RED BULL VENDING: College Student Scammed?

College student Nic Bernhard thought he was making a solid investment in his future; however, his future allegedly involved digging out from under a vending scam from a trusted company:

I am one of the many that was scammed by Red Bull and CCA and can confirm that these reports are totally on the mark. I was a young college student at the time and was looking for vending opportunities with a reputable company.

I would not have felt so confident, but I knew Red Bull was a huge world wide corporation and a very popular drink. Of course, we all confirmed with Red Bull that Creative Concepts of America was their representative for vending machines. Red Bull sang their praises and the person I spoke with before finalizing my purchase of 10 machines, assured me that Red Bull Vending would prove to be a lucrative investment.

Like others, this turned into the biggest nightmare of my life and and I will continue to pay off a debt for many years to come due to the lies and misrepresentation of this multi-billion dollar corporation.

I’m amazed that people like this can continue to live and function knowing how many people’s lives have been destroyed due to their actions. Some day, hopefully soon, justice will be served.


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