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CELLAIRIS Franchise Complaints

Cellairis Franchise Complaints:  Are you familiar with the Cellairis franchise opportunity?

Please share your opinion and experience – good or bad – with a comment below.

CellairisCellairis franchise kiosks sell cell phone covers, chargers and other accessories, many manufactured by the company.

The company is reportedly expanding beyond kiosks to in-line stores that will also offer smartphone repairs.

Cellairis Franchise Costs & Investment

Total Investment: $36,810 – $375,000

Franchise Fee: $7,500 – $25,000

Ongoing Royalty Fee: Varies

Term of Franchise Agreement: 5-10 years, renewable

Required Net Worth: $150,000 – $300,000

Required Liquid Cash Available: $50,000

Cellairis has reportedly grown from 618 U.S. locations in 2012 to 639 U.S. franchise locations in 2013.

According to the Cellairis franchise marketing, the advantage of its franchise opportunity include:

    Proven concept – over 12 years in business.

Dramatic growth – closing in on 1,000 units in 2013.

Modest investment, with reasonable franchise fees and royalties.

No national franchise competition in the mobile accessory & phone repair specialty retail segment.

Very easy to operate, with low labor and product costs.
Clean, upscale retail environment.

Incredible corporate support, with in-house R&D and graphics team.

    Celebrity endorsements and partnerships.

Dual income streams – cell phone/tablet accessories AND phone repair.

Buying power of a major corporation aligning with warehouses all over the U.S.A.

Support system second to none, with experienced field support personnel and in-house customer service.

Turnkey business – be in operation within 30-90 days (interactive kiosk sites) and 90-150 days (full store experience).



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49 thoughts on “CELLAIRIS Franchise Complaints

  • please stay away from this company they are close to a mafia than a retail business just instead of guns they use law and attorneys, I have been scammed they took all my money & kick me out of the locations.and there is nothing I could do about it . i got a couple locations from them, they promise to help me if I need merchandise once I signed the contract the game totally changed and I was dealing with evil people. you might be lucking reading this because I wasn’t .
    once you sign and they get your money their next move will be finding default so as soon as they have an offer on your location they will kick you out like you never exist then good luck…..

  • I agree with you 1000%! stay away from this company. Norman email me if you want to join to do something about this unfair treatment from this franchise company at the moment i am contacting lawyers to see if their some form of class action law suits.

  • Hi guys,
    Absolutely true, they are truely mafia.
    I had 2 Cellairis carts, they force me to buy 2 Kiosks(I paid 50.000$ total) plus my rent went up from $3200.00 to $9000.00… Kiosks are piece of craps, they r literary trash. I have told Franchise president (JEFF NESINGER) to NOT forcing me for Kiosk coz of high rent. Unfortunatelly they didnt care, They destreyod my life, I have lost 100.000$ plus I lost all of my business….PLEASE NEVER EVER Believe in them and DO NOT PURCHASE cellairis items… Anyone could find SAME products for chaper price.There re tons of wholesalers selling same items much cheaper than these scammers. DO NOT WORK WITH CELLAIRIS.. That is all I can say!
    Have a blessed day

  • Gabriel Fabrega

    These people are definetely crooks. They don’t list prices on their POS kiosks and try to scam innocent people. For example my 10 year old daughter was with her grandma and they were in Fashion Mall in Las Vegas, they passed by the kiosk in front of Forever 21 and a guy tried to sell them a battery charger case for an iphone 5. After my mother in law agreed they guy (some arab midget with a beard) charged her 400 dollars!!!! This is a case made in China!!! So i went the next day to confront the guy but first i went as an interested customer and asked for the how much they sold the case and the guy tells me 79!!! So then i pulled out the one he sold my mother in law and asked him why he sold it to her for 400! The guy tells me, “yes it is 379!!!”. What a crook!!!! Please stay away from this place. They are common thieves!!!! And they do this to old ladies and 10 year olds. No scruples.



  • Tony Chambliss

    I recently had a phone repaired at Cellairis at the Mall of Georgia location and they damaged the phone and requested help from another mall vendor to repair and I had to pay both vendors. The Cellairis owner and manager have refused any form of resolution and the quality of their business services and relationship management is very poor.

  • Scott

    I used to have several locations with this company..I agree with you guys this company is a huge mafia. Stay away stay away and run..invest your money somewhere else..they take advantage of lots of middle easterns and people from india region..they force you to get into a big kiosk that is not worth what they charge you for.. they make money from the rent and their product is 3 times higher than what you can find…they will kick you out once they see your location is good and they make it their own…so save your life and your family and stay will become their slave….

  • Oh my God guys…I was about to purchase a franchise from these crooks very soon!!!Thank God for you guys!! I really feel bad and I hope those bastards never get to enjoy the money they took from you! Again, God bless all of you for writing these reviews.

  • 100% Agree. Not worth the investment. Lost a lot of money with them. I was paying $10000 for 2 kiosks in rent while other kiosks paid about $2000… True mafia.

  • I noticed that the number of franchises in US has dropped from 634 in 2013 to 517 in 2014. Anyone knows why?

  • Cellaris will be take out soon, cuz they are one of worst company ever! I got kicked out my deal with them, I was mad, but now I am glad I did got out of their bullshit deal, I got in with another company and turn around beat them up, now Cellaris is closing store daily! They will fail very soon! I think the way Cellaris structure is building on scam people, they have to flip stores to suck people in, now we know their game, it’s up to us to put them out of business! I will give 100% to them fail!
    Street talk is a good company if anyone interested of this kind of business! Flexible and they love to see Cellaris fall apart!

  • Cellairis is caring when they need you then stab you when your down. Offer help to sign forms so they dont get in trouble anymore for illegal activity and blame others for laws they broke. All good employee quitting because of illegal things they do. franchise fee royalty change all the time mark up on rent is bad plus they collect money for rent and dont pay mall and say they use to lower rent and when rent lower they wait months to give small discount if they do at all. hundreds of family’s hurt by these crooks that force you to buy overprice items. brands are good but not this one led by politicians that say things to get there way only.
    Then they con walmart to work with them even though all the lawsuits they have and more coming, no training and cant even run retail store themselves how can they teach someone to be successful.

  • You are all correct. This company needs to go

  • Never never never do business with this company. They have no idea what they are doing and they will set you up to fail.

  • Bought Cellairis franchise in December for 75K. As of today I have lost additional 40K. Rent at my location exceeds 9500.00 monthly.

    I agree Cellairis is a lousy company and franchise opportunities are bull shit. POS system they force you to use is useless, unable to track inventory.

    There should definitely be a class action suit against them brough by all the unfortunate franchisees that were misled and lost their money.

  • Rich,

    I’m in for a call action suit… Please email me [redacted]. These people are crooks and they are unprofessional jerks.

  • they gave me higher numbers and misled me to buy a store,after investing $50,000
    i could not make minimum wage after working more than 70 hours per week for the last 8 months.i realised they lied to me about the numbers this store is doing,i took money from credit cards to buy this store and struggling to pay minimum payments to credit cards,they clearly cheated me.

  • We don’t allow posting of personal information, including emails, in the comments sections. However, if franchisees or attorneys are organizing group action suits or want to exchange information with other commenters, you can email ADMIN in confidence at UnhappyFranchisee[at]

  • It looks to me like there were some franchisees who were not successful and decided to blame Cellairis for their failure. I wonder if they ran the business the way they were suppose to run it.

    Most likely they purchased and walked away thinking they could leave it in the hands of someone else to run.
    I have been selling businesses for over 15 years and it absolutely amazes me at how people will buy a business, not participate in the operation of the business, leave it in the hands of a less than capable person and then expect that to be sufficient to be successful.

    I took 30 minutes to compare the number of negative comments made about Cellairis to the negative comments posted about other franchises. What I see is very few negative posted about Cellairis in comparison to all the others franchises.

    I wonder if people really know just how ignorant they sound when they compare people to the mafia. They either do not have a clue who and what the mafia is or they need to start talking about where the bodies are buried, how they were forced under threat of bodily harm to them or their family if they did not do what the mafia made them do. I am sure that some folks have valid reasons for not doing well but when people post comments like those made about mafia etc then it diminishes every other comment on here. I would hope that people take the time to contact the attorney who was trolling. Question 1) did you work in your business 2) did you follow the model you purchased. NO and NO…click.

  • We used to have 3 locations with this company i totally agree with you guys this company is a huge big mafia. All i can say is stay away and save your money for invest somewhere else. they take advantage of lots of people .they force you to get into a big kiosk for 3 times more money what it worth force you to open more locations making money in rents, royalties and also force you to buy there expensive merchandise which you can find much cheaper from the other wholesalers. so actually they are making money from every where and you are losing money from every where. Give you one example before finish, i use to pay a rent for 2500$ a month for one cart when they took over they make the rent 500$, so they are just making money from rent then the royalty 5% and the expensive cases they force you to buy from them. plus they can kick you out any time make you lose all your investment, please save you self i lost more then 100000$ with them. have a nice day

  • I was lured into the corporate structure of this company to help them take over failing franchise locations and run them corporately. It wasn’t long after I was hired that I realized I had made a HORRIBLE mistake in judgement that not only affected me and my well being but put my family’s well being at severe risk too. I was promised a business plan that was absolutely false. The ownership of this failing company told me that they wanted to improve their culture for the betterment of the company’s future and for the betterment of their franchisees. ALL 100% BULLSHIT. All the owners want to do is churn and burn their franchisees with absolute disregard and no support. I witnessed first hand the corrupt and underhanded business tactics that have been referred to by the many posts on this site and they are 100% factual. Don’t walk away from this dismal franchise system…RUN…RUN as fast as you can and never look back. Here is a perfect example of the ownerships lack of business accumen…I sent an email out to a group of about 50 franchisees without blind copying the group. I was told that I put the company at a huge risk because the franchisees now had the email addresses of each other and they could now communicate. Why would you not want your business owners to communicate with each other unless you had something to hide?

  • These people are extreme crooks Pls stay away from them

  • jos smith


  • Confused

    I am confused by Jay and his or her comments about Cellairis as they are probably one of the owners or lawyers for Cellairis. Mafia may be used as a modern term to relate to a bully that takes money from you and leaves you little choice or chance to defend yourself. Cellairis or specifically the three owners bully people after they kindly con, lie, and sweet talk them into buying into the business.
    There is no system to follow and none is provided. Training is typically done by failed franchisees that now work at coporate. Cellairis will blame current owner for you to buy store then soon enough blame you for also failing when they sell your store behind your back. they know you will fail from the start as they have also failed. the agreement says it can be absantee run business but Jay says maybe you have to sit in store all day every day. smartest con artist ever and should have a store on american greed. thousnads more complaints but people afraid to talk

  • Cellairis’ laywer’s name is Jason.. So, I’m assuming he wrote that post.

    Really reconsider when looking at this “opportunity”. They will contract you to buy inventory from them, when you can clearly get the same thing elsewhere for cheaper. They basically use franchisee’s to test a market, and if its successful, they will take the market over and basically drive their franchisee out of business.

    You would have more luck working with school children.

  • Insider

    I work at one of the new Cellairis repair shops in Orlando. They are losing hand over fist… Don’t even think about it. Just keep searching for another franchise opportunity. If you do invest, don’t cry over it when you lose all your money. You have been warned .

  • Wow. This is ludacris. I almost bought 3 or 4 locations back in december of 2014. I am glad i did something else.

  • Thank you for the information

  • Do not ever buy from these people particularly the store in Katy Mills mall in Katy, TX. It is run by what appear to be some ISIS rejects. I bought, actually settled for a phone case from them. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I needed a case really bad and just took it. Within 5 minutes, the case had broken so I went back to return it. They refused a refund saying I could exchange it but no refunds. Even though I had just purchased it 5 minutes before, had the receipt and they didn’t have anything I would exchange for. Anyway, I got into an argument with the fat woman there to no avail. I simply disputed the charge with AMEX and took care of it that way but I will never buy their crappy merchandise again and I recommend nobody else does either.

  • Sorry to hear this terrible stories. Does anybody has a kiosk for sale? thanks

  • don’t go to cellaris in Mankato MN, it is overpriced garbage and it’s run by an abusive man who beat one of my friends while they were dating. I actually plan on calling his supervisor because he made a scene while another of my friends was buying a phone case from the stall, said he’d call security and have us both banned because supposedly she was the one making a scene when both of us were just standing there having an innocent conversation, please don’t give this company anymore of your money.

  • While I was a kiosk owner in Katy Mills Mall ( Katy- Tx) I had the opportunity to see and hear Cellairis kiosk employees talk very trashy talk about USA. I also know for a fact that this company has been hiring illegal immigrants for a while, paying them under the table. ( not paying or taking income taxes) I also heard them talk about supporting Islamic radical groups with money. I think this company takes money from USA citizens, to help strengthen the terrorism overseas. Our government should take a closer look at them, all the telecommunications businesses owned by Muselims, they should be investigated as well as the people they employ. I know for a fact the women that worked at that Kiosk were scamming the government, by using false identification to collect benefits and were paid under the table since the were not legal to work. I might be taking a chance in saying all this, but I have a feeling that what I suspect is true.

  • david yilmaz

    first and foremost. i know a lot of friends that bought Cellariris Franchise and they did lose a lot of money.. The Cellariris location in Tysons Corner Mall is the worst that owner has screwed a lot of people i know that worked for this Owner Harmeet Taneja not only hires 98% of the employyess that are there are all on Student Visas that are not allowed to work and he evades taxes by paying cash..

    Street Talk on the other hand is a very good company. David Ferber Has done an excellent job in processing owners that are respectfull and successfull.

    Another Cellaris Franchise owners are Erdal Akkas and Emrah Akkas they are doing so many illegal things with ALL THERE Cellaris Franchises that they own

  • Thomas Jacobs

    I have 2 sets of friends that have bought into this franchise. Both are honest, hardworking couples and they run their stores day to day. I’m willing to bet at least some of the folks here bought in and thought they would have very little “work” to do. Let’s face it, a lot of people “buy” their jobs that get into franchises. It’s why so many fail.

    Having said that, the folks I’m talking about have put their blood, sweat and tears into Cellairis and for all of it, have seen absolutely no return. In fact both have lost more than they will ever get back. As an attorney, I had a colleague look over their contract. (just one of the two but I would assume they’re both very similar) To say there were “concerns” would be the understatement of the decade. It’s apparent through the comments made here and seeing it first hand, the owners of Cellairis make money off of everything.

    After the first year, both of these couples had to buy a new kiosk for at least one of their locations. The kiosk pricing ranged from $40k to a whopping $55k. The kicker? Both kiosks seemed IDENTICAL. And both seemed to have serious flaws in construction and utility. I should state in fairness, I know nothing about this business. I am a corporate attorney but everything I’m stating here is not professional opinion. These are merely my observations after seeing 4 very dear friends struggle with the name.

    1- Kiosk “upgrade”- supposedly brought on by the owners of the mall however I have great information that is contrary to that notion. I believe from the comments here and the friends I have in this business that the kiosk upgrade is brought about through Cellairis as a way of making money quickly off of new ownership.

    2- Rent- Cellairis IS making money every time you pay rent. Judging from what I’ve seen, it’s a LOT more than a few hundred bucks per month. You might be surprised at how little of your rent is paid to the mall you’re in.

    3- No one knows the name “Cellairis”. In fact I found out through a simple asset search that the number of kiosks and in-lines, has been decreasing. At the percentage they make from YOUR money, there should be a much larger marketing benefit.

    4- Both of my friends have found vendors in their malls, selling the Cellairis brand. You can buy all of this online at a fraction of the cost.

    5- A great percentage of the money that you as an owner makes, come from the HUGE markup on cases. I’m guessing this is also why there just isn’t much marketing in place. If the name Cellairis ever became popular, it would likely be the end of the line for everyone in this business. Once people find out the true cost of their product and where it comes from? Word will spread faster than a wildfire that it’s all made in China and you can get their $50 top of the line “Rock Candy” (or whatever it’s called) case for about $4 online.

    6- My friends all thought the owners of this company were in it with them and I guess at the end of the day, that’s the greatest tragedy I see here. They’re making money off of you. They’re no particular “friend”.

    Anyone interested in becoming part of the Cellairis name, please vet the company and exercise strict due diligence. I’ve seen good people put all they’ve got into it and at the end of the day, they’ve nothing to show for it. They’re too distraught to even type this review.

  • Ali Jahan

    Stay away from Cellairis Franchise, you will loose your money. They are not honest and steal your money in different ways. I had a Cellairis franchise for almost 2 years, worked so hard day and night to establish the business, Cellairis collect my rent $5000 every month and did not pay rent to the Mall. I recently found out that the rent was only $1600, they charged me $5000 plus 800 royalty every month and did not pay mall rent for years. Finally mall sent a eviction notice and wanted us to leave the spot. I lost so much money and wasted my time establishing this business. Stay away from this franchise. Have any questions email me.

  • Tony

    Hello Ali Jahan,
    Can you please email me , I want to learn and discuss further with you in detail about Franchise opportunities .

  • Very Unsatisfied

    When I read these comments, it brings back horror stories. Cellairis is the most dishonest company I have ever been associated with. I was constantly lied to and asked to do unethical things. I even had one of the owners, Jamie Brown, change his name and accent on the phone when he called me one time. I’ve had another key employee call me at 1:00am drunk.

    These guys hit it big back around 2006 by accident but are way in over their heads now. They are very unprofessional, will mislead you and will change the rules midstream by making you pay more for rent and switch to a kiosk from a cart. They will force you out of your location and then will sell that location to someone else. Rinse and repeat.

  • orlando

    stay away from this company specially the one on 4444 west vine kissimmee fl 34746 inside walmart. female that works there very rude VERY RUDE and disrespectful. Also they offer Total protection program lifetime and is a scam. Liars. now the say only after 30 to 90 days.. But on the website is being offered lifetime…Scam rip off

  • george baker

    Cellairis is a true ponzy franchise scam out there. They are greedy, un professionals, un ethical and and enemies of their own franchisees. They have no concept of how to build a business relation and ethics. They are out there for a quick buck by screwing their franchisees enforcing a harsh contract and un ethical fees and fines in the agreements. It seems like the days of this franchise are doomed. Do not fall in their trap.
    It is a worst company to be associated with.

  • Unhappy

    Lost 125000 buying this what so called Franshise, you are lucky to read this comments please do someone else a favor and Warn him about this evil greedy bustards am just happy that they are going down and karma is getting them back. I will never forget a person named Marti Witch for dragging me to this vampires am glad he made some commission out of me losing hundred twenty five thousands Dolars from my hard earning money that took me 15 years to save.

  • Jill stoke

    Every word mentioned above in the reviews is vey true. Cellairis is a true mafia. They do no care about their franchisees they will skim you off of money from both ends. Jaime Brown owner is a thug. Their contract is brutal be careful to sign any dotted lines. This is a failed franchise because of their greed and hostility to their own franchisees.

  • Cellairis franchise salesman Andrew Zito was a big cheater.He lied with me for a location and I lost $14000.After that I contract with Jaime brown(the owner) big mother fucker he even didn’t help me. I wonder how come they sell the same already someone has lease??? Stay away from this bull sheet cumpnay..

  • This Could be the beginning of the end for this poorly operated franchise company. Another top management, me. Nesenger has quite his job and more are soon to follow. Not sure how this company got away with stealing from innocent people, venders, operators, employees for so many years. I had a meeting with those crooks last month, it was very clear that nobody seem to want to work there. We need to spread the word and prevent others from joining this mafia company.

  • Biggest crook ever.They took $30000 from me for 5 year renewal in Kenwood town center ,Cincinnati Ohio .After a year they sold my lease to another company.They didn’t pay rent to my mall more then 5 months even I paid Them full.
    So guys please don’t invest any money with them ever.

  • California Franchisee

    Stay far away from this mafia franchise company as all they do is lie, cheat, and steal from you.

    one of the owners jamie brown all he does is lie. I have a good relationship with my local mall management and have evidence showing the rent does not get paid even though I pay the corporate office on time each month and never late or bounce my payments. the mall drops off default notice to the store showing the rent wasn’t paid for months. so they are jeoporidizing my business and livelihood for what? to pay their employees, legal fees, or other non-rent related things. I’ve also heard this happen to other franchisees. I’m pretty sure this is illegal.

    I had a friend in the business where they sold the location from under him and kept all the money from the sale and basically kicked him to the curb. his entire investment was gone overnight. he was doing nothing wrong or nothing that any other store owner was doing.

    they have no morals and are completely unethical. from charging different franchise fees, royalties, upcharge in rent, product cost is ridiculous – you would think with 600+ stores they claim to have that would allow them to have great buying power allowing to get better prices than any other competitor out there but thats not the case. I can find the same products for cheaper, as a one-store owner, how does that make any sense?

    the training sucks, if you even get it, after paying a ton of money for it too. i don’t even know who to talk to in the corporate office anymore. many of the great employees they had are now gone. everyone is mean and all they do is demand it is never teamwork.

    i thought the reason to buy into a franchise system is mainly for the support since they are so big. there is ZERO support at cellairis. If i call in needing some help I basically get the run around, won’t hear from anyone for weeks, and never ever actually get any help or support from them. they say yeah let me look into it and will say the same thing every time i call in for an update. but if you happen to owe a little money, from a random inovice that suddenly appears, they’ll demand money or even will charge a credit card or take it from the bank account without authorization. i can never get invoices to back up the charges that ooccur.

    they call and try to have you take over a location the same night as long as you pay the money and guess what the person you are taking it from has no idea so you basically go in there like a bully to kick them out and take over there store – essentially stealing there fixutres, inventory, etc. they make you do all the dirty work. the agreements they yhave you sign is one-sided which says you can’t own another related business but guess what most of everyone with a cellairis store has other cellular stores of there own.

    i signed agreements without ever getting the fdd which is illegal. they pick and choose who they want to sue or threaten. if you have money they will come after you. i can go on and on and on. please stay away from this company as there main objective is to steal all your money, kick you out of your locations – rinse and repeat. they are in no way innovative or watching how the future of this concept will change over time.

    all they do is demand money and never help or support. do yourself a favor and call any other franchisee to get their input before buying into this shitty concept. you’ll be glad you listened to all of them i’m sure no one has anything good to say about this company.

  • Duped Franchisee

    This is the worst company to buy into!! If you want to loose your life savings then invest here. Looking to start a class action for bad business practices, fraud, breach of contract, etc. This list goes on and on. Also, they have recently started committing insurance fraud in the last 7 months. They are also laundering money through their business. If you guys think for a second that they are legitimately making money then think again!

    Lets take this company and demolish it! They have destroyed enough lives.

  • I am surprised this company is still in business. Jamie Brown the owner is a fraud and bully, they are out to there to cheat and undermine the hard working franchisees. The Cellairis corporate doesn’t care your success or failure, this company is a vampire out there to suck out last drop of blood from their Franchisees until they are failed.
    S T A Y A W A Y F R O M T H I S C O M P A N Y.
    And run away from them with your hard earned savings.

  • Concerned for others

    I had heard stories from other franchisees about being screwed over and figured they must have done something to make that happen. Fast forward a few years of paying rent, royalties, BS advertising fee, every month on time – now they stopped paying rent at my locations (while still collecting monthly rent from me) and let them go to another company without EVEN TELLING ME. These guys are truly sociopaths and pieces of shit – especially JAMIE BROWN


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