RED BULL: More Alleged Victims Seeing Red

Chris writes:

Well, Add me to the list of hard working folks that were scammed by Red Bull North America and CCA.

We called RBNA before we ever called CCA to make sure this was a legit offer. RBNA told us that this was the only way to purchase the Red Bull vending machines and that they would offer full support. RBNA gave us the name of the salemen at CCA, ED. Ed gave us the all the info that has been posted, references to call and the promise of secure territories.

Well, Like everyone else, this has turned into a scam not only by CCA but RBNA as well. The letter RBNA sent out, clearly stated they would offer support, product price and have the local distributors help with locations. As you know, the local distributors balked at this and won. The machines RBNA purchased back from you, went to the distributors and placed right away in good locations. Locations that we were promissed. For those that sold the machines back, funded RBNA’s vending program. Machines that cost us $3K-$4K each cost RBNA $1k to $1.5K. We lost and RBNA is walking away clean free.

We need to call 60minutes, Anderson Cooper 360 or something to get this into the publics eye.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease….

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2 thoughts on “RED BULL: More Alleged Victims Seeing Red

  • August 12, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Chris, as with you everyone called Red Bull to see if this was legit. And Red Bull said “Yes this is legitimate, call CCA for your machines.” Guess Mateschitz needed the money to add to the 4.0 billion he already has.

    Why don’t you step up Mateschitz and take care of the unsuspecting Americans that were scammed by this entire deal?

  • August 12, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Our friend used his teacher retirement to buy the RED BULL vending machines and they didn’t make the money they were told they would, so he “sold” them back and this other company disappeared.
    Look at and search Red Bull to see some of the stories..

    Red Bull should compnesate them for their losses.

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