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Do you have a general franchise–related question regarding the franchisee/franchisor relationship, franchise law, franchise disclosure documents, or entering or exiting a franchise relationship?

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Is Franchising REALLY Highly Regulated?

Franchise marketers, salespeople and brokers are fond of portraying a franchise as a safe investment due to the fact that the franchise industry is so highly regulated.  Yet unhappy franchisees complain that there is no government agency willing to listen to, much less respond, to their complaints.  Is franchising “highly regulated” or not?  See what top franchisee attorneys have to say.


What are the Most Damaging Myths in Franchising?

From the bogus 90% franchise success rate to the myth of governmental oversight, misinformation lulls franchise investors into a false sense of security.  Top franchisee attorneys share the myths they think do the most damage.


Why do franchisors require arbitration to resolve disputes?  Does this put franchisees at a disadvantage?

Many, if not most, franchise agreements require franchisor-franchisee disputes to be resolved by binding arbitration in the franchisor’s home state (rather than a lawsuit in civil court).  Why do franchisors favor arbitration?  Is this unfair to franchisees? The experts are weighing in.


In Praise of FRANCHISEE Attorneys

While they may be forced to sit at the kid’s table at International Franchise Association (IFA) banquets, at, franchisee attorneys are king.


Because those who exclusively or predominantly represent franchisees have, arguably, the toughest job in franchising.

Their clients usually lack deep pockets, often did inadequate due diligence, and have the legal deck stacked significantly against them.

They accept the role of underdog.  They fight for the little guy.  In litigation or arbitration, they must use creativity and smarts to combat better-funded opponents.

They know where the bodies are buried.  They know all too well how rigged the game can be.

Most importantly, they are arguably the ONLY group of professionals in franchising free to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Just about everyone else – franchisor attorneys,  brokers, salespeople, consultants, advertising reps, and writers for franchisor-advertising driven publications – feel the pressure to maintain franchising’s bright, shiny exterior.

So if you want to achieve the best in franchising, you probably should consult with those who know how to avoid the worst:

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