7-ELEVEN Franchise Owner Claims Franchisees Are Being Bullied

7-Eleven franchisees are gathering this week in Las Vegas this week for the 38th National Coalition Of Associations Of 7-Eleven Franchisees (NCASEF) Convention.

Some 7-Eleven franchisees have expressed their frustration that 7-Eleven Inc. has apparently been purging the system of outspoken franchisee leaders, such as Tariq Khan and Karamjeet Sodhi, and installed corporate “ass kissers” who will do the bidding of the Japanese owners, Seven and I Holding Co.

One franchisee, posting as “Krishna,” claims that 7-Eleven has intentionally created an atmosphere in which the docile Indian & Pakistani franchisees are afraid that if they stand up for their rights, they will have their stores taken from them.

While many do not go so far as to say Khan and Sodhi were angels and fault-free, they believe that 7-Eleven sent them the message that if they can take down the successful and influential franchisee leaders, they can do it to any franchisee, at any time.

Here are comments from Krishna posted today.  Please share your views with a comment below.

“Corrupt company gangsters who bully their franchisees” – 7-11 Franchisee Krishna

I am franchisee. Tariq khan was chairman of national coalition of franchisee association and Sodhi is FOA president.

It’s not co-incidence [that 7-Eleven recently terminated both and attempted to seize their stores].

SEI is after any one who is a spokeman for franchisee spokesperson.

Indian Pakistani franchisee are the people who don’t stand up for there rights. All franchisee fear SEI will take their store back.

Some FOA presidents are ass kisser. 7-11 choose National business council from franchisee community. All ass kisser get selected in that committee so no feed back is heard from franchisee.

Any one will speak against 7-11 will lose the store.

7-11 is having there trade show. They forced all franchisee to attend in Vegas. They collected millions of dollars from vendors. (any vendor who refused to attend the show, was threatened that they won’t be approved vendor any more)

Those million of dollars they collected,because of franchisee. That amount shouldn’t be splitted with franchisee ?

There are more than 2000 people ex franchisee filed bankruptcy due to 7-11.

The truck driver who got free 7-11 from CEO said in his interview lately, he was better off driving truck. Now he makes less than he use to make and work 30 more hours in 7-11

There is USA top ice creme company, who refused to deal with 7-11 because they refuse to give kick back to get approved vendor status.

Most corrupt company-gangsters- company who bully their franchisee’s. Almighty is watching. He will send an angel soon so we will get JUSTICE.

“God save use from these blood sucker Japanese.”  – 7-11 Franchisee Krishna

SEI wants to take more and more. They terminated their employees and made those same employees as a independent contractor. They charge that amount to franchisee’s.

ex :when you use to convert your store to corporation name, it use to cost 3000 to 4000 dollars. Now it’s 7000 to 8000, because they gave this job to private contractors.

Same sale amount we use to sell last years, will get more gross profit than this time.

Maintenance charges gone up 40% but SEi don’t care, it’s coming from franchisee profit.

God will save use from these blood sucker Japanese.


How legal is the following ?

When we sign a contract, SEi can change the contract any time without letting you know.

Amend it ..


There are 2 states which has a law to protect the franchisee and guess what ?

7-11 is not in those states.

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3 thoughts on “7-ELEVEN Franchise Owner Claims Franchisees Are Being Bullied

  • Franchise Faux

    This had to be the stupidest areticle I’ve ever read. I say “stupidest” on the basis that “Krishna” sounds like a complete moron. If you’re a professional business owner making millions of dollars it’s probably best that you at least use appropriate language in pleasing your case. Instead of saying things like “ass kissers”. What does that even mean? Define “ass kissers” please.

    Furthermore, I did not see a single example in your article where you demonstrated any knowledge of the 711 business system or accepted practices nor did you name specific characters on the corporate side that are actually the cause of your grief which leads me to believe you don’t have any idea of what your talking about.

    Lastly, if 711 is as bad as you claim and they are the evil company you claim they are. Why haven’t you sold your business? Why hasn’t the truck driver sold his business and gone back to driving a truck? You want to know why? You’re just as greedy as you claim the “Japanese blood suckers” to be and you’ve gotten used to a lifestyle that you don’t want leave where you make pleanty of money yet you complain about pennies that make no sense.

    My final thoguht is this. Stop wasting your slapping the hand that feeds you, go back into your store and figure out a way to make more money to take a writing class so you can come back with a bit more evidence than these false claims.

  • Larry Linguist

    My dear Mr./Ms. Faux,
    Obviously, English is a second language for Krishna for you it is not. Your tirade is full of misspelled words, poor grammer and syntax.
    Also, it is apparent that your tenure, if any, as a franchisee is limited. Had you been around awhile you would have felt first hand, loss of gasoline income, graduated split and shifting of CC expenses to FZ. Further, the day to day interferance by SEI in the minute details of store operations is ridiculous. Finally, if you knew the extent that SEI SKIMS profit off your purchases you would be leading the charge on OAP. I was at a meeting several yrs ago when Massa Asakura stated that franchisees.make TOO MUCH MONEY….ever since our net income has declined, by DESIGN!

  • jumanji

    I totally agree with your comment. If your English is not competent that doesnot make you less susceptible to corporate encroachment . Secondly his lack of command on English is no parameter to guage his aptitude as a business owner. This very belittling comment by this allegedly scholarly gentleman shows his lack of compassion and total disregard and understanding of issues on hand in this day and time. I am sorry but looks like he does not have a clue about this draconian company that will not waste a second to snatch last piece of bread you may be saving for your kids. This company has no morals , no values , no underlying philosophy , no compassion , no sympathy or foremost no loyalty to anyone. One single penny can change its allegiance. Over the course of so many years it has perfected a system that thrives not as an entity but as a most independent parasite. All the franchisees,, vendors and customers are it’s host. Don’t believe it ..look at your pockets….

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