Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) potential students and investors are being warned by a “victim” of a previous venture:

“Run the other way – fast.”

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) Words of warning about multilevel marketing startup Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) were issued by a franchise investor named Blake Warrington.  After attending a sales presentation at founder Jim Piccolo’s mansion, he signed up for Piccolo’s former venture, the Bizzibiz franchise program.

A year and a half later, the Bizzibiz franchisees have been all but abandoned and Jim Piccolo is now pitching multi-level marketing-driven real estate seminars and real estate investments through Real Estate Worldwide (REWW).

The office address for the “West Coast Headquarters” of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) is 8502 E. Princess Drive, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255.  Not coincidentally, that used to be the address of the Bizzibiz franchise headquarters until October, 2012 when a web designer was named CEO and Bizzibiz became “virtual” (in other words, homeless).

Jim PiccoloBlake Warrington wrote:

… there has been zero correspondence from Mr. Piccolo for several months now and I only learned from using Google Alerts that Mr. Piccolo had recently started another business venture. I could not believe this.

In essence, as far as I can tell since I have not heard anything, Mr. Piccolo has simply walked away from the sinking (sunk?) ship of BizziBiz without one word being said to the franchise owners – or at least to this one.

This shows a complete lack of ethics, integrity, responsibility, both personally and from a business standpoint, by Mr. Piccolo, and I would not trust a word he says.

In closing, I consider BizziBiz, Mr. Piccolo, the majority of the management team, and several of their employees to have completely failed on almost every level and they have bold-faced lied and hurt many people.

I would never do business with Mr. Piccolo, along with certain other people like Marc Gleeman who had a big hand in the day to day operations and overall problems of BizziBiz.

If anyone is reading this and considering joining his new Real Estate World Wide (REWW), I would highly suggest to run the other way – fast. If trouble starts to happen, as it always does with most businesses, especially new ones, then Mr. Piccolo may simply take the money and run.

It is not difficult to find similar complaints for Mr. Piccolo’s previous ventures either.  Before he started Bizzibiz, Jim Piccolo ran an earlier incarnation of REWW, a real estate seminar and investment scheme called Nouveau Riche University.

Back in July, 2011, Justin Dallas wrote:

Justin Dallas

4:41pm on July 10th, 2011

Nouveau Riche has crashed and burned as Jim Piccolo has turned his attention to his new business, I don’t know anything about, but I do know that Jim Piccolo does not honor his commitments. He has not fulfilled his requirements in his purchase agreements, he has not refunded any of the money, he has stiffed instructors not paying them their money and he has moved his staff into his new business location at Bizzibiz so that no one can reach him or any NR staff…

Do not do business with this man. He has taken so many people’s money and run. I don’t know anything about the new business, but I know I would feel comfortable telling everyone I know to run from ANY business he is involved with. There are many people trying to sue him and NR, and talk of a class action lawsuit. Don’t be one of the people he has taken.

According to its marketing propaganda, Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) is led by CEO Kent Clothier, founder of, who has “assembled a ‘Dream Team’ among the whose who in direct selling with founders Brent Payne, Michael Hamburger and Heather O’Brien,” as well as Jim Piccolo and his wife Mary Piccolo.

According to a recent press release: “Jim Piccolo is helping to bring’s proven real estate investment systems and tools to real estate investors worldwide. ‘We have the answer for many entrepreneurs and real estate investors looking to rise above the economic crisis and rebuild their life’s dreams and America,’ said Piccolo.”

Jim Piccolo’s detractors might caution that Piccolo’s previous ventures caused the personal financial crisis many of them suffered, and are the reason their life’s dreams need rebuilding.

As always, cautions:  buyer beware.  Do your homework, ask hard questions, and make up your own mind.

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