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RICKY’S: Princeton, NJ Store Eviction Notice

Princeton Eviction500 The sweet dream that was Ricky’s continues to sour.

Back in July of this year, Donald William Cheng expressed confidence that better times were to come for Ricky’s Candy, Cones & Chaos, commenting:

Rickys Candy Cones and Chaos is now run by Mr. Donald William Cheng as of May, 2009. The Princeton store is undergoing a restructuring and is out of bankruptcy. New changes are being effected to combat the changes in the business environment… New management and marketing have been brought in to ensure that future partners and franchisees will be able to sustain a dip in the economy by providing long term financing and stronger financial management and brand management

The same month, an article commemorated the 5th anniversary of the Princeton, NJ corporate store:

Opened by owner Rick Barber in 2004, Ricky’s has continued to grow and evolve, notes Mr. Cheng. “The original idea was to have ice cream and candy for a party. Then, plush toys were added. Now, we want to expand our focus and include more events and parties at the store. Not only birthday parties, but baby showers, graduation parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, even having favors and candies for wedding receptions. We really want to emphasize the service category….

“In addition,” he continues, “we are going forward with an international expansion of our candy line. We’ll have Godiva chocolate as well as candy from Japan and Korea. We will still have all our bulk candy, chocolate bars, and other candy, but we will become a specialty candy store. We plan to reconfigure the store and make it more international.

After his initial comments, Mr. Cheng ceased communicating.  This week, Former owner wrote that “Ricky’s Candy, Cones & Chaos Princeton Flagship Store (Corporate Office) has an eviction notice on their front door.” 

We received these photos from an anonymous Unhappy Franchisee reader.  This may be the end of the line for Ricky’s.



6 thoughts on “RICKY’S: Princeton, NJ Store Eviction Notice

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  • On December 14, 2009, Ricky’s Candy Cones and Chaos Inc. entered bankruptcy court once again in NJ. This time as a Ch 7. The case number is 09-43598-RTL.

    If Rick Barber owes you any $$ related to Ricky’s you will probably never see a dime. It is a shame that the previous trustee didn’t convert it to a Ch 7 when there were still some assets in the store.

  • Is Rickys Franchise Group and Rickys Holdings Inc also filing Chap 7 ?? There must be money there if he isnt filing these Chapt7. How is the lawsuit going – why cant anyone touch Rick Barber personally as he committed fraud through his lies?

  • The Ch7 Trustee is responsible for determining if there are any assets that can be converted to cash. I doubt there is anything left in the company. Going after Rick Barber personally will be the only option until he files Ch 7. Donald Cheng has wiped himself clean of Ricky’s. The only proof he was ever involved is located here in the Unhappy franchisee site. Charles Alario and Frank Alario may still be an option, but that is a whole other story. If anybody has any money tucked away, that is probably where it will be found.

  • guest

    You should be able to go after Rick Barber personally as he is making $180,000 at Macys and committed fraud to all the frachisees. I cant see how he could declare Chap 7 with that salary.

  • Sample Eviction Notice

    If anybody has any money tucked away, that is probably where it will be found.

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