CUPPY’S COFFEE: Franchise Sales Video

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Comment quickly before they take this offline, like they did the forums.  Among other things, this Cuppy’s Coffee franchise sales video could be used to demonstrate some good examples of illegal earnings claims as it boasts 70% – 80% repeat business, customers who purchase 4-5 times per week, and a system that "keeps profit high."

They pack so many questionable claims into 7 minutes, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  What’s yours?

Personally, I want to know more about the "proprietary system" for gathering email addresses.


19 thoughts on “CUPPY’S COFFEE: Franchise Sales Video

  • prozac is kicking in, maybe

    It is a line on the free drink coupons where someone enters in their email to be put on a list.

    I believe the narrator (did I spell that right?) is Rachel Clark who is no longer employed by Cuppy’s. She also owns a drive through a few miles down the road from the former corporate headquarters (Navarre perhaps?).

  • Carol Cross

    U-Tube Advertising that escapes the notice of the FTC who has taken franchisors out from under The Truth In Advertising Laws.

    This happy talk from franchisees? and the constructive earnings claims made in this Video is all disclaimed in the FDD and the binding adhesory contract that becomes a malicious legal trap.

    These ladies should be required to put their books where their mouths are, to prove their representations. We can see who Cuppy”s is targeting.

    The FTC should remove this U-Tube advertising that does make an illegal earnings claim, and fine Cuppy’s as well. My opinion.

    Or, maybe the cheated and defrauded Cuppy’s prospective franchisees and franchisees should make their own U-Tube Video?


    …the constructive earnings claims made in this Video is all disclaimed in the FDD… I don’t believe Cuppy’s Coffee ever prepared an FDD, and their UFOC did not have an earnings claim.

    The franchise attorneys I’ve worked with would say these claims used in marketing materials would be a violation of the FTC Franchise Rule and would raise objections from some state examiners. It doesn’t matter that it’s a franchisee saying it.

    If these franchisees were paid for their positive testimonials, I’d imagine that would open another can of worms.


    Proprietary is defined as “something that is used, produced, or marketed under exclusive legal right of the inventor or maker;”

    The Cuppy’s “proprietary” email gathering system is a line on the free drink coupon?

    I’ve been known to write a little puffery in my day, but these guys got the smoke machine blowing. And they’ve got attornies on staff? Do they read their own marketing?

  • Carol Cross

    Such a farce! All of this is possible because the regulators want to license the franchisors to sell their franchise to the public but they won’t mandate that they provide some “proof” of the viability of the franchise being sold to the public. in the disclosure document.

    I think, in the new FTC Rule, the franchisors are allowed to engage in as much puffery and smoke as they please on the Internet as long as the “puffery” isn’t directed at a specific entity or person or something, and the final sale has to take place in a “smoke free” room —-ha! ha! That’s funny!

    Yes! Looks like the technology to increase SYSTEM SALES and PROFITS by charging franchisees for mailing out the coupons and providing the discounted smoothies to customers will work for Dale who knows all of the tricks of growing system sales. It is always better to “believe and succeed” when you are using someone elses money.

  • Guest

    Well Martha Merrit has a hard time making it in her store, she was also a Corporate Trainer opening stores and that didn’t go real well.
    Ted who was in marketing and did web work is in the car.
    Danny Jones and old employee Janice were sitting at the desk
    Janice and long time employee James Anderson were at the Coming Soon sign (which was supposed to be a corporate location, never happened)
    The support staff is ?, blond Amy Hiller, and then long time employees Heather and Jeni in the room together.
    Rachel was the one speaking.

  • prozac is kicking in, maybe

    My favorite lines are the “proven marketing strategies” and joining “successful coffee professionals”. I know of two people in those offices that had coffee experience and one of them was Kim Snowden. Was there anyone else?

  • Maria

    How do Cassandra and Martha sleep at night knowing that they’ve played a part in conning people? They could have looked at the script, saw it was a scam and politely turned down the offer by claiming camera fright. But they didn’t. I hope they read these postings.


    Did Martha Merritt even own a business branded Cuppy’s Coffee?

    In the 2006 UFOC she is listed as being in Christianburg, VA. The SBA has a 2006 loan for a Christianburg, VA Java Jo’z for 200K for Java Jo’z. There is no Christianburg CC but there appears to be a Java Jo’z.

    That’s a difference is she’s operating under another name and identity. Remember when they made a big deal about Cuppy’s Coffee NOT being the same as Java Jo’z?

  • prozac is kicking in, maybe

    I believe Mary P previously posted Christianburg, VA was closed. But a google search of “java joz Christianburg, VA ” turned up relevant hits.


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  • Guest

    “Janice and long time employee James Anderson were at the Coming Soon sign (which was supposed to be a corporate location, never happened)”

    Actually, that female is Leigh Epperson. The original person to start the real estate department.

    As for Martha Merritt… she opened as Java Jo’z. But like all Java Jo’z licensees, she was pressured into “switching” over to the Cuppy’s franchise. I believe she was going to do this at one time, but I’m not sure if it went through.

  • prozac is kicking in, maybe

    I forgot about Leigh. Another valued member of the high performance real estate team at Java Jo’z/Cuppy’s. I remember sitting in Morg’s office with Morg, Leigh, Hugh and some other woman whose name I don’t remember. They had great things to say about my future with Java Jo’z. We were chatting about the business, making plans about my real estate search, and there was lots of laughter and hugs. Fond memories of those times.

  • If I remember correctly, this video has not been used by Cuppy’s since early 2007. There is a comment on the video’s page on YouTube which states that it is no longer in use.

  • JavaJozKilleenTx

    Wow! I’m just discovering this blogosphere of all the dissatisfied Cuppy’s Franchisees. I’m a Java Jo’z Licensee who did not make the switch. In fact, I believe that I was the “First” to buy and build out an actual strip mall cafe. I must say that I did mine fast though. I paid my deposit in April 2006 I believe and I was open on July 26th 2006. I didn’t pay the full amount until I was open. However, on the video, the first picture of the “Cuppy’s Coffee Cafe” is actually my store. The Cupppy’s sign on the front of the building has been digitally added. I have, and always have, had a Java Jo’z Sign.

    By the way, we have been having a tremendous lack of support for our products and supplies. Now like all of you, we can’t even get anyone to answer the phone.

  • I live in Christiansburg. Martha had a Java Joz and swithched it over to a Cuppy’s. It closed in April or May and I think she moved out of state.

  • they say they had the lowest prices available to all franchisee’s, but specialty coffee coop had a markup of 30% and figeroa brothers has a markup of 20%….ya cuppy’s got kickbacks of there “low” prices.


  • If you would like to contact Martha Merritt her email is
    She has moved to Columbia TN and is Teaching School again.

  • Lisa Stocks

    There at it again…..they went from copying an idea from the fitness industry to copying an idea from the coffee industry and none of them know what they are doing. They are just out for your money……BEWARE!!!

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