FASTFRAME Rated a Worst Franchise by Forbes. Do You Agree?

The FastFrame franchise was rated one of the worst franchise opportunities in America by Forbes magazine.

Do you agree that FastFrame is one of the worst franchises of 2014? 

Why or why not?

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(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  The June 16, 2014 issue of Forbes magazine features their picks for America’s Best And Worst Franchises.

The FastFrame franchise made the Forbes list of the worst franchise opportunities in the 0 – $150,000 investment range.

The Forbes ranking for FastFrame included the following assessment:

No. 10 FastFrame

Builds custom frames and mats for your photos, artwork, mirrors and flat-screen TVs.

Average Initial Investment: $127,950

Initial Training Hours: 128

Growth rate: -15%

Continuity: 46%

Franchisor Support: C

Here are the rest of Forbes worst franchises:

Forbes Worst Franchises with 0 – $150,000 Investments

(With #1 being the worst)

#1  SuperCoups

Concept: Franchisees send coupons to consumers, direct-mails ads for small businesses.

#2 Realty World

Concept: Franchisees sell residential properties and offers online tools and mortgage options to home buyers.

#3 Parable

Concept: Franchisees retail Christian-themed merchandise like books and music.

#4 UBuildIt

Concept: Franchisees help manage a remodeling job or new construction with its own team on-site.

#5 Aero Colours

Concept: Franchisees offer paint, bumper and bedliner repair for cars and trucks, with a traveling unit that makes house calls.

#6 All Tune and Lube

Concept: Franchisees provide tire, engine, transmission and general auto maintenance at its locations.

#7 Curves

Concept: Franchisees offer strength-training and weight-loss sessions for women, as well as meal plans and apparel.

#8 House Doctors

Concept: Franchisees deliver handyman services, from small-scale fixes to full-blown home remodeling.

#9 ERA Real Estate

Concept: Franchisees walk clients through buying and selling a home, finding an agent and a mortgage.

#10 Fastframe

Concept: Franchisees build custom frames and mats for photos, artwork, mirrors and flat-screen TVs.

See all Forbes Worst Franchises here:

America’s Best And Worst Franchises



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2 thoughts on “FASTFRAME Rated a Worst Franchise by Forbes. Do You Agree?

  • June 18, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    I own a Fast Frame and paying 10.5 percent off the top for, in my opinion, no help.
    I have established better discounts with my vendors than Fast Frame and when I purchased my Fast Frame the woman they gave me to do the paperwork not only over charged me, she went on vacation half way through the sale so my escrow took longer than normal.

  • August 25, 2014 at 7:12 am

    You can not go by one person out of how many store owners. I have a FastFame store in Stafford VA It has been here for over 15 years now and we own it about 10. The Fastframe corp. staff does an outstanding job of keeping us up to date on all new products and updates. Yes we pay 10.5% off the top but I knew that from the beginning and so did he. Please do not go by one person that may not have run his store the way Fastframe outlines. I am very pleased with the FastFrame franchise.

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