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AARON’S Franchise Complaints

Aaron’s franchise marketing claims that Aaron Rents, Inc., is the recognized leader in the sales and lease ownership (aka rent-to-own)industry with over $1 billion dollars in system wide revenues.

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Aarons franchise opportunity literature claims that:

“The [Aaron’s] Franchise will provide products and services primarily to customers in need of furniture, electronics, appliances and jewelry, but who do not choose to, or cannot, purchase them with cash or credit.

“The customer will make monthly lease payments. The customer can return the product at any time without obligation or can make continuous payments for the term, (6 months, 12 months or 24 months), lease after which the customer will own the product.

“The customer may also purchase the product in the first 90 days at the retail price, applying all monies paid to date. The leasing customer’s wants and needs are no different from those of buyers with credit. They consider items such as stereos, televisions, home furnishings and major appliances as necessities, not luxuries.

“For the millions who cannot afford to purchase these products outright, or do not have the credit to finance the purchases, Aaron’s has become a major source for providing these products…

Aaron’s Franchise Marketing Claims

According to Aaron’s franchise marketing:

Once you have made your decision to join the Aaron’s Franchise family, you will be supported by the finest and most knowledgeable group of professionals in the leasing industry.

Not only have we developed the most effective methods of operation, but we stand behind them as well. The advantages of the Aaron’s system include:

in-depth site selection assistance,

personnel selection assistance,

comprehensive training for you and your staff,

computer software systems,

marketing and advertising support,

inventory financing,

volume purchasing,

network communications and

on- going support to ensure your success as an Aaron’s Franchisee.

Unveiled in January, 2002 Aaron’s has developed one of the premier training programs in franchising today. The University is comprised of our team of top notch trainers who will travel to a different city every week to conduct a series of in-depth training sessions for both you and your associates.



4 thoughts on “AARON’S Franchise Complaints

  • I hate it. They over charge the customers. You can buy the same items for twice as low of what your paying for Aarons. The company sucks. Its a big scam. I will never shop at Aarons or rent a center ever. You guy’s sucks badly and are liars. You tell customer what they like to hear. I hate this company. I’m never coming back.

  • Marsha Vela

    Their employees have no dignity..
    One day this behavior will bite them on the ass..especially if they live in a small community and they may need you one day.

    They have the IQ of a doorknob.

  • T.Swindle

    No where does it say on a lease form how many items can be returned. I am not allowed back in the wynne ar store. I check with President Trump to see if a business can refuse service to you if it is not on a lease

  • Angela Acosta Brito

    On 9/19/19 I received a call from Aaron store on Cicero stating that my order would be delivered on Monday 9/23/19 between the hours of 11am and 3pm and that I had to be present for the delivery because I purchased the order online. So I didn’t go to work on Monday 9/23/19 and lost a day pay just to receive a call from Aaron’s around 5:00pm stating that their delivery truck broke down and that my living room would not be able to be delivered until Thursday 9/26/19. Mind you I am literally 2 blocks from Aaron’s. My mother just passed away back in June and on Wednesday 9/25/19 I had plan a service at my house but since my delivery did not come I had to cancel everything. On Tuesday 9/24/19 a day after I didn’t receive my order I called the store and spoke to the manager Janessa (who was very polite) and she stated that she didn’t understand how I received a call last Thursday the 19th when my sofas where not in yet. I told her I have proof. I have my call log from my cell phone showing Aaron’s number. She extended my first payment for two weeks later. On Thursday around 7:00 my sofas were delivered by two very respectful gentleman.They both looked over worked and tired so I told them to just set the sofas down and that I would remove the plastic from the sofas. After removing the plastic I notice the sofa was damage and bad. I immediately called Aaron’s and the sales person advised me to send pictures to Aaron’s email. On Friday I had to call Aaron’s store and the manager asked me to resend the pictures. (Mind you I was at work while doing all this and I had to cancel my mother’s goodbye dinner again for the second time) After sending her the attached fotos below I was told that my replacement would be delivered Monday 9/30/19 after 5pm. Today when the delivery men arrived they brought up the L side sofa to the second floor where I live and when they unwrapped it I noticed it was a totally different design and color. The delivery man called the store manager and informed her that the order was wrong. So he took the wrong sofa back along with the damage one and will have to come again tomorrow. The store manager didn’t bother to call me nor inform me what the next step was. I am so disappointed with their service and I feel so unappreciated as a paying customer.

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