GEEKS ON CALL Franchise: They’re Ba-a-ck!

( The Geeks on Call franchise opportunity is not only back, according to the company, it’s stronger than ever.

Really?  It’s stronger than in 2007 when Geeks on Call still had 300 operational franchisees from coast to coast?

It’s stronger now, after the implosion of the company & the tarnishing of the brand via financial turmoil and franchisee lawsuits?

The new Geeks on Call franchise sales team must be hoping the franchise and business communities have short memories, and neither use Google searches nor read old blog posts such as these:

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Are you familiar with Geeks on Call, Rich Artese, Glenn Davis and/or On Call Holdings International?  What do you think of the new franchise opportunity? Will Geeks on Call get a second chance to get it right?  Share a comment below.

Here’s the press release from the company:

Geeks on Call is Back, Stronger Than Ever and Offering New Franchise Opportunities

“PRWeb – 9/7/2011

“Geeks on Call, the Virginia based IT service provider to small and mid-sized businesses and residential customers, is once again making franchise opportunities available to entrepreneurs hoping to tap into the nation’s growing need for affordable technical expertise and access to more affordable phone and Internet services.

“We took two years to build a new model, and we believe the result is an opportunity that is unique to our industry and attractive to entrepreneurs, says Rich Artese, President of Geeks on Call.  Artese says millions of business owners and residential consumers need a dependable trusted advisor to provide support and advice for all of their technology needs.

“Being part of the On Call Holdings International family of companies, Geeks On Call is able to arrange cost-effective telecom and Internet services from a broad array of reputable companies,, says Glenn Davis, CEO of On Call Holdings International. That’s good for small business owners because they are able to work with one knowledgeable technical team for all their IT and communications needs. And its great for the Geeks on Call franchisee because he can count on a residual monthly income stream, which enhances the long term value of his company.

“In addition to the trusted Geeks on Call brand, the company supplies its franchisees with back-end support including national brand marketing, sales advisors, a national call center, access to a national network of technical experts and partnerships with several telecom and IT Service products. These relationships, training and on-going support offers entrepreneurs with little or no technical experience the opportunity to build a business in the ever expanding world of IT services.

“The cost to acquire a new Geeks On Call franchise is just $20,000 for a single territory. There is no royalty fee based on revenue. Rather, Geeks on Call charges a flat monthly membership fee of $500.

“You do not have to be a technology expert to be successful with the new Geeks on Call, says Artese. You just have to love sales and helping others by creating solutions that make technology work for them. The relationships we have with technology experts and major telecom companies throughout the United States make Geeks On Call a truly unique opportunity. These relationships enable our franchise owners to provide support and service that is a cut above other IT service companies thereby enhancing the client relationship and franchisee profit potential.

“At its height in 2007, Geeks on Call had more than 300 franchisees across the country and was routinely ranked among the top franchise business opportunities in America. The company, under new ownership, has reformulated the franchise offering and is excited about bringing its well established brand back to the market.”


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2 thoughts on “GEEKS ON CALL Franchise: They’re Ba-a-ck!

  • Luis

    As long as Richard Artese is part of this organization, I would highly recommend not becoming involved with this venture. The original concept was a sound business model until Richard Artese and Richard Cole took the company down a very unethical path. That is one of the reasons so many of the executives who started and grew this company into a leading franchise brand left the company. The company has fallen far from those days with Artese running the show. By 2005 over 350 franchise locations were granted or operating but today that number is well under 100. There have been many failures and many people have lost money betting on the current management team.

    My advice – While the new model and low monthly franchise fees may be attractive, do not do business with Geeks On Call while Richard Artese is still involved due to ethical reasons.

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