firm!

Be sure to listen and learn from franchise broker turned lawyer Tom Spadea & Spadea Lignana.

If this is the lucrative, albeit reprehensible, niche you’re pursuing, he can teach you all the (dirty) tricks of the trade!

Help Me & The JLF (JDog Liberation Front) Expose JDog’s Attacks on Military Veterans

With the last three lawsuits, Jerry Flanagan & JDog’s highly paid attorneys attacked and intimidated military veterans in the shadows, away from the scrutiny of public attention and hidden from prospective JDog franchisees.

But with your support, those who exploit and attack military veterans & families will have to do so in the open, in the court of public opinion. 

Support our effort by spreading the word, sharing our links, and making a contribution here:

The JDog Franchise Report:  Stop the Attacks on Military Veterans & Families

Or make a general donation to the Franchise Truth for Veterans initiative.  (Payment will display as Relentless, Inc. dba “IdeaFarm”)

Support Franchise Truth & Franchise Truth for Veterans

Please indicate whether your contribution is anonymous or if you (or your company or group) like to be credited as a contributor.

To explore partnership & sponsorship opportunities, contact Sean Kelly at UnhappyFranchisee [at] Gmail [dot] Com

Note:  We are a PA S corporation in the process of planning our non-profit entity.  Relentless, Inc. dba IdeaFarm is an established marketing agency.  Contributions may be tax-deductible as business expenses.  Consult your tax professional.


Documentation & More Information:

Franchise Warning: JDog Junk Hauling for Veterans (Index)

JDOG Franchise Dream Ends in Veteran Suicide, Double Homicide

What Every Veteran Should Know About the JDog Franchise

JDog Franchise News & Discussion Newsletter Sign-Up

PETITION to Save Veteran-Owned Small Businesses NOW

List of JDog Franchisees With Closed or Failed Franchises – UPDATED

OPEN INVITATION:  Unhappy Franchisee extends an open invitation to all those discussed to provide corrections, explanations, clarifications and/or rebuttals.  We will correct factual errors & alternative views fairly.  Anonymous or signed comments are welcome below or can be emailed in confidence to UnhappyFranchisee[at]Gmail[dot]com. 


Sean Kelly is an independent investigative journalist with 35 years of franchise industry experience. 

Since founding UnhappyFranchisee.Com in 2006, his reporting has exposed & shut down several predatory franchise & investment schemes. 

Sean Kelly is a franchise watchdog who prompted and aided the FBI investigation that shut down the 165-victim multi-million-dollar NY Bagel franchise scam and landed perpetrators Dennis Mason & Joseph Smith in federal prison. 

Sean was featured in the ABC Four Corners expose of 7-Eleven wage theft in Australia and has served as an advisor to Dateline NBC.  He has withstood bullying, intimidation & frivolous lawsuits as high as $35M and never lost.  His crack editorial staff and fact checkers include Chick, Gem, Red, Pru & previously Joanie the Rescue Chicken [RIP].

Contact the author at UnhappyFranchisee[at]Gmail[dot]com


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One thought on “The Franchise Firm Debuts With Threats Against Hispanic, Veteran-Owned Small Business

  • Unreal, Sean. Oh…and Happy New Year!

    I can see their excuses now:

    “Someone has to do it!”

    “Everyone is entitled to proper representation my legal experts.”

    Blah blah blah.

    Well they certainly got publicity!

    One more thing.

    Reputation is everything, and they just secured their spot.
    The Franchise King®
    Joel Libava

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