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CUPPY’S COFFEE: Dale Nabors Divorce Filing

It seems that the business debacle of Cuppy’s Coffee has claimed another victim:  The marriage of Natalie & Dale Nabors.

The Lauderdale County, AL Divorce Filings dated 07.29.2010, reported on the website, included names familiar to those who have followed the story of Cuppy’s Coffee:  Natalie Kocian Nabors vs. Robert Dale Nabors.

Robert Dale Nabors was first a franchise consultant to the Ponzi-scheme-like Cuppy’s Coffee, then actually acquired the franchisor Medina Enterprises and all its related entities.  He attempted to relocate the embattled company from Fort Walton Beach, FL to his hometown of Muscle Shoals, AL.  The company soon imploded in a cloud of scandal, lawsuits and controversy.  It’s likely more than 300 franchise purchasers lost investments ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dale Nabors has been named in multiple lawsuits, and he and his wife Natalie have been arrested for passing bad checks.


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69 thoughts on “CUPPY’S COFFEE: Dale Nabors Divorce Filing

  • Does it really matter who?

    ~~Hmm, I seem to recall more than one person at JJ/Cuppy’s/Elite who called themself a Christian. The G word is so easy to throw around.~~

    It is and I agree – people use Christianity all the time to mask their intentions and their actions. It is so common! People like that can be found in most every single business, not just JJ/Cuppy’s/Elite.

  • Excuse me but I have nothing to back up! All I have said can be easily substantiated if you pay attention! I know Roy and Dale worked together on the mag crew because I also worked on the mag crew! I actually take no pleasure in all this hub bub that’s happening! It makes me sick that 30 years of corruption and the only thing these guys do is start a new business! Now I work in the business world and I am aware to an extent shady dealings happen all the time its been in the news for years! My goal is to just keep people talking about, looking into and making so people will be able to do a simple google search to realize these are not the people you want to do ANY buisness with! The end!

  • Alicia Benefield

    Thank you B. Hoo, that is why I keep posting and commenting, I want this to stay in the spotlight…….Oh and to all of you w/ your “name”…….I post my legal name, I’m not afraid to say who I am…..why don’t you state who you are????

    @ “Does it really Matter”……I looked good ole Dale in the eye on the stairs at the Alabama courthouse and told him I forgave him for what he has done to me and my family and told him I would be praying for him and his family and I have have prayed for him and his family and I truly feel sorry for him, Natalie and their children…, don’t preach to me buddy……

  • I don’t leave my namer because I have a life and a family, you need to think before you plaster your name all over the place! People can google YOU too!

  • Does it really matter who?

    @ Alicia – How kind of you to look Dale in the eye and bless and forgive him and bless his family on the stairs of the Alabama courthouse.

    Question: Why then, when you read that God had answered your prayers, and given Dale Grace and peace, you “got a good laugh from it!!!!!!!” Just sayin…

    I’m not preaching honey; I’m just wondering. ????

  • Kim Madoff-Morgan-Nabors

    I heard thru the scamming grapevine (you know my daddy still keeps in touch w/ all his cronies…i.e. Morg The Rawman Morgan & Dale Believe & Succeed Nabors) that Dale Nabors is homeless, guess Natalie threw him out the house….anyway…..heard thru reliable sources that he was served his dee-vorce papers at the local Shoals McDonald’s cause he ain’t gots no where to stay……

    I think that all of the franchisees that were scammmed out their monies should all go and gets Dale one of them trailers, you know, one of them Cuppy’s trailers where they sold coffee and stuff out of and go put it somewhere in the them north Ala-scam-bama hill country, that way Dale will have a place to live.

    On further ponderin….., I don’t see why Morgie Porgie Rawman Morgan ought to just put poor pitiful Dale up in his Raw sanctuary, Lord knows poor Dale could use a sanctuary by now……Heck, I bet if they gots together, they could come up with another scheme for all those dumb franchisees to get their monies…..and then Dale could gets him another house and Robert Morgie Porgie could get him another new wife, oh and if Morg has one of them other bouts of kancur he would have even more money for a cure and all would be well with the world in Scam World……
    .oh, and maybe Snowden will win his lawsuit from jail….
    I think I’m gonna ask my step daddy to help me start a new reality show about these folk, I think it would go over real good…..oh, yea, real good……
    Any suggestions for a title for my reality show will be much appreciated,

    Peace out—–Kim MMN

  • Does it really matter who?

    @Kim MMN – Wow… really? umm… alrighty then…

  • Perhaps Admin can set up morg and dale with cindy amnell.

  • Does it really matter who?

    Dear Guest on Aug 22 @ 2:42 pm,

    It seems like your post might be another attempt at one sided humor. It’s a long reach and your statement makes no sense.

    There would be no reason for Admin to get involved in setting up people who are perfectly capable of setting themselves up if they are so inclined.

    There’s a lot of poking and jabbing that goes on here …and to what end? When you hang around to make sure that people get what’s coming to them, the excess of whatever they get will come to you, just from being within close proximity.

    I realize that I probably sound like some woo woo crazy to you, but doesn’t it make more sense to pray blessings on the people you choose to hang around? That way, you can get some excess good stuff when they get theirs… like blessings and peace of mind. jus sayin…

    Peace out

  • Kim Madoff-Morgan-Nabors

    @ guest — who is Cindy Amnell?

    Do you think she will want to be in on this reality show w/ Morgie Porgie and pitiful homeless Dale???

    I still need title suggestions for this reality show…..Kim Snowden already told me she wants in…..

    I think we need donations from the scammed franchisees for Dale too! (You know, to buy him a Cuppy’s mobile cart to live in)….

  • Kim Madoff-Morgan-Nabors

    Thank you for filling me in Mr. Admin…..

    Oh yes Ms. Amnell would fit in nicely with this crew…..she is cut from the same mold, wonder if Morg was her mentor or vise-versa???? Wouldn’t that be a match made in Heaven!!!!

  • Does it really matter who?

    Dear Kim Madoff-Morgan-Nabors:

    Your posts sound like you might be Alicia Benefied, but if you’re not, the two of you really have a lot in common. Whoever you are, I highly recommend that you use whatever funds you have at your disposal to get some psycho-therapy before you wear yourself out. Sounds like your problems run a lot deeper than having made a bad investment a couple of years ago. Please save yourself and the world from worse things to come – invest in yourself before you go completely off the deep end. You seem to be well on your way now so time is of the essence.

    How kind of you to pray for Dale and then take up a collection for him, but seriously honey, you need the help more than Dale does no matter what kind of shape he’s in.

  • Alicia Benefield

    Sorry “Does It Really Matter Who”……
    But I am not Kim Madoff whats her name…..Like I told B Hoo…..I post my real name whenever I make comments here on UF……I’m not scared like the rest of you, and I could care less who googles me…….
    You need to get a life “honey”……oh, I guess you don’t have any more blood money left and have nothing better to do than read and post on here 24/7……
    Get a job like the rest of us……

  • Does it really matter who?

    Dear Alicia Kim:

    Yes Alicia Benefield, Kim Madoff is one of your alter-egos and you know it. Your posting style is easy to distinguish: extra stupid-sounding hillbilly format – way below the belt insensitive put-downs that have nothing to do with real concerns – bully tactics wielded with sickening delight – your undeniable hooligan mentality – zero accountability on your part for anything – your elevated sense of self-importance……… oh yeah……… um… um… extra heavy……. on the ellipsis………….. And of course, your many speculations disguised as “reports” from command central.
    And no, you don’t always use your real name and you know that too, but you probably use it as much as possible since it seems as though you are really just looking for attention. You are LOUD. All this self-generated press might be working out for you though – depends on what you’re looking to accomplish. I took a minute to google your name and I did get an image of a blow fish. I guess you’re on the map now. Congrats! Keep working it, girl!


    I think your heart is in the right place with this site. Obviously you want to get to the truth about the issues – you stay pretty middle of the road, especially since you have so little information to go on from the ‘other side.’
    When it goes to blows like this with ridiculous snide comments, someone’s got to pull the plug. It’s been an interesting 2 weeks. Thanks for letting me post. ~Later.

    P.S. Alicia dear, volume has nothing to do with getting your point across. Thanks for the memories.

    – Peace out

  • Alicia Benefield

    tsk, tsk……”sticks and stones”……….

    girl, you sound like a woman scorned……

    you write: “zero accountability on my part”……how am I accountable for being stolen from???? Your “people” committed felony theft against me and how many others???? You want me to be accountable for that? Okay…….

    Oh, and HONEY…..I am not a hillbilly, get your regions correct….I am redneck southerner, born and bred in the ATL……..there is a big difference…..

    go ask your daughter, she knows about that……

  • Born and bred into the mag crew...and DAMN proud of it!

    So…B Hoo… claim to have been one of Roy’s “scam artists” huh? And to have worked under James Anderson too?? Since I was born and raised in the mag business until the traveling crew ended…i’m guessing I know you…and I bet you know who this is. Tell me EXACTLY when Dale and Roy were in the Magazine business together??? What was his crew called..who worked for him?? What company was he with??? I’ve been around for 30 years and had never heard the name Dale until he came in and tanked Cuppy’s! So…if you were one “scamed” on the “alleged” mag crew…..i will plainly say you are full of SH%T. You were probably one of the ones we wouldn’t pay your way home for because WE COUGHT YOU RIPPING OFF MRS. JONES!!! We stayed in nice hotels…drugs were NOT permitted in ANY way shape or form…nor was ripping people off! So if you got screwed…you had it coming. The only ones we didn’t give a damn about were the ones stealing and doing drugs…and yes…they were left to figure out how to take their own sorry asses back to where they came from! Since we wanted to bring the Mag Business into this crap…I feel the truth of it should be told…all the way around.

  • Richard

    I’m guessing my chances of opening a Cuppy’s in Pensacola are nil?

  • Guest

    Very funny Richard! Your chances of opening a Cuppy’s were never very good no matter where you are located.

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