RED BULL VENDING: Jennifer’s Story

Unhappy Franchisee Jennifer related her experience in a recent comment:

I fell for the Red Bull Scam too. We purchased the so-called “Red Bull Franchise” from Creative Concepts of America. There was a letter given to us from Red Bull North America to CCA confirming their relationship. We called RBNA and was told this was a good company and if we wanted machines to get them through CCA. This cemented the deal. Big name how could we go wrong.

With our purchase we were given protected territories, warranties, a theft and vandalism policy, and placement of our Red Bull vending machines in high traffic areas. Oh and lets not forget the money. Oh the money we were told we would make in this venture. My thoughts were this would be a great way to pay for the rest of my college expenses.

This whole business venture has been a joke. Who would ever think such a well-known company would ever allow this to happen.

The owner of Red Bull worth 4 billion dollars. Us Americans are out about 25 million. Red Bull needs to take responsibility for what has happened.



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