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MAUI WOWI Franchise Complaints

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies franchise opportunity:  Are you considering it?

The Maui Wowi franchise website states: “From freedom of choice, to Aloha service, to awesome value, Maui Wowi Hawaiian hits the notes that are important to entrepreneurs seeking to gain control over their life [sic].  Maui Wowi Hawaiian gives you the freedom to have the business lifestyle you want to live and improve the quality of your life.”

However, data released by the Small Business Administration (SBA) indicates that Maui Wowi franchise owners who qualified for SBA-backed franchise loans have an shockingly high loan failure rate of 49%.

That qualifies Maui Wowi for inclusion in’s list of WORST FRANCHISES IN AMERICA (by SBA loan defaults)

Are you familiar with the Maui Wowi franchise opportunity? If so, please share your experience, opinions or insights with a comment below.

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Maui Wowi franchise owners have an alarming 49% SBA default rate.

The apparent drop in Maui Wowi franchises in recent years is also a franchise red flag.

Maui Wowi Franchise  
Maui Wowi U.S. franchises in 2008: 328
Maui Wowi U.S. franchises in 2011: 231
Growth in franchise units 2008 – 2011 (#) -97
Growth in franchise units 2008 – 2011 (%): -30%
SBA loans granted since 2001: 51
SBA loan failure rate: 49%
Sources: Entrepreneur (growth), company website (growth), Coleman report (SBA)  

The inability to repay an SBA-backed loan (or any franchise loan, for that matter) indicates a serious situation for the franchisee. 

It’s likely that Maui Wowi franchise owners who received SBA loans may have collateralized their franchise loan with their homes or other personal assets, and many were unable to repay those franchise loans… despite the serious incentive to do so.

Are you familiar with the Maui Wowi franchise opportunity?

What do you think accounts for the SBA loan failure rate of Maui Wowi franchise owners?

What steps should Maui Wowi be taking to stop further franchise failures?

Has Maui Wowi and founder Michael Haith taken serious action to address the problems that led to these loan failures?

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7 thoughts on “MAUI WOWI Franchise Complaints

  • They – Franchiser- have the talent to picture very nice their business, deceiving buyers, but reality is very far from that. After all the paint was used to complete the picture they want, the buyer – franchisee – is left on his own even thou they strongly advertise ” no experience necessary”, and “we’ll help”.If no satisfaction on their part regarding sells, they will terminate you invoking the agreement’s section 8.4, 10.1: failing to commence operation, even thou the fees were paid as per agreement and franchisee’s proof of struggling to promote their business -no advertise from franchiser as promised- and also proof of business operation. They also charge franchisee’s a fee between $16000-$19000 that suppose to cover ” for assisting you in locating a fixed location, providing turn-key services, including architectural designs up to $5000, on-site training, and for grand opening support “. There is no help for that, and when asked – as in my case – about refunding said amount because no services were provided, the answer is simplified to : IT IS NOT REFUNDABLE..!!??
    For all that think to associate themselves with this Franchiser I say : THIS IS ONE WAY BUSINESS MENTALITY, SO STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Leon Waddell, Jr.

    Maui Wowi was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life. They will promise you the world and never deliver. Product cost is astronomical! Territory is not protected, and we had another franchise operator competing for locations…absolute disaster!
    The joke around our house is that we have a $100,000 blender.
    If you are considering buying this franchise, do some homework.

  • I appreciate the input from those posted on this website. It is interesting that the franchise has various accommodation through Entrepreneur Magazine. Maybe it is not hard to make the 500 list.

  • I was, considering this franchise key note WAS.

  • …are there any successful Maui Wowi franchisee’s that might let us know the secret to your success?

  • Yes I run a very successful Maui Wowi Franchise. The key word is you have to “WORK” at it. First few years were hard but now I am doing just fine. There are several successful ones out there and again the key word if the work at it thing. There are some that come in and expect venues to come for them. That is not the case, you have to go out there and get them. The mobile part is the money maker not the stores unless you have to right location.

  • Sandro Steiner

    I agree! Also my wife and I run a successful Maui Wowi Business! In the beginning it is as hard as it could be! If you stay dedicated and work hard stay focused and look for venues then it will work out!
    You can’t expect to buy a franchise and and everything comes to you! That’s not the way it works! You have to work hard everyday!

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