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CUPPY’S COFFEE: Dale Nabors’ Private Conference Call

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Friday, October 3rd, Dale Nabors held short, invitation-only conference calls with two groups:  unhappy Cuppy’s Coffee franchisees who have opened, and unhappy Cuppy’s Coffee franchisees who have not yet opened.  There was no conference call for the third group:  unhappy franchise depositers whose $35K – $100K+ refundable deposits Cuppy’s Coffee/Elite Manufacturing felt free to spend on other things.

Reportedly, Dale’s bold action plan includes actually talking to the franchisees whose financial futures are teetering on disaster.  According to Jim:  “The Cuppy’s corp office will be in touch early next week to begin scheduling calls.”

Of course, Dale reportedly blamed the “negative blogging,” in part, for the current situation (perhaps signaling a new Fransynergy motto:  Believe, Shut your Pie Hole, and Succeed).  Attendees immediately heeded his plea with negative blogging.

Jim writes:

It lasted about 15 mins. He said he felt like he failed particularly in the area of communication. (Really? nah…) He and the corporate team (team?) are going to work at responding to calls and emails on a more timely basis.
I think I heard that Dale said he is working with their banks and the franchisee banks to attempt to restore confidence in the brand. He requested a stoppage of negative blogging to give them some time to move past where we are today.
He hopes to announce that the SBT suit is resolved sometime next week. He intends to meet with each franchisee re: where they are in the process and what they need to get back on track to opening the store.
The Cuppy’s corp office will be in touch early next week to begin scheduling calls.
And then a bunch of stuff about how we need to work together to make this the best specialty coffee brand in the US.
Oh – and have a great weekend.
Good luck to him and the Cuppy’s “family.”
He left out believe and succeed…hmm

guest writes:

We just heard Dale on the conference call & all I have to say is… WHAT BULLSHIT! DALE HAS BEEN MEETING WITH MORG.

jd writes:

As I stated elsewhere, where was this six months ago?

He’s asking people to stop the negative blogging, but people have heard that before when they signed their ‘refund’ agreements, and things quieted down until they stopped getting paid.

Current and prior management has brought this onslaught on themselves. People that haven’t opened their stores yet need to look at the economics of the situations. You could take the $40k loss on your current investment and open independently, and you would probably save $50k on the buildout. Your $10k ahead already.

Quit letting Dale blow smoke up your ***

David writes:

…I will not stop the negative blogging or trying everything within my power to see that they get what they deserve for taking money from people and not feeling like they need to give it back.


105 thoughts on “CUPPY’S COFFEE: Dale Nabors’ Private Conference Call

  • krista noem

    Guest with a quick question do not give up. You need to get your bank to investigate the disbursements of your funds, they will be able to find fraud if it was indeed committed in your case. I don’t care if the franchisor is on the verge of bankruptcy, that may clear them financially, but not criminally. Guest above is probably Dale or one of his blogger friends trying to cover his a**.

  • Krista, first, if this store was opened then it likely took place during Morg’s era long before Dale got involved. Second, if he’s open then explain to me how fraud could have possibly been committed? Bank disbursed funds, Elite did buildout. Did Elite overinflate the bills? I’m sure they did. We all know that the cost of buildout under Elite was significantly inflated. But that’s not a crime, it’s just being greedy.

    And, BTW, I don’t work for the company and never have. I’m just realist and don’t want the pissed off franchisees giving bad advice to everyone else.

  • krista noem

    Guest: There are many franchisees who have gone on to do their own build-outs without the assistance that they paid for through Cuppys/Elite/Medina. We don’t know the franchisees specific story from what is posted, however, no one that has lost their livelihood as a result of this company should be giving up on the cause of getting justice.

    I am not a pissed off franchisee, as I am no longer even recognized by Cuppy’s. I was a franchisee when they took my $125,000 but now apparently I don’t exist. I have already come to the realization that Dale/Morg is/are $125,000 better off at my hand. I am no longer “pissed off” but I will do everything I can to make sure justice is served. If you are not a former employee who are you? Allow me to address you by name rather than ‘guest’ which is used by far too many people on this board.

  • Cuppy's Coffee Victim

    “There are many franchisees who have gone on to do their own build-outs without the assistance that they paid for through Cuppys/Elite/Medina.”

    Now Brian Hayes formerly of Elite and SBT is drumming up business from abandoned franchisees desperate to get open.

    All I can say is… Dale, Morg, Brian… they all helped create the mess. If you think any of them are going to lead you out of it, someone slipped something in your coffee.

  • Larry Buster

    How do I get my $100,000 back?

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