FOX’S PIZZA DEN Franchise Complaints

The Fox’s Pizza Den franchise has an alarmingly high SBA loan default rate of 41%.

Are you familiar with the Fox’s Pizza Den franchise opportunity? Please share a comment below.

According to the Small Business Administration, Fox’s Pizza franchisees received 120 SBA-guaranteed loans; nearly half of those loans have been defaulted on by Fox’s Pizza Den franchise owners.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, Fox’s Pizza Den had 313 US franchises in 2008.  By 2011, that number had dropped to 282.  That’s a decline of 31 franchises, 10% of the entire chain.

The Fox’s Pizza Den Franchise has a failure rate of 41% for SBA-backed franchise loans

Yet despite the obvious failures in the Fox’s Pizza franchise program, the Fox’s Pizza Den website not only cheerfully promotes the Fox’s Pizza franchise opportunity, it boasts that it reduces the risk of business ownership:

Quality franchising reduces the risks associated with starting your own business. Choosing to become a franchise gives you a distinct advantage in the marketplace because the franchiser who has a time-tested quality track record has already made the mistakes for you. That experience prevents you from making the same mistakes and enable you to receive the training and marketing assistance that is needed to ensure your success down the road. [Source:  Fox’s Pizza Den website.  Emphasis added.]

What the Fox’s Pizza Den franchise marketing page doesn’t disclose is that it’s likely that Fox’s Pizza franchise owners who received SBA loans may have collateralized their franchise loan with their houses or other personal assets, and nearly half were unable to repay those franchise loans… despite serious incentive to do so.

Are you familiar with the Fox’s Pizza Den franchise opportunity?

What do you think accounts for the SBA loan failure rate of Fox’s Pizza Den franchise owners?

What steps should Fox’s Pizza Den be taking to stop further franchise failures?

Has Fox’s Pizza taken serious action to address the problems that led to the 41% loan failures?

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7 thoughts on “FOX’S PIZZA DEN Franchise Complaints

  • Larry Fritz

    I was in a Fox Pizza Den in the very beginning when Jim Fox stated his second pizza shop which I was fortunate to be able to purchase. I had to sell because of personal issues. I made a good deal of money and it was a great time being my own boss.

    Here is some insight into what ignorant people from this site and on this site say about this and many franchise failures. Today I am have knowledge about franchises.

    On the Fox building for everyone to see is the number of stores that are opened and still in business. Jim Fox has always posted those numbers where there up or down.

    Second this site is not run and operated as a non-profit as far as I know. It promotes bad mouthing franchising businesses that may or may not have anything to do with a franchise going out of business.

    The well-known RipOff website is based on the small idea. People place information that is not checked or verified. They bad mouth someone of something with there own view point with no checks and balances that can counter a claim. Once done the Only way the company or person can get off their RipOff report is to Pay a Huge sum of money to RipOff Reports owner. Guess how this site makes all their money…That’s right Black mailing companies to take down the bad pieces.

    I am Not Saying this website does this. Only pointing out what another site that does with people that bad mouth. These sites are not free they must get something out of the site to keep doing what they do.

    1) The failure rate from SBA for Fox Pizza Den is much less than the average failure rates for fast food restaurants across the nation of close to 60%.

    2) The franchise business is a safer entry into any business vs trying it on your own. Period check the facts. So Jim Fox is 100% correct and not miss leading at all.

    3) Most if not all people looking to buy a franchise or businesses don’t have a clue what is needed to succeed. Open the door and make a ton of money…Right.

    4) When these ignorant people fail and they do almost 90% the first year they blame any and all others for their failures.

    5) Look at all the national brand names you recognize on this sites list. Are they all really what the bad mouth person has claimed? Absolutely not.

    6) SBA is not a good measure of any standard in any business. Period. You think the Government is good at anything? Look at what has and is happening to our Country. We have a failure rate in the White House that makes the worst of the worst look like success.

    The brick-n-mortar of a solid business model of the past has left the building just like Elvis left this Earth.

    Government taxes, regulation, licensing, payroll, permits, unions, minimum wage and obamacare are the nails in the coffin of every new business in this country. For the first time in our history, more businesses are closing than are opening.

    For all you ignorant people about to bad mouth anything you see read or hear, Check the facts first.

    The progressive socialist democratic party along with the climate people cannot survive when the facts are checked and presented. Why do you think that main street media doesn’t report on the lies and attacks others that do???

    I know how things were before the mid 60’s and this social justice was forced down our throats. Red dye causes cancer, paper bags are kill the earth, trees and oxygen that will kill all of us. That was the time when we were headed into the ICE AGE, now its Warming. It’s all lies to get you and me to do whatever they want.

    Take you heads out of your butts and think and check the facts.

  • Jim Fox, the owner of Fox’s Pizza Den, is a fast talking, lots of stories and uncaring individual. He makes money from selling product and really doesn’t care if you come or go. Just pay that franchise fee upfront and he will be happy.

  • This is my second time to order from Fox’s Pizza in Meyersdale, PA. Both times the food was awful! We had cheesy breadsticks, garlic breadsticks, pizza, and a club wedgie. Food had no flavor, added extra cheese, couldn’t tell if they added it or not. Won’t be eating there any time soon! Both times I spent over $20. Not worth it at all.

  • B. Neal

    @ Jodie. Perhaps you should leave your review on that particular stores YELP, TripAdvisor, or Google review page. This is a site to review the franchise as a business opportunity. Or many spend that time figuring out how the internet works. Your choice.

  • Candice

    Report hunker foxes pizza my food was burnt and to expensive for me and they weren’t very nice to me, so no longer a customer.

  • Candice Poole

    No longer going to order from foxes pizza I find a cheaper place

  • Thomas

    An elderly woman rented off of James Fox. She stopped paying rent because of the black mold, parasites and rodents. Also she didn’t have a toilet for 6 months. The repair person he sent complained the whole time. He sent people into her apartment when she wasn’t home to stage pics of a mess. Then in October, he sent three of his workers to tamper with her mail. Her boyfriend confronted them and one punched him, knocking him into this elderly woman. She broke her hip. Then they Said, “This is what you get, should’ve paid your rent”.

    They also threatened them that if they took legal action, Jim Fox would make sure they go to prison for the rest of their lives. His lawyers continue to harass this woman. Over 2000$. After she got her things out of the apartment, he sealed off the place with cement so nobody can see the proof. And this is a businessman ? He acts like he is in the mafia or something where he can send guys to hurt people, including ill senior citizens.

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