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Joel Libava: Franchise King Supports NASAA Proposed S.O.P.

This guest post contains the opinions submitted to the National Association of Securities Administrators (NASAA) by franchise advisor, fair franchising advocate & author Joel Libava (AKA The Franchise King).


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TO: NASAAComments[at]nasaa[dot]org

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DATE:  1/4/22

As the author of two books on how to research and how to buy a franchise, I view my role as a franchisee advocate to be extremely important. And any regulations and/or laws that are either not being enforced or are being used by franchisors and franchise attorneys in unscrupulous ways are quite concerning to me.

For example, franchisees should never be required to sign questionnaires that include the following questions:

  1. Did you receive any improper information outside of this FDD document in the course of your franchise due diligence?
  2. Did you rely on that information when deciding to sign the franchise agreement?

Why not?

Because in today’s digital world, it’s way too easy for would-be franchisees to get “earnings” information from sources that aren’t vetted, or in some cases, from disinformation campaigns designed as “advertorials” and the like. Read this article penned by Sean Kelly for more specifics.

The bottom line?

These earnings claims breaches are happening because some franchisors are trying to be slick by partnering with PR companies and/or any of the franchise “Review” and Franchise “Magazine” websites to promote their brands AND their earnings claims. In other words, websites that refuse to disclose their relationship. And they refuse to do it because that’s their business model. And it needs to stop. This year.

In addition, rules need to be created that make it illegal to receive payment from a franchisor as an author or marketer unless it’s disclosed in an obvious way.

Here’s an article I wrote about one such author.

I hope my comments help.

Let’s keep things real in franchising.

Because it’s a wonderful way for everyday people to own a business.

The Franchise King®

Joel Libava


Franchise King Joel LibavaAbout Joel Libava:

Joel’s Franchise King website states:

“I’m The Franchise King®, Joel Libava.

I’m the author of two books and an expert on how to buy a franchise.

In addition, I’m a Franchise Ownership Advisor, working 1-1 with people who want to explore franchise ownership.

My mission is to make sure you don’t lose your money on a franchise.”


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2 thoughts on “Joel Libava: Franchise King Supports NASAA Proposed S.O.P.

  • I’m now in a franchise agreement with Dickey’s BBQ. I submitted my franchise fee 6months ago and haven’t moved forward with anything yet because they want $8,000 + after a few days of submitting the franchise fee in order to move forward to training. Ever since then I have been waiting and waiting and having issues with contact, left alone trying to figure things out with the next steps of the loan, location finding and training phases as they call it. So, since reading all of these articles I’m pretty sure I know what I’m about to sign up for????????‍♀️ Help!!! Can someone please help me get out of this deal!!! $20,0000 investment here to a NONREFUNDABLE POLICY

  • former owner

    Tracey – Run!! Do not sign a lease. Do not sign anything else. Run. $20k is a much smaller loss than your life savings. All of the information on this website about Dickeys is absolutely true.

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