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Featured Franchisee Attorneys

Attorney Leonard Bellavia Leonard A. Bellavia (Click for Profile)

Bellavia, Blatt & Crossett, P.C.

Mineola, NY

Represents: Franchisees

Attorney Stanley Dub Stanley M. Dub (Click for Profile)

Law Offices of Stanley M. Dub

Cleveland, OH

Represents: Franchisees & Emerging Franchisors

Jonathan Fortman Franchise Attorney

Jonathan Fortman (Click for Profile)

Law Office Of Jonathan E. Fortman, LLC,

St. Louis, MO

Primarily represents: Franchisees

Attorney Jeffrey Goldstein Jeffrey Goldstein (Click for Profile)

Goldstein Law Firm

Washington, DC

Exclusively represents: Franchisees

Cary Ichter Franchise Attorney

Cary Ichter (Profile)

Partner, Ichter Thomas, LLC,

Atlanta, GA

Primarily represents: Franchisees

Peter Lagarias

Peter Lagarias (Profile)

Principal at Lagarias Law Offices

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Represents: Franchisees

Jerry Marks Franchise Attorney Jerry Marks (Profile)

Senior Partner, Marks & Klein, LLP

Red Hook, NJ

Primarily represents: Franchisees

Dan Davis Franchise Attorney Dan Davis (Profile)

Associate, Ichter Thomas, LLC,

Atlanta, GA

Primarily represents: Franchisees

Franchisee Attorneys by State


Peter Lagarias, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Kevin B. Murphy – Franchise Foundations – San Francisco, CA


Cary Ichter, Atlanta, GA

Dan Davis, Atlanta, GA


Jonathan Fortman, St. Louis, MO

Minnesota Ronald K. Gardner – Dady & Gardner, P.A. – Minneapolis, MN Among other distinctions, Ron is former counsel for the CFA Curves Franchisee Association (now inactive) and has helped many Curves franchisees negotiate with the franchisor.

New Jersey

Jerry Marks, Red Bank, NJ

Justin Klein, Red Bank, NJ

New York

Bellavia Blatt Law Firm









Leonard A. Bellavia  Mineola, NY

Paul Steinberg, New York, NY


Stanley M. Dub, Cleveland, OH


Richard Solomon, Houston, TX

Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey Goldstein

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