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INSTANT IMPRINTS: Deceptive Franchise Marketing 101

Instant Imprints, No Frill Franchising Inc., Ralph Askar & Christian Collucci are the first honorees to be featured in our Behind the Curtain series debut of Deceptive Franchise Marketing 101.  Our free video presentation will teach you the secrets of Instant Imprints success including the use of undisclosed, illegal earnings claims, “FrunDead Testimonials” of departed (from the system) franchisees, and more.  Take a ride in CEO Ralph Askar’s luxury Mercedes and learn how to tell if franchise salesman Christian Collucci is lying!  by Sean Kelly

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  If you’re an honest, law-biding franchisor, you’re probably losing sales to those who don’t let the myth of franchise regulation or the character flaw of honesty hold them back.

My new video series will teach you the Deceptive Franchise Marketing techniques by the true Masters of Deception.

Our first master class is a tribute to Instant Imprints and their master manipulators Ralph Askar and Christian Collucci.

Instant Imprints Doesn’t Let Honesty or Franchise Laws Hold Them Back.  Why Should You?

Learn how Instant Imprints:

  • Uses blatantly  illegal & undisclosed earnings claims
  • Uses the franchisee testimonials of Area Franchisees without disclosing that they’re commissioned sales agents
  • Introduces a new program not mentioned in their latest FDD that’ll yield 3X the current AUV
  • Brilliantly uses “FrunDead Testimonials” of franchisees who failed or left as long as 8 years ago in current promotions
  • Deploys an army of brokers from Frannet, Franchise Brokers Association, FranServe, Business Alliance, and more to deceive prospective franchisees
  • Implies franchisees will generate $1,000,000 despite an AUV of $300K and a 93% 7 year franchisee turnover rate

Please post an anonymous comment below (your email won’t show publicly) or email Sean Kelly in confidence at UnhappyFranchisee[at]Gmail[dot]Com.

We want to know whether these franchisees still endorse the Instant Imprint franchise now that they’ve moved on… and whether the franchisor has been granted the right to continue to use their endorsement.

Acknowledgement:  We gained a wealth of information and insight from the Instant Imprint franchise complaint site FranchiseIssues.Com.  We are not affiliated with the Franchise Issues site, its author or its contributors.  Our information is gleaned from publicly available sources.

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FDDs available upon request

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Sean KellySean Kelly is a recovering franchise marketer, an award-winning investigative journalist, & a devoted IdeaFarmer & chicken wrangler in Lancaster County, PA.  His hobbies include collecting cease and desist letters, imprisoning scammers (current count: 2) and tormenting bullies.  He’s literally the only one alive who wants to hear your franchise-related woes.  Email:  UnhappyFranchisee[at]Gmail[dot]Com.

3 thoughts on “INSTANT IMPRINTS: Deceptive Franchise Marketing 101

  • Cynical


    Videos today were deleted of taken down.

    Why do you think that was?
    Could it be UF hit a home run with this expose?

  • Disgusted Former Ralph Asker Employee

    I worked for Ralph Askar in San Diego. I personally found him to be the most disgusting person with shady ethics I have ever seen. He lied constantly and often told dirty jokes. When potential franchisees came to visit, I would feel so badly for them if they purchased because I knew of the company’s track record. He’s not a good human in my opinion, and he lied to me about pay and benefits. I got out of there fairly quickly.

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