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CURVES: Say Goodbye to Gary Heavin!

CURVES SOLD!  Say Goodbye to Gary Heavin.

Curves franchise owners, former franchise owners and all those associated with the Curves organization are invited to leave a farewell message to Gary Heavin below.

Yes, it’s official.

Gary and Diane Heavin have finalized the sale of Curves International to North Castle Partners.

Please share a farewell message with Gary, below, and let him know what impact he has had on your life, your finances, your credit, and the well being of your family.

Here is the good news that the surviving Curves franchise owners received:

Dear Curves Franchisee,

Diane and I and the team from NCP are excited to announce the completion of Curves International’s long anticipated equity deal with North Castle Partners. We have spent countless hours together over the past seven months educating each other on our business models and have already built a strong partnership. Together we are excited to lead Curves to its full potential.

Diane and I will continue to play an important leadership role in the company serving as members of the board of directors and continuing to be stewards of the brand and keeper of the original mission – strengthening women! In the next few weeks, North Castle expects to announce the hiring of a new Chief Executive Officer and we look forward to introducing that CEO to you. Other talented key executives are expected in the coming months to complement the talented team already in place.

We recognize turning around the performance of Curves in North America begins with a more profitable franchise. In order to meaningfully increase franchise profits, we anticipate that the new leadership team will enact a number of changes and they will need your patience and cooperation in helping the entire system reach its potential. While we have a lot of ideas as to what will change, the turnaround and operating plan will be developed by the newly hired CEO in partnership with the existing team, other new hires and the board of directors. The new CEO will share key pieces of the plan at the convention in October. In addition to some marketing and operating changes, moving to one Curves brand is critical to our future success and this includes having 100% participation in Curves products and programs including Curves OS and Curves Complete.

We hope many of you will make it to the convention to meet the new CEO, other new team members, and Chip Baird and Jon Canarick from North Castle. We know it will be an exciting few days as we learn from each other and all partner together to move Curves forward. We appreciate your patience as we work through this transition. We are very excited to provide you with an experienced, talented new leadership team that will take you and the Curves brand to its full potential.

While it’s a new day, it’s still great to be at Curves!

Gary & Diane

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102 thoughts on “CURVES: Say Goodbye to Gary Heavin!

  • UnclSam

    We lost a substantial amount in our attempt to revive an existing Curves franchise. A good question for the prospective FRANCHISEE to consider is “If these franchise opportunities are SO WONDERFUL, then why doesn’t corporate hire its own club operators and REALLY RAKE IN THE PROFITS??” Well, such questions come to mind AFTER you’ve lost literally tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars and realize you just cannot sustain this financial obligation no matter the high-sounding promotions and promises you hear from the franchisor..

  • Anne A.

    Oh, My. My experience was not good. The more your club made, the more way the Havens found to take it away from you. I lost so much money, I still haven’t recovered since I closed in 2011 and now at the age of 69. I don’t expect to recover. My retirement is gone. I work at Walmart and get Social Security. That will be my life while the Havens sucked the life out of too many of us.

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