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MATCO TOOLS Franchise Complaints

MATCO TOOLS Franchise Complaints:  Have you had any dealings with MATCO Tools  or the MATCO Tools franchise?  Please share a comment about your experience – good or bad – below, as well as advice for those considering investing in a MATCO Tools franchise.

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We received the following franchise warning about the MATCO TOOLS franchise opportunity.  According to commenter “TOMMY CHEUNG” :






Marks & Klein is a legitimate franchise law firm that often represents franchisees in lawsuits against their franchisors, but we haven’t verified with them whether a lawsuit against Matco Tools is in the works or not.


If you’ve had dealings with Matco Tools, please share a comment below.

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4,850 thoughts on “MATCO TOOLS Franchise Complaints

  • Todd A. Peterson

    I want JUSTICE! I want these criminals put behind bars! THAT MEANS YOU Tim Gilmore, Ernie Lauber, Tom Willis, Tim Novak, Rick Pena and Anthony Kramer! Oh! and lets not leave out some scum bag Matco/ Danaher attorneys who lie to victims of their franchise scam after they falsely terminate them according to the Arkansas Franchise Practices Act that they say is greater than the written contract in the UFOC!

  • Todd A. Peterson

    I am going NOWHERE! This site is here to expose what the franchise world really is and I plan on expressing the TRUTH to keep others from ever buying into this piece of crap industry! People will recognize the truth when you trolls get on here to harass me! I back my statements up with FACTS! Not made up crap like Tim Gilmore does in his recruitment videos to entice MORE victims to become franchisees in their CHURN machine! My prayer is someday an honest public servant will need me to testify (PROFESSIONAL FRANCHISEE WITNESS) to the blatant contract fraud and criminal actions Matco (Danaher) commits against their franchisees. I don’t want a DIME! Just get me in a #%$ing court room!!! PLEASE!

  • Todd A. Peterson

    By the way Mr. Hancock. You mentioned class action lawsuit by Mr. Gerald (Jerry) Marks. Did you know that we franchisees were misrepresented by Mr. Marks? You see there were some franchisees called the Villano’s. They sued Matco for the SBA loan fraud! BUT WAIT! Why were there a lot of other franchisees sending Mr. Marks a $4000 retainer +40% of any moneys? Did those individuals know they were being involved in a class action? No they did not! Why wouldn’t Mr. Marks tell clients who thought they were being represented individually they were part of a class action? If you told your attorney you didn’t want to be part of a class action and then he takes your money and you see after he falsely terminated your relationship that he mediated 30+ franchisees you helped bring to him by calling terminated franchisees on the FDD would this be a misrepresentation by an attorney if you see in the new FDD that Mr. Marks lists this other group in a class action? I am sure that the clients he rejected (I know of three) would have loved to jump aboard a class action. I for one told Mr. Marks I wanted no part of a class action. I wanted him to represent me in court and then in arbitration if he could not get Matco to mediate first. Never ever heard the word class action come out of his mouth or fingers!

    Yes! I hired Mr. Marks! I also had an Ohio attorney hired to represent me in Arbitration! Funny how Mr. Marks made all that go away! Shortly after I hired Mr. Marks to represent my claims against Matco my Ohio attorney sent me back my retainer to represent my in Ohio if I was forced into Arbitration. Then after Mr. Marks falsely terminated our client/ attorney relationship I was forced to hire another law firm within 10 days. I hired another franchise attorney firm called Lagarius & Boulter whom took my retainer and was supposed to get Matco and myself together to mediate face to face but that never happened! Instead, I got a letter from Rob Boulter stating that he was no longer with Lagarius & Boulter within a month after I gave him $5000 for Lagarius & Boulter to represent me. Of course Matco requested all the documents I had to produce when Mr. Marks represented me and of course the $5000 retainer was gone without ever getting us to the mediation table. Of course, the $5000 I paid was supposed to get representation of a FIRM but was left solely to Rob Boulter who talked alot but did not do what he said he would do when I hired him. His bill was like over $12,000 he wanted me to pay but he hadn’t done crap to get us together in Ohio to attempt to mediate. After sitting down and coming up with damages in excess of $700,00 Matco only wanted to mediate I believe it was $50,000 and, of course, I would have to sign their exit strategy agreement stating I would never discuss my franchise, deem myself the one responsible for the failure and agree not to be involved in any class action. Of course, I told Matco to screw themselves.

    Arbitration: Rob Boulter put a price tag on mediation at about $50,000. He would be there to arbitrate but another Ohio attorney would have to be hired.

    So a falsely terminated franchisee who had criminal acts (felonies) committed against his franchise has to pay in excess $50,000 to obtain justice against felons?

    So if I drive to Ohio (Matco Headquarters) and commit crimes against Matco they will have to Arbitrate in Ohio and pay lots of money to do it?

  • Hancock

    Todd –

    Now that’s the way to explain your situation.

    Not surprised that arbitration could cost upwards of $50,000.

    I don’t know if you have a winnable case against Matco and the attorneys who previously represented you.

    Have you talked with Peter Silverman or James A. Meaney?

  • Todd A. Peterson

    I have spoke with at least a hundred attorneys about my case. Most would not even look at ANY evidence because it was franchising. Even franchise attorney’s blew me off. They didn’t even ask what my franchisor did to me! They just assume I am pissed because I failed! But I didn’t fail! I was fraudulently terminated for a “good cause” Matco (Danaher) created. I have absolute proof of all of this but no one cares!

    Why does noone care?

    Do we live in a world where criminal (felony) acts can be committed against a franchisee and noone will hold them accountable for their actions. You say I want a “nanny state” but don’t we already have one? If I choose not to wear my seatbelt a police officer will pull me over and give me a $50 fine! But if a franchisor commits felony acts against a franchisee the franchisee has to PAY for the franchisor to be brought to justice? This sounds like a bunch of BULL#$% to me! Why the HELL should I pay any taxes to this government? Why the hell should I pay any State taxes to my State? If they won’t protect me with the laws they make which hold franchisors accountable for improper relationships with their franchisees why should I have ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANY FORM of government or state leadership? Our Constitution ensures that certain liberty’s are protected so as Americans we should not have to be dependent on government. I don’t want to pay for entitlements, SNAP, Social Security, Retirement, Health Care, FEMA, DHS, FTC, etc… Why should I have to support the programs I do not want when my government will not protect me from those who break the laws my government makes? Again! I am not some shmuck who bought into something thinking that I would make money because Matco was going to give me success. I MADE MY FRANCHISE SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!! Matco didn’t have s#$% to do with it! MATCO (DANAHER) destroyed my success and committed felony’s against my franchise to terminate it FALSELY!!!

  • Guest

    “I have spoke with at least a hundred attorneys about my case. Most would not even look at ANY evidence because it was franchising. Even franchise attorney’s blew me off. They didn’t even ask what my franchisor did to me! They just assume I am pissed because I failed!”

    Todd, attorneys take on franchise cases with failed franchisees every day. May I humbly suggest that they won’t work with you because (no offense) you are an irrational hothead who doesn’t listen and refuses to consider what others are saying to you. You transmit but you don’t receive.

    If you see a guy screaming, ranting and raving on a city sidewalk, you don’t think “Hmmm this fellow is making some valid points” or “I think I’ll stop and listen to his entire story.” No, you think “there’s a crazy guy” and you move to the other side of the street.

    You have some valid issues but you blow your credibility because a lot of what you say is just inaccurate and wrong and you won’t listen to those who try to educate you like a rational person would do.

    I feel bad for you, but as long as you act like the crazy guy on the street corner you will just keep ranting and most everyone will continue to ignore you. I’m sure your family and everyone around you heads for the hills when it’s ranting time.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    I transmit because I have LIVED! Why are you transmitting guest with no name? I am a hot head? You damn right I am! Why would I not be hot GUEST? A victim of a multi-billion dollar scam of the American people? You yourself have admitted that Matco (Danaher) is a scam! Yet, you want to act like I am the reason for my failure and somehow there is no responsibility to franchisors for their fraud! You only know what I have told but I could show you so much more Guest! Do you want to see? I doubt it! You just want to paint me as a lunatic which I am not! I am just a victim who is smart enough to figure out how Matco (Danaher), as well as hundreds of other franchisors, ride the corporate umbrella of the IFA to clench their hands around the necks of their franchisee victims! As far as I am concerned and based on the fact that my franchisor can violate laws without being held accountable for their actions the WHOLE entire industry is predicated on FRAUD!!! I mean as Americans we are subject to laws. We can not violate laws without punishment. How is it that a FRANCHISOR can violate laws and NO ONE wants to hold them accountable? Crimes like creating false documents to terminate a franchisee. Inflating a franchisees head count on paper to justify “good cause” for separation. Terminating a franchisee for “good cause” when the franchisee was told he had cured. Committing “grand larceny” by not paying in full the franchisee the total amount for the tools he was allowed to return. Breaching a contract before the franchisee ever steps in his route. Terminating a franchisee for a second offense for “good cause” when the law says he is to be given 10 days to cure. Terminating a franchisee based on a reason for “good cause” when that “good cause” is a violation of law. Sending an owner (investor) of NMTC Inc. dba Matco Tools to get a franchisee to surrender the success of his business. Sending a Regional Manager to threaten a franchisee with the loss of his franchise if he does not surrender what makes his business successful.

    So many violations and not one person to make a stand against this type of behavior. It is a felony according to the “Arkansas Franchise Practices Act” for NMTC Inc. dba Matco Tools (Danaher) employees to do what was done to my franchise. I guess a crime is only a crime if someone will hold you to the letter of the law. I want those who committed crimes against me, my family, my state and hundreds of thousands of franchisees to be held ACCOUNTABLE for their CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!!!

    Does anyone have a BACKBONE!

  • Todd A. Peterson

    By the way GUEST! Please list ANYTHING I am saying which you say is not true!

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Or inaccurate!



  • Todd A. Peterson

    As Phil Collins would say “There’s no reply at all” “No reply at all.”

  • ” I want those who committed crimes against me, my family, my state and hundreds of thousands of franchisees to be held ACCOUNTABLE for their CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!!!”

    And what is your strategy for changing things, Todd A. Peterson?

    Repeating the same thing a thousand times on the same blog?

    Quoting Phil Collins?

    I think everyone gets it. You got screwed.

    Matco/Danaher are a bunch of crooks. Established.

    Nobody is policing franchising or protecting franchisees. Agreed.

    Your wish for less government came true and the Republican 1%ers are free to suck every last dollar from the middle class (who will keep voting them in). Got it.

    So what is your plan to enact change? Have you gotten involved with the state-by-state efforts to change franchise laws? Have you started a PAC?

    Isn’t the real problem that franchisees don’t take any action, that they just whine about the injustice but never DO anything about the situation?

    You are smart enough to have uncovered the fraud and the corrupt system…
    What are you doing about it?

    Or is this all you got?

  • Todd A. Peterson

    You know! I love every damn one of your questions! Now… My question is what the HELL can I do about it if noone is doing ANYTHING about it? I told you. I have talked to my State Reps, State Senators, State Governor, Attorney Generals office, Local Prosecutor and just what the HELL am I going to do if no one wants to do anything about it? I think I could easily be called a franchisee expert and I should have TONS of attorney’s calling me to speak out against franchisors but yet my phone doesn’t ring. Why? Cause I am crazy? Cause I don’t know what I am talking about? I don’t make sense? Or is it because attorney’s know all about the franchise fraud and have made the PAC, as you stated early, against franchisees? I say to HELL with the FTC… They don’t do anything for American tax payers so do away with the office. I say to HELL with the FBI. Who are they protecting? It damn sure is not the American people! Why are billions of dollars being pumped into this franchise industry as trickle down economics? How does an Arkansas franchisee secure a loan for his franchise from a bank in Atlanta, GA. where that bank receives MILLIONS of dollars each year through the New Market Tax Credit? (Trickle down economics) (Pump and Dump)

  • Hancock

    Todd –

    Maybe you have no case.

    Maybe you are the client from hell that no one wants.

    Maybe the guys at MATCO are outsmarted you.

    Maybe all you have left is to rant on Unhappy Franchisee.

    You could take it over to and find a new group to rant to.

  • Todd A. Peterson and this site are the same. Owned by the same guy I believe. [ADMIN Note: This is incorrect. Sites are independent of each other and have different owners.]

    I don’t know what good comes from any leadership in this country anymore. A bunch of Hancocks who know exactly what is going on but won’t do a damn thing about it. What am I supposed to do? Mortgage my assets to go to war with felons?

    In America felons are supposed to have their rights taken away for committing these types of acts against the American people. But if no one cares if felons commit felonies and hold them accountable for their actions we get an America where CRIMINALS roam free to commit whatever crimes they wish to commit against the American people. Sad to say there are a LOT of felons working for Matco doing Danaher’s bidding at the American tax payers expense.

    It is a shame when criminals roam free because an investor signs a contract that was never honored by his franchisor while the legal world hides behind an Arbitration Clause. Maybe one day I will do some GOOD! I have not signed that BULL SHIT separation paperwork Matco and attorneys want you to sign that deems the franchisee responsible for the failure of their franchise and silences them in a court of law by giving Danaher / Matco the rights to your franchise story!

    Every attorney I have hired or talked to says I have to mediate with Matco. Why? Mediating gives Matco the power to hide their fraud! I signed a contract which Matco never upheld and breached from DAY ONE! My District Manager knew it and I knew it. My only fault was taking the SHIT route Matco gave me and making a successful franchisee route out of it with hard work, good customer service and the approval of my District Manager before he was terminated. My new Matco Regional Manager (Tim Novak) had to threaten me with the loss of my franchise if I didn’t surrender shops after his puppet boy (Rick Pena) could not convince me to do so.

    Tell me why a NEW Regional Manager (Tim Novak) threatens a franchisee who is working 80 hours a week and purchasing $7000 per week average in tools from Matco? That is almost twice the amount required to be at 100% the Matco average. Why would Matco who is business for franchisees to achieve this kind of success through their hard work able to be threatened by a BRAND NEW REGIONAL MANAGER? A BRAND NEW REGIONAL MANAGER who hires a SNAP ON competitor of Todd Peterson to become a District Manager in Texas when that SNAP On competitor just filed bankruptcy within the last 6 months?

    Why would Tim Novak let a failed Snap On competitor of mine take over the very customers he FORCED me to surrender after two other people failed in that route in three years? Why would Tim Novak allow a failed Snap On franchisee to be given MORE CUSTOMERS on his route than the previous two failed investors?

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Make no mistake! There are criminals in my claims! Tim Novak, Rick Pena and Anthony Kramer are ALL criminals. They should have already been brought before a Judge by an attorney but the legal world uses an Arbitration Clause to let criminals roam free. Tim Novak threatened me with the loss of my franchise if I didn’t surrender shops to put a new franchisee in business. Rick Pena used lies and false information to try and convince me I had violated my contract and acted unprofessionally as a franchisee. Anthony Kramer created FALSE DOCUMENTS to support a false termination for “Good Cause”, lied to me ALL the time and allowed my franchise to fail after promising me help on three separate occasions over a year and a half. Management listened to my story only to terminate me in violation of the Arkansas Franchise Practices Act.

    You call me a RANT! I call myself an American! A true AMERICAN! Who will speak out at the CORPORATE criminals who use the American people as a piggy bank to fund their criminal intent! If there is ANY ATTORNEY in this country with a spine and some back bone please contact me! I am sick of calling and trusting scum bags like Jerry and Rob who help scum bag franchisors hide their fraud from the American people. Every year Matco churns investors in their Ponzi Scheme. When I lost over 50% of my customers from 2007 to 2009 Matco stayed right on pace finding just enough new investors to replace the ones that left. Just like they do every year. Between two to three hundred leave the Matco franchise system every year. WHY?

  • “I call myself an American! A true AMERICAN!”

    Yes, Todd Peterson, you are a true right-wing American. You complain about the lack of federal regulation, evil corporations and the International Franchise Association and then you support the very same political party they do.

    There are two political parties in this country. You support the one that protects the stranglehold of the 1%ers and big corporations and their exploitation of American workers. Take a look at who the IFA is in bed with. Bet its the same party you support:

    Instead of supporting the only party that might promote more government oversight of franchising, you try to undermine them with idiotic anti-Obama, Obama isn’t a citizen, birther, racist, Obama Salutes With the wrong hand, Obama is a Muslim, Clinton’s caught in Sex Scandal BS and nonsense.

    In a Democracy people get the government they deserve. You got scammed because you helped create the scam. Sorry, but you got what you deserved.

    By the way, what do you think about the recent decision regarding the proposed regulation of franchisors’ ability to terminate franchisees without good cause? Oh, that’s right, you are too busy being a true AMERICAN to participate in the American political process.

  • Hancock

    So we are supposed to support the Democrats because of your silliness.

    The Democrats are not business friendly to any size business.

    They are not for private sector business growth.

    They are for growth of government and government control through carbon & energy policy, health care, EPA rules, regulations and interference, taxation and tax policy.

  • Todd A. Peterson:

    Hancock is right. You should stop talking like a bloody Democrat, stop calling for “government and government control” of franchising. Stop calling for regulations, interference, and taxation. Those things cost money (read: taxes)

    Be PROUD of the sacrifice you and and other MATCO franchisees have made to stimulate the economy and support job creators like Danaher. You and Matco contributors are TRUE AMERICANS.

    The money you paid to MATCO was not lost. It was spent on contributions to the IFA, who funneled it to lobbyists and elected Republican officials to keep franchising unregulated and free from interference. It was used to support the sales reps and hard working people who promote the Matco franchise opportunity to next year’s “contributors,” including returning Veterans whom they care very deeply about.

    It was used to pay franchise attorneys who then stimulated the local economies and supported Mercedes and Jaguar dealers, country club and resort employees. And it went to the investors and to top Matco and Danaher who could then use it to send their kids to private schools your kids could never get into anyway.

    Keep sending out that “Obama is a Muslim” propaganda on Facebook and keep supporting the same people the IFA uses to kill legislation that would make Matco and Danaher behave differently. Don’t think of it as getting scammed… think of it as supporting your party!

  • Hancock

    Sorry Guest Obama is not for business people.

    He is for wealth redistribution.

    And for sidestepping the Constitution.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Even if I have been a die hard Republican for most of my life what does that have to do with enforcing the “Arkansas Franchise Practices Act”? Excuse me but does supporting Republicans enable a franchisor to violate a States Franchise Laws and get away with it?

    I thought the laws were made to make sure others were held accountable for their actions? I am not asking for NEW legislation! I am asking for somebody to ENFORCE WHAT IS ALREADY LAW!!! Quit making this about politics!

    The Left and the Right support the franchise industry! The prior push for franchising restrictions came from REPUBLICAN Senators! Not DEMORATS! The problem is that there are TOO MANY Republicans in the Corporate agenda! Not an American agenda! Americans are second class citizens to the needs of the corporate world because the White House is FULL of Corporate agenda driven traitors. They have sold their souls to the Corporate empire for wealth!

    If Americans were the focus of our government “Franchising” would have NEVER been created. TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS has created a “POT OF GOLD” for the Corporate world to tap in to. The money used to pump is coming from American children that have not even been born yet.

  • “Excuse me but does supporting Republicans enable a franchisor to violate a States Franchise Laws and get away with it?”

    Yeah, pretty much. There are real Americans (those who research & participate, not just whine in self-pity like you, Todd) who are trying to make it illegal for a franchisor to terminate franchisees in your specific situation. Their efforts have been defeated by the IFA, their lobbyists and the failed franchisees like Todd who just whine and complain and keep voting for those who serve the interest of Matco/Danaher.

    “Quit making this about politics!”

    Seriously? Oh, you ARE from Arkansas aren’t you? It’s all about politics, my dear Toddy. Do you think it’s an accident that MATCO and Danaher holds all the cards, and you are powerless to hold them accountable? Or do you think maybe big corporations and their politicians worked hard to make it this way (via… politics)?

    For those who don’t know, Trickle Down Economics (Reaganomics) is the self-serving lie championed by Republicans that if we give the large corporations and their millionaires like Danaher and Matco unfettered freedom and tax cuts, these caring job-creators will sprinkle down gold coins on the poor schlubs like Todd.

    How is that die-hard Republican strategy working out for ya, there, Toddy? You’re getting the golden shower, but it ain’t gold ;)

    “Americans are second class citizens to the needs of the corporate world…”

    Billionaires and multi-millionaires are Americans, too, Todd. Let’s give them credit. This is America and they should be rewarded for their hard work and intelligence. They worked very hard to create a system where people like you not only willingly hand over your money, but you keep voting for them.

    “I have been a die hard Republican for most of my life…”

    Yeah, the Nascar-watching, Budweiser-swilling, Obama-hatin’ crowd is so proud of their support of golf-playing, Lexus-driving, adulterous Republican politicians because they like to pretend they are on the same team. You aren’t. They just are very good at manipulating fear, racism, jealousy and baser instincts. The fact that you still support them indicates that they deserve your money.

    Hancock wrote: “Obama… is for wealth redistribution.”

    Both sides are for wealth redistribution. Republicans are for redistributing it to billionaires, multi-millionaires, their high-priced lawyers and lobbyists, and corporations like Matco and Danaher.

    Poor bastards like Todd have had what little wealth they could have had redistributed to the country club set, yet they’ll still vote for elitists like Romney because they want to pretend they are on the same team… Have you been invited to their country club lately, Todd? Sad sad sad, but also very amusing.

  • Hancock

    Guest –

    Most ot the people in the franchisee associations who have been working to pass franchise legislation are Republicans.

  • arthur kolo


  • Todd A. Peterson

    Guest PRICK with no name!!! It is so funny how a GUEST can get on this site and prod a victim of fraud who had the LETTER of the law violated against him, his family and his BUSINESS. So what is your story GUEST? Are you an attorney who knows how all this works so you cash in on corporations who drop bread crumbs at your feet to mediate and keep hidden their fraud they impose on franchisees? You seem to hate how all this Republican controlled fraud is destroying American lives yet you call me me a Bastard, sclub and such! You seem to think you know a lot about me as well! Who I have voted for, what party I support, etc. I support anyone who supports the letter of the law and protects the American people from TYRANNY! Now! Tell me who is it that serves the interest of the American people?

    “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Jesus Christ

    Money and greed is why “franchising” exists. Matco churns successful franchisees by using the “arbitration clause” to get it done.

    Why does Matco go after those with excellent credit or money to invest? Because these people are honest Americans who believe in America and “free enterprise”. I did! I believed I would own my own business set apart from Matco/Danaher. I believed my states laws “Arkansas Franchise Practices Act” would protect me from franchisors who violate their relationship with franchisees.

    In short, I had faith in America and that faith has been shaken!!! My faith that we are a “Godly Nation” has been shaken!!! My faith that our elected officials serve the needs of the people has been shaken!!! America is in a tailspin of deceit. Man can not serve two masters. I choose to warn others not to invest in this fraud!!!

    Is your only purpose in life to poke fun at victims of the very fraud you know exists and call me names like bastard, schlup and Toddy???

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Guest? Who is your master?

  • Aleksey Andrushenko

    I been running auto body shop, and Marco sold it tome a diagnostic tool. Launch X431 as new, but unit used and not working, from first day I tried to return it, but they said your warranty is gon as soon as you walking down from our truck .
    Finally I’m out off business, but they sand me to collection.

    Stay away from this company.

    Everything made in China, only label Matco.
    I bought lots of tool from them, and I’m not happy.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Well, today is Veteran’s Day and still franchise opportunities exist to screw the franchisee investor out of their life savings and SUCCESSFUL franchise businesses. Even when franchisees never had the money to invest but paid their credit score and equity qualified them to utilize American tax payer dollars to fund their franchises Matco happily excepts ANY money than can strip from ANY source so they can fund their CHURN opportunity. As a Veteran and knowing lots of other churned Veterans I want to WARN OUR TROOPS to STAY AWAY from a Matco franchise. I have the proof to prove this franchise is doing NOTHING but churning investors and in my case will VIOLATE MY STATES ARKANSAS LAW to insure that their bought and paid for scam exists in the United States.

    I have stated many times throughout these 4000+ comments that I have reached out to every side, every organization, every legal representative, every possible place to get support against those who committed crimes against the successful franchise I created but to no avail my I am still alone just like the moment Matco Tools came knocking and threatened me with the loss of my franchise if I didn’t surrender my success.

    If you look to your government for answers as to how crimes can be committed yet those who accosted you don’t have to answer you will find that “the needs of many outweigh the needs of the few”.

    Yes! In America those who live off the criminal behavior of FRANCHISORS are protected by those who’s financial existence exists because of the fraud. This is why franchising still exists when people like Bernie Madoff go to jail for life.


  • Guest

    “As a Veteran and knowing lots of other churned Veterans I want to WARN OUR TROOPS to STAY AWAY from a Matco franchise.”

    I bet if you had organized a veteran’s day protest outside Matco headquarters you would have made national news with your message, even if you only had a couple of other vets with you.

    If you’re that passionate maybe you should get a little bolder than whining on this pity party of a website and stop hiding behind your computer.

    Why don’t you get an old Matco truck and spraypaint “Don’t Buy a” Matco Tools “Franchise” around the logo and take it on the road? I bet you’ll warn thousands and thousands of vets with the news coverage once you park that thing outside Matco or some IFA shows.

    Why not tell the world how VetFran is preying on Veterans? You could get on your beloved Fox News if you’ve got the cajones.

    If you’re gonna rant and rave, why not do it right? Hand out broadsheets like the patriots of yore. At least we’d have some entertaining pictures to look at instead of your same old rants.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Well Guest!

    First of all I would have to be the biggest dumbass in the world to buy an old Matco Tools truck with their logo on it and drive around the country, on my dime, telling others to not buy a Matco franchise. I think Matco attorney’s would have me in court in the blink of an eyelash to sue me for defamation of their corporation even though everything I am saying on this website is true.

    Second of all victims of franchise scamming and those who have felony’s committed against their franchise by their franchisor are not, and will never be, financially stable enough to organize themselves to go up against this type of fraud! Who is going to pay for these victims to fly or drive to Ohio to protest? Do you think the victims of franchise fraud just sit at home waiting for an opportunity to protest Matco or Danaher? How much money will it cost to lodge these protesters and get them all together? Do you think for five seconds I have not thought about it? I would love to start an organization to bring the fraud of this Corporation to light. You want to start with a donation Guest?

    Donate $20,000 to my campaign today and I will quit my job and do what I really want to do in life. Bring the fraud of this entity (NMTC Inc. dba Matco Tools/ Danaher Corp) to every person imaginable so they can not take advantage of another person (especially an American soldier) again.

    It has to take money to fight fraud Guest! Because our system of GOVERNMENT is broken!!!

    Government does not take care of the American people! It kisses the ass of corporations who steal from tax payers. What is our debt at today Guest? Where the hell do you think all that money is going?

    Your a REAL piece of work guest! Point the finger at a victim of a crime as the reason NMTC Inc. dba Matco Tools/ Danaher Corp. is still CHURNING franchisees in their PONZI SCHEME!!!

    My guess is your a Franchise Attorney or a Franchise Consultant! Either way your existence serves the need of this FRAUD! The reason you are able to get on here and go after someone who is a victim of criminal behavior or scamming instead of sympathizing with a victim is your income depends on the fleecing of others. Otherwise you would be asking me for financials, the specifics of the Franchise Laws that Matco violated, the proof that a Matco employee (DM) inflated numbers and created shops that were never on my LOC (the reason Matco threatened me with the loss of my franchise is because I had shops that were not on my LOC but approved by Matco’s employee my DM), the reason Matco terminated my franchise, the law that says they illegally terminated my franchise w/o good cause, the law that says Matco violated my franchise rights by terminating it w/o giving me an opportunity to cure a repeat offense.

    I am smart enough to know what the law says and cite the violations. How come an attorney will not represent me? Is it because “the needs of a few victims are outweighed by the needs of AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY OF CROOKS???

  • Guest

    Just a bunch of excuses, Todd Peterson.

    Matco would sue me! I’m not going to protest “on my dime!” If someone would pay me $20K I would start a campaign! Ugh. Kind of pathetic.

    If you really wanted to warn vets or take action, you’d borrow $5 and make a protest sign, call the media, and go picket Matco HQ, or Danaher, or the IFA/VetFran.

    FYI there’s nothing illegal about using a corporate logo in conjunction with a protest. It’s called Fair Use. It’s done all the time. I can tell you’ve really researched how to get the word out.

    This is why nothing changes for franchisees. Most, including Todd Peterson, aren’t willing to exert any more effort than blowing off a little steam at the pity-party here. Why shouldn’t franchisors exploit those who happily hand over their life savings then are too afraid to make waves once they’ve been screwed over?

    Maybe some day a real franchise whistleblower willing to get off his duff and do something to create change. Toddy P. certainly ain’t him.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    I think I have explained quite a bit here as well as some publications in a few papers and internet websites!

    Just like when I owned my franchise I have worked hard to get the word out. What I don’t understand is how some pompous fool can get on here and point a finger at me for a Corporation violating the letter of the law? You still are pointing the finger at me saying I need to do something as a victim!

    I am a mere American citizen. If lawmakers and attorneys cower to corporations WTH am I supposed to do against those with all the money and attorney’s in their back pocket? Politicians have turned a blind eye to me! Attorney’s have violated their oath when they represented me! I tried to sue an attorney for misrepresentation and no attorney would take that case either! WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THAT I ALREADY HAVE NOT DONE!

    I am not getting any calls from the mainstream media to do a story on the crimes that Matco/ Danaher committed against my franchise. I am not getting any support from this website or any others over the crimes committed against my franchise! Criminals are roaming free to continue their fraudulent and criminal behavior and you want to point the finger at me???

    You know you are a real piece of #%$ GUEST!

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Just saying! My name is Todd A. Peterson and I consider myself a franchise expert as I have spent over three years trying to figure out HOW (in America) a franchisor can violate the LAWS of a State designed SPECIFICALLY for franchising and not be held accountable for their criminal intent! If anyone needs a witness pursuing the industry of franchising I would GLADLY testify against these criminals for FREE!!! Of course, finding an attorney who will represent a franchisee on the merits of a case is going to be VERY HARD TO DO!!! My attorney’s fleeced me and kicked me to the curb because I HAVE A CASE!!! Don’t think for five seconds that the IFA (International Franchise Association) which raises MILLION of dollars a year doesn’t fund the protection of the franchising industry or buy off the political world with outstretched hands full of money.

  • Richard Bess

    I was a happy MATCO guy for 15 years. When fuel costs went up I cut back on my route and culled some deadbeats, When my purchase average went down a guy named Mike Swanson decided I needed to go. I ran against 15 Snap On dealers in my time and they all bit the dust. Since then there has not been a reliable MATCO distributor in the area since. They raped me for several thousand dollars in what was promised returnable in the deal to go franchise and changed the discount program to eliminate the 40% program. Got to where a lot of broken tools were returned too.
    I made a lot of money, enjoyed a lot of trips, friendship fellow distributors over the years. The downfall of MATCO will be the greed and drive of a few good assholes.

  • Todd Peterson! I am doing a story for Franchise Times magazine on veterans who have been unfairly treated by franchisors. I would really like to hear from you. Can you email me ASAP at robertlillegard [at] gmail [dot] com?

  • The driver Glenn Pace DO NOT want to change my broken tools I wold like some one to cal me on that [redacted] George from Los 3 Amigos Auto Repair on 1700 commercial Dr naples Fl 34112 to get my tools change they are under guarantee so I would really like to hear from you ASAP Thank You

  • Been mechanic and.loyal customer for over 40yrs but now need tools replaced and had hard time finding someone to replace broken tools. Finally got someone to replace them but after 2 months still waiting for replacement tools. Others work with won’t buy ecause of that.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    On this Veteran’s Day approaching and with the relentless pursuit of Veteran’s to purchase a franchise of Matco’s (Danaher Corporation) through an IFA (International Franchise Association) program called VETFRAN, I am posting the results of Matco’s (Danaher’s) own F.D.D.’s (Franchise Disclosure Documents) since 2007. See for yourself what lies in your future as a franchisee prospect of Matco Tools! VETERANS save yourself some heartache! Statistics DO NOT LIE!!!

    Outlets (Start) (Opened) (Closed) (End)
    2007- 1490 219 230 1479
    2008- 1479 213 249 1443
    2009- 1443 215 196 1462
    2010- 1462 188 232 1418
    2011- 1418 209 205 1423
    2012- 1423 169 182 1410
    2013- 1410 209 193 1426
    2014- 1426 258 164 1520

    Average (Start Outlets)= 1444
    Average (Opened)= 210
    Average (Closed)= 206
    Average (End)= 1448

    What we see here is that Matco (Danaher) is not growing! Matco (Danaher) Churns!!!

    We see here that Matco (Danaher) refers to Distributor’s as Outlets instead of Franchisee’s!!! Why?

    Is it because Matco (Danaher) has others selling their tools who are not Franchisee’s? Do these owners of their SEPARATE Matco (Danaher) agreement have less restrictions on their ability to sell tools for Matco?

    With these Questions in mind one must ask themselves if Matco (Danaher) loses 206 OUTLETS a year how many of them are franchisee’s and how would this affect my decision to purchase a Matco franchise?

    If Matco’s Average Outlet’s are 1444 per year and their average Closed Outlets are 206 per year what are the chances of you succeeding in a Matco franchise?

    At 206 closed Outlet’s per year and over the course of the 8 years of information provided 206×8= 1648 failed outlets over a 8 year period. That is more failed Outlets than the average Outlets of 1444. With this in mind we have to consider that of these 1444 Outlets how many are franchisee’s?

    Using my state of Arkansas as a model because I know who has been selling tools for a long time and why they are allowed to succeed because of their demographic location and type of agreement they have I came up with approx. 30% of 1444 Outlets have a SEPARATE agreement that is NOT a franchisee agreement. This means approx. 1011 of the 1444 Outlets are franchisee’s with a different, unfair, restricted and CHURNED opportunity to succeed!!!

    If you are a Veteran and are being sold a franchisee route you have a 160% chance of failing over an eight year period!!!!!

    Do you know that some states that have franchise law call this a crime? Do you know that some states have specific laws to protect Americans from franchisors who sell a franchise opportunity which is separate from the one that others are selling? Arkansas has those laws!!! So why was I not protected against my franchisor who committed infractions of the Arkansas Franchise Practices Act?

    Pay ATTENTION ALL FRANCHISEE PROSPECTS!!! The answer is called the “Arbitration Agreement” in your F.D.D. (Franchise Disclosure Agreement). This agreement is to settle all legal matters in the State of Ohio where Mac and Cornwell franchisee’s will also have to settle their legal matters!!! That is correct!!! Mac and Cornwell have “Arbitration Clauses” in their agreements as well!!!

    Recap- DO NOT BUY A MATCO (DANAHER CORP=WALL STREET FORTUNE 500) FRANCHISE!!! The fact that a Fortune 500 company is ALLOWED to exist screwing Americans in their Ponzi Scheme should be making Americans aware of the COMPLETE fraud that exists in our government!!!

    Thank YOU VETERAN’S!!!

  • Any one notice that the Matco contract requires the spouse to guarantee all obligation, and the distributor has to indemnify Matco against all third party claims. So in theory if there was a product liability claim against Matco by a third party, Matco can force the distributor to cover the costs. In most cases this would stop once the LLC of the distributor was broke, but due to the guarantee this would leak pas the LLC and allow the third party to have access to the distributors personal assets like a home. This could be very bad. Any one else notice this in the agreements.

  • Guest: I believe this clause was added after a lawsuit by Marks & Klein against Snap-on, sometimes called the “Snap-on Wives Suit.” If I recall correctly, M&K got around the mandatory arbitration clause by having the wives sue Snap-on rather than the franchisee husbands. But that’s a good point about possible exposure of joint marital assets and definitely worth getting a legal opinion on. ADMIN

  • Todd A. Peterson

    How does Danaher get their franchisees to mislead others into buying into this scam?

    Aron G. Davis can be seen on this site ( in a video pushing Matco Tools franchise opportunity as a long term 10 year renewal franchise opportunity which will bring anyone success with hard work. He compliments this opportunity with easy scheduling around family life and you being your own boss but let’s take a good look at the state where Mr. Davis works!

    In 2008/2009 there were 51 active distributors (Wait a minute “active distributors”? I thought they were franchisee’s? Why is Matco calling them “active distributors” on their FDD’s? Could it be because some guys have a separate agreement that is not a franchise agreement?)

    In 2013/2014 there were 46 “active distributors”
    Difference=5 less “active distributors”

    So in five years Matco did not grow and actually LOST “active distributors” in the state of OHIO!

    So how many “active distributors” were still in their franchise from 2009 to 2014? 30 is the answer!!!

    51-30= 21 “active distributors” who are not on the list in 2014 that were on the list in 2009.

    In 5 years (2009-2014) NMTC Inc. DBA Matco Tools (Danaher) lost 41+% (21 divided by 51) of their “active distributors”. OR DID THEY?

    If you look at the FDD’s (Franchise Disclosure Documents) given to franchisee’s to decide if Matco’s franchise opportunity is good for them from 2009-2014 you will find that the actual number of “active distributors” who lost their business is 27. How can that be? Could it be that some FRANCHISEE routes NMTC Inc. dba Matco Tools (Danaher) sells are doomed to be unsuccessful because they are designed to not be profitable and compete with those who don’t have a franchisee agreement?

    Let’s take a real look at OHIO failure rates!

    In 5 years (2009-2014) NMTC Inc. DBA Matco Tools (Danaher) actually lost 53% (27 divided by 51) of their “active distributors”.

    Matco’s new “franchisee program” costs over $100,000 and is on a pay back (to those who don’t pay anything down) of 10 years. So in 10 years you will have your franchise paid off. Did Aron Davis tell you new franchisee prospects what it is going to take to get a NEW Franchisee Contract from Matco so you can continue to prosper in that profitable route that has 100% chance of failing in 10 years?

    So tell us Aron Davis, Why THE HELL would you do a video telling others that Matco Tools is a great franchise to buy when Matco doesn’t even call them franchisees on their OWN FDD’s?

    Is it because you are from Ohio where Matco headquarters are and they pay you good money to mislead Americans? Or is it because you support the fraud of all the tool franchisor’s (Matco, Cornwell, Mac) who have purchased the legal support of Ohio to defraud American citizens by selling franchises with “arbitration clauses” making Ohio the state to settle all legal matters thus controlling the fraud being sold to the American people? You can’t be luring unsuspecting Americans because you think Matco franchises are a good opportunity to succeed!!! Unless you don’t care what Matco FDD’s actually say.

    Veteran’s take heed. The IFA, Vetfran, Minorityfran and whatever fran they come up with next are franchisor organizations created to make franchisor opportunities look like good opportunities through false media rankings. When you see Matco franchise #1 tool franchise according to Entrepreneur Magazine understand that there are only FOUR tool franchises and of the four three are based out of Ohio. I have already proved to you that Matco has a 53% failure rate over 5 years in just the state of Ohio where there numbers should be the best because that is where their headquarters are. So, if you are #1 out of 4 franchise opportunities and you have the kind of stats I have presented to you that NMTC Inc. DBA Matco Tools (Danaher) has why the hell would you think about buying a Matco franchise?

  • Mark Hoshor

    Matco can and will ruin your life.

    This is a terrible business model. If you fail, as you can see here that many people due. And not due to their business skills. This is an exact reproduction of the letter I just got from Matco Tools Financial Services. And you will get yours too.

    Please be advised that as of April 29, 2016 the status of your account will begin reporting to Equifax, Experian & Transunion. Although you may be on a payment plan, the status of the account will be reported as delinquent, paying under partial payment plan.

    To avoid this derogatory credit reporting, please contact your account manager listed below to discuss other payment options.

    This is if you are complying with payment arrangement agreed to by you and your Matco Financial Services Representative.

    If anyone wants to join in a cabined law suite, count me in.

  • Tanner morehouse

    Matco tools is a pile of crap had money on my card 2 months after no more dealings with them after charging my card multiple times for one sale went out with my pregnant wife and there was no money for her to get food because Matco charged 40 to my card after I returned the tool to the truck ended up canceling and shredding the card

  • It been 4 years and this dude name Jim Morris is a pain in ass. I haven’t bought anything from this man since 2013 and he is still trying to get me to repay off the last billing statement I couldn’t at the time I resold all my Matco tools back to Matco and he refused to leave me alone if u can’t resolve this matter you need to tell the man to stop bugging me

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Sorry guys, I had a really rough 2015 and was dealing with some personal issues and some medication changes. My MATCO franchise didn’t proceed beyond the prospectus stage. I’ll be quiet now.

  • Duane Trevor

    After 7 years of buying Matco tools dealer Christopher Hobbs decides he’s not making enough money coming to our shop. Now stuck with a bunch of broken Matco tools!

  • Christopher Hobbs, my old Matco dealer decides he’s not making enough money at our shop to service tool needs!!

  • dont buy a matco tool franchise. i did it for ten years at the end you see what kind
    of company it really is. run away buy gear wrench tool thats who makes just about all there tools so you can bring them in at sears, auto zone ,ect.when matco leaves. and why would you as a dealer put $100,000 doller on the street and take a ricks like that.
    How does Danaher get their franchisees to mislead others into buying into this scam? they get $6000 tool credit or a tool box.
    Matco tool is forgetting the dealer makes matco tool….

  • Todd Peterson

    Hello! Yes! I am still here Matco. I recently have been having a conversation with a Veteran who was interested in buying a Matco franchise. I looked up the information that is available through Minnesota and the F.D.D.’s that are available and I thought I would post some statistical information for the state of Kentucky which is where he was interested in buying into a Matco franchise. In December 31, 2009 there were 24 distributors of Matco Tools still in business to start 2010. Only two had failed in 2009 and their names are Jessie Mason and Roger Ritchie. The 24 active Distributors are 1) Patrick Robinson 2) Jeremy Weilbaker 3) Rick Burquette 4)Jack Wetzal 5) William Goins 6) John Martin 7) John Sullivan 8) Brian Simpson 9) Brian Parker 10) John Harp 11) Ronnie Cornett 12) Paul Rooney 13) Preston Morgan 14) William Conley 15) Barry Embry 16) Jeffery Walker 17) Jeffery Cohron 18) Daniel Grivois 19) Anthony Hughes 20) Robert Fisher 21) William Perry 22) David Hatfield 23) Albert Scneider 24)Truitt Crump. On the 31st of December 2015 there were only 13 (THIRTEEN) active Distributors of Matco Tools going into 2016. Here is the list 1) Rick Loveless 2) Jon Hall 3) Robert Foreman 4) Timothy Brown 5)* Rick Burquette 6) *John Harp 7) *Paul Hamby 8) Rickey Brown 9) *Preston Morgan 10) *Barry Embry 11) *Jeffery Walker 12) *Daniel Grivois 13) *Truitt Crump. (*) Represents the ones still in business after only 7 years. 8 of 24 still have a business but the important thing to find out is out of these 8 who has a franchise agreement? Do these 8 Distributors have Franchisee agreements with Matco? Who are you going to have to compete with that has an unfair and separate agreement with Matco that makes it harder for your business to be successful because of customer head count and ability to cover an area versus list of calls.

    Here is a list of all the separated Distributors from 2009 through the end of 2015. 1) Jessie Mason 2) Roger Ritchie 3) Jeremy Weilbaker 4) Jeffery Cohron 5) Anthony Hughes 6) Robert Fisher 7) William Perry 8) Albert Scneider 9) Philip Hobbs 10) William Conley 11) David Hatfield 12) Trevor Yost 13) Jefery Gunelson 14) John Willmon 15) Joe Jeffries 16) Ernest Haufler 17) Jason Crossman 18) Brian Parker 19) Ronnie Cornett 20) Benjamin Kirkpatrick 21) Patrick Robison 22) Jack Wetzal 23) John Martin 24) Brian Simpson 25) Dustin Elroo 26) Nicholas Hamm. There were 24 individuals who may or may not own a franchise at the end of 2009. There are only 13 at the end of 2015. Even if you stick with the 2009 number of 24 routes there is 100 percent churn in this franchise opportunity over the course of 7 years but we know that is the least amount of churn because we don’t know how many of those eight that are still in business have franchisee agreements. Why is Matco selling our soldiers something that does not work? Have they not gone through enough than to utilize organizations the International Franchise Association creates like Vetfran to lure unsuspecting soldiers who need jobs coming back from overseas than to give them a 100% chance to fail over 7 years? When is someone going to care enough about Americans to say that this PONZI SCHEME has to stop?

  • William

    What about out here in California!! Sounds like you guys have had bad experiences.

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