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U-SAVE FRANCHISE, Brad Kjar Earn Double Pinocchio Award

U-Save Franchise, Franchise Services of North America and U-Save Director of Operations Brad Kjar have been awarded an unprecedented 11-Inch Pinocchio Award for outstanding achievement in the field of honesty and ethics avoidance.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  We are proud to announce the awarding of an unprecedented 11-Inch Pinocchio Award for the outstanding work of U-Save Director of Operations Brad Kjar.

Mr. Kjar’s award winning email was sent in response to a blog post entitled:

U-SAVE Franchise Complaints

Mr. Kjar, as well as other members of the management team of Franchise Services of North America, Inc. were invited to address the complaints and concerns about their troubled company in an honest and open manner.

Mr. Kjar communicated with the owner of Unhappy Franchisee website only after the post was published, and stated that he would like to respond but would have to get permission from the FSNA legal department.

Most companies beset with lawsuits, franchise failures and accusations of dishonesty on a grand scale might think that circulating blatantly false and easily disproven statements about a brash website might be ill-advised.

But not Brad Kjar and the higher-ups who gave him the go ahead to send this Pinocchio-award-winning masterpiece to U-Save franchisees and the FSNA executive team:



1)  For supplying us with unhappy franchisees:  One Pinoccio Inch Awarded to U-Save Auto & Truck Rental

Brad Kjar wrote that UnhappyFranchisee.Com is  “…a place for businessmen and businesswomen who are unsuccessful to moan and groan and blame their failures on someone else.”

Mr. Kjar is correct.  That’s exactly what our site is all about.  And we appreciate all of the traffic and commenters that franchisors like U-Save and Franchise Services of North America Inc. continue to provide.


U-Save Car Rental2)  For the false statement that we own BestFran.Com:  One Pinoccio Inch Awarded to Brad Kjar

Brad Kjar wrote: “I read the post concerning U-Save, as well as several of the reviews for other companies, and researched the owner of the website… Upon further research, the owner of the website also has another website:

One Pinocchio Inch Awarded.  Mr. Kjar earns one Pinocchio inch for falsely stating that the owner of UnhappyFranchisee.Com  owns (he doesn’t).


3)  For being too lazy to check to see if BestFran.Com exists:  One Pinocchio Inch Awarded to Carrie Kelly & the U-Save marketing & legal teams

One bonus Pinocchio inch goes to Director of Marketing Carrie Kelly and FSNA legal and management team for sending out a defamatory accusation to its franchisees and management without even bothering to check to see if the alleged website even exists.  Now that is laziness at its most inspiring!


4)  For multiple false statements of fact (defamation):  Three Pinocchio Inches Awarded to Operations Director Brad Kjar

U-Save Director of Operations Brad Kjar wrote to U-Save franchisees “ reached out to me last week unsolicited and offered their services to U-Save. I reviewed their website and proposal, but turned them down, and was not complimentary of their business model. It is interesting that there is a hit piece about U-Save one week after I turned them down, from the same person I turned down.”

Three Pinocchio Inches awarded to Mr. Kjar for his statements that:

  • “BestFran.Com reached out to me last week (BestFran.Com doesn’t appear to exist.  The url is registered to HugeDomains.Com)
  • “I reviewed their website and proposal, but turned them down…”  (Please share a copy of this proposal Mr. Kjar for special bonus inches!)
  • “It is interesting that there is a hit piece about U-Save one week after I turned them down, from the same person I turned down.”  (It will be even more interesting to see how Mr. Kjar backs up this defamatory allegation)

Brad Kjar5)  Five BONUS Pinocchio Inches to FSNA Inc. for hiring TrustPilot, a widely discredited fake review service, to boost U-Save’s Image

We are delighted to award five bonus Pinocchio inches to FSNA and U-Save marketing for hiring TrustPilot, and to Brad Kjar for describing it in his email like it is something to be proud of.

Brad Kjar wrote that the seemingly non-existent BestFran.Com “is a site that offers to assist companies with review generation, very similar to what we are implementing with Trustpilot, the marketing program we shared with you at our recent Regional Meetings.”

Bravo, U-Save!  Partnering with TrustPilot will do wonders for advancing the image of U-Save and  Franchise Services of North America Inc. as an honest and ethical corporation.

TrustPilot is maligned across the Internet for allowing, encouraging and possibly generating fake positive reviews for companies and suppressing legitimate, negative reviews.

TrustPilot gained international fame when a BBC reporter exposed their fake reviews, including one that used the picture and identity of a teenage girl named Ashley who had died in a car crash 7 years earlier.

The fake reviewer had lifted her picture from her memorial site.

According to Wikipedia:

Independent investigations have revealed that review websites such as Trustpilot’s have fake reviewing on an almost industrial scale…

The firm allows businesses to selectively display reviews about them, which may violate certain laws or regulations.

Trustpilot featured fake reviews for Bizzyloans, one of which depicted a picture of a woman who had died.

The fake reviewers often steal the identities of real people to falsely build up reviewed companies’ reputations.

Most of Trustpilot’s Bizzyloans reviews were fake, but Trustpilot deleted them after being brought to light by KwikChex, an online investigations company

Watch the BBC investigation of TrustPilot, which includes an interview with Ashley’s grieving father.

No doubt, Director of Operations Brad Kjar investigated TrustPilot with the same sophisticated research skills he used to UnhappyFranchisee.Com!

Congratulations to Brad Kjar, and U-Save and Franchise Services North America management team on their unprecedented 11-Inch Pinocchio Award!

Brad Kjar, Tom McDonnell, U-Save Holdings, Inc.,  Franchise Services of North America Inc. (FSNA):  All individuals and companies discussed on this site are invited to provide clarifications, corrections, rebuttals or other statements for publication and linking from the original content.  Email us at UnhappyFranchisee[at]  You may also participate in the comment section of any page. 





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