7-ELEVEN: Petition for Joe DePinto to RETURN the Patel’s Franchise…Or PAY THEM for IT

7-Eleven, Inc. allegedly seized the franchise store that took Dilip & Saroj Patel 19 years to build.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) Please leave a comment below urging 7-Eleven CEO Joe DePinto to either give the Patels back their store, or pay them what it’s worth!

When we receive enough comments, we will send this petition to Mr. DePinto via registered mail.

Not familiar with the Patel’s struggle to get their 7-Eleven franchise store back?

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Or watch this short video:


Unhappy FranchiseeJoseph M. DePinto

President and Chief Executive Officer

7-Eleven, Inc.

One Arts Plaza

1722 Routh St., Suite 1000

Dallas, TX 75201

Dear Mr. DePinto:

It is our understanding that on December 4, 2013, the “loss-prevention” team of 7-Eleven, Inc. bullied, threatened and coerced 19-year franchisees Dilip & Saroj Patel into relinquishing their 7-Eleven franchise without receiving compensation, written proof of the allegations made, or the opportunity to appeal.

We don’t know how things work in 7-Eleven’s home country of Japan, but in the United States of America we believe in the doctrine of “Innocent until Proven Guilty.”

We believe that those being accused of criminal wrongdoing have a right to examine and refute alleged evidence against them.

And we do not believe that a family business that took 19 years of investment and hard work to build should be taken away in an instant by a corporate bully – just because it has the power to do so.

Mr. DePinto, we the undersigned urge you and 7-Eleven, Inc. to do the right thing, and to reinstate the Patel family as the franchisees of their Riverside, CA franchise until such time as you present them with irrefutable evidence of the fraud you claim they committed, and give them a fair hearing to present their side of the story.

If you no longer wish to have the Patel family as 7-Eleven franchisees, we ask that you provide them with fair compensation for the value of their franchise, or give them ample opportunity to resell their franchise to a third-party.

We understand that 7-Eleven, Inc. has the massive financial power of one of the world’s largest corporations behind it.

However, you should understand that Americans value law-abiding, hardworking small business owners as much as we detest corporate bullies.

WE have the power to speak out against the unfair treatment of the Patels and others like them, and to spend our money with retailers who demonstrate ethical business practices.


The Customers of 7-Eleven


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28 thoughts on “7-ELEVEN: Petition for Joe DePinto to RETURN the Patel’s Franchise…Or PAY THEM for IT

  • Guest

    Joe Depinto, SEI is not God and therefore is not above making mistakes. You shouldn’t go around stealing peoples businesses, hopes and dreams and accusing them of terrible things unless you give them a chance to examine the evidence and tell their side of events.

    Do the right thing by the Patels before this comes back and bites 7-11 big time.

  • Christina Hirales

    Mr. Depinto,

    We have lived in Riverside area near the Patel’s 7-11 for over 20 years. I did not frequent 7-11 until I began to build a relationship with the Patel’s and observe first hand their dedication and work ethic. I can say they and their employees were very welcoming, professional and helpful…always. I was curious to know why the store changed hands but became angered at what was being portrayed as truth. We have lost member of our community that was loved by school, law enforcement, local business owners and the community as a whole. I believe that 7-11 should provide restitution to this good family that have worked so hard to build a strong unsigned with an excellent reputation. I cannot support a business that implements these forms of dishonest business practices. The Patel family is one of honesty and integrity. Our neighborhood will not support 7-11 under such circumstances. Return the store or compensate them fairly.

  • Kaci Massie

    The Patels are amazing people and very hard workers…My kids attend the school across the street from their store(yes THEIR store) they are always so generous with the kids but not just with a slurpee but with their time …they know my whole family by name I would say their know most of the school by name, every time i go there they ask my kids how there grades are, how their reading scores are doing …they ask my son how baseball is…these are not just business owners, these are amazing members of our community. Whatever it is that 7/11 says these amazing people did is crazy and without a chance to defend themselves ridiculous…7/11 you should be ashamed of yourselves for doing this to amazing hard working families Our community will suffer without them a part of it, this breaks my heart that big business thinks they can just have their way with small owners that have put their whole lives into building a business and a wonderful reputation.

  • Bob Barden

    If an explanation is not forthcoming, I will let my feet and wallet do my talking. I will encourage my friends, people I meet, and my business associates to do the same.

  • Debbie Fenn

    What 7-11 did to the Patel family is tragic and appears to be totally unjustified, with allegations that have not been proven, and the Patel’s were not given a chance to tell their side. This is bullying at its finest. Please do the right thigh, and either return the store or give them fair compensation.

  • Courtney

    Wrong… 7-11 is lame for doing this.

  • Rob Skaggs

    These are good people who treated their franchise with care for almost two decades. Let’s do right by them. Return the store or provide compensation.

  • jennifer minor

    I agree completely. I will never shop in that 7 11unless this is settled in the right and fairest way. The Patel’s have my support.

  • Amber Eliason

    I can’t believe long-time franchisees were treated this way. Since hearing about this, I can’t bring myself to step inside of a 7-11. The Patels are great people, I hope that 7-11 does the right thing here!

  • Jennifer mora

    This has been a staple in our neighborhood for years! I own my own day care and I have shared story with all my clients including city employees and parents who were frequenting the store. Until the store is given back or they are given restitution none of us will be frequenting the store.

  • Gretchen D.

    This is such sad news to hear, for the Patel family and for the Riverside community. For what a large corporation 7-11 is, it is heartbreaking to hear that this family who dedicated their lives to this community, are receiving NOTHING. Myself, nor my friends and family will shop any 7-11 until this issue is fairly resolved. Lots of love and prayers to the Patel family!

  • Mike Innes

    At the very least provide fair compensation. Better would let the Patels continue to own and operate the store

  • Thomas Guttenberg

    This unchecked aggression will not stand!

  • Shauna Holmes

    I’ve been a frequent patron of this 7 11 for as long as I can remember. The Patel family is a wonderful part of Riverside. I’ve stopped shopping at 711 all together and spread the word. I will continue to do so. Corporate greed is a horrendous and rampant thing in our society today. As a small business owner in Riverside I will continue to boycott this location and this franchise until it is returned or compensation as paid. Im appalled at these practices and 711 should be ashamed of themselves. The Patel family was a part of my daily life and we miss them dearly. Fight on guys. Riverside is behind you!

  • Harry Patel

    The Patels are hard working and very helpful people. We know them for last 35 plus years and they deserve a fair trial. What 7-11 did is just not right. 7-11 should remember – injustice done comes back in some form. I hope they realize their mistake especially in this case and reconsider their takeover of this store and DO THE RIGHT THING.

  • Rachel Clark

    Be good people! Karma lives – good or bad.

  • Chad Fotheringham

    My name is chad Fotheringham and I have been shopping at 7-11 from the time I could buy individually wrapped pieces of candy for a penny. I now have 6 kids and we USED to enjoy getting slurpees and snacks and hot dogs and my wife’s diet cokes and anything else we could buy before going to the beach in our hometown of San Clemente ca. Neither
    I nor my family will be shopping or frequenting 7-11 anymore until the Patel family gets their store back. I have also been telling all my friends family, and colleagues at work (I employ over 300 people at my business) to not shop at 7-11 any more. Bad business comes back to get you. If you don’t make this wrong right you will continue to lose customers for your stores.

  • If your company wants to take over a franchise then pay for it…pay the legitimate price for it don’t steal it through unethical legal maneuvering!

  • Falcon


    I think that this matter should be sent to Mr. President Obama and his government also. The US government should take a look how the private company(7-11) is doing in the US market. It will be VERY INTERESTING.

  • Christine

    How do you people sleep at night. The Patels have spent a good portion of their life building that store and we all grew up knowing it was a safe place to go. Give them back their store. I for one will NEVER step foot into a 7 Eleven again and will urge my friends and family to do the same. Greed has never helped anyone it in the end will destroy you and your company.

  • Anynymous FZ

    Folks, please speak your mind freely on this issue. Your voice will help other franchisees being targeted by 7-11. This corporate greed has gone too far. The Patel case happened to catch the spotlight only with the community’s involvement. We know of many such cases where the franchisee(s) lost their livelihood overnight!!

    Thanks for the support! Go Riverside!!

  • Janine McConnell

    It has been my privilege to know the Patels for many years now. I teach at the school across the street from their 7-11 store. The relationship established between these fine community members and our students was beneficial to all. The Patels encouraged our students to keep working hard in school, and our students would often write thank you letters for their kindness. Many students learned to count coins out while the Patels patiently helped them. Our students learned manners and real life skills. I have not set foot in a 7-11 since I heard of this months ago. I will not do so again until the family is compensated or reinstated as owners.

  • Maneesh

    This is very wrong for Corporate 711 to do to their franchisee.
    Corporate America is pure GREED as is evidenced by this

    DO RIGHT by the franchisee

  • Annonymous

    This is pure greed at best.
    How is it possible that corporate 711 can just kick a 19 year franchisee out like that?
    This is America. I did not think this could happen in our countty.

    Folks, talk with your wallets. Stop shopping at this 711and let the manager know why

  • John

    I had been shopping at that store for a while now. The Patels were always nice and friendly to me, going out of their way at times.

    I have not gone back to the store ever since the Patels were unfairly made to leave
    against ther will.

    I hope everyone around does the same

  • Brijesh

    7eleven in so GREEDY for money. I cant believe that.

  • How long does it take to remember Pearl Harbor.Folkes ,you defeat an arrogant godless nation,rebuild them to modern standards and see what happens? Should have been less.Much less. Live and mabe learn?

  • Our family will not return unless patels are compensated

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