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PIZZA INN Franchise Complaints

The Pizza Inn franchise has a disturbingly high SBA loan default rate of 36%.

Are you familiar with the Pizza Inn franchise opportunity? Please share a comment below.

Pizza Inn awarded the first franchise in 1963 and opened the first pizza buffet restaurant in 1969. Pizza Inn has more than 300 locations.  Pizza Inn began franchising the Pizza Inn brand internationally in the late 1970s. In 1993, Pizza Inn stock began trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market, and presently trades on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol "PZZI."

According to the Small Business Administration, Pizza Inn franchisees received 37 SBA-guaranteed loans since 2001; 36% of those loans have been defaulted on by Pizza Inn franchise owners.

The Pizza Inn Franchise has a failure rate of 36% for SBA-backed franchise loans

Yet despite the obvious failures in the Pizza Inn franchise program, the Pizza Inn website not only cheerfully promotes the Pizza Inn franchise opportunity, but it highlights its membership in the SBA Franchise Registry.

What the Pizza Inn franchise marketing page doesn’t disclose is that it’s likely that Pizza Inn franchise owners who received SBA loans may have collateralized their franchise loan with their houses or other personal assets, and nearly half were unable to repay those franchise loans… despite serious incentive to do so.

Are you familiar with the Pizza Inn franchise opportunity?

What do you think accounts for the SBA loan failure rate of Pizza Inn franchise owners?

What steps should Pizza Inn be taking to stop further franchise failures?

Has Pizza Inn taken serious action to address the problems that led to the 36% loan failures?

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7 thoughts on “PIZZA INN Franchise Complaints

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  • jamie pedley

    I recently ate at the pizza inn in Sanford nc after church with my family of 6 we were very disspapointed in the choices of pizza and selectio ln of desserts the buffet was not maintained and people were waiting around just for any dessert to come out at all. we had to leave we could not wait any longer so we did not get any pizza that we truly wanted and no dessert. this experience has made us rethink our after church lunch options.

  • Manager is rude. Employees are gross and disrespectful, pizza is never cooked throughly. WORST PLACE I’VE EVER EATEN.

  • Ravi shanker

    Their quality in dubai is very bad, they are cheating on delivery, they take one order and deliver half items, take full money. Their staff is very rude, untrained,and not cooperative. My proof is bill no 114277. Did not delivered potato wedges and cold drinks and charged full bill. Not Recommend to any one.


    i ate lunch at pizza inn today, i had the buffet, and really feels like i was had, the buffet was full veggie pizzas, the pepporoni pizzas where not full, its like the person that made the pizzas was being real conservative for pizza inn. i paid $8.96, but feels like i been taken, the crew was nice, but should have detected why people wasn’ t going to the buffet table. THE STORE WAS KNOX SUPER STOP PIZZA INN I, 200 S. I -35 SERVICE RD, , RED OAK TX, 75154, 972, 617 7477, WILL NOT BE DOING BUFFET UNTILL SOMEONE IN THE PIZZAS IN UPPER MANAGEMENT CAN FIX IT

  • Italian Guy NY

    RE Ardmore AL

    So I would have to guess the “Franchise rules” are not enforced? The Location has a horrible reputation in the area, case in-point: We called just a few minutes after 9:00 for a Delivery (9:07 CST) and were told there closed…. hmmm (below link of hours of operation and just not your Website but Yelp, etc, etc) now with that said depending on for no apparent reason the next week we can call (and this is a Community wide problem, Weekdays: 11am-10pm Sun-Thu) same day and now they stay open slightly later or close at 8:00.

    The Management is a joke and half the time the food also, honestly the only reason this Location is still in Business is because they are the only Food Establishment within 20 (or more) miles in any direction that will deliver to this area. No offense but Dominos a few miles down just put up a sign of “coming soon”, this location will die quickly.

    The Food is usually half-ass thrown together with no consistency, the Managers and Employees never have a clue of how to handle a situation, I could go on for hours and quite honestly this location is embarrassing compared to others like the Madison, AL location. Last but not least when I called back after looking up Pizza Inn Location Hours the Female Manager (MOD) tonight (12/2/2015 Approx 9:07 CST) questioned me where I received my information about the hours was a complete jerk and have no idea why she would ever be put in an Authority position much less Customer Service..

    Good Luck to you guys but we have put with this horrible Food Establishment long enough and a fresh breath of air that Competition is on the way !

  • As a young man Working for Pizza Inn I was robed at gun point and the next day I was fired for it,,,I will never support Pizza Inn

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