EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS, Tariq Farid Franchise Complaints

Edible Arrangements, a gift retailer that delivers fresh fruit arrangements and chocolate dipped fruit to business and residential areas, claims its franchise opportunity is The Freshest Idea in Franchising®.

Edible ArrangementsAccording to the Edible Arrangements franchise website: “Tariq Farid started Edible Arrangements with one goal in mind and that was to make people’s day, every day. Through Tariq’s vision came unprecedented growth and success. Now with $350 million in sales and over 950 locations around the world, the focus remains on our franchisees and on our customers to continue delivering happiness around the world.

“Edible Arrangements® helps people around the world celebrate the times of their lives by training and supporting talented franchisees who provide beautifully arranged, natural, healthy food that makes occasions special.”

However, a recent rise in complaints about the Edible Arrangements franchise may indicate that the sweet franchise deal may be going sour for franchisees.

Are you familiar with the Edible Arrangements franchise?  If so, please share a comment below.

On ComplaintsBoard, 4/29/10 Unhappy Edible Arrangements Owner wrote:


We currently have 35 stores closed down due to corporate continuing to take more money from us all. Every franchisee worries that they will lose their stores due to corporate greed. They currently take 7% plus another 4% for tv advertising which they contribute nothing to. They put out coupons and do not refund the money back to the stores that accept them. They have now released new hours mandating we have to be open on Sundays, however they allow Jewish owned stores to be closed on Saturday and Muslim owned stores to be closed Friday. Christian owned stores are told they have to be open on Sunday…NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. This is Religious Discrimination!

Corporate does not care about their franchisees at all. Due to their greed and the franchisees concern for their investments 120 stores have entered into a lawsuit against them. These guys will stop at nothing to get you to invest in their concept and then shut you down so they can buy your store on the cheap and then resale it a 3 times what they paid for it. They will take your delivery areas away from you and give them to another store which is either a corporate owned store or the owner is related to the CEO.

Again, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Find a franchise that cares about the owners that make it successful! As an owner you will work 60 plus hours and you will not be able to pull a check unless you get rid of all your staff. Sadly, you will tell corporate your problem and they will just blame it on your fruit expense and not on all the rebates they get for you purchasing your product through their supplier. Cost of goods has yet to go down over the past 5 years and we have added 700 stores. The reason why is due to them wanting to continue the rebate and not passing the savings down to the store owners.


On Franchisee Law Blog, July 27, 2010, Edible Arrangements franchise owner Tom Downes wrote:

I am a franchisee of Edible Arrangements…  At first the CEO told us that we were critical pieces of the entire franchise system. He was right at the time, we were store #59 and the franchisor gave us much latitude as we built our business to break even and small profit after 2 long years and more infusion of capital. Now, 5 years later all that has changed and the CEO/founder does not care if franchisees make money, he has followed the familiar template offered by IFA* and Michael Seidman** [sic]. Get to a critical mass of stores and start implementing dictatorial measures to extract as much money from their franchisees as possible by mandating capital expenditures for “upgrades” and increasing material costs through vendors.

By the way, the franchisor has established distribution companies that you are mandated to buy all these materials from, adding more money to his cash flows. The franchisor is taught to create as much cash flow into the parent company so that when he sells his company, he will maximize the price. Also, the franchise agreement stipulates that any dispute is dealt with by arbitration only in Connecticut.

On a domain name discussion blog on July 29th, 2010 Edible Franchisee wrote:

Tariq Farid (CEO Edible Arrangements) tries to use the American Legal system to his advantage at every turn. He is a dishonest, unethical criminal who tries to hind behind his so called religious faith. He tries to build a mosque in the middle of a residential neighborhood in CT and when the neighbors cry foul, he claims that his religious freedoms are being trampled by a ‘Sad Agenda” against islam. He continually rapes his franchisees with new fees, mandatory purchases from vendors he owns and unreasonable and unsustainable business models. As EA staores are closing all across the country, he claims the system has never been stronger. He is a snake oil saleman, its as simple as that.

Are you familiar with the Edible Arrangements franchise?  If so, please share a comment below.

* International Franchise Association, a trade and lobbying group representing the political and economic interests of, primarily, franchisors.

** Michael Seid, a pro-franchisor consultant heavily involved with the IFA

34 thoughts on “EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS, Tariq Farid Franchise Complaints

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    This disgusting man does everything illegal!!He Brought his mistress to the US from Pakistan. She (Asma Rauf) was brought here illegally by making her, the vice president of netsolace from being a secatary. He gave her millions and put them in her account and that is why these poor employes get nothing. He gives money under the table so that he wont have to pay taxes. He tries to make an image of himself as a good religious person by making a mosque. He curses at AMERICANS and their ways, when he himself is supposedly American fallowing the American dream. He used to abuse his wife and kids, that he is dragging so that they get no money. Thinking that his money allowed him to be powerful just as he threatens him employes. Im amazed the government hasn’t said or done anything about all the illegal things that he is doing. His father is 65 and married a 27 year old women after Tariqs money hungry mother died. His whole family is disgusting, like his father who took advantage of young women who is divorced and had no where to go. All the money that deserves to go to the people who work for him for hours goes to his gold digging family. I think someone should report this illegal man to the FBI

  • Michael Smith

    I have known the Farid’s family for a long time and they are not all the same. Currently Tariq and Kamron Farid are the only owners of the Edible Arrangements. Tariq’s other brothers hate him for the same reason most franchisees hate him. Even the Muslim community that Tariq claims is helping don’t have nice things to say about him.

  • Michael Smith

    Tariq farid was caught in a lie. Tariq had two wives at one time and tried to lie to the court that he was divorced three years earlier in Pakistan. Tariq Farid’s ex-wife proved that she never traveled to Pakistan in the year Tariq claims he divorced her. In fact she hasn’t traveled to Pakistan for the past five or six years. Tariq bribed Pakistan’s official to get false divorce documents so he wouldn’t get in trouble for polygamy and he wouldn’t have to his wealth with his three daughters and ex-wife.
    Yasmeen Farid v. Tariq Farid

    Yasmeen Farid v. Tariq Farid


    — September 10, 2010


    The defendant has moved to dismiss the above action, pursuant to Practice Book § 10-30, for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.   Evidence was presented concerning this motion on August 9, 2010.


    On February 1, 2009, the plaintiff, Yasmeen Farid, commenced the present divorce action by service of process on the defendant, Tariq Farid.   In her complaint, the plaintiff alleged the following facts.   The two parties were intermarried on September 8, 1991 in Sahiwal, Pakistan.   One of the parties to this marriage has been a resident of Connecticut for at least twelve months preceding the date of the filing of this complaint.   The marriage of the parties has broken down irretrievably, wherefore, the plaintiff claims:  (1) a dissolution of the marriage, (2) orders concerning child custody and visitation, (3) an equitable division of the marital income, (4) an equitable division or assignment of the marital property and debt, (5) alimony, (6) restoration of her maiden name to Aslam, and (7) such other equitable relief as the court deems just and proper.

    On February 23, 2009, the defendant filed a motion to dismiss, and memorandum of law in support thereof, on the ground that this court lacks subject matter jurisdiction because a marriage does not exist between the plaintiff and the defendant.   In his memorandum of law, the defendant argues that he initiated divorce proceedings against the plaintiff in Pakistan on December 31, 2007, which were finalized on October 3, 2008.   The defendant contends that he was personally present in Pakistan for the proceedings and that the plaintiff consented to the Pakistani court’s exercise of jurisdiction over the marriage.


    The defendant initiated divorce proceedings against the plaintiff in Pakistan on December 31, 2007.   At that time, the plaintiff was residing in Connecticut with the couple’s three minor children.   The defendant’s domicil was Connecticut, although, he did travel to Pakistan for business and family matters.   The plaintiff denies ever receiving any paperwork associated with said filing.   The defendant had no proof of notice of said proceedings to the plaintiff.   The defendant gave the court, while filing the divorce petition, the address of the plaintiff’s parents in Pakistan.   The court finds the plaintiff did not receive notice of the divorce proceedings filed in Pakistan.   The divorce decree obtained by the defendant in Pakistan did not address the custody of the children, child support, alimony or any property distribution of the parties.

    “A valid divorce judgment is a judgment in rem and is binding on all the world as to the existence of a status which is the subject of the action, that is, the status of being unmarried upon the adjudication of divorce.”  (Internal quotation marks omitted.)  Vogel v. Sylvester, 148 Conn. 666, 670, 174 A.2d 122 (1961).  “Courts of the United States [however] are not required by federal law to give full force and effect to a judgment granted in a foreign nation ․ On the other hand, judgments of courts of foreign countries are recognized in the United States because of the comity due to the courts and judgments of one nation from another.   Such recognition is granted to foreign judgments with due regard to international duty and convenience, on the one hand, and to rights of citizens of the United States and others under the protection of its laws, on the other hand.”  (Citations omitted.)  Litvaitis v. Litvaitis, 162 Conn. 540, 544-45, 295 A.2d 519 (1972).1  “When so recognized, a decree of divorce granted in a foreign country will be given full force and effect not only as to the determination of the parties’ status, but also with respect to alimony and child support.”  Bruneau v. Bruneau, 3 Conn.App. 453, 455, 489 A.2d 1049 (1985).   There are a number of exceptions, however, to a court’s application of the principle of comity, most notably, lack of jurisdiction and denial of due process of law.   See Litvaitis v. Litvaitis, supra, 545.

    With regard to whether a court has jurisdiction, “[t]he traditional requisite for subject-matter jurisdiction in matrimonial proceedings has been domicil ․ Regardless of its validity in the nation awarding it, the courts of this country will not generally recognize a judgment of divorce rendered by the courts of a foreign nation as valid to terminate the existence of a marriage unless, by the standards of the jurisdiction in which recognition is sought, at least one of the spouses was a good faith domiciliary in the foreign nation at the time the decree was rendered.”  (Citations omitted;  emphasis added;  internal quotation marks omitted.)  Id., 545-46.

    “To constitute domicil, the residence at the place chosen for the domicil must be actual, and to the fact of residence there must be added the intention of remaining permanently;  and that place is the domicil of the person in which he has voluntarily fixed his habitation, not for a mere temporary or special purpose, but with the present intention of making it his home ․” (Internal quotation marks omitted.)  Rice v. Rice, 134 Conn. 440, 445-46, 58 A.2d 523 (1948), aff’d, 336 U.S. 674, 69 S.Ct. 751, 93 L.Ed. 957 (1949).  “[T]his intention must be to make a home in fact, and not an intention to acquire a domicil.”  (Internal quotation marks omitted.)  Id., 447.  “Where ․ it becomes highly advantageous to the claimant temporarily to feign an intention to become a resident for only a brief time, in order to accomplish other ends, his claim of intention will be scrutinized and weighed like any other evidence in the light of his conduct and all the circumstances surrounding it.”  Id., 448.   Moreover, “[a] person may have ․ only one domicil at any one time.”   Smith v. Smith, 174 Conn. 434, 439, 389 A.2d 756 (1978).  “[A] former domicil persists until a new one is acquired ․ Therefore proof of the acquisition of a new domicil of choice is not complete without evidence of an abandonment of the old.”  (Citations omitted;  internal quotation marks omitted.)  Rice v. Rice, supra, 446.

    In Litvaitis v. Litvaitis, supra, 162 Conn. 546, the seminal case concerning comity in foreign divorce decrees, our Supreme Court affirmed the trial court’s refusal to recognize a Mexican divorce decree on the ground that the defendant was not a domiciliary of the Mexican state because he “went to Mexico solely for the purpose of securing a divorce and that he intended to return to Connecticut.”   More recently, the Superior Court has noted that temporary residence does not constitute a change in domicil when there is no intent to remain.   See Nirookh v. Aburabei, Superior Court, judicial district of New Haven at Meriden, Docket No. FA 09 4012235 (May 25, 2010, Burke, J.) [49 Conn. L. Rptr. 877] (concluding that defendant was not domiciliary of Jordan where defendant testified that he was looking for work in both Jordan and United Arab Emirates);  see also Maklad v. Maklad, Superior Court, judicial district of New Haven, Docket No. FA 00 0443796 (January 3, 2001, Alander, J.) (28 Conn. L. Rptr. 593, 594) (“Given the defendant’s strong ties to Connecticut and his written statement that his absence would be temporary, ․ the defendant did not intend to permanently reside in Egypt ․”).

    A recent decision of the Superior Court has applied practical recognition for the limited purpose of recognizing a Mexican divorce decree without accepting the foreign court’s orders related to financial settlements or child custody.   See Hillis v. Hillis, Superior Court, judicial district of Stamford-Norwalk at Stamford, Docket No. FA 00 0179465 (February 19, 2003, Shay, J.) (34 Conn. L. Rptr. 232).   In applying limited practical recognition, the court noted that “no credible evidence was introduced that the Mexican court had before it the financial affidavits of the parties, or other evidence of their finances, so as to enable it to inquire into the financial resources and actual needs of the parties, much less any evidence of their fitness as parents,” and that therefore, “the necessary full and searching inquiry was not conducted by the Mexican court.”  (Internal quotation marks omitted.)  Id., 234.

    With regard to whether a court has complied with the requirements of due process, “[i]t is the settled rule of [Connecticut], if indeed it may not be safely called an established principle of general jurisprudence, that no court will proceed to the adjudication of a matter involving conflicting rights and interests, until all persons directly concerned in the event have been actually or constructively notified of the pendency of the proceeding, and given reasonable opportunity to appear and be heard ․ It is fundamental in proper judicial administration that no matter shall be decided unless the parties have fair notice that it will be presented in sufficient time to prepare themselves upon the issue.”  (Citations omitted;  internal quotation marks omitted.)   Hasbrouck v. Hasbrouck, 195 Conn. 558, 559-60, 489 A.2d 1022 (1985).  “[T]he failure of a court to comply with this requirement of notice is a serious breach of a fundamental requirement of due process of law.”  Winick v. Winick, 153 Conn. 294, 299, 216 A.2d 185 (1965).  “In cases in which a divorce decree was issued in a foreign court without one party’s knowledge or consent, Connecticut courts have refrained from recognizing the foreign divorce decree under comity.”  Nirookh v. Aburabei, supra, Superior Court, Docket No. FA 09 4012235 (concluding that plaintiff was denied due process because she received notice of divorce decree after it had been rendered even though it had not yet been finalized);  see Maklad v. Maklad, supra, 28 Conn. L. Rptr. 593;  see also Jimenez v. Jimenez, Superior Court, judicial district of New Haven, Docket No. FA 06 4020114 (September 29, 2006, Frazzini, J.).

    For the aforementioned reasons, the defendant’s motion to dismiss is denied.


    Brian T. Fischer, Judge


    1. FN1. “[W]here there has been opportunity for a full and fair trial abroad before a court of competent jurisdiction, conducting the trial upon regular proceedings, after due citation or voluntary appearance of the defendant, and under a system of jurisprudence likely to secure an impartial administration of justice between the citizens of its own country and those of other countries, and there is nothing to show either prejudice in the court or in the system of laws under which it was sitting, or fraud in procuring the judgment, or any other special reason why the comity of this nation should not allow it full effect, the merits of the case should not, in an action brought in this country upon the judgment, be tried afresh, as on a new trial or an appeal, upon the mere assertion of the party that the judgment was erroneous in law or in fact.”  (Internal quotation marks omitted.)  Yoder v. Yoder, 31 Conn.Sup. 344, 346, 330 A.2d 825 (1974).

  • Steve Angel

    Well, this blog is not about unhappy franchisees – it looks more like somebody is trying to insult the CEO of the company and sharing personal information about him.
    I’d worked with Mr. Farid and i have utmost respect for him. I am very impressed by his work ethics and he is a perfectionist – and i believe that’s why he is successful. Somebody has said so many bad things about him that i would like to share that Mr. Farid has set up a free hospital in Pakistan that gives away free medical facilities to the poor and hundreds of people are being benefited from this every day.

    The man is a legend – and i believe bad comments are expected about legends anyways.

  • guest

    “Mr. Farid has set up a free hospital in Pakistan that gives away free medical facilities to the poor”

    Where did the money to pay for that hospital come from, Mr. “Angel”? Let me help you: From the franchisees who took the risk and invested their life savings to build the Edible Arrangements chain. The franchisees bought the hospital that Mr. Farid wants to take credit for. Why not give credit where it’s due?

    “this blog is not about unhappy franchisees – it looks more like somebody is trying to insult the CEO of the company”

    The unhappy EA franchisees aren’t trying to insult Mr. Farid, they’re suing him for unfair practices. You might want to read

    “The man is a legend – and i believe bad comments are expected about legends anyways”

    Bernard Madoff is a legend, too. I guess bad comments are expected about legends who profit at the expense of others.

  • Steven,
    When I first met Tariq, I was impressed with him and at that time I would have defended him just as you are. Just as people were impressed with Bernie Madoff not to suggest that Tariq is at the same level as Madoff.
    Also if I was working for him just like you are; I probably won’t have any problem with him. As long as you do what he tells you, you will get paid at the end of the week even if what he asked you to do made the company lose money. It is different with a franchisee, when we lose money he doesn’t because he gets his royalty on the gross sale. A store can have high gross sale but very little, or no profit.
    Tariq continue to impose new tactics to increase gross sale which most franchisee will tell you are chopping away on their profits. Tariq only cares of his own pocket and is very greedy. He has lots of talent and can go much further faster if he only took care of the people under him.

    Yes, Tariq has a free hospital in Pakistan, where going to a paid doctor cost about a $1 per visit. If he help 1000 people in Pakistan he would have donated about $1000. Which is pocket change for someone like him but he gets the bragging rights of helping more than one thousand people a month. I could find you many of people who make less than $100,000 a year who donate more than a $1000 a month. Tariq and Karman easily makes over $25 million a year but donates next to nothing out of their wealth but he is a legend.

  • Steve Angel,
    Many people like me just read these comments and don’t bother responding because I know people who don’t know the whole story, like you, think we are just envious and jealous.
    Tariq Farid stole the fruit arrangement idea from a company( Icredibly Edible Delites) who trusted him to install a POS system in their stores.
    Incredibly Edible Delites, Now Fruit Flowers, have been making Edible fruit arrangement since 1984. Sixteen years before Tariq Farid started his Company.

    Tariq Farid makes people work their asses off and don’t compensate them at the end.
    Is this your idea of a legend.

  • Jen Simeoney

    Steve Angel,
    You don’t know shit about Tariq, I would attack him personally because shopping away at our profit and constantly threatening us is personal. Him cutting our ability to make profit is pretty personal to me! I took out a mortgage on my house to invest in this company and it hurts that Tariq only cares of himself and don’t give a damn if I lose my house. Tariq is a slick snake and a liar. I’m not going to go in detail but you should ask him where is his family and what do they all think of him.

  • James Brownfield

    I feel that personal attacks should be left off of the internet and kept in the courts. I own 2 stores and have been very successful. Although I don’t always agree with what corporate does, I know could not have done this on my own. If Franchisees don’t like what’s going on they need to band together and approach corporate as a whole. Bad mouthing Tariq on these type of pages only hurts us as franchisees. He has made his millions so I don’t think he really cares about your comments. You can do more by getting ALL of the franchisees to work as one in your goal for changes. Believe me I’m not happy with alot of things going on, but I’m working hard to make the best of it at this point.


  • EA Franchisee

    If anyone considering investing into an Edible Arrangements Franchise reads this post do yourself a favor and find another franchise system to invest in. As an owner of an EA franchise I will tell you all of the complaints and rants on this board are probably true. I dont know about the personal family matters of Tariq but as for Edible Arrangements…Do not get caught in the appearance of the product. The arrangements are beautiful and people love the novelty idea however the profit margin is not worth the investment and the work that goes into running a succesful store far exceeds the return expected. If you are considering an EA franchise keep in mind that EAI and Tariq Farid and his Staff do not care about you you’re succes as a company especiallyyour profit margin. They are a business who’s main goal is to sign on franchisees and make profit from those franchisees. EA International lures middle class people looking to be a part of a seemingly new and growing company, sells them on the appearance of the product and once you sign the totally one sided agreement you become their bitch if you let them and they dont like using lubrication. If you don’t kiss there ass on BS matters they do everything possible to close you down. Edible Arrangements is not a system for rookie entrepenuers. If you are interested study the lawsuits against them thoroughly and spend the money upfront with a nationally known FRANCHISEE lawyer, not some local attorney or Franchisor attorney, to review your contract and thoroughly line by line explain it. It is very important to spend that initial investment with a powerhouse law firm if not you will lose more money in the long run and be stuck in a ten year deal thats not at all in your favor. Do not make the mistake of thinking that Edible Arrangements International is your partner they are not.

  • Myst

    Chris – I must say I have to somehow believe you. This man is so paranoid about someone stealing his ideas that it is not even funny. There has to be 2 reasons for that. 1- The guy is a complete idiot (can’t say that bc he is doing something smart to make all that money, “note smart not right’) 2 – He did exactly the same thing to another place (steal their idea) and now he knows how possible it is.

    To everyone else out there if you have $250K (which is the real money it take to open this franchise) and considering buying into his idea, spend that money somewhere else. Don’t bother to deal with him. It is not worth it. Even the sales guys within the company know this but they won’t tell you.

    Don’t listen to any of the sales pitches and just do the math yourself it is very simple

    Average arrangement price $75.00
    Food Industry Cost 33% $24.75
    Franchise Fees 11% $ 8.25
    Credit Card Fees 3% $ 2.25
    Remainder $39.75

    Employee Cost $8 * 65hours $520/week for 1 employee
    Rent $1500/month
    Misc $375/month
    Yearly $49,540.00

    With these number you need to sell 49,540/38.75 = 1247 arrangements a year that is 103 arrangements a month just to simply break even.

    Now remember you worked yourself 65 hours a week getting paid minimum wage. You are still on the hole for the Start Up fees of $250,000 and you keep working your but off.

    No matter how you slice or dice this thing it just does not make sense. If you can’t figure this stuff out then pay an accountant up front and let him tell you how many arrangements you need to sell to make what you want to make. (of course if you cant figure this out yourself you probably should not go into business but anyways).

  • Forbes has just published a very suspect ranking of the 20 Best Franchises for the Buck. It ranks Edible Arrangements as #16..

    16. Edible Arrangements Wallingford, Conn.

    Founded by brothers Tariq and Kamran Farid, this chain sells sculpted-fruit gift baskets shaped like floral arrangements. Edible opened its first Chinese franchise in Beijing in 2011.

    Average initial investment: $216,713
    US locations as of 12/31/10: 836
    Closures in last three years: 37
    Hours of Training Offered: 97


    We are protesting Forbes’ pick of Snap-on Tools as the #1 franchise, as they are understating the investment, claiming Snap-on had zero failures when they’ve had 1000 franchises “reaquired” by the franchisor in 3 years, plus lost a major franchisee class action suit.

    Check out: Forbes’ Praise of the Snap-On Franchise Draws Fire, Disbelief

    They also list Edible Arrangements, even though 170 franchisees are suing the franchisor. They obviously don’t care what the franchisee’s have to say.

    Should we also question their endorsement of Edible Arrangements? Is the info/criteria they’re using valid?

  • Potential Franchisee

    I was considering getting into this franchise and now I am not. If squashing the growth of the franchise is what you are after I feel you will probably succeed. However, thank you for the information.

  • “If squashing the growth of the franchise is what you are after I feel you will probably succeed.”

    Actually, helping people like you make more informed decisions with their life savings is what we’re after.

    “However, thank you for the information.”

    You’re welcome. -ADMIN

  • Todd A. Peterson

    I thank you as well admin.!!!!!

  • I feel like i’ve won the lottery,I just recently sold my store. Iactually got to put my money back in my personal bank account. Just a little advice to anyone who has their store for sale,it doesnt matter what agreement you initially signed, they will come up with all these new rules that they say exist somewhere in these bogus agreements. It cost me approxamately $30,000 before I could close the deal with the new owners. That includes the million dollar store front . I owned the store for 5 years, the first couple of years the sales were great, until they rammed another location almost next to me. When I questioned them, they assured me it would not hurt my sales.Guess what? my sales dropped 30% for the next two years. Thats when i decided enough is enough, I refuse to let my family work for less than what walmart pays. The corporate staff at Edible Arrangements is programed with answers to every question you have if you know what I mean. Good luck to all you franchise owners, stick together and dont let them walk all over you.

  • Thank you all for your input and comments regarding this franchise. You have helped me in my decison. I will NOT invest with Farid!!!!

  • Wilber

    A common complaint I consistently see while exploring franchise opportunities is franchisor encroachement, or market saturation. As a franchisor’s growth matures, they ALL seem to cannabilize the market areas of existing franchisees,…..oversaturating the market. This tactic increases the gross sales of the franchisor, but not so nice for the unlucky franschisee as their store profits decline.

    Lesson learned for me, is NEVER EVER enter a franchise agreement unless you have a protected market area or zone prohibiting the franchisor from establishing other brand stores nearby reducing your bottom line. If they won’t agree to a protected zone, move on.

  • The enlightened one.


    Sounds like you learned the hard way! My question is when is a scam a SCAM?

    When does the government step in on behalf of honorable Americans everywhere?

    When is a crime against unsuspecting franchisees PUNISHABLE?

    When a franchisor commits a CRIME against a franchisee! WHO is responsible for bringing justice so Americans can live out their constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

    When is advertising lies going to be addressed in franchising?

    Does everyone think their is truth in advertising?

    Does advertising a lie to promote a fraud constitute criminal behavior?

    If your a member of a group that is supposed to be bringing jobs to vets through franchising but your franchise opportunity is nothing more than a SCAM and this can be proven through the recent F.D.D.’s released by the franchisor required by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) when is your membership revoked by that organization for promoting a fraud to those who NEED JOBS?

    If a franchisor has NO HISTORY of sustaining franchisees in their franchises, WHY ARE THEY STILL ALLOWED TO HAVE MEMBERSHIPS to these organizations? (Vetfran)

    Do Congressmen care about what franchisors (Some are Wall Street Corporations) are doing to the American Veterans and Citizens through these organizations who do not hold their franchisors accountable for their behavior?

    Or do they take the MONEY given to them through FranPac (an organization created by the International Franchise Association) to buy off congressmen and garnish their loyalty to promote and protect an organization which scam’s Americans out of their money?

    Does a Congressmen care who might be a victim?

    Whether it’s a Veteran or an honest American who has 800 credit score and equity in property does our government care if American’s are being scammed? Or does the money excepted through FranPac outweigh the injustice?

    What do American’s think?

    What do Attorney’s think?

    An attorney is charged with promoting justice and protecting those accused of criminal acts. What if attorney’s are profiting from the injustice while protecting those who commit the injustice? Is there not any act by an attorney that could be construed as unjust?

  • All the software development for the franchise software and website is done in Pakistan at a tenth of the cost. Think about it: the systems taking and processing your credit card information are developed and managed by offshore developers in Pakistan. Security is not a top priority in those systems.

  • survivor

    it is worth than that. They wont tell you the employee turnover is less than a year. if you dont get fired during one of Tariqs tirades.and that they also control the container supply as well as the bankink and hardware they supply to the Franchise’s.

  • Abdul Waheed

    I know the family through my father. Hnorable down to earth people.They strongly believe in investing back in to the community. Being a retail professional I study the company from every aspect. It is a very well managed company. Their main focus is not only the investor but customers too.The companys success is evident by its expansion. I live in Austin I see few thriving units in this area. I definately will invest in this business if I could raise some money.

  • Tariq Farid is hypocrite person, promoting violation of labour laws and work place harassment. He should be honoured as one of the great liars also ruining skilled professional career.

  • Edible Ruiner

    We ordered several times and it went to the Brampton and Mississauga stores and it NEVER got delivered. If you order balloons they do not give the balloons. If you order the Teddy bear they do not deliver.
    Ask your recipients to send you a picture of the order you sent???

  • Edible Ruiner

    I ordered an arrangement on 19 April 2014 to be delivered for an anniversary surprise today 20 April 2014. Its now 8:12 pm and it was not delivered . I was calling the store ans the Corporate Customer Service since 12:00noon today. The Mississauga Ontario Canada store is not answereing their phone all day. They do not have voice mail either.
    The corporate customer service is no help. They revert you back to the store!
    Do not order Edible Arrangements!!

  • Munir Ghazwan

    They are funding the terrorist group HAMAS!!

  • Current EA Franchisee

    I am a current Franchisee being finanacially raped by Corporate. Is there ANY current or Former Owner willing to go public with their testimony to stop this from happening to any other Franchisee? If so please contact me at [redacted].

  • I became a franchisee in 2015 and i thought i was late to the party. By reading some of the comments, i guess i was not, albeit it seems one or two individuals are attempting to publicly defame the ceo. So far, its been going well for me. I did some research, had a good lawyer for due diligence, and i am making more with my initial investment than i wouldve in 99% of other franchises, US treasuries, or ETFs. Ive heard about the complaints, and i can understand them, but generally i consider them to be half truths. Those complaining above are omitting their own mistakes and errors from the narrative. If you do EA right, you make money hand over fist.

  • Megan

    Jason A
    You might be one of the wonder boys of Farid, like the the Lion in California, or Tariq Ahmed in Texas to name a few…YES Boys. The truth is out there and its the truth.

  • Former EA Franchisee


    I agree with you 100%…..I bet Jason A is singing a different tune now…..As a former owner, as of late 2019, I have lots to say and am willing to go public with everything I have.

  • Employee

    As an exemployee of this company I tell you don’t work for them! It’s ashamed that you have to work you ass off 50-60 hours a week and on pay day your check bounces or you get hurt on your way home from work and you get fired because you have to be out for 6weeks to recover from surgery caused by this accident! So please think twice before you working for a slave driving company where there is no appreciation at all for your hard work and dedication!! This whole company sucks!!!!!!!!

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