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CUPPY’S COFFEE: Dale Nabors’ Private Conference Call

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Friday, October 3rd, Dale Nabors held short, invitation-only conference calls with two groups:  unhappy Cuppy’s Coffee franchisees who have opened, and unhappy Cuppy’s Coffee franchisees who have not yet opened.  There was no conference call for the third group:  unhappy franchise depositers whose $35K – $100K+ refundable deposits Cuppy’s Coffee/Elite Manufacturing felt free to spend on other things.

Reportedly, Dale’s bold action plan includes actually talking to the franchisees whose financial futures are teetering on disaster.  According to Jim:  “The Cuppy’s corp office will be in touch early next week to begin scheduling calls.”

Of course, Dale reportedly blamed the “negative blogging,” in part, for the current situation (perhaps signaling a new Fransynergy motto:  Believe, Shut your Pie Hole, and Succeed).  Attendees immediately heeded his plea with negative blogging.

Jim writes:

It lasted about 15 mins. He said he felt like he failed particularly in the area of communication. (Really? nah…) He and the corporate team (team?) are going to work at responding to calls and emails on a more timely basis.
I think I heard that Dale said he is working with their banks and the franchisee banks to attempt to restore confidence in the brand. He requested a stoppage of negative blogging to give them some time to move past where we are today.
He hopes to announce that the SBT suit is resolved sometime next week. He intends to meet with each franchisee re: where they are in the process and what they need to get back on track to opening the store.
The Cuppy’s corp office will be in touch early next week to begin scheduling calls.
And then a bunch of stuff about how we need to work together to make this the best specialty coffee brand in the US.
Oh – and have a great weekend.
Good luck to him and the Cuppy’s “family.”
He left out believe and succeed…hmm

guest writes:

We just heard Dale on the conference call & all I have to say is… WHAT BULLSHIT! DALE HAS BEEN MEETING WITH MORG.

jd writes:

As I stated elsewhere, where was this six months ago?

He’s asking people to stop the negative blogging, but people have heard that before when they signed their ‘refund’ agreements, and things quieted down until they stopped getting paid.

Current and prior management has brought this onslaught on themselves. People that haven’t opened their stores yet need to look at the economics of the situations. You could take the $40k loss on your current investment and open independently, and you would probably save $50k on the buildout. Your $10k ahead already.

Quit letting Dale blow smoke up your ***

David writes:

…I will not stop the negative blogging or trying everything within my power to see that they get what they deserve for taking money from people and not feeling like they need to give it back.


105 thoughts on “CUPPY’S COFFEE: Dale Nabors’ Private Conference Call

  • "sacraficial lamb"

    I received this list from a third party that apparently Dale e-mailed to an employee.The employee said Dale told him these projects were to be sacraficed for the good of the franchise-Larry Addleston,Rickey Benefield,John DeVine,Steve Ottjepka,Richard Reese,Claudia Robbins,Ron Spain,Nick Sayin,Michael Laws and Elinore Legaspi,Christy Shaw,Krista Noem.Does anyone know if any of these projects have been finished? Is Dale moving forward with any of these projects? Are these the first ones to be completed or are they really going to be “sacraficed”?Is anyone moving forward with their buildout through Cuppy’s and if so are the rest of us going to get done soon? Since I can’t get answers from Alabama can someone please tell me what the hell is going on!!!

  • "sacraficial lamb"

    What is going on with buildouts-is Cuppy’s moving forward?

  • Guest

    Lamb…the franchisees on that list are NOT built out. Some of them were partially built, for the others build out never started. You also have folks like the Benefields that were totally fed up with all of the delays with Dale & they did their buildout completely by themselves & are opening as an independent business. DeVine & Ottjepka are two zee’s that sent Dale additional money wth promisses from Dale to have them built out & Dale never put that money toward their projects. Sounds like Dale Nabors, Robert (Morg) C. Morgan, Brian Hayes are still talking. Dale still has not paid the AL employees yet.

  • krista noem

    Nice to finally hear that we are one of the sacrificed for the good of the company. Dale, your word means absolutely nothing to anyone. I will spend the rest of my days making your life as miserable as possible. I will blog until my fingers go raw. Don’t think you are off the hook either. You are personally responsible for the $125,000 we gave you as a deposit for our location and I am sure US Bank is going to want their money back and their attorney’s will be interested in seeing how the money was spent.

  • I have to ask the question as to how stupid people are in this world to continue to want to be a part of a system such as Cuppy’s. The person above listed around 10 names of people that have paid money and are now ‘sacraficial lambs’, because they don’t have any more money to give to these companies.

    Just imagine yourself 10 months from now, you are running out of money, the company knows this, you are pleading for them to help you try to turn things around. Guess what, you’ll be that next sacraficial lamb. That 3% royalty that you are paying isn’t their concern, because they got their profit from you on the front end during the buildout. You’ve already seen how their communication works with people that aren’t happy. You’ll be cut-off.

    For anyone that still wants to do business with this company, you need to continue doing your due diligence. Call stores that are open, see how they are doing. Call stores that are closed, find out why they closed. The best thing may be to walk away from the $40k that you’ve already deposited.

  • Guess Who

    Christy Shaw is getting her building from Brian Hayes. She may already have it.

  • guest

    You can’t depend on the open stores to be honest with you if you call them. I think they have been told to tell you what you want to hear, not always what is true.


    sacraficial lamb wrote: .The employee said Dale told him these projects were to be sacraficed for the good of the franchise…

    What goes this mean, exactly? No one is to speak to them? No one is to work on their development project?

    Why would Dale put something so inflammatory in an email. Do you have the actual text of this email?

    I don’t doubt that they’ve written off a slew of projects, but this sounds a bit dodgy. I’d sure like to read the actual email.

  • ex-employee

    Admin-I think sacraficial lamb is passing on facts here-I ALSO was told by Dale that there were certain projects that were going to be “sacraficed”. Dale truly is prepared to not move forward with a group of projects[he feels that they would be money losers to get them back on the buildout track].He feels this is a business and some decisions albeit unpopular are decisions that have to be made for the good of the company.Given Dale’s track record why would you question this comment?

  • ex-employee: I don’t doubt that it may be true. I don’t doubt that they have projects prioritized and that some are regarded as probably not going to happen. However, experienced people know better than to ever put something like this in writing… especially in an email to an employee. Lawsuits are flying right and left and info oozes from that organization like an open sore. If true, this is pretty damning. After all, Cuppy’s/Elite has a contractual obligation to these people – who have paid a significant sum for equipment and services.

    On the other hand, there are several people here trying to inflame criticism of Dale, and this certainly does it. It might not be true… or it might not be that clear cut in its meaning.

    It’s also not very clear what “sacrifice” would mean in this context. Perhaps this employee misinterpreted the meaning. If you have this email, why not post the actual text so others can read it for themselves?

  • ex-employee

    Admin-no I don’t have the e-mail they are talking about but I do know Dale made the comment to more than one employee.I also know in the case of Krista Noem Dale told me to make her project “go away”.I also know he made this comment to more than one employee.As a matter af fact there were quite a few that he told me to make “go away”.As for inflaming criticism of Dale I’m pretty sure the flames are about as high as they can go.

  • Rick Noem

    I am trying very hard to comprehend this. We pay 125k, and Dale wants you to make our project “go away”? What kind of person would do this?

    This makes me so angry. He has to pay for these crimes. Somehow.

  • Athena

    Where is the money coming from to get any other zees built out? We did not authorize our $175,000 of life savings to be sacrificed.

  • JavaGal

    Holy BatShit – Batman…… There is no such email, there were no projects which Dale wanted or chose to sacrafice, he never asked anyone to “make a project Go Away”. He did state that each project would need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine the best way to proceed (i.e. work with the local whitebox contractor, hire a 3rd party contractor, release them from their Elite P.O., etc…). In a handfull of cases, Elite had agreed to provide inhouse financing (prior to Dale) and Dale understood that the dollars simply were not there to provide the financing on the project, nor was the money there to provide an immediate refund of the down payment, therefore the ONLY way to move the project forward was to pair it up with other projects.

  • Rick Noem

    You all did say that in our meeting (during Cuppy College), that certain projects would have to be paired, JavaGirl (or Amy as another blogger identified you as). But it appears you two were never serious about ours. There was no communication with us at all. I do not feel you two ever tried to do anything to get us open. Dale even mentioned having someone that would be very interested in becoming a patner, to help with financing.

    I remember you, Amy, sitting over there furiously scribbling notes, writing down everything the all-knowing, all-powerful Dale said. I am sure that notepad went straight in the garbage after we left.

    I hope you two get everything you deserve. Prison time, disgrace, etc).

  • ex-employee

    Javagal is incorrect-As I said before there were numerous witnesses as to Dale’s “go away” and “sacraficed ” comments so if someone can bring this mess to a court of law I for one will testify under oath that Dale made those comments as I am sure the other employees will.There is proof out there to put Dale in jail so if that means lawyers contacting ex employees then lets get this started!!!

  • Rick Noem

    “The best way to proceed”, JavaGirl, would have been to give the deposits back to those franchisees you were no longer interested in getting open. Hell, you never even called us to discuss the situation.

    Dale IS trying to make this “go-away”, and he is trying to accomplish this by not communicating. He, and you I imagine, are sitting there, silent (except for the occasional anonymous Guest post), waiting for us to all get tired of chasing you and go away.

  • Rick, he couldn’t give the deposits back because he had/has no money

  • screwed franchisee

    If he had no money then why didn’t he tell us he had no money to finish the buildout so we could have tried to get our own solution months ago.Instead he scammed us into sending in more money[or scammed the banks into doing it].Don’t worry Rick,I have been contacted by a federal agency that is contacting the banks involved.My bank was duped into believing that the subcontractors were paid before they would send the disbursement.Come to find out the subs were not paid.This will be enough to put Dale in jail.Contact your bank to get a criminal investigation started.

  • Rick Noem

    I know. Just trying to point out to JavaGal (sorry I misspelled your name earlier), what should have happened.

    She seems to be pretty clueless on the damage they have done. They take the money, promise a build-out, string you along, then try and make you go-away.

    JavaGal is still clinging to the notion that they tried to pair store construction to get everyone open, when we know that to not be the truth. If if were true, they would have communicated their progress, or lack thereof.

  • screwed franchisee has a point-If Comerica Bank,Commerce Bank and PNC bank[or any other bank funding projects] disbursed any money when they were aware that all subcontractors were not paid then you might be able to hold your bank accountable .The banks might be looking at fraud charges as well.If you had an SBA loan to fund your project then I would suggest you contact them immediately and let them know that the SBA has procedures that need to be followed by the banks before they disburse funds.If those procedures were not followed then they can’t hold you accountable for the loan-something to look in to!!If Dale falsley told the banks that subs were paid then that indeed is fraud.

  • Screwed, you give Dale too much credit. You actually think that he would tell the truth. “Sorry Screwed, we spent all of your and the other franchisee’s money, we’re broke, but hang in there.”

  • you dont know me

    To all here on Cuppy’s Coffee site… your “Dale” sounds like he is related to Michael Probst of the CORK&OLIVE unhappy franchisees… they did many things very similar…. take the money and run and screw the employees and investors. Well… it’s been since early JUne that C&O abruptly shut their doors on 40+ employees, health insurance yanked out from under them, employees still waiting for their last paycheck and the investors still screwed… even the ones who paid their franchisee fee of $60K which was bascially to support Mikey’s Probst’s lifestyle and his $400 nightly dinners… while the employees lived paycheck to paycheck on the measy $9.00 per hour he paid them….. you sure DALE AND MICHAEL ARE”T BROTHERS????????
    good luck to all of you… I know the pain you’re feeling!

  • krista noem

    Ex-employee who is willing to testify on behalf of the “sacrificial lambs” and the make it “go away” statements, in order to get statements we would need to learn your true identity. Would you be willing to reveal your identity (through private email account), so we have a way of getting said statements? It seems funny to me that Dale wanted my project to go away. I am one of the only franchisees with real operations experience. I have managed multi-million dollar a year units and I am the one that needs to go away…it is all very laughable. If you are willing to reveal your identity please email me at…I, in turn, promise to keep your identity anonymous in the blogs.

  • krista noem

    Javagal, AKA Amy Hiller, you sat across the desk from us as I pleaded to Dale to just tell us if there was any hope that our project would move forward. You and Dale both assured us that we had your word that you would get us open. We gave you an out! We just needed to stop having sleepless nights of worrying about how we were going to make this all happen. Do you have any moral compass at all? Do you use your God given ability to think for yourself at all or is it so important to you to be so far up someone else’s a** that you are unable to think for yourself at all? I hope you have someone else in mind to brown-nose next because as far as I can see your days with Dale are numbered! I hope you enjoy what your future holds for you. I have moved on with my life after Cuppy’s but I will do everything humanly possible to make sure that those responsible for our demise serve time in jail for the fraud committed.

  • ex-employee

    Yes Krista I will gladly reveal my identity and testify on your behalf.What I need from you first is to contact your lawyer and let him know that there were employees that were aware of Dale’s comments and what can we do from here based on my testimony.

  • Guest

    Javagal is incorrect with her statement earlier. I’m a former employee and I & 2-3 other employees heard from Dales mouth that he was going to sacrifice some zees. Meaning they were just screwed. he wold pair up some zee’s projects with other zee’s projects. But Dale made this statement the first time his 2nd month as owner. He promised Devine & Ottjepka that when they sent in their other $40+ additional thousands that he would get their project finished & get them open. Not $1 of their additional money went toward their project. Not $1! And now they are two to be sacrificed?!

  • Guest

    Krista… yes there are several exemployees willing to testify. The best way to reach them is to have an attorney call. The employees must be able to verify their identity before they will talk because you can bet that several of these blogs are by Dale,Morg, Amy, Brian & the gang trying to find out who they need to try and shut up.


    ex-employee wrote: in the case of Krista Noem Dale told me to make her project “go away”.I also know he made this comment to more than one employee.As a matter af fact there were quite a few that he told me to make “go away”.

    ex-employee: What did Dale expect you to do to make these projects “go away”?

    These people gave $125,000. I don’t see how David Copperfield could make them “go away.”

  • ex-employee

    Admin-see this is the reason your comments here don’t mean to much.There is a lot you don’t know about this whole mess.You should just take a back seat and let the people that do have all the facts do their thing .

  • guest

    If there is anyone out there willing to help these people get their money back, or put these jerks in jail, they should not hesitate to do so. These people have lost so much and deserve to get back what hasn been taken from them. If not in the form of money, at least let them have some justice.

  • friendwasnotpaid

    I can’t wait for the day I can go visit Dale and Amy in prison. They are truly the scum of the Earth and have ruined so many lives. Is it true that Amy is driving around in a BRAND NEW CHRYSLER 300 m? What kind of SH*T is that? There are families who have lost everything, ex employees that were not paid and Amy can drive around in a new car….. Yeah Right… The Alabama Dream Team is not getting paid, If you believe that then I have a great new franchise opprotunity for you.. [Deletion]
    I think that is a catchy slogan!!

  • Rick Noem

    “Amy Hillers Diet and Exercise Emporium. [Deletion] I think that is a catchy slogan!!”

    Hahahahahaha, that is great. Thanks, I needed a laugh today.

  • ex-employee writes: Admin-see this is the reason your comments here don’t mean to much.There is a lot you don’t know about this whole mess.You should just take a back seat and let the people that do have all the facts do their thing .
    ex-employee: Let me tell you something… I was fielding threats and exposing this scam back when you were shaking down franchisees for deposits, paying your rent with their life savings and kissing Morg’s behind and singing the cuppy’s song. What were you doing when this and the other bloggers were putting themselves at risk to warn people – you were posting BS testimonials “What i Love about Cuppy’s Coffee!” and “Java Jo’z is NOT the SAME as Cuppy’s Coffee.
    So show some respect or go start your own blog and put in a few hundred hours like I have.
    As for having the facts – why don’t you share some. I ask again: What did Dale mean, exactly, by “Sacrificing” (note the spelling) these franchisees? what were you literally supposed to do?
    And what DID you do? Did you “sacrifice” them? Did you stand up to him and refuse? Or did you wait until your paycheck bounced and then decide to make vague, unsubstantiated, anonymous accusations, then get insulting when asked to clarify?

    >> General note: We can’t turn this into personal attacks on people’s weight, etc. I don’t want to play censor, so stick to the facts and actions without the slander and insults. If you don’t want your fat asses, guts and physical attriubutes slammed, don’t do it to others.<<

  • ex-employee

    Admin-I think you are making unsubstantiated accusations.Isn’t that hypocrisy? I was merely asking you to let me use your blog to get the info to the franchisee without any input from you as this often blurs what is needed to be done.Could you do that for the Franchisee? Please?

  • JavaGal

    Admin – sometimes brings the discussions back to the center. Most everyone involved in the discussion has an agenda.
    An Ex Employee – may want to lash out or cover their anatomy.
    A Unopened Store – may want to get their $ back, or get open.
    A Failed Zee – may want to rationalize their failure.
    An Active Zee – may want to see the brand, and their investment survive.
    An Existing Employee – may want to keep their job.
    Ownership & Management – may want to keep things moving forward, for good or bad.

    There are always more than one side to every story. No one has ALL of the facts. Sometimes it may be easier to get to the facts, when a neutral party (like admin) asks questions to validate the statements of all sides.

    Since you take such an exception to Admin’s questions – it becomes obvious that you have an agenda, and that Admin is causing you to be unable to promote your agenda.

  • JavaGla….You forgot the people that put down deposits and weren’t able to get financing. What is their agenda????

  • sorry…….JavaGal

  • Rick Noem

    Ownership & Management – May want to stay out of prison. Although I do think stripes would look good on you and Dale. A real fashion statement!

    Ownership & Management – May want to intimidate ex-employees to help in situation above

    Ownership & Management – May want to stop people from telling the truth, so they can scam more money, buy newer cars, bigger houses.

    You guys have many agendas, dont’cha.

  • friendwasnotpaid

    That was well said… Java Girl sounds like the owner of the new “Diet Emporium”. I think that the blogs are the only way ( for now) for our voices to be heard. It is absolutely crazy that Dale and Amy think the negative blogs are the reason for this downfall. The blogs are not hurting anything but the feelings of the liars, crooks, and con-artists who now reside in the “Shoals”. Why don’t they pay the ex employees and build out the stores for the zees who have invested so much. Why don’t they do what they say, and be honest with all involved? If this was not all a big scam, then communication, honesty and sound ethics would lead us all to success. I still don’t know how they sleep at night… must be a lot of Bud Light and Xanax.

  • friendwasnotpaid

    Amy Hiller
    Vice President of Operations
    “The only thing bigger than my pay check is the knife I will stick in your back!!!!”

    Is this slogan acceptable?

  • krista noem

    To those ex-employees willing to help out the franchisees. Please contact me at and leave me name, contact phone number so we can have attorney get in touch with you for your statements. I can have an attorney contact you next week if I have names and numbers of those willing to testify on our behalf. If you are unwilling to provide this then provide me another method for them to contact you. Thank You!

  • guest

    I am an ex-employee, i have no agenda as was stated above by JavaGal, i was once a believer in the Brand “Cuppy’s Coffee & More and the people who worked there, yes i was apart of the “Cleaning House” that Dale did but so were many other great employee’s, but, i figure that no matter how hard you worked one little mistake and you were out. I am honestly sick in the stomache for once praising a company that has destroyed the lives of so many honest, good, and amazing people. I know that means nothing to those that have lost everything. I am so sorry for what you are going through.

  • Guest

    Latest Update…. The sky has fallen on Dale Nabor’s Dream Team in AL. Dale has finally gotten up enough nerve to meet with the employees that followed him up to Muscle Shoals, AL and told them he can NOT get the money to pay them. But he wanted to know who would continue to work for him for FREE. Has he lost his mind totally? He also told them if they would not stay and work free he did not want them to blog him. WTF????!!!!! He’s an arrogant sh it!! So… now there are NO employees at Cuppy’s/Elite/Medina! Dale is still trying to sell Elite contracts to Brian Hayes. But remember franchisees… Brian Hayes/SBT or whatever name they go by these days is overcharging you for buildout and equipment. Your best bet is to take whatever loss you have now and sue Morg/Dale/Medina/Fransynergy and try to recoup your deposit moneys. Cuppy’s is dead! Even if a franchisee let SBT continue to build them out, I would NOT call it Cuppy’s. Cuppy’s has an awful name and I don’t evenn think God himself can raise that dead franchise. Franchisee please listen up… you need to join together to get justice. There are more people out here willing to help you get that justice than you may think. Good luck to you zees and to the employees that followed Dale to AL and had work for 2 months without pay. I wish you all well.

  • krista noem

    Wake up call! The sky fell months ago when the so called dream team followed the cheap a** Nabors up to Muscle Shoals to begin with. Anyone who didn’t see this coming almost deserves to have the wool pulled over their eyes. I hope stealing our money was worth your two months of glory in Alabama. I hate to say it but I don’t feel sorry for any of the employees who bought into Dale’s plot to defraud us out of our money. Greg, Amy R (you still have my book, which you promised to mail me 6 weeks ago), Amy Hiller, Robin…sleep well…

  • krista noem

    By the way, I have several refrigerator boxes for sale…I will sell them for a mere $125,000 plus carrying costs ($10,000 a month). You can sleep a family of three in each box…exception Amy Hiller may need a few.

  • krista noem

    Admin…sorry, but I had to do it…If it makes you feel any better about posting this, I would need more than one box too!

  • guest

    Quick question…how(if at all) does this affect those of us that were originally bamboozled with greatly underestimated build-out numbers, time lines, and operating costs, and DID open our stores and ended up with mountains of debt that were not foreseen because of the misleading from the beginning?

    If there is indeed fraud to be proven, then is there a recourse for the current SBA loans that are out there?

    Anyone that is “legally” pursuing action please let me know. I would be interested in speaking to you privately.

  • Guest with the quick question. It does not affect you at all. There is really nothing that can be done, with the exception of bringing a claim under your franchise agreement. However, it would be a waste of time. The franchisor is on the verge of bankruptcy and it would cost you more money to hire an attorney. Even if you won in court, there are no assets to collect against.

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