Two More Taxpayer Funded EXPERIMAC Franchises Closed

Three Experimac franchise stores have closed in the past month, two of which were taxpayer-financed through SBA guaranteed loans.  The Amherst, NY Experimac had only been open for about 9 months.  Also closed was a high-profile Experimac in the Chicago Loop and the North Pittsburgh Experimac in Mars, PA.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  Three franchise stores that were listed as open on the Experimac website 4/1/19 have been deleted from the location list and are now reported as closed by Yelp! reviewers.

The stores that have closed in just the last month are:

  • West Loop Experimac, 1127 W Madison Street Chicago, IL 60607 Opened: December, 2016 (28 months)  Franchisees:  Kevin Wright & Colette Gabriel
  • Amherst, NY Experimac,  3220 Sheridan Dr Suite 200, Amherst, NY 14226 Opened:  July, 2018 (9 months) Franchisee: Joseph Fiorentino
  • North Pittsburgh Experimac,  900 Adams Shoppes,   Mars, PA 16046  Opened: 2015  Franchisee:  David Mehalick

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SBA-Funded Experimac Amherst, NY Closed in Just 9 Months

July 17, 2018 the Amherst, NY Chamber of Commerce announced the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of the local Experimac:

Experimac Store Comes To Amherst

AMHERST, NY –Amherst Chamber of Commerce President/CEO A.J. Baynes announces the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of Experimac, a locally-owned franchise that repairs, upgrades, buys and sells Apple products.

The store at 3220 Sheridan Drive is owned by Joseph Fiorentino of Batavia.

The Canandaigua native spent 25 years in sales at Ryder before deciding he had enough of corporate America and wanted to do something on his own.

According to SBA records, Franchisee Joseph Fiorentino (Amicus Technology, Inc.) funded his Experimac franchise through an SBA guaranteed loan issued by United Midwest Savings Bank of DeGraff, Ohio.

  • Program:  7A
  • Borrower:  Amicus Technology Inc 3220 Sheridan Drive Suite 200 Amherst, NY
  • Bank:  United Midwest Savings Bank, National Association, De Graff, OH
  • Gross Amount:  $150,000
  • SBA Guarantee:  $127,500
  • Approval:  12/7/19
  • First Disbursement:  12/31/17
  • Status:  EXEMPT

The Amherst, NY Experimac location appears to have closed some time in April, 2019, just 9 months into its 35-year franchise agreement.

SBA-Funded West Loop, Chicago Experimac Closed April 31, 2019

As we wrote in our recent post Is the EXPERIMAC Franchise Chain Built on a Lie? Chicago Experimac Closing Raises Questions., franchisees Kevin Wright & Colette Gabriel closed the West Loop Experimac at 1127 W Madison Street Chicago, IL at the end of last month.

According to SBA records, Wright & Gabriel funded their Experimac franchise, in part, with an SBA loan through Celtic Bank (likely with the assistance of Paul Bosley & First Financial)

  • Program:  7A
  • Borrower:  KC CYGNET LIMITED LIABILITY CO    1127 W. Madison Street   CHICAGO  IL 
  • Bank:  Celtic Bank Corporation    268 S State St, Ste 300  , SALT LAKE CITY   UT  
  • Gross Amount:  $150,000
  • SBA Guarantee:  $127,500
  • Approval:  11/16/2016
  • First Disbursement:  11/16/2016
  • Status:  EXEMPT

North Pittsburgh PA Experimac Closed… Possibly Twice

The North Pittsburgh Experimac, was opened at 4840 McKnight Road – Pittsburgh, PA some time in 2015 by franchisee David Mehalick.  It’s reported closed.

There’s some discussion of it having been moving to 900 Adams Shoppes, Mars, PA near Cranberry, PA but it’s not clear if that ever happened.  The Mars, PA location was listed on the Experimac website 4/1/19, but neither location is now listed on the Experimac website.

On 2/18/2019 Yelp! reviewer James stated:

I went to the store on McKnight Road, it was closed with a DLC (power bill) attached to the door. A sign said, “Visit us at our Mars shop store”, I did… There isn’t a mars shop store… I think these guys are out of business in the north hills area.

In 2016-2017, David Mehalick was listed as VP of Experimac Advertising Fund, Inc., a corporation headed by Ray Titus and headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL.

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