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MAIDPRO Franchise Complaints

MaidPro Franchise Complaints include lack of support, outrageous fees, indifferent management, and franchisee failures,

Are you familiar with the MaidPro franchise opportunity? Please share your opinion and experience – good or bad – with a comment below.

MaidProAccording to the MaidPro franchise website:  “MaidPro provides franchisees with a low-risk, high reward cleaning service business opportunity…

Here are just a few things we provide to franchisees to set them up for a flourishing business future (click the below to expand):

“Becoming a MaidPro franchisee gives you the power to take control of your financial future while providing a valuable service to your residential community. MaidPro is, by far, the most franchisee friendly, technologically advanced, operationally efficient and marketing driven franchisor in cleaning…

“As part of MaidPro and a home cleaning franchise, you maintain control over your life – you are your own boss and you maintain your own hours. Additionally, since you are not selling or creating a product, a home cleaning franchise is one of the lowest cost businesses you can open today!

“With low costs to begin your business, a path to profitability is at your fingertips.”

“Maidpro franchise is rip-off!!” commenter claims

However, at least one commenter warns would-be franchisees not to buy a MaidPro franchise:

Maidpro franchise is rip-off!! I lost $140,000 within 6 months which includes $40,000 in bills!!

Richard Sparacio, one of the co-founders of MaidPro, promised me the world, I almost ended up losing my home and everything I own.

And his partner Mark Kushinsky, never bother to help me at all when things were falling apart.

They had assigned Ryan Rabideau, the so called business consultant that had never even owned a business before, was never available to answer the phone, nor would return any of my calls. Even after being able to get a hold of him, he did not have any solutions for me nor could come up with any ideas to help me grow the business.

Just to give you an Idea; it took them almost 3 months to do a market analysis that was supposed to be done within a week as promised by Richard and Ryan. In the mean time I had to pay outrageous franchise fees and all other bills, such as rent, workers comp, payroll, etc out of my savings. Then they even tried to charge me a $5,000 transfer fee when I had transferred all my assets to one of their existing franchisees.

This was the worst investment I have ever made; MaidPro made me promises that end it up being disappointments. It took me years to save all the money I have invested in Maid Pro.

My word of advice is: don’t buy the MaidPro franchise, I guarantee you that you will not make any money with MaidPro and will end up losing all the money you invested or even more; you will have a better chance on making money in a casino than investing on Maid pro or even your savings account.



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9 thoughts on “MAIDPRO Franchise Complaints

  • Bryan Smith

    Franchises like all businesses are not a sure bet. I own two MaidPro fanchises and I know several other successful franchisees. I have had a different experience altogether. I guess I never expected Mark and Richard to do more than support the business as I knew that the ultimate success depended on me. Mark and Richard are genuinely good men and if you read above it sounds like the $5000.00 franchise transfer fee was waved even though they could have enforced it. I truly feel like they are fair. A couple of times they could have been jerks and enforced certain items but showed mercy and have worked with me on fair solutions. I really think they want everyone to succeed and try to support their franchisees. It takes typically 2 years to get a franchise to break-even. Then once they become profitable they turn into cash cows. The model is not easy and not everyone can make it. Some just don’t have the ability to build any business. To lose 140k in 6 months is truly unfortunate. It is true that their is a lot of expense for the first couple of years. I don’t think that should be a surprise to anyone who has tried to start a business. 140k does sound like an amount much more than typical in just 6 though.

  • A franchise owner in the west..Byron

    Sorry about the 140 k loss. I own a franchise as well. Owning a cleaning business has got to be one of the toughest businesses to make good money at, anyone can make peanuts. You have to realize early on if it is the right business for you, if you have the mindset and most importantly if you can make enough money with the fees in your market. But just like investing in the market sometimes you win and alot of times you will lose. One thing I will say though is that Richard and mark are very involved in the business and I believe want to make everyone a success. Good luck going forward and i hope you make it all back and then some.

  • Anthony Claudio

    I feel for you loosing that much money in 6 months. I’ve owned a MP Franchise for one year but prior to owning it I did research on all the cleaning competitors and found for the money MP was the best. I had no obligation to buy cars, products or equipment from MP. I have not made money in my first year but I didn’t expect to be making money until a year and half. I have not invested one third of what you have in one year because I’ve been very cautious on spending. I’m sure if you went into this business with the competitors they would not guarantee success. Ryan was my first coach and he was very accessible. Richard is my coach now and even if tomorrow I lost everything invested I could not agree with you on his character. He cares about the owners and it is up to us to place the effort based on your market. Some have better customer base territory than others. Sorry you lost money but you got to sell it and have a right to your opinion. Say what you want but before MP I read people for a living and I believe that Richard and Mark care a lot more about the owners success than trying to make a buck.
    Good luck in the future .

  • David Wise

    I am considering a maid pro franchise, Can one really profit in this type business. I have 27 years experience managing a large work force, I am customer service oriented and pay attention to detail, Can one get going for 75k ?

  • Mark Sewell

    This report is really surprising to me. MaidPro was ranked #2 by Forbes as best franchise to buy with initial investment less than $150k

    I have been a MaidPro franchisee since 2007 and have a very different perspective. The reason we chose a MaidPro franchise was because we were impressed with the sincerity of the owners, Mark Kushinksy and Richard Sparacio and the positive energy of the entire team in the Boston head office. They are like a big family. During our 8 years of involvement with MaidPro I have not seen or heard anything to make me doubt their sincerity and integrity.

    However we could not have had a tougher start! We opened in April 2007 which coincided with the worst recession in living memory. MaidPro was very pro-active in helping us and other owners get through this very difficult time. Today we have a well established, profitable business with Monday thru Friday – 8am to 3pm hours, allowing us a great work/life balance.

    The facts are that most independant small business startups fail and most franchise start up business succeed. A franchise start up offers a proven model and provides ongoing support and increases your chances of being successful. It does not gaurantee success. There are literally thousands of variables and each owner is responsible for their own business.

    MaidPro has grown from having 69 franchisees when we opened in 2007 to nearly 200 this year (2015) and have been consistently ranked highly by independant surveys for years.

    Clearly the ex-franchisee’s business failed. But to claim that MaidPro is a rip off is quite frankly ridiculous.

  • Marquita

    I am employed for Maidpro and would like to speak to one of the founders as soon as possible this is very important please email me back

  • I joined MaidPro in 2008 and am still here. Residential cleaning is not an easy business but with the help and support of the MaidPro head office and hard work the business will work. Everyone does not make it in this business but it is not because of lack of support from Marc and Richard. A lot of things were told to us when we started and I thought that they were just blowing smoke. I still thought getting involved with them was worth it. So now 8 years later I am more of a fan than I was then. The service I receive to this day from head office is above and beyond anything expected. This company is great and the integrity of the head office team is above reproach. I recommend MaidPro to anyone that is looking for a low cost franchise.

  • Dustin Guessfeld

    OMG! I’m in aww after reading this. I’ve owned a MaidPro franchise since 2012 and this is the first time I’m seeing this. There’s know way you can have huge franchise fees if you don’t have much sales to begin with. The fees are a percentage of your performance, just like any other franchise.

    I feel your pain bro, I really do but all I can do is share my experience to let people know that what you said has not been my experience and far from it.

    I’m gonna keep it short and simple…..Ryan might not have past experience in owning a business, however Ryan knows his shit when it comes to the MaidPro model and business. Hes always been available when we I need him. He hasn’t been my business coach for over 3.5 years. Yet, when I need him he’s always and I mean always there. He’s been a huge part of my success and continues to be!

    Mark and Richard are genuine, down to earth, easy to talk to too, and some of the coolest laid back guys I know.. Mark, Richard, home office employees, and the rest of the franchisees are my wife and I second family. I started with a shoestring budget when I was 29 and if it wasn’t for the MaidPro family, we probably wouldn’t be where we are at today. We are the kind of people that need others to keep us motivated.

    I wish the best of luck to you in your future endeavors. God bless!

  • I am actually a maid that was hired by two new owners that bought THEIR franchise from another individual. Before the first owner sold the company, We WERE making great money, getting hours in and everyone was happy. Bills were getting paid, food on the table etc.

    When the new owners took over. Some of the maids left, and the rest of us stayed. After about three months, I started to notice that my hours were drastically being cut back form 35 hours a week to 26 and my checks were getting smaller and smaller. ALL the girls were complaining. and to make matters worse, we were only getting paid on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Girls were crying because bills aren’t getting paid etc. They would loan girls money then take half of their paychecks when payday came leaving the maids in WORSE condition than before.

    Well, ALL of the girls went to the owners asking for more hours, they told ALL of us that they could not give us anymore than 26 hours a week that IT was virtually impossible that business was slow. They kept messing up girls paychecks and taking money back, Girls were upset, then we started noticing that we were not receiving the proper mileage payback and that some of us have not been receiving our credit card tips from clients who we KNOW tip well. And we asked them about it, and they swore that no one was tipping. So I went to a client of mine and asked her and she stated that yes, she tips $90 a week and even showed me her bank statement. So, enraged I went to the owners WITH CLIENT in tow and raised concern about this, and they straight up lied to both of us about it .

    THESE TWO individuals did NOT buy into this Franchise to have a company grow and achieve greatness WITH their employees, NO! THEY ARE only in it to LINE THEIR pockets with OUR blood sweat and tears, and ROB US of what is rightfully ours. Shady business dealings in South Florida and they do it all with a smile. IS there ANY WAY to contact some one from the Corporate office of this Franchise to have them investigated?

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