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BUILDINGSTARS Franchise Complaints

Buildingstars Franchise Complaints:  Are you familiar with the Buildingstars franchise opportunity?

Please share your opinion and experience – good or bad – with a comment below.


We have received both positive and negative comments about the Buildingstars commercial cleaning franchise opportunity.

The Buildingstars website claims “…a unique business model… truly separates Buildingstars® from any other commercial cleaning franchise company. This unique business model provides our franchise owners with the best way to start their business, the best way to manage their business and the best way to grow their business.

“This is not just an empty promise as; we provide a written earnings claim that shows our Corporate franchise owners have the highest average revenue in the industry.

“Every franchise owner is supported by a team of industry professionals through their local support center.

“From start-up throughout the development and growth of the business, our hands-on team is there to help with acquiring customer accounts, customer service, account retention and administrative support.”

An anonymous commenter wrote:

buildingstars cleaning solutions downers grove Illinois

I signed up with this cleaning franchise hoping to make some money this was back in march 2013  its already almost july and they haven’t offered  me any extra cleaning accounts. 

very  sad  and when you call them they are always away from there phone or out of their office for fews days  give me a break, if your looking to sign up with any franchise do not choose this one  despite what you read on the web or on their website or anywhere else they under bid any contract you get  

so lets say  I clean 2 days a week which I  didn’t ask for in the beginning I wanted a fulltime account which is 5 days. anyways getting on with the story  my total per month and this is no lie is only 240 dollars I get paid on the 15th every month thats it.   for a investment of 900 dollars really thats the best this franchise can  do 

they are total scammers don’t care about there franchise owners at all  their all about themselves  so anyone out there run far away from this franchise   BUYER BEWARE.

Larry wrote:

I spoke to the local Buildingstars Guy in White Plains, NY (Westchester County, directly north of the Bronx, NYC) and after emails, he refused to give me the franchise contract so I could read it prior to going to his office to get the hard sell !

So, finally, I told him in an email that until I got that document and either sample or actual customer contracts there would be no meeting. So far, no documents . . .

However, Edward writes that he is happy with his BuildingStars franchise:

Edward says:

I am a current franchise owner in Phoenix. I bought my franchise about a year ago from Buildingstars. I have been very Happy with the business I’ve received in the last year. The manager of the branch is fair and he stands up for his franchise owners and makes sure that everyone is happy. He will not allow us to do a bad cleaning job, though. If we don’t do a good job more than once we lose the account.

My wife and I have not lost a single account in the last year because we care about the way We do the job.

I really like this company. At first, we started with just a couple accounts part-time. Now we both average about $15 an hour.

When we get to a higher level we can hire employees and our money will go up. It just depends on how fast we can grow our business.



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38 thoughts on “BUILDINGSTARS Franchise Complaints

  • dave wilsoon

    BUYER BEWARE They will promise you more accounts and growth and only deliver the minimum $$$ amount they agree to. Without an exclusive territory you have many competitors, as the master franchise grows. No way of knowing what work he gives to others. My guy’s idea of real growth when I pressed him, is to string together many small, low profit jobs all together- their fees are way too high Their cut is slanted, and they are winning low bid jobs on your sweat and effort. ALOT OF EMPTY PROMISES STAY AWAY

  • Jay the born skeptic

    My wife just bought into this franchise in Phoenix. Their promises have been huge so far and after 1 month my wife is just now getting her first gig at 2 days per week and it will pay $272 each month. This is before taxes so you need to remember to take out your taxes that you’d pay to uncle sam each month and put that aside.

    I am a born skeptic so I will be watching very closely – if things turn out good and the business grows, I’ll let you know, if not I’ll let you know.

    Wish us luck.

  • So I joined April 2014 and so far okay still haven’t been offered an actual full time account but whenever there is an available account near my location buildingstars manager does offer them of purse with no commitment. I’m currently working now working 5days a week with optional weekends not bad for making 800 per month so it’s like having a full time account but instead it’s three which aren’t difficult at all I’m putting in less than 8hrs a week in total with all three account for 800 and I work on my schedule couldn’t get any better. Only complain I will say is that it’s very difficult to get anyone from buildingstars office in downers grove to answer or return my calls that’s my only issue and it’s not like I live around the corner where I can just drop in. Otherwise I do highly recommend the business it’s a little extra cash on your time and I love that you can make payments on your equipment package or pay in ful as you wish. Happy franchise!

  • They are no unique business check out Stratus they do the same thin……..WOW…Make money on people hard work and dont care….Grin..srry people they are not there for you……GOOD LUCK…….

  • tiffany panelli

    The one out of phoenix ran by lacy is horrible! They stole, were high and didn’t even do their job. What is the boy she brought to help 14? Don’t use them at any cost!

  • felicia

    I feel my money is stolen. I came with all the money I was told to and have made no money. That man was a smooth talker and maybe his secretary should take a shower

  • Marc Landers

    My wife and I looked at doing this, well looked at it.
    I,m not sure but when I asked the salesman some basic questions about insurance coverage he was clueless. I tried to research it some more and just got another sales pitch with no hard numbers no carriers names and no contact info for ins. providers.

    The “franchise disclosure” has fees listed totaling over 30% of gross and you still have to pay state and fed. tax out of your end. I,m waiting for an answer on what my tax burden would be since they bill me as a franchise owner and BS handles the money how much do I have to pay on? If its the gross amount its robbery. I have run my own company before and you cannot carry ins. for 2.5% of your gross. That’s why they have an Ins. coverage clause in the contract to make you responsible for any claims or coverage disputes. Also i’m not totally sure this is legal under Illinois Worker Missclassification Laws.

    It seems like anything thats to good to be true. It’s not.

  • Elizabeth

    I would not recommend this franchise business to anyone in the beginning I have as promised 4000 a month minimum for over 10 years I never saw that. I was making 740 cleaning over 10 buildings. I spent more money on chemicals and gas then I made

  • My name is Bolis Henry Im chemist I bout a franchise from Houston location ,T X the office manger told me ill give good account you can make money from it but i sighned everything i found he gave me account for $300.00 a month before taxes and gave another person new another account for$2000.00a month when I discussed with him this is not fair he threaten me to cannceell my account and he did and didnt give me my money back even I told him I like to continue he refused ,another thing i went to the small account he gave me I have Accident I left a message to him he doesnt care even the second day didnt call to aske whats going on ,he is not fair ,discerminated ,too bride , no respect people ,work against the like give people has bad crimenal history he never did back ground check even he knows these people illegal he doesnt care

  • A young man name Brian Saurez and his Father Genaro work inside Staples Fulfillment in Tolleson AZ. Brian is always looking at his cell. Texting. Sitting down and absorbed with his cell. His father does most of the work. Does brian get paid by the hour while using his cell? It is annoying.

  • I’ve given up my franchise business in downers grove il . This company was a RIP OFF . I was happy at first until I was given a cleaning account that did not match up with the square footage. My husband took time to mesure out the place and you would be surprised and how much more there was and they had described on the actual agreement. I called and tryed to discuss with manager and no luck then I went to the higher person than her and same thing. I had went to talk to Brian bowman and he was just very unprofessional. I told him the situation and he would deny that my husband and I had been incorrect. I had the proof of measurements and what they wanted me to clean besides what was on the agreement and still this guy had the guts to threaten to not give any more accounts. I was clearly upset I was getting know where . I had recorded our conversations over the phone that we not appropriate and I went on to speak with the main corporate company I believe in Missouri. I contacted a manager told him what had went on and that I just wanted out and wanted my start up money back. Conversations went back and forth and once I had mentioned I had the recorded conversations to prove I was being cheated out corporate manager agreed quickly for a refund. I did receive $500 back and I had to sign a contract that I could not ever join or be affiliate with them …not that is want to . Good luck to all hope it works out for you guys!!!!

  • Deanna Castro

    This is for BulidingStars of Tampa. I am exercising my First Amendment Right. BUYER BEWARE!!! Do not have this company manage your own business. Take the money you are going to put down and save $1000’s in the long run. Go to a Janitorial Store and buy a vacuum, mop, rags, and cleaning supplies. You can even find used vacuums and buy cheaper supplies at other locations. You will not spend as much. Then go and fill out a profile on People will contact you, and you price accordingly. Keeping the full amount and not giving half to a company. You don’t know how to start cleaning? Go to type in “Office Cleaning Videos” or find a part time job office cleaning, and learn the trade. When you are dependent on someone else to build your business. Well then it is you who will lose your business, and no body cares. They will threaten you with lawyers. You have wasted your time, over spent on cost of equipment, and lost your money. So you have been warned.

  • BulidingStars Houston TX the BEWARE!!! they made it seem like they would make sure I would be making money.. I put down $1200.00 for $215.00 or less a month. I called and asked for more accounts nobody ever calls back and the guy B.Duck lied about the who company I wouldn’t send a sick dog to this company .

  • Elmedina jeteric

    Im trying to get a job buildingstars, and they are asking me for almost a $4000 fee to pay! What is that fee for? Does anyone know? I’m trying to make money,not give money! Anyone had good experiences with them? All rewiews are so bad,and I’m glad I didn’t sign any papers yet!

  • Charles

    THIS IS BULL SHIT…..I have read all the comments on different websites and THIS IS REALLY A RIP OFF. You pay them to work for them AND they take most of your money. Its like you are doing all the work and they sit at home and make half of your check, which you only get once a month DON’T DO IT. Its a waste of time

  • marcos

    WOW!! ALL these bad reviews!!!

  • Wow glad I did not join I was going to take the technician franchise but something told me to look a little deeper in to it. Thanks people you just saved me 2000 bucks sounds like a pyramid scheme.

  • Steven

    I am a technician and have no problems with them since signing up in April 2015. In the time since April 2015, I have grown my business from one every-other-week account for $175/mo to over $6500 in accounts, and I see $4000 of that each month. For 7 hours of work each night.

    They don’t keep “most” of your money. They keep 30 percent, which is a steal considering they smooth out problems with accounts and recruit more accounts. I went from unemployed and in debt up to my eyeballs to making the the highest salary I have ever seen in less than 10 months.

    In my experience, the folks who don’t want to work are the ones who have bad experiences with Buildingstars. Since they see 30 percent of each account, they have an incentive to put the hardest working, dedicated people in new accounts. I’m sorry, but that’s how business works. They want people who seem driven and dedicated, not people who moan and complain they are not being given what they feel entitled to receive.

  • jack ass

    I have work with buildingstar for 15 years, started out good. Over the last 4 years they keep trying to get more and more money. The finder fees are now up to 20 months. admn. fees are at 3.5 % ins. fees are now at 6% royalties fees are 20% finder fees are more then 10% now.

    That is close to 40% to 45% of what they will take out of your pay.

    The whole program is set up for you to fail soon, so they can bring in the next guy and take his down payment. That is where they make there money now. They have been loosing a lot of big account, and prob. will be out soon. They will try to force you in to the next level if you do make it past your 3 year term, and if you do not agree the will put so much pressure on you, you will have a heart attack. And that is no lie.

    If you make it past that, they will say your current contract has expired and try to make you start all over again. Many people have had a lot of health issues because of them, (on how they can pressure you, and you will never be able to prove that it is there fault. What they do is take there time and find out as much as they can about you over a 2 to 4 year period, and use it against you and they will take there time in doing so.

    This has been my experience with them. They wont take any chances on you being able to to say your actually an employee, that is why they take this approach.

  • Janice Ripple

    The office at 434 Crompton St, Charlotte, NC 28273 is run by a dishonest man named Marty Brecht. He will do and say anything to get your business then send out unqualified crews to do the work.

    He has no regard for the people he deals with and from talking to their employees, he works them almost 20 hours a day and makes them pay for their own gas to get around without reimbursement. If you want to hear how horrible of a person he is, find someone that used to work for him. Despicable.

    Because of Marty and the office staff, I will never use them or recommend them to any of my friends or business partners. By all means, if you need cleaning services do not use Building stars of Charlotte unless you want Marty to smile in your face while you sign the contract then stab you in the back right after. But I would expect nothing more from a man (?) that treats his employees the way he does. It’s no wonder why the US is so far down the totem pole in the business world.

  • The above claims are utterly distorted. No one can take away Marty’s good works, his kindness, his fairness, and his integrity. I encourage anyone to call his employees and they will let anyone know. Our telephone number is 704.909.7561.

  • I signed up with this lousy company in st.louis missouri.Despite my good work and compliments from customers ,i was forced to remain in the technician Stage for eight years and denied upward mobility.i abandoned them from frustrations after hide-and-seek games when i asked for more business.I sensed discrimination,exploitation,dishonesty and a great uncaring attitude disquised in fake smiles and compliments.The owner,a snobbish fat-cat hardly acknoledges you as you sit at the receptionist to see their equally snobbish and elusive managers.

  • Franchise owner

    This is a disgusting company to work for there is a complete lack of communication….when you request more buildings no one will get back with you…..they want you to renew your contract but they raise all the fees you’d think if the contract is being renewed there would be some kind of discount……you work hard and they take most all the money…..more like pimping than anything else.

  • Happy Unfranchise Owner

    My sister-in-law has a cleaning franchisee and works like a dog. It’s not easy owing a franchise, especially since you have to pay a franchisee fee. Perhaps you should consider the unfranchised business? I will be more than happy to share that with you.

  • Concerned

    I had a strange gut feeling before considering this business for a friend and really regret I did sign on to this business. As others stated they don’t return your calls of concern, and will not provide pay statements; if they were a honest business these statements would be automatically provided to you.

  • I have not sign up this company. Looked fake in the pop up. And really at a cheap price. If it sounds to good to be true it most likely is. I bet they run their scam out of Nigeria with USA phone numbers.
    Besides call the better business bureau!

  • Truth Teller

    I have read all of the reviews and comments about Buildingstars and tell everyone out there this, 95% or more are from internet trolls posting like they were with Buildingstars, when the truth is they are other scamming clraning companies. How do I know this, well its simple, the reviews are not accurate with how buildingstars is operated, so its easy to point out a lie if the contents of the posts is not even the same as the real way its ran…lol. If anyone is truly considering buildingstars, look into it for yourself. Ask question, get current franchise references. This way you arent being scammed into not growing with a real company.

  • Lady Cleans

    Phoenix is horrible. Chris Wagner is horrible. The company sucks. Very unhappy. They sold us a dream n we bought it, now were in debt. They keep charging accounts we no longer clean for services not rendered. Please dont do it…

  • Thanks for saving me money. I was just getting ready to look into them because of the low start up.I’m glad I looked further. It pays to do research.

  • Stay away from the one in Charlotte NC! I was excited with my husband back in March of 2018 , when we pay up front to start this business, it is July of 2018 and we have not heard from them back, we try calling them and nothing! They just kept our money and it was ridiculous when they try to offer us a site that was 1 hour away from our area to clean. They knew from the beginning to help us get a location in our area. Since we couldn’t accept the first offer in March, they decided to forget about us and refused to refund our money.

  • Ebony Daniels

    Same thing happened to my husband and I. The day we refused a disgusting truck stop and then a very racist truck stop as well, they kept our money and dropped us. My husband and I had to press and keep calling and going in the office to make sure to get our investment back. They’re telling worst company ever!! Crooks!

  • juan pablo

    Most of these reviews seem fake by other companies. I own a franchise and it is hard work but i have kept my customers for a long time and it is good for me and my family. the buidingstars owners are honest. they don’t promise you things that are not true. it seems like they take a lot of the monthly payment but i would not have gotten the customers alone and its fair for me and my family. the other companies i talk to wanted 10 or more thousand dollars in the beginning and that ws too much. buildingstar took a much smaller amount and helped me get customers

  • Stay away from Buildingstars Of Charlotte you have been warned.Like some of the other post state Marty and his team are scams and need to be stopped all he wants is your franchise fee then he will find any reason to get rid of you.He will give you big contracts and take them bake and leave you with small one’s that are worthless.By the time you figure out you are not making any income he will ignore all of your phone calls and threaten to take you to court.

  • Buildingstars is not a honest company please do not waste your hard earned money on this company because in the end you will lose.

    The franchise owner makes all the money off your hard work and sell you a dream just to take your start-up fee.

    I have talked to others who have also worked for this company and they said the same exact thing all they want is money and make you work long hours with pay that does not match.

  • Any good comments on here are from buildingstar employees who are in on the scam with the franchise owners.They will lie just to get your money and take big contracts from you for no reason leaving you with smaller ones just to give the big contracts to the next franchisee with start up money.I can not wait to this scam company is stopped because people are being scammed out of their hard earned money.

  • My experience is with the Pittsburgh office. I have to say Jeff and crew are very professional. They are responsive and overall, very good business partners. I bought a franchise in November 2018 and my business is growing steadily. This is a business that takes time to build and hard work to maintain. Despite their fees, if you work efficiently, you will see progress. Granted, I also have a regular job so I do this as a side business. Maybe that’s what people need to do until their business grows. I plan to grow this business all the way. With regard to taxes, you shouldn’t have any major bill with all the miles an expenses you can write-off.

  • Every company i research,Online jobs ect.. Everyone ends up being a Scam!?? Is Anything Honest or a Good op.??

  • Franchise owner

    alot of franchises take so much money and then you have to go sell your own contracts in your spare time. Time wich you dont have if you have another gig. Building stars worked with me to help make more money and clean more buildings. If you work hard you can get more and bigger buildings. A good oportunity.

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