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Cuppy’s Coffee, Medina Enterprises, Elite Manufacturing Sold

The controversial Cuppy’s Coffee franchise has reportedly been sold. Here’s some of the news reported on the Cuppy’s Coffee website.

FranSynergy Inc. Acquires Cuppy’s Coffee, Smoothies & More

Cuppy’s has grown leaps and bounds since our humble beginnings in May of 2006. We currently have more than 231 franchisees nationwide and 73 open stores, with many more stores in the works!

It’s our ultimate goal to see the Cuppy’s brand grow strong and be successful. In order for this to happen, change is inevitable.
With that in mind, we have some really exciting news! We are pleased to announce that FranSynergy Inc., lead by Dale Nabors, CEO, has acquired Cuppy’s Coffee & More, Inc.
Dale Nabors has over 25 years of franchising experience and worked for the Dwyer Group from March, 1995 to August, 2000.
Dale was retained as a consultant for Cuppy’s back in September 2007. He has been instrumental in the leadership, development and implementation of many successful programs including:

  • New distribution of products which has equated to 20-30% lower costs on average to our franchisees. This goes into effect May 2008.
  • Negotiated changes for our cups which brings an overall savings to our franchisees by eliminating sleeves and minimizing the amount of inventory needed.
  • Menu Price Generator which has helped our franchisees determine a more appropriate pricing structure based on expenses and overhead for that specific location.
  • Budget Project Sheet which teaches our franchisees how to manage their expenses and determine the necessary sales to be profitable.

Dale’s primary objective is to take our organization to the next level. Dale’s vision for the future of Cuppy’s includes:

  • Refocusing internal support efforts towards franchisee satisfaction.
  • Working on increasing the profitability for our franchisees.
  • Opening the stores we have sold as franchisees to increase national brand awareness, hence increasing brand equity.

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