CHIPSTIX Franchise Complaints, Gary Barnes, Lisa Barnes, Brianna Farley

Chipstix franchise complaints include hidden costs, kiosk bait & switch, zero support, and never receiving equipment that was paid for.

Have you had contact with UK-based Chipstix seller of franchises, business opportunities & food vending equipment?  Please share your experience or opinions below.

Chipstix provides a kiosk set-up in which the operator can spiral cut a single potato and deep fry it to provide a unique swirled french fry on a stick.  Chipstix markets itself as a novelty food product to be vended at tourist locations, carnivals and fairs.

The Chipstix website claims “Chipstix is the one of the most innovative and successful fast food concepts globally.

“The business has seen significant growth since 2006.

“Chipstix has built a strong, trusted and recognised brand in the food retail industry and has loyal customers following the brand’s progression.

“The Chipstix concept recreates the fun element in the work place by offering a product that is exciting make, look at and taste.

“We believe in pushing the brand to the limit and in so creating a window of opportunity to franchisees like never before with real incentives and opportunities within the concept allowing them to maximise their earning potential.”

Is Chipstix Gary Barnes a “conman?”

There’s not a lot of information about Chipstix’ U.S. franchisees. 

The few websites listed for US franchisees are now offline.

Several franchisees complained that they never got the equipment they paid for.

Chipstix Florida wrote:

Chipstix UK Gary Barnes, Lisa Barnes sold me a bogus franchise with no support

I purchased a Chipstix franchise back in March 2011 for the sum of $5450.00. The additional costs I incured was $800.00 which I was unaware, the kiosk was a rusty old stock with dents and it was not the one I ordered. I have gotten little satisfaction from this company and zero support. I have been lied to constantly and non of my problems have been taken care of. This is a warning to others that might have interest in this franchise. Gary Barnes is the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with.

Mr. Gee wrote:

Chipstix Franchise bought from Chipstix Oakland California and not delivered 6 months now


414 Lesser Street Oakland, California USA

I paid for Chipstix Franchise $4500 (four thousand five hundred United States Dollars), in November 2012, and was promised delivery four weeks after confirmation of payment. The purchase included

The Franchise and local Agency,

3 Chipstix Machines,

1 Chipstix Kiosk,

10000 bamboo skewers,

24 flavour salts,

12 stainless steel salt shakers,

3 pricing banners,

3 polo shirts,

3 baseball caps,

1 gas fryer,

1 double electric fryer and

3 chipstix aprons.

Besides numerous demands for delivery the person who claims to be the owner of Chipstix, Mr. Gary Barnes has failed or refused or ignored to deliver. Now its 5 months since.

I made payment to his bank which is in the United Kingdom, where I believe his company headquarters is.

I wonder if this Mr. Gary Barnes is a genuine Chipstix Franchise dealer or just a conman. I am disgusted.

Status of Chipstix Franchisees is Unclear

Here are the U.s. franchisees/distributors listed on the Chipstix website:

Snack on the Go LLC – Brianna Farley

Overseeing distribution and sales for North America, South America and Canada

HQ offices located at: 230 South Rock Boulevard Reno Nevada 89502

Tougas Family Farm

Maurice Tougas, 234 Ball Street, Northboro, Massachusetts 01532

Chipstix New Hampshire

Kevin Noonan and Mark Nolan

2510 Boardwalk, Wildwood

New Jersey 0820 USA


PEARLAND TOWN CENTER, Corner of highway 288, FM 518 Pearland, Texas- 77584

Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix

4243 W. Pinnacle Peak Road, Glendale, Arizona 85310

Big Red Lunchbox Concessions

J.P. Hearn, 5017 Whitman Drive, Midland, TX 79705

Multiple Concessions

Wells Concessions

Jay Wells, 1124 Larimer, Wichita, KS 67203

Multiple Concessions

GS Concessions

Garrett Edwards & Sean McDevitt, 3019 Flower Hill Drive, Round Rock, TX 78664

Two Kiosks

Milton Whitley

5090 Bearclaw Ln. Rockwall, TX 75032


Troy Bontrager

1489 Meadowbrook Lane, Nevada, TX 75173

Multiple Concessions



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5 thoughts on “CHIPSTIX Franchise Complaints, Gary Barnes, Lisa Barnes, Brianna Farley

  • Zeb Qureshi

    Gary Barnes is an uneducated person with no sense of business at all. He has no business ethics. He never fulfills his commitments or promises. He delays the business so much that you loses your heart and spirit. He gives you frustration. His product is a waste. And equipment is a piece of crap from China. It will never pass inspections of your local food authorities. Order the machine first, try to yourself and then decide. DO NOT ORDER KIOSKS OR WHOLE SETUP IN THE BEGINNING. You will never get it. He never talks to the point like a business man. He is a One man Show with lots of personal and psychic problems. what kind of a franchise is this with “Zero” employees. No support. Basically ” not worth it”. Fraud person. Go and google its RIP OFF reports too

  • Kindly note that both Brianna Farley and Lisa Barnes have nothing to do with Chipstix whatsoever. Just as Zeb Qureshi has written…Perfectly captured! Gary Barnes is a one man band and he uses people to get what he wants and does not give a hoot about the consequences. It is not fair to drag other people’s names down into his pool of mess.

  • I can whole heartedly agree with the comments above . Don’t deal with this self obsessed Conman , he thinks nothing of ruining peoples lives and living off others hard earned cash.

    Promises the world
    Takes your money
    Fails to deliver and fulfil orders
    Full of lies and deceit
    Poor quality product –

    Advice do not part with any of your money in advance !!! Don’t waste your time trying to take him to court as he does not own anything ! You will only be chasing your money.
    As for Lisa Barnes – I believe she had the best intentions but was simply Gary’s puppet

  • Sabina Nawak

    I have dealt with Gary Barnes from Chipstix and so did 2 of my business colleagues and this is what I / we have to say about him.
    When I searched Chipstix I was excited and wanted to ad this incredible brand to my line in the catering field. Then I personally met Gary. The passion he had when telling me about Chipstix and how he started was so surreal that I could not stop myself feeling drawn towards this man.
    He is quite honest and open about his life and this took me by surprize as well. I know there are many liars and cheats but if you meet Gary you will also feel the same as what I did and still today.
    Sure many people go through bad times and he is no exception at all. He was cheated by most of the very people he looked and cared for, so how can a man still be so king to others? I will seek revenge!!
    I have not met for a very long time a more kind hearted man as he is, he gave me extra stocks free of charge and I am NOT writing this because of the free stocks. I feel someone should be truthful about him.

    Stories he is a single running business man is also true and then looking at what he created with Chipstix and to do this singlehanded is pure genius. So you are welcome to give me a call and I can tell you more great things of a great guy. I am waiting for him to reach for the stars with Chipstix. Everyone I sell I am still in awe to what Gary Barnes created……so Gary you are my Chipstix man!

  • Rosie leal

    This man is a conman!!! He and Lisa Barnes sold me a fryer for $800.00 and promised delivery in 6 weeks. This was three years ago. After he took my money I never heard from him again. He never returned my calls, texts, or emails. They never intended to send me a fryer. They only intended to steal my hard earned money. Do yourself a favor, don’t give this man a single penny. They will steal your money like they stole mine and not give it a second thought. I am a single mother of two and my mother is 70 years old. Gary Barnes and Lisa Barnes promised us a fryer for $800.00 and never delivered. There intend was to rob two helpless individuals right from the start. I don’t know how anyone can say anything positive about these two thieves.

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