Cynthia Sweeley Amnell of Menu Masters aka Proof of Life Smites Her Foes!

Cynthia Sweeley Amnell is one of the more colorful franchise characters this side of Crazytown.

CynthiaSweeley2 Until recently, Cynthia Sweeley ran a restaurant placemat advertising franchise company named Menu Master (The Excalibur of Advertising) based in Spring Mills, PA.

Now divorced from Robert Sweeley, she goes by the name Cynthia Amnell* and runs a restaurant placemat advertising company named Proof of Life Productions (The Excalibur of Advertising) based in Spring Mills, PA.

Cynthia Sweeley Amnell is a self-described Christian businesswoman who receives her instructions directly from God, who portrays herself on horseback in the garb of Arthurian legend, and who claims her many online detractors are “losers” jealous of her success and beauty.

Through her newly formed Proof of Life Productions LLC, Cynthia Sweeley Amnell offers advertising sales opportunities and “distributorships” using virtually the same website and company history as the now-defunct Menu Master franchise company.

[Photo, Cynthia Sweeley Amnell as portrayed on the website.]

Menu Master franchisees, employees, vendors & customers Warn about Cynthia Amnell & Proof of Life

Unhappy Menu Master franchisees, employees, vendors & customers have posted numerous complaints & warnings on gripe sites such as, and

They claim that Cynthia Sweeley has recently reinvented her allegedly shady placemat business using the names Cynthia Amnell & Proof of Life both to duck prior responsibilities and to dissassociate herself from the widespread criticism of the failed Menu Master.

On Rip-Off Report, Menu Masters Franchisee wrote:

This lady, Cynthia Sweeley, claims to be a prophet of God. She claims that God tells her who to sell franchises to. She uses “faith” to lure people into giving her and her husband money for a franchise that is ultimately nothing more than the ability to use their trademark. The business opportunity is nothing more than them wanting to sue anyone that tries to compete with them… They want you to do the leg work finding local restaurants – then once you are established – they rip the franchise deal out from under you based on some stupid technicality…

Menu Master customer Cathie of San Diego wrote:

The specified date for advertising came and went and never even received the promised proof… When I complained on several occasions, all I got was ‘I am the Prophetess of God and he has spoken to me about your problems’ and on and on…BEWARE! Menu Master is run by a wacko professing to sit at the right hand of God. And God has spoken – no refund for this bad girl!

Vendor Wade Glossner, owner of Penny Press in York, PA wrote:

I own a printing company and have done extensive business with Cynthia and Robert Sweeley and Menu Master in the past. They are nothing but dead beat scam artists…. Finally this June, I was awarded my $31,424.52 judgement. I later found out that I am just another in a long line of printers they stiffed.

After years of silence, Cynthia Sweeley Amnell strikes back!

CynthiaSweeley1 Cynthia Sweeley’s triumphant return as Cynthia Amnell, a successful Christian businesswoman who also runs a non-profit ranch ministry called Wildfire Ranch (A safe Haven for those who need to heal and find Gods purpose for their lives), was thwarted by a renewed spate of critical warnings and posts on numerous complaint sites.

[Photo, left, Cynthia Sweeley Amnell as portrayed on the now-defunct MenuMaster1.Com website.]

Finally, Cynthia had had enough.  She put away her prayerbook, unsheathed her sword and smited her detractors:

Wrote Cynthia Sweeley Amnell on her critics:

They are JEALOUS of my life, of my company, my beautiful log home, my beauty as a model,  my unusual spirituality.

To a disgruntled ex-employee, Cynthia Sweeley Amnell wrote:

GET REAL  IDIOT!! …I know EXACTLY who this psychotic freak is …Mary Emel is FAMOUS in the Penns Valley, Pa. area for being a patholigcal LIAR and THIEF.  She was fired for STEALING, caught red-handed.  Ever since this 250 pound Cynthia-wannabe has been vindictively trying to ruin my life… Mary Emel is OBSESSED with Cynthia Amnell – like FATAL ATTRACTION!

Cynthia Sweeley Amnell to a failed Menu Master franchise owner:

“Another one bites the dust folks… We went over and above the call of duty to make this self-centered loser successful but he was so angry over the lack of instant results that he accused us of selling him a business that was not ‘duplicatable’…. GROW UP you immature loser!

Cynthia Sweeley Amnell on another failed franchisee:

“Michael Trunko of Ohio purchased a franchise from me in 2006.  Michael suffered from having two children with relatively rare diseases… The medical bills overwhelmed Michael with depression and he finally quit his franchise because he simply could not work his franchise when depressed.  Yet somehow Michael decided that it was MY fault that he didn’t get instantly rich from his franchise?!”

Christian counselor Cynthia Sweeley Amnell on her ex-employees:

I am in constant amazement at how many illiterate, white trash women I have had the MISFORTUNE of not only meeting, but hiring in my successful business, Menu Master Incorporated.  People like you are wastes of good human skin… Selfish, greedy,  manipulating…You remind me of inbred hillbillies from the back hills of Kentucky; evil and stupid to the bone.

Cynthia Sweeley Amnell to another ex-employee:

You are nothing more than another WHITE TRASH LIAR,  insane with JEALOUSY over my life.  Watch and Weep loser:  my life is getting better every single day!

245zzuh“I am moving forward like a steam engine into a wonderful future!” Cynthia Sweeley Amnell

With her foes smited and her Proof of Life website up and running, Cynthia Sweeley Amnell says she is “moving forward like a steam engine into a wonderful future!”  She claims “Proof Of Life is not only doing well,  I am already in 7 states and steadily going nationwide.”

On the personal front, Cynthia reports “I have had three marriage proposals in the last 6 months and am already planning a wedding to one of these wonderful men within a year.”

Looks like the legend will have a happy ending after all!



* According to Ms. Sweeley Amnell, she reverted back to her maiden name of “Amnell” after her divorce.  Her detractors disagree, maintaining that her maiden name is actually Cynthia Jean Bucher, and that she named herself “Amnell” after the Confessor character Kahlan Amnell on the medieval fantasy TV show “The Legend of the Seeker,” with whom she is obsessed. [See press photo]

52 thoughts on “Cynthia Sweeley Amnell of Menu Masters aka Proof of Life Smites Her Foes!

  • October 22, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Signed up for the franchise deal several years ago. When I terminated my franchise agreement, her then husband Robert called me on the phone, said “All hell is about to break loose” and hung up on me. Real class act – they sent letters to everyone that I did business with making outlandish claims that I was ripping people off and was never authorized to sell ads under their name.

    Heard from other franchisee’s that they sue you for the franchise fee despite the transaction being null and void in writing if you terminate your agreement. I called the courthouse in PA. The secretary said they were “well known” in the courthouse but wouldn’t elaborate. The judge returned my call and told me that he has had several cases but never seen one “based on the merits”. I suppose the 5k judgement they got from each franchisee (they didn’t even count the payments made toward the amount) were used as a tax write-off (bad debt).

    Professional con artists from my experience.

  • August 11, 2015 at 8:14 am

    There is hardly a business or worker in Penns Valley that this woman hasn’t ripped off, myself included. Pretty much everyone in the area has had bad dealings with her. She cheated me out of my payment for a load of hay. Some of the reports I’ve heard about is that she doesn’t have to pay for hay because her horse ranch is a so called ministry and that farmers “”donate”” the hay, she rents out part of her house then throws tenants out for no good reason, that she habitually trespasses on private property for her trail rides despite the fact that she’s been warned by owners and the police to stay off their property and she stiffed a friend of mine that put up fencing for her. This woman is a public nuisance and a clown.

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