LATHROP & GAGE May File Stratus “Scumbag” Defamation Lawsuit

Lathrop & Gage attorney Matthew A. Jacober sent a stern warning letter to Jerry Wenger that if Wenger didn’t agree to stop calling his clients “scumbags” (and making other disparaging remarks about them and Stratus Building Solutions), that he’d file suit for “libel, slander, tortious interference with business expectancy and breach of contract.”

Jerry Wenger is a former employee of a former Stratus Building Solutions master franchisee in Indiana.

Wenger has been openly critical of both the Stratus franchise organization (which some have called a pyramid scheme: STRATUS Franchise Called “Pyramid Scheme” on FOX News), Stratus CEO Dennis Jarrett, and Stratus President Pete Frese.

In his letter (published here:  STRATUS Attorney: Stop Calling Dennis Jarrett & Pete Frese Scumbags!), Jacober took exception to an email allegedly sent by Wenger in which he stated ““there are still some very scummy people left in the master system, most definitely the largest scumbag of them all is still Dennis Jarrett and the second is Pete Frese.”

Jacober also accused Wenger of posting disparaging remarks about Stratus on LinkedIn (as himself) and UnhappyFranchisee.Com (as the mystery commenter “Reasoned Source”).  He pointed out that Wenger signed a non-disparagement agreement that forbids him from bad-mouthing Stratus, Jarrett & Frese.

Jacober wrote:  “This letter is your one and only warning.”

If Jacober’s threat was a bluff, Wenger called it.

Jerry Wenger fired back a defiant, unapologetic letter that states his belief that Jarrett, Frese and their associates at Stratus Building Solutions have deceived and harmed “hundreds if not thousands of families throughout the United States…”

Wenger’s response letter (posted in its entirety below), alleges that Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese & Stratus Franchising created and distributed deceptive Franchise Disclosure Documents and financial pro formas that misrepresented the company’s history, the business relationships of its related entities, and (assumedly) its financial strength and performance.

Will Stratus Initiate the “Scumbag” Defamation Lawsuit?

Dennis Jarrett Pete Frese

Wenger rebuffed Jacober’s request for him to zip his lip, warning him back: “Going up against me, would be nothing but a losing battle…”

Wenger may have a point.

While Lathrop & Gage might relish the opportunity to generate more billable hours while smiting a smart-ass detractor with far less financial and legal firepower than their client, the question remains:

Do Stratus CEO Dennis Jarrett & Prez Pete Frese REALLY want to initiate a lawsuit in which the central question may be whether or not they are “scumbags”?

To Unhappy Franchisee, it seems like Jarrett & Frese could invest a lot of money, time, and effort and end up with nothing but humiliation and loss.

You know… kind of like buying a janitorial franchise.


Jerry Wenger’s Threat Response Letter

October 30, 2013 Via: Certified Mail

Lathrop and Gage, LLP.

7701 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 500

Clayton, Missouri 63105

Attn: Mr. Matthew Jacober

Re: Response to your letter dated 10/25/13

Martinez, et. al v. Shamrock, Stratus Franchising, Kevin Spellacy, Jerry Wenger, Pamella Martinez

Dear Mr. Jacober:

Let me start this letter off by acknowledging obvious receipt of your letter as it did not arrive via certified mail as of the response date/time of my letter. Secondly, please be aware that letter as I felt was appropriate, was forwarded to Plaintiff’s counsel, your letter and my response letter will be placed in the court file and forwarded to Mr. Spellacy’s attorney of record as well.

Thank you for recognizing me as an “honorable man”, I have the same level of respect for you and Mr. McCauley and have recognized that in our previous dealings verbally and now in writing, You have an impossible task (in my opinion) at hand in the defense of Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett. Your clients however, do not deserve nor will they ever get that statement/feeling of respect from me, nor have they since December 2011. That is a date that I started checking their backgrounds, their past history with Coverall Pacific and/or Jan-Pro. As you are aware, I have been in the commercial cleaning industry for over 30 Years. I have numerous friends in this industry, many of whom quite frankly walk in higher and different circles than I do. Some of those friends include Ed Selkow and Ken Galo.

Your letter is extremely upsetting to me on a variety of levels, so please forgive some of the passion and emotion you are about to read, I understand you did this in your role as counsel for your clients Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese and Stratus Franchising, LLC. Just to be clear on that matter, for your clients to believe for a moment that I am solely or even majority responsible for their “fall from grace” is not only delusional but should further call into question their obvious mental state of affairs and lack of responsibility for what they have done and inability to “look in the mirror”.

Your clients “dye was cast” on or about 2003/2004, when they knowingly decided to put together a false FDD, a false Performa and begin a program of marketing/sales based upon those basic premises of lies and deception. Those lies were discovered and verified in various Lawsuits and avenues of discovery in the multiple cases that they now have against them personally and in a corporate sense in Missouri, Indiana, California and I believe in the coming month’s additional suits in California and Texas. Not that we need a “history lesson” but let’s briefly outline it:

a) False FDD was based upon not revealing the relationship between the previous Jan-Pro Branch, Simpatico, Pete Frese, Stratus Building Solutions.

b) False FDD in following years not only didn’t reveal the above (a) but didn’t reveal the relationship between some/all of those entities with Jarrett Realty, Affiliated Services, Nyco Chemical and others.

c) False Performa created with the assistance and full knowledge of Afshin Cangarlu a current Stratus Master in Los Angeles, California were presented throughout the United States as a Performa and presented by such esteemed colleagues of Stratus Franchising as Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton and Bill Blair. All of whom not only knew the truth behind the formation of Stratus Building Solutions and its past history, but knew without a doubt that the Performa used as part of “Validation” by numerous soon to be Masters was False and full of Fraudulent Information. Further “verbal” validation was done directly by Afshin Cangarlu, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Ken Cassiri, Jeff Aibel and others in return for “favors” handed out by Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese. Some of those “favors” included breaks on royalty fees, cash awards and other “one off” deals.

The harm that your clients have done is far reaching and has cost dearly in the lives of hundreds if not thousands of families throughout the United States and it ranges from Masters investing their Retirement and/or Life Savings down to the hundreds of Unit Franchisees some of whom I know personally, that in their own way/amount did the same.

I am not going to spend a whole lot more time in my response to this outrageous letter of warning from you and your clients on “history” anyone that wants to know has to look no further than the records of multiple lawsuits including Goldeneye v. Stratus Franchising et. al, the multiple past and current “Fortman Cases”, the letter of intent to sue in Texas, the letter of intent to sue in California and of course the “Indiana cases” which there are two. One in Civil Court proceedings and documents of record in Bankruptcy Court Proceedings of former Master, Kevin Spellacy.

Your letter to me also shows a sheer arrogance and in many ways disregard for Indiana and its Judicial System. You and Your clients are not pleased with the outcomes in various rulings that have not gone your clients way in both the civil court hearing nor in the Bankruptcy Hearings and it shows.

Your letter to me also talks about the disparagement agreement that I signed and let us not forget the reasons for me signing the agreement were quite simply as follows:

After months of attempting to “negotiate” a separation from Stratus Franchising (started in March 2012 and finally completed end of July 2012) Kevin Spellacy and his attorney’s Michael Alerding and Scott Krieder were on a conference call with Kevin when I was asked to come into Kevin’s office, an agreement of Separation had been reached and only one “sticking point” remained. It was the non-disparagement agreement that I eventually signed. Their direct words to me were as follows, “Jerry, Matt Jacober informed us that there will be no agreement, without your signature on a non-disparagement agreement”. “Now, we don’t represent you, we cannot ask you to sign, all we can tell you is the work done on Kevin’s behalf cannot move forward without it”. I read the agreement that Kevin had, I couldn’t sign it, I instructed them to remove or change several areas and make them as “grey” as possible. Upon those changes, I freely signed the document as I personally saw the need to get the “deal done” and move on, Kevin is a man of high morals and integrity despite what has been written in the lawsuit and on blogs. He simply couldn’t stomach being associated with Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett nor Stratus Franchising one more day than necessary. I knew Shamrock/Kevin didn’t have the finances to fight Lawsuits on two fronts (Martinez and Stratus Franchising), it proved that we didn’t have finances to fight a Single Lawsuit in the end. I couldn’t allow Kevin, the other employee’s, the area developer, the Unit Franchisees and their respective families to be harmed because of this document not being signed by me. Kevin is now in bankruptcy court as an individual, as a corporation and his 250k investment in Stratus is lost, his nearly 3 million dollar per year business is closed, his employees are working for themselves or other companies, his nearly 100 Unit Franchises are gone and their families and investments affected dramatically along with his and the sheer emotional stress and damage is hard to nearly impossible to measure.

All of this is direct result of your client’s decisions made back in 2003/2004 and the subsequent lawsuits, findings of fact and separations of previous Masters in Buffalo, Rochester, Conn., Atlanta, Jacksonville and Miami (current Pro2FS). I bring those up as they were the ones that primarily discovered the various detailed flaws in not only the Performa, but the history associated with the Performa and additional flaws in the FDD that were not discussed in the original Simpatico or aka Fortman Case. Their separation was devastating on a variety of levels as they were the primary leaders that had formed a group that not only initiated the separations on their behalf but many of those that followed including Kevin, as they were party too various phone conferences that started in January 2012 and led directly by Ken Cassiri and Jeff Aibel and that I was present for/in via listening on speaker in Kevin’s office. Those persons include both former (Florida, Indiana, California, Oregon, Illinois and others) and still a few current Stratus Masters in various states in all there were 22 Masters that were part of that group at one point or another. When Ken Cassiri and Jeff Aibel went “quiet”, it was Kevin himself that became the defacto “leader” of the remaining group.

In regards to whom has harmed whom as you claim, simply “Google” my name, read on the very same website that you quote in your letter, what was said about me personally, call my current employer and have him tell you that not only did I do a “full disclosure” of all court filings against me, but shared with him the website and the comments made about me personally on that website BEFORE he decided to hire me and then let him tell you about the issue that involved a minority partner who paid an attorney to solely investigate me and his personal recommendation that I be REMOVED from my position without even meeting me, calling me on the phone etc… Let me give you and your client’s numbers of people who actually at some point in time questioned verbally and in documents (emails) my lack of supposed morals, integrity and honesty. No Mr. Jacober, the one that has been harmed the most in this mess between Me and your clients is clearly ME. I think you seem to forget that I never owned a piece of, was never shareholder of, not even an Employee of Stratus Franchising, LLC. Nor did I EVER have any relationship directly with Pete Frese nor Dennis Jarrett financially or otherwise. Yet, my name, my integrity, my honesty, my morals have all come under FIRE/QUESTION simply because I worked for a Master in the State of Indiana that utilized the Stratus Name, the Stratus Business Model, the Stratus Business Plan and those findings were utilized in the filing of a Lawsuit that I am “co-defendant” of in Indiana.

No Mr. Jacober, YOUR clients are the reason, the sole reason that they have been HARMED. THEY will have to answer for their deceit, lies, fraud, fraudulent inducement in the various courts throughout the U.S. THEY and THEIR ASSOCIATES are the sole reason that Stratus Franchising is in the current financial shape and P/R and Brand problems that THEY have, THEY are the Masters of a destiny that THEY created with their knowingly False FDD and Performa and NO ONE ELSE!

In regards to “Reasoned Source”, I am simply going to allow you to speculate as to “whom” that is. Your basic premise of “Reasoned Source” solely being one person is in of itself, flawed. From what I have read, from what I have seen, from what I have heard, there is absolutely NO WAY that “Reasoned Source” is simply one person as the sheer scope of the information posted/provided no one person could possibly have that much information and/or be party too that number of discussions and actions, quite literally at the same time throughout the United States.

In closing, Mr. Jacober you are a partner in one of the Largest Law Firms in the Country, your clients despite their recent financial issues are still worth in the Tens of Millions of Dollars when you look at their cash, their real estate holdings, their assets etc. Your threat and their “approval” of a Lawsuit to move forward against me is totally out of my control. You are all adults (so Am I) and since to date, there has been NO Criminal Filings versus Dennis Jarrett nor Pete Frese that would require mandatory representation by Lathrop and Gage, we have all made choices as adults. Your threats to do further harm to me and my family will be responded to appropriately in whatever courtroom, whether or not it is in the Great State of Indiana which I am currently a resident of and party too a current lawsuit in. And since the agreement signed was done so in Indiana and under the factors that I have already “testified too” in the current civil action against me and your clients “see interrogatories for Plaintiff’s and signed by me under penalty of perjury” and in the court record. I believe that ANY potential case filed against me would have to flow thru Indiana at some point in time, without too much question or issue.

Personally, if I were you, I would advise your clients to move themselves into Bankruptcy Protection and stop this non-sense and accept the fact their lies, deception, business practices and lack of moral based business ethics are the direct cause of what has happened to themselves and Stratus Franchising, LLC. This would avoid additional harm being done to remaining Masters, their unit franchisees and their employee’s. Though I personally don’t care about some of them, there are others that I do care about very much….. Going up against me, would be nothing but a losing battle for a variety of reasons and in all honesty would accomplish little for any of us.


Jerry M. Wenger

Pro Se

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48 thoughts on “LATHROP & GAGE May File Stratus “Scumbag” Defamation Lawsuit

  • Reasoned Source

    Wow! It appears that much of the information that has been posted over the past year plus has almost been 100% verified and without question as even Matt Jacober the Lead Dog (Yes, even Poodles have lead dogs) has stated the Mr. Wenger is an “honorable man”…..And he put that into writing even after he suspected that Mr. Wenger was me….Wonder what’s going to happen next?

    Only thing I will add to Mr. Wenger’s comment above is this, since this letter and its contents are quite literally in “Public View”, I can now release some/all of the following information:

    Ken Cassiri and Jeff Aibel led a group of approx. 12-14 Masters in an almost “study committee” type of format. The following additional cities were on that program in addition to the one’s already revealed. (Miami, CT., Rochester, Buffalo, Atlanta, Jacksonville)

    Ventura County
    North Texas

    Secondly, AFTER the split from Stratus, the original Pro2FS were only Rochester, Buffalo, Atlanta, Jacksonville and CT. Miami was added later via license agreement and it was not only rumored but confirmed via a Lawsuit filed in Marion County court by Jeff (Anal) Aibel himself against Kevin Spellacy that Indianapolis and Louisville were in the process/discussions to join the Pro2FS “family”.

    Now everyone knows that Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, North Texas have closed completely and/or filed for bankruptcy protection….Estimated investment lost by Masters alone is north of 1.4 Million, at least double that amount for Unit Franchises harmed/closed and a few hundred more thousand for employees whom lost their Jobs!!!!!!!

    And Matt Jacober wonders why Mr. Wenger has categorized his clients as SCUMBAGS?

    More tidbits coming……Since I was mentioned both in Matt Jacober’s letter and Mr. Wenger’s response, let me state for the record that I agree with BOTH OF THEM!!!
    Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese are at the very least SCUMBAGS and Mr. Wenger is indeed an HONORABLE MAN……..

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, I found the time this weekend to read both letters…..Not only was the letter from Jacober/Stratus/Dennis Jarrett/Pete Frese a sheer sign of desperation on their part….I found if “Funny” that Mr. Jacober, though he believed 100% that Mr. Wenger was indeed Reasoned Source made sure that he put in there that Mr. Wenger was indeed an “honorable man”……

    Now wait a second Mr. Jacober, you believed that Mr. Wenger was REASONED SOURCE, yet you still, on purpose, on plan called him in writing an “honorable man” Mr. Jacober, does this mean that EVERYTHING that Reasoned Source has said including calling your clients every name in the book such as SCUM BUCKETS, SLIMEY BASTARDS, DISGUSTING HUMAN BEINGS, BULLIES, LIARS, THIEVES, CHEATS etc….YOU believe as well?

    Also, I find it funny that THEY blame Mr. Wenger for the majority, vast majority of the issues currently surrounding Stratus Franchising, LLC. Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett.

    YET as both Mr. Wenger and I have pointed out, it was directly their former BEST BUDS Ken Cassiri and Jeff (Anal) Aibel whose leaving, the terms associated with their leaving, the ACTS that they did PRIOR TOO and IMMEDIATELY AFTER their leaving caused by far the MOST HARM!!!!!!

    I mean come on Matt, when you suggested, begged, encouraged and wrote the terms of the Separation Agreement, YOU placed in there that they could have NO FURTHER contact with any CURRENT and/or potentially any FORMER Master in the Stratus Franchising System…….

    Therefore, how do you explain the following?

    a) The contact between them and Julio Alvarez, at time of contact he was a Current, although about to be FORMER Stratus Franchising, LLC. Master.

    b) The contact between them and Kevin Spellacy, at time of contact he was a Current, although about to be FORMER Stratus Franchising, LLC. Master.

    c) How do you explain the Group of 22? They not only initiated the conversation they HOSTED the conversations on a conference call concept.

    d) How do you explain all of the Performa Issues that they uncovered and shared with the Group?

    e) How do you explain the confirming and actual expansion of various information in regards to the FORTMAN CASE?

    f) How do you explain the 20 page document sent to DJ and Pete and YOU?

    g) How do you explain the Leaking of said 20 page document?

    No Mr. Jacober, this is squarely on YOU…..YOU are/have been as RESPONSIBLE for the downfall as anyone else as it was at YOUR SUGGESTION, YOUR DIRECTION, YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT that the following acts be done:

    1) Separation Agreement between Stratus Franchising, LLC., Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett and the Pro2FS people.
    2) Separation Agreement between Stratus Franchising, LLC. Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett and Jon White and Oregon Master.
    3) Lawsuit and Separation Agreement between Stratus Franchising, LLC., Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett and Julio Alvarez and Miami Master.
    4) The holding of the ill timed, ill prepared, dumber than a box of rocks, phone call in which Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese and YOU were called onto the mat by numerous Masters…
    5)The stonewalling, lies, deception, half truths etc…told in various courts and court filings on behalf of your clients Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese.
    6) The sheer STUPIDITY of a variety of decisions because YOU and Lathrop and Gage have NO CONCEPT or understanding of how business and more importantly how Sales and Marketing and Branding Goes…..

    No Mr. Jacober, if I were to RANK who is at fault in the Stratus Franchising Saga it would look something like this:

    Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese- 60%
    YOU, Lathrop and Gage- 20%
    Jonathan Fortman- 15%
    Pro2FS- 4%
    Myself- Less than 1%
    Mr. Wenger- Balance

    Mr. Fortman may deserve higher as it was him that discovered much of the initial information used not only by the Pro2FS people, but by others going forward. But I think you get my point, No Matter the Actual Split, Mr. Frese and Mr. Jarrett and their GOON SQUAD of Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Bob Stapleton and Carmen Garcia caused the direct downfall of Stratus Franchising, LLC. because of what they knowingly did…….

    Mr. Jacober, YOU AND LATHROP AND GAGE, because of the bumbling, fumbling, idiotic at times approach of handling the negotiations, the separations and the Lawsuits and lack of P/R, Brand, Marketing Skills it is obvious YOU and YOUR TEAM, deserve the NEXT SLOT!

    More coming commercials on how Lathrop and Gage should advertise…….

  • Reasoned Source

    Jennifer Frese the former wife of Pete Frese, believes that she has escaped the scrutiny that I have focused on Rene Smith and Nina Sandivik Bashforth….Well, not so much!

    Jennifer Frese lived in a Multi-million dollar home

    Jennifer Frese received millions of dollars in cash at time of divorce

    Jennifer Frese actually knows the Franchise Business Very Well

    Jennifer Frese was party too a Lawsuit in the Early 1990’s that she and Pete Frese actually alledged the following in THEIR Suit against a Franchisor:

    Franchise Fraud
    Mis-filing/Representation of FDD
    Mail/Wire Fraud
    Fraudulent Inducement
    Mis-stating of Proforma
    Mis-Leading Financials

    Wow! So Mrs. Jennifer Frese and Mr. Pete Frese actually SUED someone else and are now UPSET with, feel like they’ve been treated unfairly because, 100’s of People including former Masters are now filing suit, have filed suit, will continue to file suit against Pete Frese, Marvin Ashton, Dennis Jarrett and others for the EXACT SAME THING!

    More coming soon………..

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Many have asked me to state the case that I discussed prior….It was an Illinois Case filed in 1992, Jacob v. C.M. Video is the case. Ms. Frese and Pete Frese were Plaintiffs in that case.

    They also talked about how they didn’t want/believe Arbitration was the proper method to adjudicate the case? Really? Wait a Second, if it wasn’t Good Enough for you as Plaintiffs, how is it Good Enough for your former Masters? your former Unit Franchisee’s? your former Employee’s?

    I’m sorry, but in that case, YOU made allegations that were exact SAME as many of your former Unit Franchisee’s and Masters are making/have made against YOU!

    Franchise Fraud
    Improper Information contained in the FDD
    Mis-Leading Financials
    Mis-Leading Resume of Owner
    Mail/Wire Fraud

    Hold On, since you obviously don’t believe in Arbitration, why are you trying for force Arbitration in numerous other cases and instances? Why did you put that in your own FDD?

    Jennifer Frese, How do you feel about the Revealing of the Hypocrisy that you and Pete are part of?

    Jennifer Frese, How do you feel that the Millions of dollars you got in your Divorce Settlement was stolen from innocent Families all across this country?

    Jennifer Frese, When you look in the mirror is Leona Helmsley looking back at you in DISGUST?

    Interesting how the World actually comes Full Circle Sometimes!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It is amazing to me how Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett simply don’t close up shop and leave the daily abuse they are getting from their FEW Remaining Masters, Former Masters, Current Franchise Owners and Past one’s?

    Just in the past couple of weeks, I have learned some of the following:

    a) What is Simpatico (Pete Frese owned Master in St. Louis) has lost more than 50% of its business/market share over the past two years alone.

    b) It has become almost embarrassing and now potentially legally troubling for the remaining employees who are afraid to get sued/held liable for making false/fraudulent representations to potential owner/operators.

    c) It has become almost a Violent Workplace as dozens of Unhappy Franchisees are showing up demanding money, threatening to sue, calling on the phone etc.

    d) Mark Bashforth/Jayson Bashforth have removed their request from the State of California to continue to offer franchise units in San Diego.

    e) Afshin C. has changed his FDD dramatically to show that the remaining notes owed to Jarrett Reality/Stratus Franchising has been reduced/negotiated away.

    f) Mark Bashforth is afraid to show up at the Houston office as someone has actually threatened him/his family and believes that both his life and Jayson’s are in danger! (Not condoning/advocating, just reporting)

    g) Pittsburgh has officially severed ties with Stratus Franchising and is threatening a lawsuit against Pete Frese/Dennis Jarrett/Bill Blair/David Farrell and others.

    Now, there are other levels of news on the legal front and Master Front that I am awaiting confirmation on. Unlike the lies that Pete/DJ tell people on a regular basis, I feel I have an obligation to VERIFY things before making aimless threats or innuendo’s…….

    2014 Will be the END of Simpatico, Stratus Franchising, Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett in regards to their unethical, illegal, immoral business practices!

  • reasoned source

    @Viewers, In a case of the ABSURD/DELUSIONAL State that appears rampant at Stratus Franchising, LLC and Lathrop and Gage, it has been reported that NOW Matt Jacober and Stratus Franchising, LLC. has reached out to Wenger via sources and is wanting/needing his help to file a Motion to Compel Arbitration in the Indiana Case!

    Let’s see, just a few month’s ago, they were threatening to SUE Wenger and intentionally attempted to threaten Wenger to stay quiet on multiple fronts, NOW they want him as a PARTNER!

    Wow, ironic isn’t it? I wonder how this will now play out…..Stay tuned, something tells me the answer is an emphatic NO!

  • reasoned source

    @Viewers, In a case of the ABSURD/DELUSIONAL State that appears rampant at Stratus Franchising, LLC and Lathrop and Gage, it has been reported that NOW Matt Jacober and Stratus Franchising, LLC. has reached out to Wenger via sources and is wanting/needing his help to file a Motion to Compel Arbitration in the Indiana Case!

    Let’s see, just a few month’s ago, they were threatening to SUE Wenger and intentionally attempted to threaten Wenger to stay quiet on multiple fronts, NOW they want him as a PARTNER!

    Wow, ironic isn’t it? I wonder how this will now play out…..Stay tuned, something tells me the answer is an emphatic NO!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Pete Frese has recently sent out a series of Emails in regards to the “Fortman Case” the first one claimed undeniable VICTORY and Implored the remaining Masters to “Stay Put” as this whole thing was turning around!

    Now, an email went out stating that they are disappointed that Fortman has appealed the case, but they will be looking at ONLY another eight (8) month’s or so of this case and to KEEP FOCUSED on building their businesses as that if they don’t it would be equal too Fortman actually winning!

    HELLO! Hasn’t Fortman already won with the GREAT ASSIST going to Lathrop and Gage and most notably Matt Jacober?

    Let’s see, how bout we recap for the newer viewers:

    Before the Lawsuit:

    Flying High, being interviewed by USA Today, various News Magazines and Outlets, winning Awards from all kinds of places and sources……

    Charging 600k for territories upfront and going from 3% Royalty Fees in the Beginning to 6% prior too (just prior too ) the Lawsuits.

    Jarrett Realty having all kinds of fun collecting various notes and they learned Cash is good, Notes at 8, 10, 12% interest is in theory better.

    Affiliated Services was simply a “pie in the sky” but too many Masters were too stupid to look at the Shell it was

    Stratus Franchising International had just sold Central America, looking at South America Opportunities and one in England.

    Call Center established in conjunction with Bashforth Brothers and their supposed Operation in Panama.

    Approx. 100 million per year plus company in revenue, 50 cities up and running, Simpatico at 8 million per year in business as the “proof of concept”.

    Class “A” office/training space.

    Selling Master Franchise and Area Developer licenses at a rate of 10 per year!

    AFTER the Lawsuit:

    Down to less than 30 million per year in Sales:

    Buffalo, Rochester, CT., Long Island, Pittsburgh, Delaware (1st one), Louisville, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, North Texas (1st one), Minnesota (1st and 2nd one), Virginia, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Ventura County, Orange County, Salt Lake City (Shea Sealy), Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, New Jersey (1st one), North Carolina (Raleigh and Charlotte), Oregon, Louisiana closed, bankrupt or left the system.

    Additional Lawsuits filed in Indiana, California, pending investigation in Texas by AG. Potential Lawsuits coming to North Carolina, Tampa, San Diego.

    Stratus Franchising, International has been legally dissolved.

    Jarrett Realty has been legally dissolved. (State of Illinois)

    Affiliated Services has been legally dissolved and has a tax lien.

    Simpatico, center of multiple lawsuits has lost nearly 2/3 of its billing volume.

    Bill Blair, Marisa Lather, Chelsea Pulley, David Farrell, Carmen Garcia are all technically terminated or left the corporate entity.

    Stratus Franchising, LLC. left their primary office complex as the lease was negotiated away and moved into much smaller and less costly space.

    I could go on and on, including the total destruction of Value and Brand and the fact that your Master License is of NO VALUE in the marketplace….THESE ARE YOUR PARTNERS REMAINING MASTERS!!!!!!!

    More information is flowing, more Masters finally wising up and wondering WHY pay them a penny, WHY continue living in a Mobil Home (loses value upon purchase) which is exactly what this brand offers! Don’t believe me, contact a business broker and ask him to VALUE your business with the brand aspect destroyed, lawsuits in place and the coming lawsuits in the Franchising Industry Looming!

    Recently, saw an Anago Master License for sale with 1.2 million in yearly sales listed in Ohio….Multiplier offered was at “1”…In other words, they were willing to SELL their business for 100k!!!!!!! Typical non-franchise valuation for that same business would be 2x-3x multiplier! Just some food for thought……

  • Reasoned Source

    @All Viewers, Guess this weeks coming event in Los Angeles will be attended by fewer people than last reported…..

    Pittsburgh left the system as of 1/1/14
    Baltimore left the system as of 3/1/14

    Rumors are swirling around Sacramento, Iowa, Long Island, New Jersey, Cleveland.

    Seems Tampa is next up in a Lawsuit and Bashforth is still on the hook for Texas AG. Pending Lawsuits in California and Texas and the Panamanian Drug Lord that he was in bed with is closing in Fast!

    Those Masters that are still sitting and waiting for better days to come, do ya think its around the corner as DJ/Pete are ducking their heads in the sand and LAUGHING at those of you still sending in your Royalty Checks. Your “Business in a Box” has now become a Business in a P.O. Box!

    So how many think your BRAND is worth more than ZERO?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It appears that there is truly more upsetting news about to hit the “Stratus Family” as in the past few days the following has been reported and mostly confirmed:

    a) Legal Battles on Multiple Fronts seem to continue for Stratus Franchising, LLC.
    b) New Battles coming for Tampa/Houston/Philadelphia Masters which will all lead back to Stratus Franchising, LLC.
    c) Masters in Long Island, Utah, N. California, Colorado, Iowa are in various stages of leaving the system. Utah may close its doors completely!
    d) Attorney’s Fees are growing, Stratus Franchising Receipts are Falling, DJ is acting like a THUG and Caged Dog that he is!

    Nashville, Cincy, South Carolina, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City Masters let me ask you a Quick Question…..WHAT IS YOUR STRATUS BRAND WORTH NOW?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: As the Move to “Re-brand” the Stratus Franchising Name rumors continue, I think the remaining Masters should get a “first glance” as to WHOM the proposed Chairman/CEO Afshin Cangarlu likes to call Friends and Do Business with: Simply “Google” the following Names:

    Foad Rekabi
    Mike Moshayedi
    Manoucheiehr Moshayedi
    Armin Nadee

    You will find multiple SEC counts, closed companies, bankruptcies, unfair business dealings, insider trading, shady deals and other “suspicious criminal/white collar crime activities”.

    Look no further than Afshin Cangarlu’s own personal Chapter 7 BK filing in California for further proof of, “Ain’t Something Quite Right” about this guy and his dealings!

    Stratus Masters Remaining, Tell Me something, It was BAD ENOUGH dealing with the Crooks DJ and Pete, Are you wanting to expose yourselves, your families, your owner-operators, your customers to PEOPLE LISTED ABOVE?

  • Reasoned Source

    Oh Digging is so much fun! Here are just a FEW of the companies found that have interests to Afshin along with an interesting group of characters indeed that he is doing business with…..

    J.A.I. Bags, Inc. was legally dissolved after only a couple of years, seems like it was an import/export business of women’s fashion bags…Knock offs anyone?

    Sarayan Building Solutions aka Stratus Building Solutions of L.A. registered agent seems to be his good friend Foad Rekabi…More on Foad seems to be coming soon!

    Sarayan, LLC. partner listed is Ron Aikani

    Sunset Lakes Enterprises, partner listed is Mark Vaghei

    Zenum Technologies, LLC. his registered agent appears to be his CPA which also has ties to another local family the Moshayedi’s. Larry Weiss is the CPA of record and registered agent.

    Zenum Technologies USA, Inc. his partner is Mark Emitaz

    You are already aware of the unique relationship that Ashfin seems to have with Manouch, Mark and Mike Moshayedi formally of STEC and the SEC investigations, insider trading allegations and other still pending issues. Seems like Mark may even have to sell many of his prized cars/possessions that he acquired as a direct result of those SEC insider trader filings. Maybe, he could contact Mark Bashforth and Nina Sandivik Bashforth for the name of their broker as they attempt to sell Nina’s much outdated Austin Martin!!!!!!!!!

    Oh the world in which Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett and Marvin Ashton are traveling these days, full of Pot Holes, full of Problems, full of SEC investigations, full of Questions and Innuendo’s. NO WONDER they hired Lathrop and Gage, Matt Jacober and their cracker jack team of WHITE COLLAR CRIME specialists!

  • Reasoned Source

    Question, Why hasn’t an astute attorney somewhere in the U.S. made contact with one of the following “Good Guy” Masters left in the system and filed suit on their behalf and many former Masters against Afshin C., Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, David Farrell, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Marissa Lather, Bob Stapleton, Jeff (anal) Aibel, Ken Cassiri, John Coleman, Tom Weiss, Channen Smith, Mark/Jayson Bashforth? How about adding St. Louis Business Journal, USA Today, Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine?

    It has already been proven that Afshin Cangurla is the author of the False Pro-Forma used by Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, David Farrell, Bill Blair, Bob Stapleton, Marvin Ashton to Fraudulently Induce Masters/Area Developers all over the U.S. in order to fill their pockets with cash.

    It is widely accepted that Ken Cassiri, Jeff (anal) Aibel, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Mark Bashforth and Channen Smith got “one off deals” and possibly actual CASH for the Validation of above “Falsified Performa”. In fact, Ken Cassiri and Jeff (anal) Aibel basically acknowledged that the Performa was false and THEY knew it was false and used that information to separate from Stratus Franchising, LLC., Dennis Jarrett/Jarrett Realty and Pete Frese/Simpatico/Affiliated Services.

    Marissa Lather the “Face” and “P/R” specialist for Stratus Franchising, LLC. made multiple web/blog appearances on behalf of Stratus Franchising, LLC and made false accountings of company dealings. It was also HER direct connection with editor/writers of St. Louis Business Journal that assisted Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett directly in their “Awards”, “News Articles” which were directly tied to Fraudulently Inducing of Masters/Area Developers/Unit Franchises throughout the U.S. and most especially in St. Louis area for Simpatico/Pete Frese/Bob Stapleton.

    Though Stratus Franchising is basically DONE/Dead Brand/No or Little physical assets to claim in BK. Marissa Lather, David Farrell, Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Bill Blair ALL have physical assets to go after!!!!!!!!

    Channen Smith, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Afshin C., Mark/Jayson Bashforth all have personal assets AND other businesses to go after in order to suffice ANY Judgment awarded…….

    All someone would have to do would be to convince a few of the following former “Good Guy” Masters or Current “Good Guy” Masters to legal representation: Former Good Guys” Jim Parrell, Todd Knight, Jason Potts, Tom Baker, Lincoln Baker, Tom Mosley, Julio Alvarez to name just a few.

    How about some of the current “Good Guys” Masters such as Mark Stocker (Cincy), David Smith (Nashville), Ralph Sizemore (South Carolina), Ric Boucher (Sacramento), Greg Fishman (Austin) to name just a few. Jim Van Dyke (Colorado) and Shauna Sharpsteen (Utah) are also in that category.

    The Stratus Brand is finished, The “Re-Branding” attempt by Marvin Ashton, Channen Smith and Afshin C. is a JOKE and will FAIL if it hasn’t been abandoned already.

    Remaining “Good Masters” why are you sending your checks to a P.O. Box and paying for the Scum Bags Attorney Bills of Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett?

    All for now!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, I was recently asked why was I mentioning Marissa Lather and David Farrell more and more in my recent posts. Primarily it is to set the record straight and the misconception that some of you current Masters and some former Masters have about the two of them…..The facts are as follows and are without dispute. Granted, it was rumored that it was none other than Marissa Lather that gave an attorney (remain nameless) a lot of valuable information in regards to the inner workings of Stratus and most directly of the dealings associated with Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese respectfully.

    However, her position as National Marketing Manager influenced and fraudulently induced multiple Masters and Unit Franchisees alike. With her position both within the organization and rumored “in bed” with Pete Frese, gave her definitive knowledge of the truth and the level of FRAUD that existed with the Stratus Building Solutions Ownership, the Fraudulent Document aka Pro-Forma and the inner dealings/mis-dealings of not only Robert Stapleton, Marvin Ashton and Bill (sexual harasser) Blair, but those others such as Ken Cassiri, Jeff (Anal) Abel, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Channen Smith, Afshin Cangarlu, Tom Weiss and John Coleman.

    The only difference between David Farrell and Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Robert Stapleton was the fact that I have as of Yet confirmed that he directly presented the Fraudulent Document aka Pro-Forma that was produced by Afshin Cangarlu and Validated by Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Jeff (Anal) Abel, Ken Cassiri, Mark Bashforth, Channen Smith to any potential/current/former Master. Though David Farrell certainly knew without a doubt the document was Fraudulent, he was also aware that Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese and Mark Bashforth directly utilized that document along with the improper validation of said document by Ken Cassiri, Jeff (Anal) Abel, Afshin Cangarlu, Tom Weiss, John Coleman and others as PROOF of CONCEPT, nor can I prove that David Farrell had any DIRECT hand in the attempted destruction of a former Master in California, nor can I prove that David Farrell had any DIRECT hand in the Fernando Lamas fiasco as I do with Marvin Ashton and Carmen (where are you now) Garcia, I do have PROOF that he knew about both.

    Marissa Lather and David Farrell are far from CLEAN in this mess. I have also recently learned through another source that the TWO OF THEM are working together and David Farrell was actually referred to the ownership of Microgrid Solar by Marissa Lather. Now, I fully understand that people with the exception of Afshin Cangarlu, Channen Smith, Mark Bashforth, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Robert Stapleton, Marvin Ashton and a couple of others potentially have the RIGHT to move on and put this unfortunate PAST behind them…..But Marissa is manipulating both hers and David Farrell’s Google Search Analytics in order to HIDE their direct association with Pete Frese/Dennis Jarrett and Stratus Building Solutions.

    Nuff said for now!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Just had a GREAT Conversation with my Number 1 Fan….He shared with me something that I really hadn’t thought about until he brought it to my attention, How many of you realize that the case against Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett just moved into the Criminal Phase?

    Now, Matt you have to put your hand down, your a lawyer and every time you raise your hand or move your lips, YOU ARE LYING! You are still trying to figure out what exactly you did wrong Two Years Ago this Month….

    Now, ScumBag aka Old Fat Bastard aka Pole Dancer wannabe aka Dennis Jarrett, you have to put your hand down, well primarily because you haven’t showered since your last Pole Dance and the fact You are still trying to figure out what exactly you did wrong Two Years Ago this past March…..

    Now, ScumBag aka Founding Member of “I hate Fat, Old, Egotistical People named Dennis Jarrett Fan Club” aka Pete Frese, you have to put your hand down, primarily because your too stupid to understand and the fact You are still trying to figure out what exactly you did wrong Two Years Ago this past April…..

    I will give someone credit outside of my inner circle, none other than Manouch Moshayedi himself figured it out!!!!!!!

    More to come in the weeks that follow…..Something BIG is going to happen this Month, I can just FEEL IT!

    P.S. Channen, might really wanna ask Momma Smith (Rene) how WARM and FUZZY she is feeling right now about your relationship with Marvin and Afshin.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Like a toothless Lion attempting to scare the mouse, Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Afshin Cangarlu and Channen Smith have all made threats/attempts to harass a few members of REASONED SOURCE over the past couple of days. Unfortunately for all of them, the MOUSE is Larger, Smarter and more fierce than the Lion!

    Just like Wenger, the members of REASONED SOURCE threatened this week have not only said “Cum get SUM”, but have informed them directly to PLEASE SUE US!

    DJ is a Coward
    Pete is afraid of his own Shadow
    Afshin is a Slum Dog Wannabe
    Channen can’t even get on the same page as his Wife

    Not only has REASONED SOURCE called them out privately, they have done so publically numerous times. YET, REASONED SOURCE is still here, still posting, still gathering information, still passing that information onto attorney’s and public servants alike…..

    BK is coming soon for Stratus Franchising, LLC. !

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It appears that Afshin Cangarlu, Foad Rekebi, Marvin Ashton are hearing “footsteps”…….Every corner they turn, REASONED SOURCE seems to be Lurking, not as much in the SHADOWS any longer!

    DJ and Pete have been hearing those footsteps for months now.

    David Farrell, Marissa Lather, Bob Stapleton, Bill Blair, Channen/Rene Smith and others are getting a little more edgy! Seems they are a little upset that REASONED SOURCE is continuing to plague them, define them, call them out. They are more upset though at DJ/Pete and the combined delusional theory that somehow they are going to survive this entire ordeal as a company!

    Interesting things are happening in more than just California now. Seems as though the California Attorney General spoke recently with Missouri Attorney General in regards to Stratus Franchising…..More coming soon!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Breaking News! As REASONED SOURCE continues to gather more and more evidence from a variety of sources and by/in a variety of means, it is becoming more and more apparent as to the level of deceit and fraud committed not only by Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese but by the Validators.

    Recently acquired documents show a distinct coordination of efforts of fraud that include various validators directly including Mark Bashforth, Tom Weiss, Afshin Cangarlu, Jeff Aibel and Ken Cassiri.

    Additional documents outline the level of coordination between various Stratus Franchising Executives/Employees to support the Fraud dictated by Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese. Those documents directly implicate Marvin Ashton, Carmen Garcia, Bill Blair in various activities that in legal realms would be cause of action in regards to Breach of Contract, Fraudulent Inducement, Mail/Wire Fraud and other civil/criminal findings.

    Due to recent events in California, REASONED SOURCE has learned that the anticipated BK filing of Stratus Franchising has been moved up!

    More coming soon!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, BREAKING NEWS!!!!! It appears that none other than Old Fat Bastard himself has decided that Sucking Worms from Bottles, Getting Change from Strippers and getting Afshin/Channen/Rene to purchase the “Assets” of Stratus Franchising, LLC is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

    Dennis Jarrett has finally realized that HE IS FINISHED in the Commercial Cleaning Franchising Business.

    Pete Frese realized this a while ago and is simply hoping NOT to spend his remaining viral years being the WOMAN in a jailhouse relationship….

    Jeff Aibel, Afshin Cangarlu, Ken Cassiri, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Mark (I know my daddy and my family are FREAKS) Bashforth, Marvin (I’m a thief, liar, embezzler, RICO MAN) Ashton and Marissa (I know I slept with Frese, I know that I fraudulently induced thousands, I know I had to help David Farrell get a job, I am the National Marketing Director) Lather simply hopes/prays that REASONED SOURCE goes away!!!!!!!!

    Every time that WE show up on Unhappy Franchisee, the Remaining Masters CRINGE at the News being given!


  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Sometimes, I have to take the time to give a proper SHOUT OUT to Matt Jacober and the Legal Eagle Team at Lathrop and Gage! I really appreciate these guys/gals very much. They are the SUPREME Legal Force behind keeping Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett OUT OF JAIL!!!! Never Mind that the Company once “FLYING HIGH” is now DEAD! Never Mind that when THEY took over as Legal Counsel that the Company was North of 100 Million Dollars per year in Revenue, Boasted Publically about the 50 Master Developers, Boasted Publically about having over 7000 Unit Franchises, Boasted Publically about being an International Organization, Boasted Publically about being GREAT BUSINESSMEN!!!!!!

    Today, Let us take Stock for a moment….

    The following Former Masters are Gone:

    North Texas
    Las Vegas
    New Mexico
    Ventura County
    Orange County
    Salt Lake City (Shea Sealy)
    Central New Jersey
    San Diego

    Let us count out of the remaining MASTERS aren’t Paying their Royalties……

    So let’s see how this thing is Planning on Turning Around:

    Let’s SELL THE COMPANY (what few assets) to none other than Channen/Rene Smith, Afshin Cangarlu, Marvin Ashton and Foad Rekebi and get Re-Branding Money from the Mosheydi’s….BRILLIANT!!!!!!

    Let’s see how that is going as REASONED SOURCE recently caught up with Marvin Ashton as he was in the process of RIPPING OFF another Franchise Owner by taking their account and giving it to another Franchise Owner who had previously CALLED THE POLICE on him/them!

    Marvin Said: I HATE REASONED SOURCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great Words Marvin!

    For Matt Jacober, Lathrop and Gage, Pete Frese and OLD FAT BASTARD; YOU accused REASONED SOURCE of posting over 200 pages of Written Documents on UNHAPPY FRANCHISEE and that if HE/THEY didn’t stop that there was going to be “HELL TO PAY”……HMM if REASONED SOURCE had produced 200 pages of Written Documentation by October of 2013, I wonder how many is there now?

    Oh well, just another day of remembering the fondness of the “POODLES”!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It appears that with more and more review of the Robert Bosch provided documents against Channen Smith that more and more Bad Publicity is about to happen in Denver, Omaha and Phoenix for Channen and Rene Smith.

    Not only will Channen be forced to terminate one of his best producers, but Robert has turned over some of these items to other attorneys in the Denver and Phoenix area(s) respectfully….Poor Channen. Guess he wishes that REASONED SOURCE wasn’t investigating him since HE decided to continue to pursue the purchase of Stratus Franchising, LLC. with our without the finances provided by the Mosheydi’s via Foad Rekebi and Afshin Cangarlu.

    Seems Foad, Marvin, Afshin are having a bit of a “fall out” as well. Can’t understand Why….I mean Marvin recommended a Franchise Developer for Afshin/Foad that turned out to STEAL 10’s of Thousands of Dollars and Rip Off numerous franchisees of THEIR money and packages. Foad/Afshin have REFUSED to honor those commitments!

    Foad/Afshin seem to have hit a MAJOR SALES ROAD BLOCK and are now having UNHAPPY FRANCHISEE’S show up on their doorstep almost every day. Seems that a member of REASONED SOURCE has instructed these UNHAPPY FRANCHISEE’S to call the Police upon arrival and have THEFT accusations/charges made against FOAD AND AFSHIN!

    Let me ask a quick question…..Why on earth would anyone be part of Stratus Franchising with the NUT CASES in Channen/Rene Smith, Afshin Cangarlu and Foad Rekebi at the HELM? I mean at least with Pete (Mumbles) Frese and Dennis (Old Fat Bastard/Stripper Evaluator/Gambler/I’m going to rule the Franchise World/Delusional) Jarrett at the Helm there is at least some HUMOR!;)

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, As “confirmed source” continues down the path of destruction for himself and other remaining Masters, I think it is important to share what it is going to be like running your company in the terms/conditions of Stratus BK Filing:

    a) You will be spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees….Why? Because YOU/YOUR COMPANY through its Royalty Fee Structure, Franchise Fee Structure etc…is now technically an ASSET by which Debtors of Stratus Franchising can lay claim too.

    b) You will be experiencing a class “run on the bank” mentality” within your own organization via your owner-operators. THEY have the right to terminate THEIR Agreements with YOU!

    c) You will be experiencing at minimum a 30% loss of accounts within six (6) month’s or less of the BK filing of Stratus Franchising as a combination of the above and your competitors will now tell a “story” about how unstable YOU ARE as a result of this filing.

    d) YOU will LOSE SLEEP, become more irritated, become more agitated, which in turn will cause YOUR EMPLOYEE’S to leave or at least start looking for new opportunities quickly.

    e) YOU will lose your investment as basically via the attorney’s fees spent trying to separate, the slow process of BK, the uncertainty of the owner-operators, the lack of sleep, the loss of business, the inability to counter the BK image etc.

    Well, at least YOU can’t honestly say YOU weren’t told the truth!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source stated on May 13, 2014 that Stratus bankruptcy was coming within days or weeks (that was three months ago).

    Then he said June 8th “Due to recent events in California, REASONED SOURCE has learned that the anticipated BK filing of Stratus Franchising has been moved up!”

    Now it’s just “coming soon.”

    Anybody else get the feeling that Mr. Source’s insider info andf sure-thing predictions are as reliable as the mayan calendar?

    I’m sure these threads are filled with many RS assurances that never came to pass.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Guest, YOU ARE CORRECT, It is FAR MORE IMPORTANT as to WHEN Stratus Franchising files for BK protection vs. IF! Oh wait a second, was that the message you were trying to send?

    These are facts and they are without dispute:

    1) NO updated FDD filed by Stratus Franchising, LLC. in the past year in ANY STATE including Missouri.

    2) Simpatico HAS REMOVED itself as a Master Franchisor for Stratus Franchising, LLC. in the past year.

    3) GONE are the previous EXECUTIVES of Stratus Franchising, David Farrell, Bill Blair, Bob Stapleton, Carmen Garcia, Marissa Lather.

    4) GONE are the previous Masters in the following States/Cities:

    North Texas
    Dallas/Ft. Worth
    Lafayette, LA
    Ventura County
    Orange County
    Minnesota (2x)
    New Mexico
    Las Vegas

    Scammed was Paul Knutzen for NE and Kansas City
    Scammed was Jeff Blake of Deleware
    Scammed was the original operator for Central New Jersey (a Church no less)

    I’m sorry, what was your point again?

  • “I’m sorry, what was your point again?”

    My point was that Reasoned Source makes statements that are not true.

    I gave two examples.

    May 13, 2014 Reasoned Source wrote: “Bankruptcy is a matter of days/weeks away…..They will be finished.”

    As it’s been 3 months, Reasoned Source’s statement was untrue.

    June 8, 2014 Reasoned Source wrote: “Due to recent events in California, REASONED SOURCE has learned that the anticipated BK filing of Stratus Franchising has been moved up!”

    A supposed bankruptcy filing was not moved up. Reasoned Source’s statement again was untrue.

    Reasoned Source should not state that things are facts when they are not true. That’s called defamation.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Guest: YES, those of us that are REASONED SOURCE have lied….We caused the Pro-Forma to be false, We caused the owner-operators to be harmed, We caused the following Masters to LOSE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, We cause Pete Frese and Dennis (aka Old Fat Bastard) Jarrett to Lie, Cause Harm, Willfully commit Fraud, perform multiple acts of Fraudulent Inducement, commit Wire/Mail Fraud. REASONED SOURCE is the cause of the Lawsuits in California, Indiana, Missouri and Virginia. REASONED SOURCE caused the following Masters to leave the system:

    North Texas
    Orange County
    Ventura County
    and the List is about to grow:

    REASONED SOURCE caused all of this harm……Then how is it that REASONED SOURCE is still operating?

  • “those of us that are REASONED SOURCE have lied…”

    I didn’t say you lied, just that you make a lot of pronouncements as if you have insider information and they turn out to be incorrect. Just sayin…

    “We caused the owner-operators to be harmed…”

    That’s true, right? You were a Stratus master or worked for one, right?

    How many unit franchises did you guys sell? What became of them?

    You keep acting like the Masters are victims, but wasn’t it the Masters who were selling unit franchises, giving them crappy or underbid jobs, taking them away for fraudulent reasons?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Guest: There are no absolutes in any business….Are their some bad Masters in Commercial Cleaning Franchise Business? Yes. However, the vast majority are good people, with high morals and want to do business the right way because they understand the value in doing things right extends past the P/L and Balance Sheet.

    Are their bad Masters in the current/what is left of Stratus? Yes. Too many but most have been mentioned in the previous posts.

    Is their a problem with the overall Franchise Model? Yes. Does that mean it has to be eliminated? NO.

    Is their a problem with bad/uniformed/unrealistic Unit Franchisees? Yes.

    Have Masters been harmed by Stratus Franchising? Most specifically lied too, fraudulently induced, false documents produced, validators rewarded for verifying the false documents? Yes, without a doubt.

    Because those Masters were harmed, were Unit Franchisees harmed? Yes

    This is the first example of the major franchise organizations where the Masters were actually the primary target of fraud. Stratus Franchising and its primary owners (Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese) and their employees (Carmen Garcia, David Farrell, Marissa Lather, Bob Stapleton, Bill Blair and most especially Marvin Ashton) and various early Masters utilized as Validators (Ken Cassiri, Jeff (Anal) Abel, John Coleman, Tom Weiss, Channen Smith, Mark Bashforth and most especially Afshin Cangarlu) conspired to commit the Fraud and share in the reward of the Fraud utilized against the Masters.

    You cannot simply look at the problem as “one sided” nor in the case of Stratus Franchising simply say the Unit Franchises were the only ones harmed.

    REASONED SOURCE has been consistent in their pursuit and exposure not only of the Fraud, the signatories and designers of the Fraud, the Validators of that Fraud but the Victims of that Fraud.

    More coming soon……

  • Reasoned Source:

    Which Master did you sell unit franchises for? What area?

    How many unit franchises did that Master sell?

    Will those franchisees attest to the fact that they got what they paid for, and that you were “one of the good ones”?

    Or did a lot of them fail because they were “bad/uniformed/unrealistic”?

    You seem evasive and answer in generalities when it comes to your own track record.

    I have yet to see ANY Stratus unit franchisees defend their master or say they got what they paid for. Aren’t you just one of the exploiters complaining that you were exploited when you thought you’d be doing all the exploiting?

    (Please don’t answer with another list of territories. We get it)

  • Reasoned Source

    @Guest, Go grab a Molson and let me see if I can “dumb this down enough” for you and your other attorney friends to understand:

    In the case of Stratus Franchising, LLC. the following are the “Bad Guys”

    Pete Frese
    Dennis Jarrett

    In the case of Stratus Franchising, LLC. the following are the aiders and abettors:

    Marissa Lather
    David Farrell
    Marvin Ashton
    Bill Blair
    Bob Stapleton
    Carmen Garcia

    In the case of the Validators, the following are the aiders and abettors:

    Ken Cassiri
    Jeff (I know I’m Anal) Abel
    John Coleman
    Tom Weiss
    Mark/Jayson Bashforth
    Channen/Rene Smith
    and worst of all Afshin Cangarlu and Foad Rekebi.

    In the case of the Masters: Technically ALL were Victims at Different Levels even those that were tagged as “Validators”. They (Validators) simply took advantage of other Victims to stem their losses and gain favor both in terms and conditions and actual cash.

    In the case of the Unit Franchises: Those directly harmed by the practices of the above Validators as the lack of morals and business ethics shown to the harmed Masters were in play for the Unit Franchises in a more than Majority Situation. However for the other Masters that performed and partnered with their Unit Franchises even THEY don’t have 100% happy Unit Franchise Counts. NO ONE can.

    However, there is no single group that is clean nor dirty. Only question is level of cleanliness and level of scum.

    Only real “group” that is clearly dirty throughout as the harm was uniformed, planned and focused/directed by them is Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Carmen Garcia, Marvin Ashton and Bill Blair. Even Marissa Lather, David Farrell and Bob Stapleton deserve some leeway/forgiveness.

    Now, since you are an attorney and I tried to “dumb it down” for you to understand and encouraged you to grab a LaBatz or Molson, I am sure you are going to continue your Black/White waste of time/attack efforts to/about those of us that are REASONED SOURCE that have done far more good, far more exposure, made far more progress than YOU and YOUR other Attorney Friends by suing and the combined lack of business acumen that you possess as a group.

  • I was reading through these Stratus posts like this one:

    Seems like these Masters are just as big of crooks as the head office. Here’s a story where they took this woman’s college fund for her son, then put her in debt for another account. Then they took away the account using a bogus story but they got caught in the lie:

    “137. Several months later, Stratus offered Manriquez more work cleaning a school (“the School”). Stratus required Manriquez to pay an “additional account fee” of $3,825 to accept the new account. Manriquez accepted the school account and agreed to finance the $3,825 through Stratus.
    138. Manriquez began work at the School, which had to be cleaned five days per week for four hours each day. Occasionally, it required additional man hours due to special events at the school.
    139. About eight months after beginning to work at the school, Defendant Wenger told Manriquez that Stratus was terminating Manriquez from working at the School. Wenger promised to give Manriquez another account as soon as possible.
    140. Wenger told Manriquez’s husband, Jose Matifacio, that Stratus had received a complaint from the School principal about performance at the school. However, Matifacio knew the principal well, and the principal had never made any complaints.
    141. Manriquez was later told by a Stratus employee that Stratus had removed Manriquez from the school account because another cleaning worker had requested the School account and Stratus gave the School account to the other worker in exchange for a fee paid to Stratus by the other cleaning worker.
    142. Manriquez requested a refund of the “additional account fee” she had paid to receive the school contract, but Wenger refused.
    143. Thus, Stratus “churned” the school account, taking freely Manriquez’s “additional account fee” and then collecting additional franchise and/or “additional account fee” from another cleaning worker.”

    Reasoned Source: Is this one of the “good ones” you were talking about?

  • Reasoned Source:

    Is this one of the “good” masters you were talking about?

    They took these people’s money and then allegedly laughed at them when they asked for it back after not getting the work they were promised.

    “On or about May 12, 2011, Plaintiff Funes paid Stratus $1,000 in cash for a Stratus franchise, co-signing with his wife Marlene Hernandez, signed a franchise agreement for an “SBS-6” plan.
    205. Stratus represented it was capable of providing Funes with at least $500 per month income under the “SBS-6 Franchise plan.”
    207. On or about May 14, 2011, Funes, co-signing with his wife Marlene Hernandez, signed a promissory note for $2,000, which along with their $1,000 cash payment was to be the franchise fee.
    208. Stratus never provided Funes with a Franchise Disclosure Document.
    209. In October 2011, Stratus offered Funes one cleaning job. The job, however, was too far away from Funes’s home and would not pay nearly the $500 a month he had been promised, so it was rejected.
    210. In December 2011, Stratus offered Funes another cleaning job. The job, however, was again too far away from Funes’s home and would pay only $175 per month, not including Stratus’s deductions. He turned it down.
    211. Funes contacted Stratus numerous times attempting to have Stratus assign him work to allow him to earn the income that was promised to him. Stratus, however, has never provided Funes with any income.
    212. Funes finally spoke to Defendant Wenger regarding his contract. Funes requested the work and income that Stratus promised. Wenger told him that Status was not interested in working with him any longer. When Funes asked for a refund, Wenger laughed at him and refused.”

    This is from:

    If this is one of the “good” masters I’d hate to see what the bad ones do!

  • This Master franchise was accused of violating all kinds of franchise laws. That lawsuit has lots of examples like this one:

    “Defendant Wenger signed the franchise agreement as “regional director” of Stratus.
    251. The document Alvarez and Leon signed, however, comprises only pages having the numbers 22, 27, 29 and 35, which appear to be the only pages that have blanks to be filled in when compared to Stratus’s sample contract provided to the Indiana Secretary of State.
    253. Stratus never provided Alvarez and Leon with a Franchise Disclosure Document.”

    That seems highly deceptive, illegal and pretty sleazy.

    Reasoned Source: Are these common practices among all Master franchises or is this Indianapolis master one of those “bad apples” you were talking about?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Guest, The problems with accusations is that anyone can say anything. Per my understanding the document that you are pulling from is a current case in Indiana. That case has yet to be proven or disproven in the court system. Since you are an attorney, you fully understand the sensationalism that attorneys like to put in their documents as they attempt to force a quick and easy settlement that has nothing to do with the supposed “harmed” and everything to do with their own personal pocketbooks and ego’s.

    Simply look at the recent “settlement” negotiated in California in the Coverall Case. Care to explain how the “harmed” got anything and how the attorneys got over 900k in cash?

    Let us agree that not all Attorney’s are good and Let us agree that not all Masters are Bad.

    Enjoy your beers, tell your buddies in Texas and Australia that we enjoy their “mutual love society along with your participation” at Blue Mau Mau as we compare Blue Mau Mau as the Rotary Club (simply willing to write the checks) and Unhappy Franchisee as the Kiwani’s Club ( willing to do the hard work) to get things done…..

  • This seems kind of embarrassing:

    Are you familiar with this one? One of these masters allegedly got caught with his pants down on this one LOL:

    “139. About eight months after beginning to work at the school, Defendant Wenger told Manriquez that Stratus was terminating Manriquez from working at the School…
    140. Wenger told Manriquez’s husband, Jose Matifacio, that Stratus had received a complaint from the School principal about performance at the school. However, Matifacio knew the principal well, and the principal had never made any complaints.
    141. Manriquez was later told by a Stratus employee that Stratus had removed Manriquez from the school account because another cleaning worker had requested the School account and Stratus gave the School account to the other worker in exchange for a fee paid to Stratus by the other cleaning worker.
    142. Manriquez requested a refund of the “additional account fee” she had paid to receive the school contract, but Wenger refused.
    143. Thus, Stratus “churned” the school account, taking freely Manriquez’s “additional account fee” and then collecting additional franchise and/or “additional account fee” from another cleaning worker.”

    Is this Indianapolis group on your Bad Apples list?

    Sounds like these guys are Perpetrators rather than Validators. Agree?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Guest, It is amazing that someone that claims to be of the superior intelligence level as most attorney’s claim to believe they have lacks all common sense and therefore is held in such low esteem by many. Is it any wonder that when talking about Lawyers and Politicians most people have a very unfavorable view of both and your non-sense is the primary reason why.

    Since you love to see yourself “talk” in print, then keep on posting…It helps with the Google rankings against Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Lead Poodle (Matt Jacober) and yes even against Lathrop and Gage…..

  • Why do you leave Jerry Wenger out of your search engine ranking list? He’s the subject of this post and plays a major role in the fraud lawsuit filed by Stratus franchisees posted here:

    It’s amusing that Jerry Wenger is treated like some kind of hero on this site for calling the heads of Stratus “Scumbags”

    Yet in the franchise fraud lawsuit posted, Jerry Wenger is accused of some of the same sleazeball tactics he accuses Jarrett and Frese of: namely selling a defective opportunity and violating franchise disclosure laws.

    Jerry Wenger and the others in his Indianapolis Master franchise were accused of violating all kinds of franchise laws:

    “Defendant Wenger signed the franchise agreement as “regional director” of Stratus.
    251. The document Alvarez and Leon signed, however, comprises only pages having the numbers 22, 27, 29 and 35, which appear to be the only pages that have blanks to be filled in when compared to Stratus’s sample contract provided to the Indiana Secretary of State.
    253. Stratus never provided Alvarez and Leon with a Franchise Disclosure Document.”

    Why does Reasoned Source thinks it’s OK to rail against Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, employees, management, master franchisees and their wives with name calling, wild conjecture, innuendo, personal attacks and unproven allegations, but when it comes to Jerry Wenger all judgement should be withheld until he has his day in court?

    Why is it that everyone but Jerry Wenger seems to be fair game? If the sworn allegations made by franchisees and submitted in court documents are even partly true, doesn’t he qualify for the Stratus Scumbag List?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, As guest continues to implode and show his/her true colors, it is clear that all he/she is trying to do is vilify Mr. Wenger in a veiled attempt to change the true topic of conversation which is the level of deceit, fraud, harm done by Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marissa Lather, David Farrell, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Carmen Garcia, Bob Stapleton.

    Furthermore, it is also an attempt to shield the remaining Masters from making a decision as to continue supporting Stratus Franchising, LLC. as BK Looms. It is obvious that the Indiana BK case, the Missouri Stratus case are on calendar to be decided in the coming days.

    It is obvious to REASONED SOURCE that “Guest’s” Motives are a little un-pure to say the least.

    When someone is so desperate such as “Guest” is reeks of bad things coming to someone. In this case, it is obvious that this is an attempt to Quell the rumblings that have been pointed out by REASONED SOURCE in prior posts about what is happening both on the Simpatico Front and the Stratus Franchising, LLC. front and nothing more/less.

    It is obvious that these communications between REASONED SOURCE and Guest is an attempt to reign in that talk of leaving as it is imperative for Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese to keep their hold on the remaining Masters until BK is filed.

    Sorry for you Guest and those that support you such as Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese.

    Even Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett’s attorney of record call Mr. Wenger a “Man of Honor” and did so in writing.

    Just saying…………

  • Reasoned Source says “Even Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett’s attorney of record call Mr. Wenger a “Man of Honor” and did so in writing.”

    How many of those who bought franchises from Jerry Wenger have called him a “man of honor”?

    Any of these people?

    Nidia Solis Martinez
    Maria Manriquez
    Elsa De la Cruz
    Eni Cruz Rodriguez
    Victor Garcia
    Laura Andolon
    Ronny Funes
    Theresa Escobedo
    Lorenzo Rodriguez
    Faustina Negrete
    Yolanda Alvarez
    Jose Leon

    Oh, wait, probably not. They’re suing your Golden Boy for fraud.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Guest, When are you going to give up? Don’t realize that REASONED SOURCE has been here far longer than you and will be here far longer than you? It is a shame that you continue trying to distract the remaining Masters that are viewing this site.

    They see the desperation, They understand the Motives, YOU have simply caused them to finally Move! To which we say, THANKS!

  • Anyone thinking of buying a janitorial franchise – any janitorial franchise – (especially in INDIANA) should read this lawsuit complaint:

    It lays out the disreputable practices alleged across the entire master and unit level franchise industry:

    Deceptive and sleazy sales tactics
    Franchise law violations
    Endless fees for “guaranteed” jobs
    Jobs that are underbid or too far away to be viable
    Having accounts taken away for bogus and fraudulent reasons
    Reselling the same account over and over for new fees

    As you can see, these guys move around from companies like Jan-Pro, Jani-King, Stratus etc. bringing complaints of sales tactics along with them.

    In my opinion, all this noise from Reasoned Source sounds like a bunch of pirates complaining about their share of the booty. Personally, I think the whole janitorial franchise industry should be shut down.

    My advice: stay away from all of them. If you’re still tempted, read Reasoned Source’s comments. Would you want your professional future in the hands of a guy like this?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Guest, I am sure sorry to see you go….You have been a fun toy for the past couple of days. You have assisted greatly in the genuine goal which was to get the remaining “Good Masters” off their duffs and moving away from Stratus Franchising, LLC. Though it maybe a little too late for some as they were still paying their full fees, royalties etc….

    But for those that had stopped and were simply using “name only” or only paying one Royalty Fee but not the notes etc…There is more than enough time/hope left for them.

    Stratus Franchising is finished. It was technically finished two (2) plus years ago with the Pro2FS people left and the lack of understanding and focus of Lathrop and Gage as to how to handle the P/R aspect and general lies/deceit told by their clients Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese respectfully.

    Will be posting an updated list of removed Masters in the next two weeks!

  • Confirmed Source

    @Reasoned Source aka Jerry Wenger continues to lie and misinform the readers on this site. It is obvious Jerry Wenger is incredibly bitter, without work and a lot of free time that has been dedicated here to post lies. To make the matter worse Reasoned Source aka Jerry Wenger has decided to partner up with similar crooks like himself to try and destroy people’s lives in hopes of either extortion or blackmail. Jerry Wenger should have listened to his own family members Kimberly Wenger and Gladys Wenger when they publicly asked him to stop taking people’s money and find an honorable job. What they didn’t realize is that Jerry Wenger is not capable of having an honorable job. His work history speaks for itself.

    Let’s take a look at Jerry Wenger’s 20 years of miserable Janitorial track record. His job at Jan-Pro ended with a lawsuit. Too many complaints from customers and unit franchisees, fraudulent contracts, side deals with franchisees, taking cash in return for customer accounts, and the list goes on. At Stratus Indiana, as a result of his wrong doings as the Regional Director, they ended up with several lawsuits with Jerry Wenger’s name as the main responsible party. Jerry Wenger is one of the key players that has given this industry a bad name but conveniently he removes his name from his own list. If anything, Jerry Wenger should be the only name on the list. It is a joke that Jerry Wenger calls himself an “Honorable Man”!!!!

    Jerry Wagner is the fraud himself. His drumbeat of naming other masters, repeatedly listing Stratus cities and individuals involved is just a way for him to hide covering up the reality. Every posting that Jerry Wenger aka Reasoned Source aka Hefty Trash Bag puts up starts with some kind of disinformation such as “BK is around the corner”, “Major news to come out in two weeks”, etc., then lists every name and city repeatedly and then states “More to come ….”. You can go back two years and nothing has changed. Jerry Wenger continues with his strategy that hasn’t worked at all for him. Over 1000’s of Stratus unit franchisees continue to earn an honest living while Jerry Wenger persists with his terrorizing ways.

    More background information regarding Jerry Wenger and his character to come. Please stay tuned.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Confirmed Source, Unlike your “cut and paste” and bring up as many old tag lines as possible (not sure the reason why there) as it does far more harm to “your friends” as it rises on the Google Sites for Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Marvin Ashton, Lathrop and Gage and Matt Jacober……Dirty little secret, there is a reason why it has such a dramatic effect on those and not others!

    But really, what was/is it about our recent posts that has set you off? We believe that it is the fact that Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese are in need of as many paying Masters as possible to head into BK to thwart the potential opportunity that the Trustee would have in looking deeper/further into the actual activities of none other Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett?

    But one of the members of REASONED SOURCE happens to believe that it has to do more with “How many current Masters are actually still part of the System?”

    With Simpatico being discovered as being separated from Stratus Franchising, LLC., he was wondering if some/all of the following are still part of Stratus Franchising, LLC. obviously the only one that would know for sure WHO has been paying Royalty Fees or not over the past 90 days to 1 Year (remember, those are important timelines for BK) would be none other than Pete Frese himself!

    Could it be that some/all of the following haven’t been paying Royalty Fees either over the past 1 Year or at least 90 days?

    Afshin Cangarlu/Foad Rekebi- Los Angeles
    Channen/Rene Smith- Phoenix, Denver, Omaha, Kansas City
    Tom Weiss/John Coleman- Philly, Delaware, South New Jersey

    Could these, along with Simpatico be the “Phoenix Rising” that DJ was heard talking about?

    Only time will tell, but what does that mean for the following Masters:

    David Smith
    Tony Smitts
    Tom Grassi
    Mark Stocker
    Don Gartner
    Jim Van Dyke
    Ric Boucher
    Shauna Sharpsteen
    Leonard Fazio

    Are they the sacrifice to BK Trustee?

  • Confirmed Source

    @Reasoned Source aka Jerry Wenger continues with his strategy to just list names and cities with the sole intention of terrorizing working people. But who is the real Jerry “trash bag” Wenger and his new partners in crime? Well I have firsthand experience with this so called “honorable man”. There are more lawsuits following Jerry Wenger than any person he has mentioned in his postings combined together. You may ask why? He is far from being an honorable man. He has a lawsuit for every position or company that he has been involved. You can check one of the lawsuits filed against him with over 100 unit franchisees. He is personally responsible for these blue color working class people losing their life savings. Jerry Wenger promised these individuals customer accounts and either never delivered them, or when he did he took more side money from these poor people. I sat in the court room where the judge was furious with Jerry Wagner’s work ethics and what was presented as evidence for his wrongdoings. In short time at Xcel Clean in Indiana he lost more accounts than the history of that company.

    More to come regarding…

    Jerry Wenger Fraudster
    Jerry Wenger Fraud Master
    Jerry Wenger Commercial Cleaning Scammer
    Jerry Wenger Janitorial Services Rip-off
    Jerry Wenger Area Developer Con Artist
    Jerry Wenger Fraudulent Regional Director
    Jerry Wenger Business Development Manager Failure
    Jerry Wenger Commercial Services Disaster
    Jerry Wenger Vice-President of Numerous Scam Operations

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: It obvious that “Confirmed Source” has become unhinged and/or has stepped off his Meds. Either way, the same questions are in need of an answer…..

    a) Why Now? Both “Guest” and “Confirmed Source” have appeared in the past few days.

    b) Why the Vicious Attack against one person? Is it because that one person has had tremendous gall to not only stand up against those that have wrongfully accused him?

    c) Who is “Confirmed Source”? Is it a current Master that got screwed as he was attempting to screw others?

    These Questions and more answered in the coming posts!

  • Confirmed Source

    [Duplicate comment deleted]

    Confirmed Source, Guest, Reasoned Source:

    Please just post each comment once to the most relevant post.

    Please stop putting duplicate comments on multiple pages.

    Thanks – ADMIN

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: It is amazing to me how “Confirmed Source” has OCD in regards to Lists. What is it about Lists that causes “Confirmed Source” so many issues? In particular, Which List is it that causes him/her to go crazy?

    Is it the List of Former Masters that are no longer part of the system?

    North Texas
    Dallas/Ft. Worth
    San Diego
    Orange County
    Ventura County
    Utah- Shea Sealy’s
    Central New Jersey
    New Mexico
    Las Vegas
    Delaware- Jeff Blake’s
    Minnesota (2x)
    Omaha-Kansas City- Paul Knutzen’s

    Is it THIS list “Confirmed Source”?

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