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Senior Helpers Complaints

Senior Helpers complaints include allegations of failure to report a potentially abusive situation, inadequate caregiver screening, and putting profits ahead of its elderly clients’ well-being.

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Senior Helpers was founded in 2001 to offer professional in-home care services, and began franchising in 2005. Franchisees of the Maryland-based company offer personal and companion care, senior care management and evaluation, nurse and “peace of mind” visits, surgery assistance, sitter services, and Alzheimer’s and dementia care.


One commenter alleged that Senior Helpers failed to investigate or report a potentially dangerous situation. 

JacR01 wrote:

After being told that a Client was afraid of their daughter, Senior Helpers did nothing to investigate the claims nor did they alert any state authorities

…After being told of the same daughter’s aggressive outburst of bringing a tire into the home and throwing it at their mother’s feet in a fit of anger, Senior Helpers did nothing to investigate the claim or alert the state authorities.

…After being told that the same daughter physically blocked their employee from leaving, Senior Helpers again did nothing to investigate the claim. All they did was tell the employee; "Well we weren’t there."

…After being told of the client’s daughter’s negative change in behavior in the way they treated their mother soon after gaining power of attorney, Senior Helpers again did nothing to investigate the claims or alert the authority.

It is our opinion that this firm cares more about their own financial gain than they do in fulfilling their financial obligations and making sure their clients and employees are treated in a fair and safe manner.

ducati_girl615 also alleges that Senior Helpers does not investigate or report areas of concern.  She also alleges that Senior Helpers will charge more depending on the client’s address:

I am a employee of Senior Helpers and agree 100%.  I myself have had situations of concern and was told that they would do mediation and nothing was done.  I also know that they charge the clients different fees according to what they think they should pay… by looking at the address to where a client lives.  They are very money hungry people who could care less about the client or the caregiver.  The training they claim they give us would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that we are talking about seniors here..

They are suppose to do mediations with the clients every so many months but they do not.  All they care about is you sitting there getting those hours so they can send you a bill.  Please DO NOT be fooled by the smiles and the talk of church from these people.  They have one agenda and that’s getting you or your loved one to write a check.  People please if you care at all for your loved ones research the business thoroughly before putting your love ones in their hands.  I am only with them because I love my client and she and her family counts on me to be there…Remember YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! They will claim they are the highest paid sitter service out there, but trust me THEY ARE NOT… 

I also work with another company who I feel really cares about the client as well as the caregiver.  They have counselors and clergy on hand 24 hours a day if you become stressed or concerned, so we do have honest people out there…

a loving caregiver alleges that Senior Helpers of Dayton underpays workers and does not perform drug testing on caregivers:

i work for senior helpers of dayton and i can tell you that they only care about getting paid. They dont care about their employees or clients it is very hard to get up and go to work for 8.00 a hour and do what they expect of us. They have no pay increasement so you make the same when you start as when you leave i would quit but i love my client and her family as if they was my own and couldnt think of not seeing them i am in a contract so i couldnt quit and still work for them so i am stuck please think long and hard about who you hire to care for your loved one and also they dont even drug test so some druggie could be taking care of your loved one just thought you should now

Mabes also alleged that Senior Helpers is primarily profit-driven and underpays its caregivers:

Money and profit is definitely the goal here. I worked for a franchise in PA for 1.5 years, finally getting terminated for demanding pay raise and health benefits they promised. They would pull me off regular assignments to work with clients I never met…sometimes I got to work with 2 CLIENTS, very sick, up day and night, of course, my pay was for 1. They typically charged clients in wealthy areas $225-250/day for live-ins, they paid me $90 after taxes!!! I told them to f#$% off and started my own agency and am in back in school for my RN.  I do private cases thru referrals and make $600-800 week and keep it all. These agencies don’t offer much for clients unless they are desperate.



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17 thoughts on “Senior Helpers Complaints

  • Greenacres, Fl
    I worked here for a sjort time and the owner is sooo rude. He is only in it for the money. He does not train his caregivers they way he says he does. The pay is a joke. This company does not care about the employee or the client.

  • Tiffany

    Ive worked for Senior Helpers in Hernando county and its terrible…

    They are very unprofessional, Communication skills are at its worst and they are very unorganized!! They only care about Money which is sad! They ask about your personal life like its their business and talk to there employees so rudely.

    They have clients that are in conditions to where they need to be in a nursing home and they do nothing about it but keep them in their home for the money.very sad situations. They try to hide each fall a fall risk client has to prevent them from going into a nursing be honest they do not care about their clients. I hated working for them.

    There have been plenty of times i was in the office and someone would call and they would put them on hold and talk so much about them and not want to answer the phone again so they hang up on them..can you say very unprofessional and rude!!! smhh..they so unorganized that when the state comes they want to rush and get things done the right way and call all employees giving them attitude to get things done on their time etc but they should of had all that done from the gecko! they give you no recognition at all for what you deserve.

    i went all out my way for them and they will never do the same for their employees..its a really sad company to work for or to have for any of your family members. they lie to clients which is very uncalled for.

    like there was a situation in had this client and we were really close me the client and the family. Senior Helpers wanted to move me to another client because i fit the client they wanted me to work for…yea it was more hours there etc but i get attached to my clients…..They told me to tell them that it was personal issues that’s why i had to leave them…smh not to tell them why i really had to leave and that they are the ones who moved me…and i told them noo im not lying to them… so i told them the truth the reason why i am leaving is because they want me to do another shift.and my client told me that they called her already saying it was personal issues that that’s what i told them and i told them no they just dident want to tell you which i really do not know why!!!

    smh so yea they are the worst to work for and the worst to have working for your family because they do not care one bit about the patients they ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!$$$$$

  • Senior Helpers is a joke! Yes, the West Palm Beach and North Palm Beach franchises are only about the MONEY! They give the honest and genuine home health companies in the area that care a very poor image to the general public. They take advantage of the elderly client by over billing, under pay caregivers to line their pockets and give Management unjust bonus after bonus to find more ways to make more money for them. Unfair labor practices, untrained care givers, unprofessional/uneducated management and greedy owners make for an excellent lawsuit!

  • I would never recommend working at Senior Helpers in Webster Groves, MO. I worked there for 2 years and never got more than 20 hours a week. I had 1 client for a 3 hour shift only 1 day a week at the end of my employment. When I lost that client, I never got another one.

    The owner and his scheduler wouldn’t get my availability correct, so they’d make scheduling mistakes and try to blame me. He scheduled me and another caregiver with greasy hair and sloppy looking with the same client at the same shift, after I clearly told him I could take that client. I should of gotten paid for gas and waste of my time. He sent me to a client who was put into a nursing home. The son-in-law wasn’t happy I showed up. It made me look like an idiot. Same thing….no reimbursement. No apologies, either.

    I was acussed of things I didn’t say or do. I gave my weekly availability for more than a year the way I was told to when hired. He sarcastically told me a different way we were to send availability, telling me the staff wasn’t to babysit. That was so rude and in such poor taste… not professional at all.

    Besides no hours, no benefits, either. I was an outstanding caregiver who never got recognized or rewarded, just harassed. They were disorganized; they didn’t have information for all the clients. I didn’t know anything about some of them, like medications or medical conditions, which is very important. I took care of some nice clients, but others made it impossible to enjoy working for this company. I never had difficult clients at the other agencies I worked for. How these clients treated me, I should of walked out. The unfair harassment and treatment was just too stressful. They don’t pay enough for that.

    Their advertisements and articles portraying the owner as a senior care expert is a joke. His profile says he’s been the owner since 2007. Five other jobs he did was in mortgage and financial. He has a Bachelor of Arts, Business and Marketing, 1988-1989. I was a Registered Medical Assistant 1990-1996, my mother’s caregiver 1996-2005 and a professional caregiver 2009-2016. I’m more a senior care expert than he is.

  • Barbara Terrell

    What a horrible experience! I had this agency for only 8 weeks. During that time their aides had five emergencies that left my bedridden mom alone. They could not send any relief or backup but continued to charge for their 24/7 services. We are talking about 10 1/2 days out of 8 weeks. Beyond unsanitary and negligent care, they are now suing for breech of contract. Unbelievable. I and my daughter had to take off from work to care for mom and they expect payment for those non service days plus two week advance notice to dismiss them. You can’t make this up. Now I have legal bills on top of this. I did find another wonderful agency but this was the worst!!!

  • Margaret Grantham

    I am an aide for Senior Helpers and I have a Masters degree in counseling but every week they call me in all tell me all the things I have done wrong. The funny thing about it is I’m the most educated one there. It is absolutely the worst job I have ever had.?

  • Audrey Hugo

    WARNING: Don’t work for Senior Helpers in Granada Hills, California. I called for the first time inquiring about any caregiving jobs available. Sabrina Miranda answered my call. I asked about how they pay their caregivers. She said minimum wage entry-level. No matter how many years experience you have, this agency wants to pay as low as possible. Besides she was rude and disrespectful, constantly interrupted me on the phone like she was in a rush to get off the line. I can see already without meeting her in person that she was going to be a “problem piece of work”. Pretty typical in the home care industry office setting. Beware of this company. They will not pay you for what you are worth. I bet they have a high turnover with keeping caregivers. I can see they don’t value caregivers are worthy, but if you can afford to work for a low-budget franchise agency and put up with unfriendly unsupported staff, this might be the place for you.

  • The shittest company I have ever been to one regret working there wasting my time couple of months, the owner is the menapoliative guy ever, the shittest stupid guy I have ever met. I have told him any times that the place I work the son keeps hitting on me asking me for my phone number many times and makes me feel uncomfortable but he did not care, all he said ok I will talk to them blah blah but never did. He talks to you like his your fucking owner and owns you. He is a abuser by talking shit. This why no one’s lasts at his company. Dnt ever work for this company there are far more better and good companies, like homeinstead is the best and another one is senior home care.

  • Can anyone tell me where I can complain about this owner, he threats me I will call every agency and owner and say things about me. Because he was a douch bag and I left his company now he blows up my phone with texts and keeps calling me. Bothers me alot.

  • The owners name is Steve

  • I specifically suggest not to go to the st.charles you gona regret, dnt waste your time. Everyone there are horrible, aggressive, menapoliative, abusers.. specially the owner Steve.

  • Shante

    WARNING….. do not waste your time goin to st.charles office senior helpers worst agency I spent my 2 months, the worst owner I have ever have to deal with OMG I have no words for it he over charge the seniors with the billings, they only care about money, forget the client forget the caregivers just money money, hungry piece of shit Steve, he talks to you like he owns you and can’t find another job Bullshit…..clients please dnt get into this agency you will regret.

  • Scammed client

    Senior Helpers are a scam. They take money from seniors without providing services promised. My experience consisted of multiple “caregivers,” leaving two hours before shift was over, preparing horrible food and never once doing any “light housework.” The owner pressures you for money upfront and tells you that he will find the right fit for you. This is total fabrication. I don’t expect to have to pay for services not rendered. It is disgraceful to take advantage of seniors in such a manner and they deserve to be reported. Stay far away from senior helpers. They are unethical to say the least.

  • Allie

    Hi, I worked for Senior Helpers located in Round Rock, Texas. I love my clients they are beautiful people, I just hate that I have to leave them this way.
    Senior Helpers as I found out today does not care about anyone but getting their clients contracts.
    I have always had a hard time trying to communicate with Katie Behrend, she is the very first person you see at their office when you walk in. She is rude, doesn’t care what anyone else has to say and when asked to speak with someone else, her response is I’m the BOSS!

    In taking care of my clients they all tell me ( if you ever call that office don’t talk to Katie she’s rude). Her family members who run the company really need to open their eyes and give her more Customer Service training. Put someone who is more compassionate for the clients and the workers.

    She needs another job!!!! Not thinking about their clients.

  • ATTENTION MODERATOR: Your website is focused on feedback from unhappy franchise owners, but all of these comments are from employees not franchise owners. I came to the site to do research on feedback from franchise owners as the site states it does. Please clean up the site and delete non-owner feedback from your site. Comments from employees and others that are not owners don’t belong on a site stating it presents “The uncensored truth about franchises… from those who own them.” Not helpful. Thanks.



    Your complaint has been reviewed by our Department of Content Consistency & Conformity (DCC&C) and found to be insightful, accurate & actionable.

    Based on your observation, we have decided to change the name of the site & tagline to “ The uncensored truth about franchises… from those who are employed by them.”

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


  • patty wertz

    I am a family caregiver, and my mom is just one older lady that has been careful to have estate planning documents and to have a fiduciary relationship with a Broker in wealth management at Wells Fargo bank …
    but…the Senior Helpers in Napa, CA franchise owner Bob Nation admittedly contacted ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES after my daughter texted with him regarding the caregivers not calling or showing up for her grandmother…she got his personal cellphone number from HIM
    and this was ongoing…the caregivers had 2 shifts per day am and pm & at least once per week, sometimes 2 days per week no one would work…my daughter told him that she was tempted to call the BETTR BUSINESS BUREAU AND FIRE HIM…which on text messaging he replied…I’m going to report you to Adult Protective Services!…as a matter of fact HE DID call APS which not only means that they come to the house regarding the report, but this was a report that said what??????

    Was Mr. Nation reporting that we wanted to fire him because he could not staff our shifts? or???

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