REVIVE ENERGY MINTS Katrina Survivor Devastated by Vending Scam

Jerry* lost his home to the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history: Hurricane Katrina.

But the latest devastation Jerry and his family have suffered was entirely man-made:  the Revive Energy Mints vending fraud.

Jerry searched for a franchise opportunity that would enable him to retire from the 12-14 hour days he was putting in as a hotel manager.  Instead, he lost his $23,000 savings to a group of individuals who disappeared without providing the services they promised, or providing access to the products he needs to run business.

Jerry’s Vending Scam Story

Jerry feels blessed that his family escaped the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, even though they lost their family home in New Orleans.

Jerry redoubled his effort to rebuild his life and achieve retirement by working 12-15 hours in the hospitality industry and running an Internet business on the side.  Like most of the other victims, Jerry ran across an ad on a franchise opportunity website for an exciting new vending opportunity:  Revive Energy Mints.

As soon as Jerry responded to the Internet advertisement, he was drawn into the slick, aggressive and highly effective sales process used by the sales representatives of Revive Franchising LLC and Sito Marketing LLC.  They used the hard-sell techniques and the polished, manipulative telemarketing sales script that had literally hooked hundreds of other victims. 

Pretty soon, the slick salespeople of Revive Energy Mints had convinced Jerry to send them his $23,000 savings in exchange for 30 gumball-type vending machines, an initial supply of mints, lifetime support and coaching and access to their proprietary products as needed.

At first, the company seemed responsive.  Says Jerry:  “At first, I got many calls from them.  I spoke with [Revive business coach] Paul Haverstick 2 or 3 times.  Then I was told that Emma Burns would assist me with any questions I had and if she could not answer them she would have Paul Haverstick call me.”  Soon after that, neither phone calls or emails were answered. 

Jerry is stuck with 30 gumball machines and bags of energy mints.  He has not received the training and coaching he contracted for.  Even if he could place his machines, he’d have no way to restock them as the company is not responding to reorder requests.

However, Jerry is not willing to take this scam lying down.  He is part of a group of Revive Energy Mints vending fraud victims that have formed the Revive Victim’s Coalition. They are speaking out, naming names and telling their stories to both and to law enforcement.

What would Jerry like to see happen?  “I’m out of $23,000 and I would like to see all of those guy in prison and some type of restitution,” he says.

“I would’ve like to retire, but that’s out of the question now.”


* Jerry is not his real name

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  • Kimberly Rowell

    I was also lured into the Revive Energy Mint scam. In Oct. of 2009 I invested $8500 to get started and several thousands after that. I was promised full backing and support which was not received. Each time I tried calling them I couldn’t get a response or just got the runaround. Now, it’s my understanding that they are closed down and I am out nearly $10000.00 and stuck with all this product.

  • Kim: You have some options. Email us at UnhappyFranchisee[at]

  • steve gaddy

    I was also scammed out of over $ 12,000 by Revive. I also was not given any support
    but was told I could hire an outside vending placement agent at an additional cost.
    I was injured on the job and could no longer work for the company I would have retired from and lost my 401 k savings to Revive Energy Mints

  • Rick Lipkovits

    I have the same story as Steve Gaddy, I am from canada I want my money back !!!!

  • Keith

    You guys all sound like a bunch of cry babies. You want your money back , but don’t bother to try to get it back. Steve, can you share with us what you have done to get your money back? Take some action and do something yourself. Visit some of the other Revive threads: Specifically, follow these action steps on the link: 3,4,5,6,7, 8, 10 and 12. I’m sure Canada has simliar agencies you can file your complaint. Judging from other posts on this site, complaining to governmental agencies is working. Look what happened to Atomic Energy. Obviously, those guys complainted to Justice Department and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

  • I am a victim also. I lost over $12K and I am taking steps to get something done. I have filed a complaint with the Postal Inspector, Federal Trade Commission, Colorado Attorney General and FBI. I hope everone else does the same.

  • Im Chris, just doing some research on vending in general before starting my own vending business. I’m currently a small business owner already.

    As to Keith’s quote. I usually try to avoid negative energy. It does nothing for you.

    You are not losers because of the criminal actions of another. Brush yourselves off, read the steps he pointed out, and take what action you can. Be prepared that you may have to write it off as one of the more expensive lessons you’ve ever learned. But in the end, you are victims. You did nothing wrong.

    Blaming the victim for getting scammed is almost like blaming a woman for being raped. Its dispicable. These people worked hard and/or sacrificed to put into what they thought was a reputable company.

    So, bootstrap up. Your not whiners or anything, you were wronged. Organize and unite. Fight to find these criminals and hold them accountable.

  • Devin Spooner

    Hello my name Devin Spooner,my brother and I went for the 25 machine Revive Package. Wow! What a friggin mistake that was!!! People shouldn’t be able to get away with stuff like this. People work so hard for their money and think they are doin the right thing,then they get screwed!!!!!

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