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This site rocks!Franchise Newbee

UnhappyFranchisee.Com is fueled by the comments, insights and opinions of franchise industry insiders who take the time and put forth the effort to inform, warn, support and educate others.

Each month, tens of thousands of unique visitors learn and share, argue and debate important issues related to franchise ownership on UnhappyFranchisee.Com.

This site rocks because our commenters rock… and are actively transforming the franchise industry in a most positive way. 

Have you benefitted from your visits and participation on UnhappyFranchisee.Com?  Please tell us how by leaving a comment below.

Here’s what others have to say:

“Great, Great advice on this website!”  mike

”Everything folks are saying on this website are true.”  Henry

“Thanks to this website I will be contacting the attorney and becoming part of the class.  I lost over 250,00.00…  ”  Bob

“keep on spreading the word to all current and former franchisees as well as potential zees about this website!!”  mike

“Separate from the bickering, this website provides good information for those of us trying to run a small business”  Guest 2


”A friend told me about this site a few days ago… very interesting to say the least.”  Hal

“ANOTHER distributor contacted me today, they were with Matco for EIGHT years before being kicked to the curb… They have found legal assistance and are VERY grateful to THIS SITE!”  Debbie S.

“thank goodness for this site as it has helped many people become informed as to what is happening in the world of franchising…”  unhappy

“I spent some time reading through a lot of the stories on this site and it was quite an education.”  Guest

“Thanks All and really like info from this website… keep rocking”  Tika Amin

“This website and others like it are a must read for anyone who is looking to invest in a business opportunity.”  Kelly

“Please read all the information on this site.”  bill

“I have definitely stopped looking at quiznos because of the info on this site…”  Guest 2

“I received some great advice on this site.”  Elizabeth

”Finding this site was truly a blessing.”  Jenny

“Thank goodness I was directed to this site and received some wonderful information and advice. “  Anna

“thanks for this site!”  Deborah

“To potential franchisees: please read all the posts on this site before you make your decision.  There is a lot of good information/experiences posted here.”  Bill

“Tough crowd on this site for sure.”  Ed

”Unhappy Franchisee! Thank You for this Website and giving us a voice where we can be heard.” Todd P.

”I do believe this website is making it more possible for not only people in the company to become aware of what is going on with others, but also that there are truths that need to come out and good advice to be taken for direction for everyone who has been harmed, everyone thinking about investing and for a better understanding to how franchisees are treated differently as well as the clients.”  Trisha

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2 thoughts on “ General Thanks & Praise

  • A thank you for a websight that brings valuable facts and insights to prospective franchisee owners, current franchisees, as well as those who have left a franchise network. The wealth of information based in truth gives one a fresh perspective on the franchise world and the ability to make decisions with a clear idea of what is fact and what is fiction.

  • I really wish I had found this site before I gave my hard earned $100K to the scam franchise that took it. I was so new to franchising I didn’t know any better to look around or search for reviews on the franchise I bought. That said, I have directed many prospects that were also looking at buying what I bought and they all wrote back and thanked me for turning this site on to them. If all you hear is cherries and roses from your validation calls, keep digging because there are always challenges in franchising, even for the really successful zees. Pros and cons must be heard!

    I also want to thank the man behind this site for his support and understanding. Our small group that left the franchise owes a debt of gratitude for his help.

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