STRATUS Attorney: Stop Calling Dennis Jarrett & Pete Frese Scumbags!

An attorney for embattled janitorial franchise company Stratus Building Solutions is lashing out at a critic for (among other things) allegedly calling Stratus CEO Dennis Jarrett “the largest scumbag of them all,” and Stratus President Pete Frese “the second” [largest scumbag of them all].

A threatening letter dated October 25, 2013 was sent by Matthew A. Jacober, an attorney with law firm Lathrop & Gage, to Mr. Jerry Wenger of Connersville, IN.

Mr. Wenger has 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, and served as Regional Director for Stratus Building Solutions master franchisee Kevin Spellacy.

Matthew A. Jacober is a member of the legal team (derisively referred to as “the poodles” by UnhappyFranchisee.Com commenter “Reasoned Source”) that represents the much-litigated Stratus Building Solutions.

In his letter, Jacober states that Wenger signed a non-disparagement agreement stating that he “would not disparage or make any negative comments about Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese and Stratus Franchising, LLC or any of their affiliated parties.”

The Lathrop & Gage attorney stated that he had repeatedly represented to his clients that Wenger impressed him as “an honorable man who… had no desire to see anything negative happen to them.”

Having held Mr. Wenger in such high esteem, and thinking they were friends, Matthew Jacober was shocked (shocked, I tell you!) to learn that Wenger was telling people that his clients are scumbags.

Writes Jacober:

It was therefore very shocking to me when my clients forwarded to me postings from August 30, 2013 which they have recently learned were written of on [Stratus Master Franchisee] Shannon Smith’s LinkedIn page questioning why Mr. Smith would be associated with a company like Stratus Franchising and individuals like Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett.  More disturbing still was an email you sent on August 29, 2013 to a number of individuals who remain masters under the Stratus system in which you say “there are still some very scummy people left in the master system, most definitely the largest scumbag of them all is still Dennis Jarrett and the second is Pete Frese.”

Matt Jacober also accuses Mr. Wenger of being the prolific Stratus Building Solutions critic and whistleblower who posts on under the pseudonym “Reasoned Source.”

“Reasoned Source” is a frequent commenter on Stratus Building Solutions blog posts, having posted the equivalent of 200 typed pages of opinion and insider information regarding the crumbling Stratus master franchise system.

“Rest assured,” writes Jacober, “if these postings and communications do not immediately cease and desist” that Wenger will be hit with a lawsuit for “libel, slander, tortious interference with business expectancy and breach of contract.”

Jacober continues:

We believe significant damages have occurred to the Stratus Franchising system and to Messrs. Frese and Jarrett individually as a direct result of the comments you have made and will pursue those damages vigorously… This letter is your one and only warning.

Matthew A. Jacober letter P. 1Matthew A. Jacober letter P. 2


Tune in for the Next Exciting Episode…!

How will Mr. Wenger respond to Matthew Jacober’s “one and only warning”?

Will Jerry Wenger apologize for his “wrongful behavior” so he and Matt Jacober can be bro’s once again?

Will Stratus Franchising sic the poodles on the ex-employee of an ex-franchisee for tarnishing its otherwise sterling reputation?

To establish defamation, will Lathrop & Gage have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that their clients, Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese, are not the largest and second-largest scumbags, respectively?

Will whistleblower “Reasoned Source” disclose his/her/their true identity after seeking asylum in the Moscow airport?

Stay tuned to Unhappy Franchisee to exclusive Stratus coverage as this drama unfolds!

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50 thoughts on “STRATUS Attorney: Stop Calling Dennis Jarrett & Pete Frese Scumbags!

  • Where does one find an expert witness who will give an opinion that Mr
    Jarrett is not the “largest scumbag of them all?” After all this time, neither Jarrett nor Frese have ever addressed a single one of the allegations made against them by their master franchisees and the unit franchisees. This is just ridiculous. I better leave it at that or I’ll also get a Stratus love letter.

  • Reasoned Source

    Wow!!!!! First let me state for the record, I am personally excited to be again put into the writings of the “poodles”………For you see, the “poodles” have done this before, have actually spoken about me in court, wondering openly who I am, they at first were floating the idea that I was a former Master whom they had terminated unjustly, then they thought I was a former employee whom may/may not have actually slept with Pete Frese (Let me assure you that I am not Bill Blair either!), then they thought I was Jeff (anal) Aibel in an attempt to get back at them for the scam they were associated with going South, quite literally….Now they think I am a former employee of a former bankrupt Master….

    Secondly, let me say for the record, I am personally Glad that I went to the restroom BEFORE reading this article written and Mr. Fortman’s response. Because If I hadn’t, I would have “PEED” myself without question for the depth of my laughter for many reasons was as Hearty and Deep as it has been in a long time!

    Third, let me say for the record, Has anyone ever read a document that is SO DESPERATE in their life? Here you have a Law Firm, a HUGE LAW FIRM with a HUGE BUDGET and a PARTNER of that firm quite literally crying MOMMA in writing!!!!!!

    Fourth, let me say for the record, it is sadly not amazing to me that a Law Firm and all be it LESS WEALTHY than what they were ago just month’s ago, MUCH LESS WEALTHY than they were a Year ago and even MUCH, MUCH LESS WEALTHY than what they are about to be, Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett are doing nothing but spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on THREATS, VICIOUS PUBLIC ATTACKS, SCARE TACTICS, LAWYER FEES and the such, versus doing what is right by their remaining Masters, those Masters remaining Unit Franchises, by both entities employee’s. This clearly shows that they have NO MORALS, NO INTEGRITY, NO THOUGHT FOR OTHERS…….

    Remaining Masters, WAKE UP, These are your Partners, These are the People by which YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR UNIT FRANCHISES, YOUR EMPLOYEES AND YOUR CUSTOMERS are being associated with, THUGS ARE INSULTED by Matt Jacober, Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese’s tactics on FULL DISPLAY in this letter!!!!!!

  • I respectfully must part company with Mr. Fortman and Mr. R. Source and offer my services as an expert witness to Lathrop & Gage, Stratus, et al. Having published UnhappyFranchisee.Com for many years, I have become a leading expert on scumbags and scumbaggery.

    My expert witness fee is due in cash, up-front. No Western Union wire transfers, please.

    After consulting with my advisor Richard Quick, Esq. of the law firm Quick, Duhk & Hyde, I believe Lathrop & Gage & Mssrs Jarrett & Frese will prevail on this one.

    All Matthew Jacober needs to do to prove defamation in this case is to prove that Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese are not, technically, “scumbags.”

    When he stands up in court, I believe Mr. Jacober could first establish that both Reasoned Source and Mr. Wenger have maintained that Jarrett & Frese F-ed over both Stratus master and unit franchisees. He may even provide additional compelling evidence of his own to reinforce this point (hopefully with visual aids).

    Next, Mr. Jacober could call me to the stand to establish the true definition of “scumbag.”: “The original meaning of scumbag is “condom.” The Oxford English Dictionary dates the term to 1967, with 1971 as the first example of the “despicable person” sense, but current research has pushed the dates back to 1935 (based on the still earlier scum, “semen,” and bag, “a condom”) and 1950 respectively.” (Slate.Com)

    In a dramatic courtroom flourish (think Jack McCoy), Mr. Jacober could state: “If my clients were in fact doing the F—-ing, it would be physically impossible for them to also be the prophylactics! Hence, the statement that my clients are scumbags is factually untrue and libelous!”

    Here’s an alternative strategy: Since Wenger stated that Jarrett was the biggest scumbag and Frese the second biggest scumbag, Jacober could present evidence that Frese is actually the larger scumbag and Jarrett the second-largest scumbag. This could establish that Wenger’s statement is untrue and potentially libelous.

    Matt: Call me!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Though the Admin. and Mr. Fortman are both correct in regards to the audacity of not only the threat of a Lawsuit against Mr. Wenger and the dramatic affect that both of them have articulated well. The point still remains for the Current Masters, “Are DJ and Pete REALLY the kind of people you want to be associated with?” Look at the JOKE that both of them have become in not only the “Media” but in documentation in multiple courts.

    Current Masters, What Reasoned Source says about them, What Admin. says about them is one thing…..What Mr. Wenger says about them, What Mr. Fortman says about them, What Mr. Vevan says about them, What Mr. Baker says about them, What Mr. Spellacy says about them, What Mr. Lincoln Baker says about them and what Multiple Lawsuits filed on behalf of HUNDREDS of Unit Franchisee’s says about them are all in Courts of Law and are a matter of PUBLIC RECORDS!!!!!!!

    Your local/state based FDD’s MUST show all of the Lawsuits and Status thereof, both past and present.

    Your local/state based and National Competitors that ARE NOT Franchise Companies are going to utilize this website, utilize the SHEER NUMBER of Lawsuits, are going to ENCOURAGE, POINT, DIRECT AND PROBABLY PULL UP IN FRONT OF THEM the GOOGLE Headers!!!!!

    I know as it has been reported that it has already BEGUN to affect not only Unit Franchise Sales, but it is also affecting your actual Contracts and Contract Sales. It is only going to get worse…….

    Are you aware that an ad recently posted in a local Hispanic Paper in Austin Texas is being run by an attorney PLEADING for information for a potential suit?

    Are you aware that Mr. Wenger himself is speaking with, turned over documents to at least TWO States Attorney’s General?

    Ladies and Gentlemen that are CURRENT Masters, When are you finally going to see the Light? Before it has Destroyed your business, harmed your family, harmed your employee’s, harmed your Unit Franchises, harmed their families?

    At what point do you say I’M DONE to DJ and Pete? The debate on whose the LARGEST SCUMBAG is one that I relish reading more about in the future…….

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It is amazing to me the thought process behind some of the remaining Stratus Masters….Though fewer today than yesterday, less this month than last and thanks to the Masterful representation of Matt Jacober and Lathrop and Gage, even far less than last year!!!!!!!

    They are calling each other claiming, well “Mark Bashforth is having a difficult time in San Diego for sure, Channen Smith is having a difficult time in Phoenix for sure, fortunately we aren’t”!!!!!

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Mark Bashforth Screwed dozens of Unit Franchises in the San Diego area by closing un-announced and from what I am gathering has yet to pay them for services rendered!!!!!!

    Mark Bashforth closed his office, took the monies owed to Lincoln Baker, took the monies owed to Unit Franchisee’s in San Diego….At what point in time do you call a CROOK A CROOK?

    Channen Smith is in trouble with more than just the misses, he is about to get SUED in conjunction with Gator Greenwill in Kansas City….Channen Smith and his corrupt organization in Phoenix has already been named in the original Lawsuit file by Fortman and the RICO case filed by Fortman. Channen Smith and his Denver Operation is BANNED from posting ads on Craigslist as they have posted SCAM ALERTS on him! Channen Smith is much like Pete Frese, BLAME OTHERS for his and his staff’s Bad Dealings……

    We have already established the simple fact that Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton, Carmen Garcia, Bill Blair and others are officially SCUM BAGS, SCUM BUCKETS, LIARS, CHEATS, THIEVES……I think it is more than fair to say the same about Mark Bashorth, Jayson Bashforth, Channen Smith, Rene Smith and Nina Sandivik Bashforth without a doubt……..

    Remaining Masters, When is ENOUGH, ENOUGH?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It seems the undoing of Stratus might finally be taking shape…..For you see even the Scum Bags in Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese are feeling pressure from their family members. It has been reported that even DJ’s Daughter has now been questioned in her position with the Chicago Area JCC in regards to her Father and his business dealings? It seems that Pete Frese’s ex-wife is now afraid of having her new house and cash taken or at least made public by Reasoned Source and wants nothing to do with Pete or Stratus any more!!!!!!!!

    Wow! Combine that with the earlier report of Nina Sandivik Bashforth and Rene Smith being caught creating Hell for Mark and Channen respectfully, it seems the legal and other strategies mean absolutely nothing but what the Wives and Families Feel/Say!

    So Nina, So Rene, So Mrs. Frese let me ask you this question…..How do you think the Wives, Daughters, Sons of the Former Masters that your Respective Husbands HARMED Feel?

    So Nina, So Rene, So Mrs. Frese let me ask you this question…..How do you think the Wives, Husbands, Daughters, Sons of the Former Unit Franchises that your Respective Husbands HARMED Feel?

    So Nina, So Rene, So Mr. Frese let me ask you this question….How do you think the Wives, Husbands, Daughters, Sons of the Former Employee’s that your Respective Husbands HARMED Feel?

    So let it be known, the Respective Spouses of Mark Bashforth, Pete Frese and Channen Smith actually FEEL SOMETHING! The Harm that your Respective Husbands/Former Husbands have done is Tremendous…..The Harm that your Respective Husbands/Former Husbands have done is Criminal in Most States…The Harm that your Respective Husbands/Former Husbands have done will not be allowed to be Swept Under the Rug…..No Nina, No Rene, No Mrs. Frese it will be continually exposed, Your Names, Your Homes, Your Assets will be made part of the Public Record not only here, but also in a Court of Law…..

    Reasoned Source Community, Nor various Legal Entities, Nor various Government Agencies, Nor the owner of, Nor Jonathan Fortman, Nor others of Goodwill will rest until your Respective Husbands Feel at least 1/2 of the Pain both Financially and Mentally that those that have been HARMED have!!!!!!!


  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Now that the Christmas Holiday has past and the coming New Year is upon us, let us take a moment to reflect the misery, chaos, disgust that Stratus Franchising, LLC. has become and more importantly make some very profound predictions for the coming New Year!

    Since March of 2012 the following Masters have either closed or transformed themselves into other companies since leaving Stratus Franchising, LLC.

    North Texas
    Utah-Shea Sealy
    Ventura County
    Orange County

    Let’s add to that total by the previously closed and very much harmed additional cities/states such as:

    Richmond, VA.
    New Mexico
    Las Vegas
    Minnesota (1st one)

    Let’s add those harmed and in the process of filing suit or facing legal issues as a direct result of their ill fated relationship with Stratus Franchising:

    Austin, TX
    Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
    San Diego- Lincoln Baker
    Kansas City and Omaha

    Let’s add those harmed and scammed directly by Mark/Jayson Bashforth that left their “partner” holding the bag and dozens of people unpaid.

    Panama/Central America

    Let’s now look at the reality of how many have closed/left the system since it’s supposed height of 45 Master Licensee’s: 25 of 45

    Let’s look at where the following “key support staff” that helped fraudulently induce, cheat, steal, rob Masters and Unit Franchisee’s alike are at:

    Bob (Stinky) Stapleton: Terminated for Cause
    Bill (Sexual Harasser) Blair: Terminated for Cause
    Marissa Lather: Left/Resigned/Fed Up/Embarrassed/Harmed
    Chelsea Pulley: Left/Resigned/Fed Up/Humiliated/Harmed
    David Farrell: Terminated
    Carmen (where in the world is she today) Garcia: Terminated/MIA
    Fernando “Killer Salesman” Lamas: In Jail

    Let’s see where some of the “hidden money” may have gone vs. Lathrop and Gage’s Pocketbook:

    Affiliated Services: Closed/Dissolved/Tax Lien
    Stratus Franchising International, LLC: Closed/Dissolved
    Jarrett Reality: Still getting payments from idiots like Mark Stocker, Leonard Fazio, Channen Smith.

    Speaking of Idiots, Let us recap the following:

    Dennis Jarrett: Still a Scum Bag, Lost his Innerbelt Offices, Left thousands of people harmed, still believes he can turn things around, down to spare change to throw at Strippers and drinking Boilermaker 2 for 1 Specials with Bill Blair.

    Pete Freese: Still a Scum Bag, Lost his Innerbelt Offices, Left thousands of people harmed, still believes that DJ is to blame for everything including his lost Marriage though Marissa and a couple of others may have had something to do with it more, looking forward to the “good ole days” when he only can rip people off in St. Louis.

    Channen/Rene Smith: Still Embarrassed, Harmed 100’s of people, blame Pete and DJ for everything, trying to sell his ruined business and hold onto his multi-million dollar home, blocked by Craigslist and future Class Action Lawsuit with Gator Greenwill by his side coming sooner than he knows.

    John Coleman/Tom Weiss: Both still blaming and claiming the one Embezzled the other, took over a failed franchise of Jeff Blake’s in Delaware, still scamming people, looking around corners as Philly boo’s Santa Claus, makes you wonder what some of their franchisees are willing to do to them?

    Afshin C. Losing his business right and left, lost key employee’s, going to be named soon in a Lawsuit that is coming by some former and one current Master for his role in developing Proforma and fraudulently inducing based upon false financials given.

    Mark/Jayson Bashforth: Ex-Wife hates him, Panamanian employee’s looking for him, Houston office is on life support, San Diego is being run from managers home, lawsuit coming from Lincoln Baker, lawsuit coming from Tom Baker, Attorney General of Texas is digging around solidly and more news coming soon.

    Prediction 2014: Stratus will be bankrupt. Remaining Masters will leave the system or be closed by competition and debt.

    Prediction 2015 and beyond: Dennis Jarrett and Pete Freese will never be in the Franchising Industry ever again.

    Working hard to make the 2014 Predictions come true! Relentless doesn’t properly define how I am going to pursue Stratus Building Solutions, Pete Freese and Dennis Jarrett in 2014.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Doesn’t it make you wonder what happened with Lathrop and Gage’s THREAT against Wenger? I would think based upon that THREAT that Wenger would be off cowering in a corner…..Something tells me he isn’t!

    Since is was speculated that Wenger and I are exactly the same person, it is obvious that I haven’t been sued, I haven’t been quieted, I haven’t stopped revealing the TRUTH about not only Pete/DJ, but about Mark/Jayson, Channen/Renee, Afshin, Tom/John, Bill/Marvin/Bob/David/Carmen…..

    New Year Reports are coming in, seems even more Masters are leaving Stratus Franchising, seems even more still have stopped payments to Jarrett Realty and to Stratus Franchising. Seems like more “one off” deals are being cut for Afshin C., Tom Weiss, John Coleman to “keep your mouths shut”.

    Looks like my Prediction to a formal ending of Stratus may happen even earlier than by Year ending 2014……

    Lathrop and Gage have done a very poor job indeed, so poor in fact that they weren’t chosen to defend Stratus Franchising, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett and Bob Stapleton in the latest “Fortman Case”.

    Lathrop and Gage should be embarrassed as to how poorly they handled this whole situation, Matt Jacober may be a good attorney, but a very poor P/R and obviously poor Business Person. Someone might want to think twice about putting their legal needs in those hands……WAIT A SECOND, even the ScumBags Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett Did! How Enlightening, Too Late, Too Little, Too Stupid!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Entrepreneur Magazines Franchise 500 came out recently for 2014…One guess as to who ISN”T on the list? Wonder Why? Could it be due to the following:

    Since Lathrop and Gage’s GREAT handling of the Stratus Building Solutions account sales have DROPPED, revenue has DROPPED, brand value has DROPPED, More Masters have LEFT THE SYSTEM vs. what is ACUALLY LEFT, how about DJ and Pete’s overwhelming direction of the Stratus Brand the last couple of Years?

    Think they are a little more sensitive now about posting FALSE Figures?

    Think they are a little more sensitive now about promoting their BRAND?

    Think they are a little more concerned about how NOT TO GOTO JAIL?

    Yet, through it all, you still have Masters paying their monthly royalty fees, their monthly note payments to Jarrett Realty/DJ/Pete…..

    It isn’t a question of IF Stratus Franchising, LLC will end up in bankruptcy, it is simply a matter of WHEN!

    Mr. Doyle of Lathrop and Gage knows that answer, Matthew Jacober of Lathrop and Gage knows that answer…..Do you?

    More postings coming soon as Reasoned Source has uncovered a disturbing trend that some of the remaining Masters and more than a few PAST MASTERS are doing in a failed attempt to distance themselves from Stratus Franchising, LLC.

    Till next time!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It is amazing to me, how so many smart people actually lack common sense…Since my latest posting, several current Masters have contacted me through various sources and they seem to have had a collective “AHA” moment:

    1) They agree that Fortman has already won….
    2) They agree that Matt Jacober and Lathrop and Gage have mis-handled this case/opportunity since Day One….
    3) They agree that the VALUE of the Brand is fast approaching ZERO
    4) They agree that they need to GET OUT
    5) They want some assurance/proof that indeed the VALUE of the Brand puts them underwater.

    Here you go for proving that Value of the Brand is indeed UNDERWATER!

    Some of you are heading to California this week, those of you that are, simply ask DJ and Pete to PURCHASE your city back for the exact same amount of your Master Franchise License….Not one penny more, Not one penny less!

    Now, they will give you a TON of excuses, but here’s the reality of the conversation:

    a) Collectively, they have Millions of Dollars in Assets and Cash between them, their wives (current/ex) and other sources. They don’t have the Cash is simply not true, but even if it was slightly true, I’m sure that they have enough collateral to go to the bank and borrow the money!

    b) Simply do as I suggested in the other post, call a local broker, here’s an idea, call the FranNet representative who was HIGH on Stratus just a couple of Years ago and have them do a business evaluation…..

    Bottom Line is this, if you paid 250k for your territory three years ago, four years ago, two years ago etc….You will be lucky to get 1/2 of that amount in the marketplace today!

    There is a reason why Masters are leaving/still leaving the system, don’t think for a moment that Jani-King, Jan-Pro, Coverall and others aren’t facing the same issues in some regards as Stratus! It’s just that Stratus is far worse %!

    When are you going to WAKE UP?

  • yeah right

    This illustrates the utility of anti-SLAPP legislation. As any competent attorney well knows, ‘scummy’ and ‘scumbags’ are merely opinions and cannot be considered defamation. Of course Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) aren’t brought to win, but to use the threat of incurring massive legal fees. Anti-SLAPP legislation is being passed in many states to afford a much more less expensive and quicker way to dispose of defamation cases and recover attorneys fees by corporate bullies.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Yeah Right, This wasn’t about SLAPP Legislation, it was simply another P/R Blunder by one of the Largest Law Firms and one of the seven figure Attorney’s in that Law Firm making a HUGE MISTAKE!

    Stratus Franchising, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton and others are going to be gone from the Commercial Cleaning Franchise World in a few short month’s. Mostly due to the fact they are Liars, Cheats, Thieves, Cowards and Scumbags….The other part is due directly to the incompetence of their Legal Counsel and the simple desire that NONE OF THEM WANT TO GO TO JAIL!

    They care NOTHING about the REMAINING nor for that matter PAST Master Franchisors and/or Area Developers. All they care about is holding things together long enough to where they don’t have to DIG into their own pockets too much to pay for the on-going LAWSUITS!!!!!!!

    I anticipate more Masters Leaving the System in the next thirty (30) days, Wonder how many showed up at the California Meetings and other than the NEW BOSS SYSTEM, what was topic of Conversations??????

    More on that sooner vs. later!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It seems that there are numerous items happening in the Stratus Franchising World that needs to be updated…

    1) Since basically no one was willing to spend the money to fly out to California, Pete decided to HOST a conference call instead. Seems that the New Boss System wasn’t the primary focus of the conversation:

    PETE floated the Question/Idea that it was time/past time for he and DJ to leave Stratus Franchising. They were convinced that this is the BEST move for the remaining Masters (really, WOW they really do LISTEN to Reasoned Source, just took them nearly a YEAR)!

    PETE suggested that this could be done Quickly and Quietly (guess he got that wrong) as Channen/Rene Smith and Afshin C. had agreed to ACQUIRE the assets of Stratus Franchising. (Pete, quick question, what about the DEBTS? what about the LAWSUITS? what ABOUT?) but their only “holdback” was they wanted to know WHO would be willing to stay as part of the “FAMILY”?

    PETE also suggested/hinted/stated the following “The Stratus name has basically been destroyed thanks to Jonathan Fortman and REASONED SOURCE! That he believes “Re-Branding” is the best option. Hold on for a second, “Re-branding” wasn’t that another REASONED SOURCE idea? (I’m going to have to send DJ/Pete a bill for services rendered).

    Now here’s the only problems that I see with the above:

    a) You will still have the following CROOKS in the System based upon good ole Pete’s proposal: Channen, Afhsin, John, Tom, Mark….

    b) You will have a RE-Branded company that will be attacked just like STRATUS is being attacked because of who is listed in (a).

    c) You will have some sort of Business Ties to the original crooks (DJ and Pete) as I am sure they aren’t simply Giving it Away! Not that they shouldn’t have done this over a Year ago, but these two (DJ and Pete) are the most stubborn and un-professional owners of a company that I have heard of in a long time!

    d) You will still have LAWSUITS in Indiana, California, St. Louis that are still active.

    e) Pete/DJ/Bashforth for sure are going to have LAWSUITS in the future that will eventually be tied back to the NEW COMPANY!

    Well, other than it being a Year behind, other than it being a WORTHLESS Brand, other than it being TRANSFERRED from one Group of Crooks to another, other than their being current and future LAWSUITS associated with it, IT IS A GREAT IDEA!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It has come to Good Ole Reasoned Sources attention that Marvin Ashton is part of the Mix of Crooks that believes he can assist in the Re-Branding effort of Stratus…..Really? Let’s see just a quick review of the accomplishments in Marvin Ashton’s storied career with Stratus and Bonus:

    1) Named directly in Goldeneye Lawsuit for Fraud, Fraudulent Inducement, Employee Interference

    2) Named in RICO suit against Stratus

    3) Named in RICO suit against Bonus

    4) Named in potential suit by Lincoln Baker as being one of the Stratus Franchising, LLC executives encouraging him to partner with Mark/Jayson Bashforth.

    5) As a result of #1 and #4 Marvin Ashton was directly related to moving of Scum Bag, Accused Murderer of his family, Fernando Lamas (killer salesman) to San Diego office and directly knew about meeting between Lamas and DJ in New York as HE was the one directly meeting with Lamas face to face.

    6) Because of #1 it was revealed that Marvin Ashton had not only direct knowledge of but caused great harm too former Master Petar Vavan by attempting to cause an uprising along with Carmen Garcia of Vavan’s unit franchisees and customers.

    7) Because of #1 it was revealed that Marvin Ashton has little to no morals and cares not about the MAJOR investment that Masters made in regards to buying a “business in a box” such as Stratus, but that he takes direct orders from Scumbags such as Dennis Jarrett and whomever else may actually fill his pockets.

    Remaining Masters, take a long hard look at the potential FACE of your Re-Branding Efforts:

    Mark Bashforth
    Afshin C.
    Marvin Ashton
    Channen/Renee Smith
    Tom Weiss
    John Coleman

    Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, I was asked yesterday, “What does a group of Iranian Businessmen have to do with Stratus?” Answer: Maybe Nothing, Maybe Everything….Let me lay out a reasonable assumption and draw some lines for you:

    False Pro-Forma: There is more then enough evidence to tie the false Pro-Forma directly to Afshin Cangarlu. The Pro2FS people did it, most directly their attorney with help/direction from Jeff (anal) Aibel and Ken Cassiri. The False Pro-Forma was utilized and approved directly by Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese and knowingly presented as a False Document to Fraudulently Entice dozens of future Master Licensee’s throughout the United States by Marvin Ashton, David Farrell, Bill Blair, Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese.

    Cannot be too hard to find a trial of payments directly to Afshin Cangarlu from either Jarrett Realty, Affiliated Services, Simpatico, Stratus Franchising, LLC. in return for the False Pro-Forma.

    It is well known that Jeff (anal) Aibel, Ken Cassiri, John Coleman, Tom Weiss, Mark/Jayson Bashforth received “Favors” for being Validators of the False Pro-Forma on the Master Side.

    Dennis Jarrett in his PURE Arrogance thought that he could “Screw” Ken Cissiri and Jeff (anal) Aibel out of the Canadian Sales/Marketing Agreement and other “one off deals” and the whole thing came tumbling down after a Potential Buyer for the Entire Country of Canada emerged and left almost as quickly (more on that story later).

    You have the Moshayedi’s, Rekabi’s, Vaghei’s and Cangarlu all in various business deals and inter-connected companies. You have the Moshayedi’s being charged and continually being investigated for “insider trading” and other SEC violations. Something tells me that Cangarlu isn’t smart enough to come up with the “False Pro-Forma” on his own…….

    Let me ask a question now, “Channen how does Renee feel about your NEW DEAL now?”

    Folks, the Stratus Brand is dead…..Even Pete and DJ have finally come to that realization….Cangarlu is nothing but a “wanna be” to the Moshayedi’s and others. He will always fail as he not only lacks morals, but enough smarts to think “What’s Next”?

    The Re-Branding is now DEAD……Mark Stocker, Ralph Sizemore, Tom Grassi, Shauna Sharpsteen, Jerry Van Dyke, Tom Fazio, Ric Boucher, Don Gartner and others, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

    Reasoned Source will keep digging UNTIL, Stratus Franchising, LLC. is put into Bankruptcy……….More coming soon!

  • Reasoned Source

    Breaking News! On a recent phone conversation, Channen Smith informed a current Stratus Master that REASONED SOURCE was spreading nothing but lies and would be SUED in the coming days/weeks….When asked if he knew who REASONED SOURCE was, there was nothing but silence.

    Also, during the phone conversation, it was revealed that supposedly HE (Channen Smith) and (Afshin Cangarlu) and (Marvin Ashton) had PURCHASED back the failing San Diego Master License from Mark Bashforth, Nina Sandivik Bashforth, Jayson Bashforth it was asked by this person “Did Lincoln Baker get any proceeds from this supposed purchase?” Again, nothing but silence from Channen Smith.

    Finally, during this phone conversation, Channen asked “Why aren’t you paying Royalty Fees and What exactly is your intention going forward?” This person asked, “What are you offering to do differently in order to make up for the FRAUD that was obviously committed against myself and others to make me WANT to pay you/Stratus Royalty Fees again?” This time, Channen stated “We have a NEW and IMPROVED tracking system!” REALLY Channen, you might want to seek out a better answer than that when asking for thousands of dollars per month in Royalty Fees!!!!!!!!

    So now it is confirmed that Channen Smith, Afshin Cangarlu and Marvin Ashton BELIEVE that they are now in charge of Stratus Franchising, LLC and are in the process of not only DEMANDING Compliance but are in the process of raising the Royalty Fees and attempting to ReBrand and/or ReLaunch the Company!

    More to come in this development I’m sure!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, What is amazing to me is the constant pounding that Afshin Cangarlu, Marvin Ashton, Channen and Rene Smith are going through on almost a daily basis and for what? To OWN a DEAD BRAND……I think we can all agree, that thanks to Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Bill Blair, David Farrell, Marissa Lather, Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton that this BRAND fka Stratus Building Solutions is DEAD!

    I am sure that Afshin, Channen, Marvin and Foad are smart enough between all of them to realize that is the case. They know they couldn’t GIVE AWAY a Master License to anyone other than the Iranian Mafia that Foad and Afshin are LOYAL SOLDIERS in and quite possibly Marvin’s personal friends whom many are currently in jail such as Fernando Lamas.

    Other than that, NO ONE in their Right Mind would want to even be mentioned in the same breath as Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton, Afshin Cangarlu, Channen and Rene Smith and others.

    Even Mark Bashforth is doing EVERYTHING he can including the latest rumor of signing over the last remaining accounts and owner-operators in his dying Houston Operation to a long time employee.

    It is pretty bad when a man who comes from a family that has been questioned in the disappearance of a foreign national, has multiple companies open/dissolved for the sole purpose of transferring and hiding assets to avoid paying taxes, whose wife (former) is doing everything possible to avoid the appearance of even having the slightest amount to do with him, his father, his brother as their name is tarnished as a direct result of being associated with the likes of Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton, Marissa Lather, Bob Stapleton, David Farrell and Bill Blair.

    Now, onto the MASTER MIND who has been in control for this disaster the past two years, Matt Jacober of Lathrop and Gage. Only he and his Crack Pot oops sorry, meant Cracker Jack P/R, Management, Damage Control TEAM of experts have overseen the Destruction of a Brand that once had over 50 Masters, over 7000 Unit Franchise Owners, over 100 Million/Year in Sales in a short two (2) year span! Sorry, lost track where I was heading after I listed all of what Stratus Building Solutions USED TO BE!!!!!!!!!

    All for now…….

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Someone asked me recently “Why do I dislike/hate DJ, Pete so much”? My first response is as follows, it isn’t only them. The level of sheer corruption that came from them, went all the way through the organization and to a variety of KEY Masters and before someone says “well not everyone benefited financially and may not have fully understood/knew what DJ/Pete were doing”…..My reply was BS!

    DJ and Pete started down this path upon forming/prior to forming Stratus. They knew what they did in regards to providing the false figures, testimony needed, how to approach/hook/sell those early Masters etc….

    DJ knew he needed “validators” in the worst way in order to accelerate their scheme and PROP UP his Ego!

    He found a willing Partner(s) in Ken (Golden Boy) Cassiri, Jeff (Anal) Abel, Tom (I’m not an Embezzler) Weiss and John (I’m not an Embezzler either) Coleman.

    He found a “Slum Dog” that put money BEFORE anything else in Afshin Cangarlu and his Posse of the Iranian Boys Club which includes a great cast of characters but primary “Chum Churner” in Foad Rekabi.

    When looking for “support staff” DJ and Pete both brought in Worthless but Loyal Soldiers such as David (I’m not as bad as Marvin) Farrell, Marvin (Rico Man) Ashton, Carmen (where in the world am I now) Garcia and Bill (Sexual Harasser) Blair and Bob (Stinky) Stapleton. NONE of them had actual commercial cleaning management knowledge outside of the franchising industry. ALL of them had worked with/for Pete/DJ in the past. Carmen was rumored to be in DJ’s bed until he kicked her out after failing to “fall in line” with his final wishes of destroying certain documents.

    The final culprit in this caper reminds me of the “Gold Digger” that is involved with the Donald Sterling Mess. This person is known as Marissa (I’m the National Marketing Manager) Lather who though has been somewhat helpful to an attorney whom shall remain nameless, not only was rumored to have shared a bed with none other than Pete Frese but was central in the false promotion of Stratus with St. Louis Business Journal, USA Today and other publications mostly web/blogger based. She knew far more than what she has publically exposed and new it far earlier than when the first of the Lawsuits hit.

    The Fraudulent Inducement, Mail/Wire Fraud, Falsifying of FDD’s, Falsifying of Pro Forma’s, Brokered One off deals, Brokered Commission Deals, Brokered Side Deals, Brokered Partnerships that included some/all of the following:

    Mark/Jayson Bashforth who directly caused financial harm to Tom Baker (600k plus) Lincoln Baker (250k plus) Shaun Steckler (100k plus), Greg Fishman/Stephen (150k plus) plus the loss of 100’s of Unit Franchisees through various notorious schemes not to mention the failed “Call Center” and failed South American initiative easily puts their direct harm, supported/approved/partners with Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese and Marvin Ashton in the Millions of Dollars.

    Ken Cassiri and Jeff Aibel who directly caused financial harm to multiple Master Owners by their staged/falsified Validation of figures shared with prospective future Master buyers which included Chicago, Minnesota, North Carolina, Florida, CT and others when combined with the harm caused to at least 100 Unit Franchisees due to the failures of some of those Masters listed, easily puts their direct harm, supported/approved/partners with Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Bill Blair and David Farrell in the Millions of Dollars.

    Tom Weiss and John Coleman directly caused financial harm to multiple Master Owners by their staged/falsified Validation of figures shared with prospective and future Master buyers which included Delaware, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New Jersey (2 of them), New York City and others when combined with the harm caused to at least 200 Unit Franchisees due to the failures of some of those Masters listed, easily puts their direct harm, supported/approved/partners with Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, David Farrell in the Millions of Dollars.

    Some Masters harmed survived and protected vast majority of their Unit Franchisees. However the following Masters didn’t survive and were unable to help, support, finance their Unit Franchises and were directly harmed by the actions of the above. Indiana, Minnesota (2), Kentucky (1 area developer, 1 Master) Chicago, Lafayette, Miami, Delaware, New Jersey, North Texas (Tom Mosely), Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia to name just a few.

    Afshin Cangarlu, Foad Rekabi, Marvin Ashton were directly responsible for the attempted harm done to one Master, were directly responsible for the False Pro Forma, were directly responsible for harm done to hundreds of Unit Franchise Holders and their families and were directly responsible for being the Enforcers and Gopher Boys for a price for Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett.

    Marissa Lather through her direct actions and lack of “coming clean” early caused direct harm by promoting a Ponzi Scheme to National and Local Publications for the price of her contract and monies/lifestyle given to her by Pete Frese. What she knew when, the National Promotion of Stratus Franchising, LLC and its direct owners/thieves in chief Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese is HUGELY and DIRECTLY responsible for Harm done to Masters, Area Developers and Unit Franchisees to the Tune North of 10 Million Dollars.

    These are facts, with tons of document support and without dispute……..

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, There is obviously BLOOD in the WATER over at Stratus Franchising, those of us that are REASONED SOURCE have in the past 24 hours alone spoken with multiple current/former and two destroyed former Masters. The employees formally associated with Channen/Rene Smith, Afshin Cangarlu/Foad Rekabi, Tom Weiss/John Coleman and Mark/Jayson Bashforth are quite literally coming out of the woodwork.

    Additionally, there was last nights very intense and overwhelming conversation with a current Jan-Pro Master in Colorado that also happens to be an attorney about the information gathered by him and his private investigator in regards to a former employee that worked for him and went to work for Channen/Rene Smith.

    The primary REASON this is happening now is simple, the THREATS leveled by Matt Jacober/Dennis Jarrett/Pete Frese against Former Masters, Current Masters, Former Employees and Jerry Wenger have been deemed nothing but Words from Bullies.

    The Sheer Amount of Documentation, The Sheer Amount of Fraud/Deceit, The Sheer Amount of HARM done to Thousands of People from ALL Walks of Life and Lifestyle by the owners: Dennis Jarrett/Pete Frese

    The Attorney: Matt Jacober/Lathrop and Gage

    The Facilitators: Marvin (RICO Man) Ashton, Marissa (I’m the National Marketing Manager) Lather, Carmen (where am I) Garcia, Bill (Sexual Harasser) Blair, Bob (Stinky) Stapleton and David (I’m not as bad as Marvin) Farrell

    The Validators: Ken (Golden Boy) Cassiri, Jeff (Anal) Abel, Tom (I didn’t Embezzle Frist) Weiss, John (What is Embezzling) Coleman, Mark (My Family has issues) Bashforth, Afshin (Slum Dog wanna be a Millionaire) Cangarlu and Channen (OMG what the HELL happened) Smith and Rene (Don’t Use my Name, Please) Smith

    With the Moshaydi’s backing out of their money promised to Channen/Afshin/Marvin it is but a matter of Time that BK will happen….All other options are exhausted for Pete/DJ.

    HARM will come to more Unit Franchisees before it is all said and done and that is Unfortunate as the Above will simply take as much cash without reinvestment as possible and then one day, they will simply fade into the night and not pay their employees nor their owner-operators……..But at least the Horror that this company and most directly those individuals listed above will be over!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, After ANOTHER LOSS by none other than Matt Jacober and Lathrop and Gage it must have even Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese wonder whether or not their best laid plans of hiring a White Collar Crime Specialist and Firm was best? I mean these guys can’t even get off of the Start Line!

    More information turned over to the AG of California, including a complete outline and resume if you will of the players involved with the scheme and skim associated with this drama.

    Got to make Afshin Cangarlu, Marvin Ashton, Carmen Garcia, Foad Rekebi, Channen Smith CRINGE!

    Now that the Civil Aspect of this case is winding down, this is an effort by those that make up REASONED SOURCE to give all they have to get the attention of at least one State Government to proceed with Criminal Charges against those involved in this scheme which extends farther than Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese!

    It goes from Buffalo, New York to Philadelphia to Atlanta to Houston to Denver to Los Angeles.

    It was based in St. Louis

    It was “pitched” throughout the United States with Direct Harm coming to those in New Jersey, Minnesota, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida and Illinois……

    The level of this scheme is in the Millions of Dollars and technically affects THOUSANDS of People.

    This was explained in great detail and shown/sent directly to the AG’s office in California…..Other Members of REASONED SOURCE has now sent this to Texas, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, New Jersey and New York.

    More on the Level by Which REASONED SOURCE is attempting to get the Courts in active cases against Stratus Franchising to take notice……

  • Garnett Rubles

    I can tell you from personal experience, Marvin Ashton, Pete Freese, and the biggest moron Dennis Jarrett are all frauds and have committed copious amounts of fraud against franchisees for years.

    I know Marvin Ashton from the days he ran the Bonus Building Solutions Master out of Orange County California. He took 20K from me alone…yet I can imagine how much he took from other franchisees. He stole and cheated many franchisees with customer like the Elephant Bars and other large customers and would steal franhisees blind. He was formally removed from that position since alot of franchisees were filing complaints with the AG in California against them. Even his Operations Managers would quit and not agree with what he instructed them to do…He then dissappeared for a while and resurfaced with Stratus in St. Louis. Bonus corporate finally told Ashton to get out and he silently left without a trace.

    Low and behold, this smooth talking Ashton who doesnt have any balls whatsoever can con his way out of any debacle he creates…I spoke with Pete Freese personally about franchisees being scammed and he wanted to belittle and defame me over the phone. Freese believes he is bulletproof along with Jarrett. Both are whore masters preying on female employees abound..

    Stratus Building Solutions was an ultimate scam and was removing accounts one after another since the master could not get new accounts fast enough. In my situations, I found that the master would send out the operations manager to coerce the customer to say “yes” to a switch in franchisees and without notice.

    You would get a call an hour later and the Ops manager would tell you the customer wants a new franchise doing their work? What a crock of crap. When you had many upon many excellent reviews from the customer….Go figure.

    Like i said, i know all about Stratus and Bonus and Jani King and Coverall as I finally told myself there all scamming thiefs taking franchisees monies…

  • Reasoned Source

    @Garnett, You are correct on multiple points, most especially when it comes to the Bully, Low Life, Scum Bag known as Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese. Those two will get their day in front of some criminal complaint and I believe that it will actually happen in California vs. their home state of Missouri…….

    Marvin Ashton, Channen/Rene Smith, Foad Rekebi and Afshin Cangarlu are the latest in a line of thieves continuing to harm, scam, defraud dozens to hundreds of franchisees and their families…..They have actually ORDERED their Operations Managers to CHURN accounts and franchises. A Few have said NO and have either left or been terminated.

    I spoke personally with two former Regional Directors of Channen/Rene Smith one from Arizona and a former one in Colorado that is currently living in Indiana. They both described not only Channen Smith’s demeanor, but his orders of Churning and the fact that NEITHER of them were protected when named in a Lawsuit caused by Channen/Rene, Mark Bashforth, Tom Weiss, John Coleman’s, Ken Cassiri’s, Pete Frese’s and Dennis Jarrett’s illegal activities when sued in Civil Court in multiple states.

    Afshin Cangarlu and Foad Rekebi attempted to do the same in Los Angeles and not only lost Quality Employees but caused additional harm by being part of the Scam thought out by Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese Directly in regards to the False ProForma.

    That document along with the Fraudulently Inducing Advertising and P/R campaign directed/run by Marissa (I’m the National Marketing Director) Lather and Verbalized by Bill (Sexual Predator) Blair, Marvin (RICO MAN) Ashton, David (I’m not as bad as Marvin and thinner than Dennis Jarrett) Farrell and Bob (Stinky and I don’t know why) Stapleton.

    That document along with other financial and sales/marketing scheme rewards were Validated by Ken (Golden Boy) Cassiri, Jeff (Yes, I know I’m Anal) Abel, Tom (I didn’t Embezzle as much as John) Weiss, John (Oh yes you did Embezzle as much as me and more) Coleman, Mark (Ok, I know my dad has a weird thing for Yacht Boy’s) Bashforth and Jayson (REALLY?) Bashforth caused direct HARM to Dozens of Master Developers, Area Developers and THOUSANDS of Owner-Operators that were caused harm by the closings of those Masters.

    Currently, REASONED SOURCE has forwarded documents to State Officials in Florida, Georgia, California, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Texas and California. One Member of REASONED SOURCE has met face to face with the Attorney General of California.

    BK is looming around the corner for Stratus Franchising, Criminal Charges are hopefully coming for not only Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett but others.

    More coming Soon!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, As it has been two (2) short years since the Brain Trust of Stratus which included Matt Jacober, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett and others held the Dumbest and Most Damning Conference call that was the fuel that ignited the fire that directly caused the self destruction of Stratus Franchising, it is time just to update the FAMILY known as Reasoned Source….

    DJ and Pete are finished in the Franchising Industry and in Commercial Cleaning. The word “Toxic” doesn’t even properly describe what they and Stratus Franchising/Stratus Building Solutions has become.

    Marvin Ashton, Marissa Lather, David Farrell, Bill Blair and Bob Stapleton are all finished as well in this industry. Most have simply moved one, Marvin continues to try and pick up scraps from the Slum Dog himself Afshin Cangarlu!

    Channen/Rene Smith, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Tom Weiss, John Coleman have been exposed for the Crooks and Thieves that they are by not only members of REASONED SOURCE but by their respective actions, former employees, former Regional Directors and others.

    Currently, the State Attorney Generals in Texas, Florida, California and most recently Missouri are looking heavily into the ProForma developed and used to fraudulently induce millions of dollars throughout the U.S. by DJ/Pete and others.

    The Validators of that false ProForma that directly profited and got favors for validating that document such as Ken (Golden Boy) Cassiri, Jeff (I’m still Anal) Able, Mark (I know my Daddy is a weird M/F) Bashforth, Jayson (I’m really in the Peace Corp. and not on a Yacht) Bashforth, Tom (I only Embezzled a Little Bit) Weiss, John ( I only Embezzled a little more than Tom) Coleman, Afshin (I don’t know why I’m a Slum Dog) Cangarlu and Foad (I have no idea why I’m being mentioned other than I’m a crook) Rekebi have been exposed and documentation provided which shows direct rewards to the validation and knowledge of the original documentation being false….In other words, they knowingly committed Fraud and Profited from it!

    The Presenters in David Farrell, Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton, Bill Blair and Carmen Garcia knowingly committed acts of Fraud in order to gain financial reward for themselves and the company.

    The Primary Marketer on a National Level- Marissa Lather who knew far more than what was originally exposed by her to a Lawyer whom shall remain nameless knowingly marketed that fraud via numerous sources of wire/mail/commerce applications and what is worse, is rumored to have shared a bed with Pete Frese!

    In closing, in two (2) short years, Stratus Franchising has gone from 100 million in sales to BK Filing Coming Soon. DJ has gone from being interviewed by USA Today to being interviewed by Strippers Weekly. Pete has gone from being a Lap Dog to DJ to just being a Lap Dog!!!!!!!!

    More coming Soon! Including WHY Afshin Cangarlu, Marvin Ashton, Foad Rekebi keep hearing FOOT STEPS!!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, recent information has come to REASONED SOURCE that clearly shows evidence that none other than OLD FAT BASTARD aka SCUM BAG aka Dennis Jarrett himself was directly behind releasing confidential information of one former Master to others. This included at least two other Franchising Systems and their local Master Developers. This information included contact information, pricing information of ALL CUSTOMERS, ALL MANAGERS AND ALL OWNER-OPERATORS!!!!!!

    Any of you that were on the BOSS SYSTEM this same thing can happen to YOU!!!!

    Current/Remaining Masters, THIS is your PARTNER!

    Marvin Ashton continues to hear footsteps wondering who is following him and WHY? Something tells me sooner than later he, Afshin Cangarlu and Foad Rekebi will discover something surprising!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Despite the great Document Purge of last summer made by Stratus Franchising in order to Cleanse their email system of damning evidence, REASONED SOURCE is in possession of multiple emails outlining the Fraudulent Inducement by Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese directly.

    The False Proforma, the Validation for Favor/Dollars, the Deceit of future Masters Lincoln Baker, Shaun Steckler, Tom Baker, Greg Fishman and others by none other than Mark Bashforth, Afshin Cangarlu, Marvin Ashton with full knowledge and support of none other than FAT OLD BASTARD aka Dennis Jarrett and God I wish I was man enough to do something about DJ aka Pete Frese is outlined in numerous documents including emails, text messages, written documents.

    As the various civil based cases are in final phases, as the attorney generals and secretary of state investigators are gathering of evidence, Let me assure the viewers that Relentless doesn’t describe REASONED SOURCES EFFORTS!

    The scheme and lies and supporting documents for the scheme are well documented, proof in writing (texts, emails, testimony) exists despite the GREAT PURGE and a dedicated force (REASONED SOURCE) is determined to NEVER let Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Afshin Cangarlu, Marvin Ashton, Channen/Rene Smith, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Ken Cassiri, Jeff Aibel, Bob Stapleton, Bill Blair, David Farrell nor Marissa (I’m the supposed victim here as I had to sleep with Pete Frese) Lather rest!!!!!!

    Another round of information is being sent to the Attorney General of California, Secretary of State in Indiana, Attorney General in Missouri in the coming days/weeks.

    More coming soon!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, REASONED SOURCE continues to review recently uncovered documents given to them by numerous sources. It appears that many of these documents are now filling in multiple pieces of a puzzle that continues to clarify exactly WHO KNEW WHAT/WHEN!!!!!!!

    Afshin Cangarlu and Marvin Ashton seem to be two peas in a very disgusting pod. Seems that Marvin like Afshin is quite used to “RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!” In this case, documents are showing how Marvin ripped off former Unit Franchisees during his time at BONUS, how he ripped off his “Employer” and how there seems to be a lot of money missing from other sources as well.

    Afshin Cangarlu seems to have had THEFT problems of his own…..Seems poor Afshin and Foad have had a RASH of UNHAPPY FRANCHISEE’S recently…One even showed up, raised a little HELL and then called the Police on Afshin and Foad reporting a THEFT of monies!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonder what is going to happen next? Seems like the road to St. Louis runs through Los Angeles……More coming later.

    Is OLD FAT BASTARD still sucking worms from the bottoms of bottles?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, As things continue to decline for Afshin/Ashton/Rekebi in Los Angeles as they continue to lose market share, continue to lose Managers, continue to have UNHAPPY FRANCHISEE’S show up to their offices and call the Police on them, another WRINKLE in their operation of Scam/Sham/Greed/Lies has been exposed!

    REASONED SOURCE has acquired information on Marvin Ashton directly in regard to his PAST LIFE at Bonus Building Care. This information was immediately forwarded to the Attorney General of California.

    Oh how hard it must be when you get into the CROSS HAIRS of REASONED SOURCE! Coming Soon to a Colorado Attorney General Near You…..Documents and statements from six (6) former managers/employees of none other than Channen/Rene Smith!

    As stated in prior posts, this operation has gone FULL TILT towards Criminal Wrong Doing vs. Civil Unrest! All Pete Frese and the ever ARROGANT, OLD FAT BASTARD had to do was to do One ACT that would have prevented all of this digging……

    Continuation of the Orange/Pink Jumpsuit Pursuit………

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It seems that Channen Smith was really stupid recently, even more stupid than normal…Seems that Channen Smith hired a former employee of none other than Robert Posch, renowned attorney for major corporations and currently a Jan-Pro Master Developer in the GREAT State of Colorado! Seems Robert being from the World that he was not only decided to fight Mr. Smith in court and his former employee, but in his spare time/chump change decided to hire a Private Investigator to look into Mr. Smith.

    Robert Posch just so happens to be a very good friend of one of REASONED Sources original Members. Seems by chance some of those documents ended up in REASONED SOURCE’S HANDS!!!!!!

    Channen, Didn’t your Daddy ever teach you the basics about CHEATING? Ever heard the phrase “Don’t Hunt for Love in YOUR OWN Back Yard?” Seems this is a lesson that you should have learned from none other than Pete Frese……..

    Channen, not only will Momma Smith be upset even though she already knows, but now you will have to fire one of your BEST PRODUCERS!!!!!!

    More on Police showing up at Afshin Cangarlu’s, Marvin Ashton’s and Foad Rekebi’s office in the near future as another member of REASONED Source takes over LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, As a trusted member of REASONED SOURCE continues to review paperwork willingly turned over by Robert Posch and produced by his investigator, it appears that not only did Channen have a direct problem controlling his zipper, but both he and Rene Smith had an issue controlling their mouths and releasing of funds from their respective wallets!

    This investigator spoke with several former employees, managers, owner-operators of Channen and Rene Smith who directly reported not getting their proper monies due them, Channen/Rene “Poor Mouthing” as to how the business was doing and how THEY needed to either work out payment arrangements or simply be terminated because THEY couldn’t pay them……..Yet, they live in a multi-million dollar house, put children through private school, have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank!!!!!!!!!

    This investigator not only focused his efforts on the Denver area branch owned/operated by Channen/Rene Smith but also spoke to former manager and employees of the Phoenix area branch and the same things were basically reported happening there!

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith, SHAME ON YOU! Mark Stocker, David Smith, Ralph Sizemore, Greg Fishman, Don Gartner, Shauna Sharpsteen, Jim Van Dyke, Ric Boucher, SHAME ON YOU for standing with this GARBAGE and still supporting with your NAME, DOLLARS, SUPPORT of CROOKS like Channen/Rene Smith, Mark Bashforth, Afshin Cangarlu, Foad Rekebi, Dennis (Old Fat Bastard) Jarrett, Pete (Mumbles) Frese and Marvin (Ok, I’m a Crook) Ashton………

    More coming soon as the California Attorney General is promising action!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! It appears that Channen Smith is not only Beside Himself, but possibly be well, BESIDE HIMSELF! Over the public revelations of the investigation done on behalf of Robert Posch. Various Members of REASONED SOURCE have been contacted and confirmations of ALL Accounts listed in previous post were more than confirmed.

    a) A normal provider of REASONED SOURCE confirmed that on more than one occasion that former owner-operators of Masters that moved to Phoenix had multiple problems with getting PAID ON TIME and towards the end of their relationship with Channen/Rene Smith AT ALL! This is coming directly from former Masters themselves…..

    b) The FOUNDING Member of REASONED SOURCE received a phone call directly from a former Employee of none other than Channen Smith out of the Denver Office who was told that SHE would be of more Value walking the Streets as a HOOKER than as a salesperson by Channen Smith directly!

    c) Another Affiliated Member of REASONED SOURCE has also reported a phone contact with another former Channen Smith female employee from the Denver Office that reported things not heard since it was reported that former Executive Vice-President at Stratus, Bill (Sexual Harasser) Blair’s escapades such as rubbing a pencil up/down an exposed Butt Crack of none other than Chelsea Pulley former Administrative Assistant at Stratus Franchising/Simpatico!

    Finally it appears that Channen (I’m a choir boy, NOT) Smith is so desperate to Quell the flow of information that he is thinking about filing suit against none other than Robert Posch!!!!!!!!

    Channen, Do YOU know what the definition of INSANITY IS?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Recently a Member of REASONED SOURCE was speaking with a current Master with Stratus. That particular Master was actually BLAMING THE VICTIMS for their downfall and stated “They were flying loose and fast and are to Blame for Losing Everything”!

    REALLY? Are you really kidding me! YOU are so ARROGANT that you feel that the VICTIMS of this FRAUD are to Blame for THEIR FAILURES!

    Wow, Sorry formally closed offices in NV, MN, IN, IL, NJ, FL, CT, North Texas, LA , NE, KS and others, It was directly YOUR FAULT for YOUR FAILURE! Forget the fact that you were lied too, mislead, given FALSE PERFORMA, legal filings done incorrectly, not supported, not given quality management to ask questions.

    Here’s a thought/fact all of those FAILURES were made by Men/Women with varying degrees, current and former Executives for Fortune 500 companies, current and former OTHER BUSINESS OWNERS.

    Here’s another thought/fact, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS were Lost by these FAILURES through only THEIR FAULT!

    Here’s another thought/fact, THOUSANDS of FAMILIES were destroyed by these FAILURES! Which includes Their OWN FAMILIES!

    No, Mark Stocker, David Smith, Don Gartner, Ralph Sizemore, Leonard Fazio, Shauna Sharpsteen, Greg Fishman, Rick Barren and Rick Boucher these Men/Women didn’t Fail due to their own efforts, THEY WERE VICTIMS OF FRAUD! Only difference between YOU and THEM, IT HASN’T HAPPENED TO YOU YET!

    Stratus Franchising LLC. is finished
    Dennis Jarrett is a Fat Ole Bastard and Laughing Stock
    Pete Frese is a Coward and Follower
    Marvin Ashton is a CROOK, LIAR, CHEAT AND THIEF (Bonus and Stratus)
    Bill Blair is a JOKE

    THESE are the People You Chose to Align YOURSELVES AND YOUR FAMILIES WITH!

    Your Blame the Victim Mentality is Disgusting!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers- As DJ aka (Old Fat Bastard) and Pete aka (Mumbles) continue being the laughingstocks of the Commercial Cleaning Franchise Industry, it is amazing to me WHY the remaining Masters still haven’t left? I mean even Simpatico is no longer a member of Stratus Franchising, LLC. as of 1 Year ago! Bet that Pete forgot to mention that little tidbit……..

    As Lathrop and Gage Lead Poodle- Matt Jacober and 2nd Lead- Denny Doyle are awaiting a Federal BK Judge’s ruling in Indiana in regards to Chain Effect of BK filing on Fraud and Fraudulent Inducement coming in August, it is quite obvious to Reasoned Source that BK for Stratus Franchising will follow in short order.

    The failed SALE of Stratus Franchising to none other than Channen (Can’t keep my mouth shut, nor my Zipper) Smith and Afshin (Slumdog Millionaire Wannabe) Cangarlu and Foad (I dare someone to find out how my family came into money) Rekebi is nothing but a distant memory.

    Only thing left for this Battle after destroying itself and Thousands of Innocent Victims on the Master Level, Employee Level, Unit Franchise Level and Their Employee’s is to continue to pursue Criminal Charges which is an uphill battle for sure as the likely hood of continuation AFTER BK by Stratus Franchising, LLC. will be almost impossible.

    None the less the following people have rightly been shunned, exposed for the criminals they are and the various parts they have played in that disgusting Ponzi Scheme known as Stratus Franchising, LLC. They will no longer be able to be in the limelight, no longer be able to Fraudulently Induce anyone else.

    Dennis Jarrett
    Pete Frese
    Marvin Ashton
    Carmen Garcia
    Bill Blair
    David Farrell
    Marisa Lather
    Bob Stapleton

    People just like the above will find their businesses closed in short order:

    Channen/Rene Smith
    Afshin Cangarlu/Foad Rekebi
    Mark/Jayson Bashforth
    Tom Weiss
    John Coleman
    Gator Greenwill
    Leonard Fazio

    The end is near for Stratus Franchising, LLC. A little over 2 years ago, a High Flying, Darling of the Commercial Cleaning Franchise Business doing over 100 million per year in sales……

    Now, after the job and advice done by Lathrop/Gage, Matt Jacober, Denny Doyle and others, they will be closed/in BK.

    NICE JOB Guys!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, As August is quickly coming to an end and BK filing for Stratus Franchising looms on the horizon, it should be noted that you “heard it hear first” about the following:

    1) Once the BK Judge rules that Fraud and Fraudulent Inducement are not transferable in the Indiana Case, Stratus will file for BK Protection in Missouri

    2) Since Simpatico (St. Louis Branch) has not been legally part of Stratus Franchising for over one year, Pete Frese will be allowed to continue on operating and will wait at least two or three years before trying to do another National Program like Stratus again. He has the ultimate scapegoat in the “Old Fat Bastard” himself to blame things on.

    3) Old Fat Bastard himself is finished in the Commercial Cleaning Industry, unless he purchases a company and becomes the “behind the scenes” or silent partner.

    Channen/Rene Smith, Afshin Cangarlu, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Leonard Fazio and Gator Greenwill and the other remaining Masters will be stuck for a period of not less than six (6) month’s as a BK Court in St. Louis determines what to do about the monthly royalty fees, notes, brand etc. are handled. Meanwhile their businesses will be attacked by all local competitors and by the National Franchise Brands and guaranteed will lose not less than 50% of their current billing volume.

    Meanwhile, unless there are criminal charges brought against Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese and potentially others such as those named above and Ken Cassiri, Jeff (why does REASONED SOURCE keep calling me Anal) Aibel and other skimmer/scammers such as Mark/Jayson Bashforth (whom BTW haven’t been in country for month’s) are charged by a Secretary of State or Attorney General for their actions of deception, lies, fraud, false Pro-forma etc….They will be allowed to continue to operate their limited business opportunities until they grow tired of the threats made against them and their respective families for the harm they did against Unit Franchisees and their families.

    Approx. Two Years Ago, Stratus under the BEST LEGAL ADVICE in St. Louis was at 100 million/year in revenue, 50 Masters up and running, 7k plus owner-operators cleaning accounts throughout the U.S. is now simply counting the days till a BK Judge rules in Indiana…..Nice Job, Matt, Denny and others at Lathrop and Gage!!!!!!!!!!

  • Confirmed Source

    Mr. Reasoned Source or should I call you Mr. Wenger or you prefer for us to be casual and just call you Jerry? But whichever you prefer, it is obvious that you’ve never built anything in your life. You’re just a sorry old loser with 25 years of bad janitorial experience who is trying to terrorize a lot of decent people who have worked very hard over the course of past several years and built up a nice small business helping themselves and a LOT of others as Unit franchisees who are successfully making an honest living. You may not remember me but we met in your hometown in Indiana at one of your accounts that you were so proud of but in just few months lost it to a competitor as a result of your weak management skills. As evident from your hundreds of postings on this site, you are obviously very bitter and have decided to partner up with some crooks to try and destroy people’s lives in hopes of either extortion and blackmail, or somehow finding an explanation for your failures in life. Unfortunately for you everyone will continue to successfully operate their businesses around you for many years to come in spite of your best efforts to the contrary. You do have a lot of extra time these days as you and your sorry partners are without work. It’s so easy to hide behind your little computer and write away but has that gotten you anywhere in the past three or four years? You are a just a bitter blogger, that’s all ….. Stay tuned my friends, more to come regarding Mr. “old ass, loser, bitter blogger” Wenger.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Confirmed Source, Seems like ole REASONED SOURCE has done more than just touch a little nerve. Problem for YOU and the remaining Masters of Stratus Franchising, LLC. Your 90 day window has disappeared! Soon, Stratus Franchising will be in BK.

    Simpatico will be allowed to operate and eventually change names.

    Pete (mumbles) Frese is going to be stupid/happy and not care 1% about YOU or the other remaining Masters.

    Dennis Jarrett is still sucking worms from the bottles of Tequila

    Bill Blair has turned his Sexual Harasser Ways to the Residential Business

    Marvin Ashton is looking for his next Victim

    Marissa Lather has moved on along with David Farrell to having NOTHING to do with the Commercial Cleaning or Franchise Business.

    Carmen (where am I now) Garcia is still in hiding

    Robert (Stinky) Stapleton hasn’t been heard from in Month’s.

    Mark/Jayson Bashforth are out of the country and not coming back anytime soon.

    Jeff (Anal, NOW I FINALLY KNOW WHY I’M CALLED THAT) Abel with his partner/1st cousin from fourth marriage uncle/brother Ken Cassiri are insignificant in the marketplace and being replaced daily in accounts.

    Tom Weiss and John Coleman are still looking at records to determine WHO CHEATED WHOM FIRST!

    Channen/Rene Smith are still fighting over WHOSE WEARING THE PANTS and if someone could please put a PIN in the pants to keep the zipper closed.

    It must be very scary for you, “confirmed source” to see the truth play out right in front of your eyes.

    More coming in the next two (2) weeks!

  • Confirmed Source

    @Reasoned Source aka Jerry Wenger aka Hefty Trash Bag … You sure have a poor miserable life. Sitting in your pajamas without work with chronic BO. Kimberly and Gladys are getting really tired of you with no income and no future whatsoever. You better get off your fat bottom and start contributing to your new loser partners perhaps you can come up with a way of taking someone’s money as you had done before in Indiana.

    I am sure you have not forgotten December 14, 2012 when the Judge ripped you in pieces. It’s funny how you mention every person at Stratus but conveniently exclude yourself from this list. Let’s not forget who the main instigator that started this whole lawsuit was. With your incompetence and dishonesty you have given this industry a bad name and now you hide behind your computer and keep throwing names to wash over the past.

    Your diversion technique is not working anymore. More details about your background including your days at JanPro and Xcel is about to come out.

    You want everyone here to think you are the Robin Hood of Franchise Janitorial. You are no Robin Hood. You’re just a Hefty wind bag aka Jerry “loser” Wenger.

  • Confirmed Source

    @Reasoned Source aka Jerry Wenger aka Hefty Trash Bag … You sure have a poor miserable life. Sitting in your pajamas without work with chronic BO. Kimberly and Gladys are getting really tired of you with no income and no future whatsoever. You better get off your fat bottom and start contributing to your new loser partners perhaps you can come up with a way of taking someone’s money as you had done before in Indiana.

    I am sure you have not forgotten December 14, 2012 when the Judge ripped you in pieces. It’s funny how you mention every person at Stratus but conveniently exclude yourself from this list. Let’s not forget who the main instigator that started this whole lawsuit was. With your incompetence and dishonesty you have given this industry a bad name and now you hide behind your computer and keep throwing names to wash over the past.

    Your diversion technique is not working anymore. More details about your background including your days at JanPro and Xcel is about to come out.
    You want everyone here to think you are the Robin Hood of Franchise Janitorial. You are no Robin Hood. You’re just a Hefty wind bag aka Jerry “loser” Wenger.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, The answer is YES, there is a reason that “confirmed source” and “guest” have appeared on these threads after month’s of only hearing from the various members that are REASONED SOURCE. Primary reason is this, they are trying to get the remaining Masters that are still paying royalty fees to continue. Though the timing is right on, there are not only expenses needed to pay PRIOR to going into BK but Lathrop and Gage and their California Attorney’s have outstanding bills TO BE PAID as well as other Creditors during BK proceedings.

    The MORE Remaining Masters they have till the end of Stratus Franchising and once in BK, YOU and YOUR ATTORNEY’s will be fighting like HELL to be released will be a minimum of 1 Year, probably longer, all the while the coffers for BK Trustee will be filling and the LESS LIKELY ANYONE will pursue the cost/time/burden of filing adversarial proceedings against Stratus Franchising, PURSUE Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese for the Frauds that they are.

    Notice how “confirmed source” isn’t attacking WHAT is being said, only WHO they believe is Saying It! Though Mr. Wenger doesn’t need defended by the members of REASONED SOURCE as he was personally called in writing by LEAD POODLE, Matt Jacober a “Man of Honor” all WE can say is THANKS TO HIM, A LOT LESS PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HARMED!

    @Confirmed Source, Keep attacking, Google, Matt Jacober, Lathrop and Gage, Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese LOVE YOU!

  • Confirmed Source

    @Reasoned Source aka Jerry Wenger continues to lie and misinform the readers on this site. It is obvious Jerry Wenger is incredibly bitter, without work and a lot of free time that has been dedicated here to post lies. To make the matter worse Reasoned Source aka Jerry Wenger has decided to partner up with similar crooks like himself to try and destroy people’s lives in hopes of either extortion or blackmail. Jerry Wenger should have listened to his own family members Kimberly Wenger and Gladys Wenger when they publicly asked him to stop taking people’s money and find an honorable job. What they didn’t realize is that Jerry Wenger is not capable of having an honorable job. His work history speaks for itself.

    Let’s take a look at Jerry Wenger’s 20 years of miserable Janitorial track record. His job at Jan-Pro ended with a lawsuit. Too many complaints from customers and unit franchisees, fraudulent contracts, side deals with franchisees, taking cash in return for customer accounts, and the list goes on. At Stratus Indiana, as a result of his wrong doings as the Regional Director, they ended up with several lawsuits with Jerry Wenger’s name as the main responsible party. Jerry Wenger is one of the key players that has given this industry a bad name but conveniently he removes his name from his own list. If anything, Jerry Wenger should be the only name on the list. It is a joke that Jerry Wenger calls himself an “Honorable Man”!!!!

    Jerry Wagner is the fraud himself. His drumbeat of naming other masters, repeatedly listing Stratus cities and individuals involved is just a way for him to hide covering up the reality. Every posting that Jerry Wenger aka Reasoned Source aka Hefty Trash Bag puts up starts with some kind of disinformation such as “BK is around the corner”, “Major news to come out in two weeks”, etc., then lists every name and city repeatedly and then states “More to come ….”. You can go back two years and nothing has changed. Jerry Wenger continues with his strategy that hasn’t worked at all for him. Over 1000’s of Stratus unit franchisees continue to earn an honest living while Jerry Wenger persists with his terrorizing ways.

    More background information regarding Jerry Wenger and his character to come. Please stay tuned.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Confirmed Source, Many of us that are REASONED SOURCE take great pride that we have upset you. Our only question is this, Which piece of recent information was it that has caused you to come out and attack?

    1) That Simpatico is no longer part of Stratus Franchising, LLC.?
    2) That Channen Smith has a problem with his zipper?
    3) That Stratus Franchising, LLC. has updated its FDD in over a Year?
    4) That Stratus Franchising, LLC. hasn’t been meeting its contractual obligation with the registration states?
    5) That the GREAT DOCUMENT PURGE happened over 1 Year Ago?
    6) That Mark Bashforth has turned over documents and provided the Texas AG with a outline of deceit done by Stratus Franchising and technically himself?
    7) That Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett MUST have as many current paying Masters continue to be part of Stratus Franchising, LLC. as it enters BK?

    There is something there that is cause for great concern….All of the above is the Truth, but one (We think #7) that is the DEAL BREAKER!

    How about an honest answer from Confirmed Source?

  • Confirmed Source

    @Reasoned Source aka Jerry Wenger continues with his strategy to just list names and cities with the sole intention of terrorizing working people. But who is the real Jerry “trash bag” Wenger and his new partners in crime? Well I have firsthand experience with this so called “honorable man”. There are more lawsuits following Jerry Wenger than any person he has mentioned in his postings combined together. You may ask why? He is far from being an honorable man. He has a lawsuit for every position or company that he has been involved. You can check one of the lawsuits filed against him with over 100 unit franchisees. He is personally responsible for these blue color working class people losing their life savings. Jerry Wenger promised these individuals customer accounts and either never delivered them, or when he did he took more side money from these poor people. I sat in the court room where the judge was furious with Jerry Wagner’s work ethics and what was presented as evidence for his wrongdoings. In short time at Xcel Clean in Indiana he lost more accounts than the history of that company.

    More to come regarding…

    Jerry Wenger Fraudster
    Jerry Wenger Fraud Master
    Jerry Wenger Commercial Cleaning Scammer
    Jerry Wenger Janitorial Services Rip-off
    Jerry Wenger Area Developer Con Artist
    Jerry Wenger Fraudulent Regional Director
    Jerry Wenger Business Development Manager Failure
    Jerry Wenger Commercial Services Disaster
    Jerry Wenger Vice-President of Numerous Scam Operations

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: Since it is obvious that “Confirmed Source” is indeed a current Member of the Stratus Franchising Family it begs to answer this question:

    Why Now?

    Possible Answers:

    a) Timetable for BK is at a crucial stage as there are major rumblings within the remaining Masters on a variety of levels and a variety of reasons.

    b) Another Shafted Business Deal done by Pete Frese. Yet he (Pete Frese) has blamed others for his failures. We will explore this avenue a little more:

    From another member of REASONED SOURCE it has been reported that there were actually two (2) opportunities to sell Stratus Franchising, LLC. to an existing Master/Group.

    As widely reported, Afshin Cangarlu/Foad Rekebi/Mosheydi’s were going to purchase the few assets of Stratus Franchising, YET due to the exposure here on Unhappy the Mosheydi’s withdrew the financing needed to not only Purchase Stratus Franchising, but the more needed funds by which to LAUNCH a new/improved/marketable company.

    The second opportunity as reported, Channen/Rene Smith/Gator Greenwill/Leonard Fazio: Because their offer was far less than the above, Pete attempted to allow BOTH Groups in essence to purchase Stratus Franchising, LLC. which meant that THIS GROUP would actually purchase % of Stratus from prior described group in the form of a partnership or Geographic territory split.

    Needless to say, Neither Group trusted nor wanted to work together…….

    More coming soon on details!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: A startling revelation has been followed up on and Confirmed by REASONED SOURCE!!!!!!!! It appears as though Stratus Franchising, LLC. actually produced two (2) separate FDD’s from 2008 through 2010. One was produced directly for Registration States and the other for Non-Registration States.

    The one for Registration States had a different set of financials for Stratus Franchising, LLC vs. the Non-Registration States.

    Must ask yourself the following question…..Why? Answer: Another level of Fraudulent Inducement in the Non-Registration States inquiries!

    Wouldn’t the above fact combined with the False Pro-Forma as discussed in prior postings constitute further proof that the Scheme to De-Fraud Masters is almost a guarantee? NO Unit Franchise would have a need/desire/want to know about Stratus Franchising’s FDD. Only perspective Masters/Area Developers.

    Can someone say, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Fraudulent Inducement?

  • Confirmed Source

    [Duplicate comment deleted]

    Confirmed Source, Guest, Reasoned Source:

    Please just post each comment once to the most relevant post.

    Please stop putting duplicate comments on multiple pages.

    Thanks – ADMIN

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: As we delve into the “list” problem a little further with “Confirmed Source” and an attempt to figure out which LIST it is that is causing of the most harm.

    Could it be “this list” that talks about in specifics the harm that was done by the following people:

    Main People for the overall Fraud Scheme against the Masters: Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese

    Main People for the Execution and Presentation of the Fraud Scheme against the Masters:

    Carmen Garcia
    Marvin Ashton
    David Farrell
    Marissa Lather
    Bob (Come by a Ford from me) Stapleton
    Bill (why would anyone allow this man into their house) Blair

    Main People who received actual cash, favor, rewards for Validating the Fraudulent Scheme against the Masters:

    Ken Cassiri
    Jeff (Why am I still Anal) Abel
    Afshin Cangarlu
    Foad Rekebi
    Tom Weiss
    John Coleman
    Mark Bashforth

    Again “Confirmed Source” which LIST is it that causes you the most pain?

  • 1st Amendment

    carmen garcia is the Biggest Fraud there is. She ripped of Allot of people when she was managing the California office of JAN-PRO! She belongs in Prison!

  • Reasoned Source

    Not sure that Carmen is the Biggest? I mean DJ is quite large!!!!! It seems that 1st amendment has returned from his recent hiatus to Mexico, always glad to hear stories that are in the news such as immigration and boarder security…..

  • Guest

    Reasoned Source – you’ve been so quiet lately. No updates on Stratus? All your sources dried up?

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