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MAKE & TAKE GOURMET: Bellsos Closing Company Store, Blame Economy has the story of the Michele and Dave Bellso’s announcement that they’re closing the Make & Take Gourmet company owned Fayetteville store. (Read: “Leading” Meal Assembly Franchisor Make & Take Gourmet Closing Company Store)

When the franchisees closed their stores, it was their unrealistic expectations (greed) and failure to “evolve” that was to blame. When the Bellso’s store closes, it’s due to a number of external factors beyond their control.

Dave Bellso blames the closure on a “troubling convergence of circumstances” that include, in his words:

* “We had good customers out there, just not enough of them.”
* “We just don’t have the business out there,”
* “consumers habits have changed so much in the past three or four months.”
* “Summer months… are typically slow in this business.”
* “…Expenses were way too high out there.”
* “…we had that lease, they wouldn’t change…”


2 thoughts on “MAKE & TAKE GOURMET: Bellsos Closing Company Store, Blame Economy

  • David Bellso was also quoted in the Syracuse paper complaining about property taxes on his $365,000 house which, incidentally, is on the market:
    “‘It’s absolutely crazy,’ said David Bellso, who owns the house at [deleted] Loomis and has it listed on the real estate market for $365,000. “I think assessments here are out of hand, and the town hasn’t done a good enough job over the years of keeping up with them. The entire town needs to reassessed.’”

  • Just my lowly opinion, but
    Well, Well. I think you could have pushed me over with a feather on this one!
    NEVER saw it coming.
    However, it’s certainly expected and typical that everything under the sun and circumstances beyond their expert Meal Assembly control are the reason for the store closure. Ofcourse not one mention of a faulty concept or that they were merely “following the leader” right off the perverbial cliff was there on this one?
    Another HUGE surprise there.
    What typical drivele from the “expert Zors” in this industry! I’m having a real hard time working up a lot of sympathy for his problems selling his home.
    What a piece of work

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