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VAULT DENIM Vault Jeans Defenders Lash Back

Vault Denim Jeans:  Do you love’m or hate’m?

And can you make any money selling them?

First, we gave the haters their day by asking:  VAULT DENIM Scam, Rip-off or Opportunity?

Now we give some of the Vault Denim Defenders the stage (below).

What do you think of Vault Denim Jeans as a consumer?  What about as a business opportunity?

If you’re familiar with Vault Denim, please leave a comment below.

Vault Denim Jeans:  What the haters are hating

Here’s a taste of the complaints being dished out:

“My buttons came off of my jeans BEFORE I EVEN WASHED THEM and the jewels were coming off of my pockets. I asked for a refund for the jeans that I had purchased since I hadn’t washed or hemmed the jeans, and I was rejected.”

“the “bedazzling” started falling off and I hadn’t even worn them out of the house, I was pissed to say the least… I have been told by their rep that I cannot have a refund, but a voucher to get more jeans”

“Super cheap jeans…the bling falls off and buttons come off…and that is before you wash them.”

“TOTAL knock-offs, and bad ones at that!”

“Vault Denim jeans aren’t fakes but they are old designs, factory seconds or cheap wannabe brands for the most part.”

“I WAS a VFC for this crappy company! Total scam!! The jeans are ugly…”

“They sell OLD jeans that no one wants for a HIGH price!! I quit after only doing this for a few short months.”

“I hosted 10 parties are only made a little over $200 TOTAL!! Dont waste your time what so ever!”

Vault Denim Defenders Lash Back at the Haters

Britney Beneke writes:

I wanted to make a quick clarification on Vault Denim being fake, damaged, or poor quality.

Vault DenimI would never jeopardize my family and my freedom (I would go to jail) to sell fake jeans. I know you can go to jail doing that. So no worries there everyone :) What you see is overstock jeans that we are able to get from high end companies to sell at home parties. This is a legit, fabulous company that is changing lives every day. I am living proof of this.

We are still a new ground level company always looking to improve our products and services. Keep an eye on us! Think back to the 60’s with Mary Kay or Tupperware, NOW is the best time to be a part of the company.

With any business, there may be something that happens. Heck I was in the buckle recently and someone came in complaining of their bling falling off there too. It happens. To be a consumer who doesn’t think this happens everywhere would be way off.

So give it a try. No where else can you get full access to an everchanging inventory of designer jeans at up to 50% off retail as well as their own exclusive kids, men’s, maternity, and more. PLUS these jean sales help support families, good causes and it’s a great way to earn fabulous income.

If you seriously have more questions. Call me! I’m open to discussing our product openly without bias! I will tell you how it is. Hey, If I have girls accross the nation, and people in my own family making a living with this, that should speak volumes for how much I love it! I’m not going anywhere!

Doug Kerns writes:

I’m amazed at the comments on this site.

Vault DenimCourse I’m in sales, and I’m a realist, someone will always complain about something.

My wife is a Vault Denim consultant, and it’s been over a year, and she’s doing well with it.  She has a blast doing parties, meeting people and she makes decent extra income for our family.

From what I’ve seen the jeans are great quality, and I’ve done some research for her as well, in stores that sell $100+ jeans, and personally I can’t see much difference at all.  To those that had an issue with a button coming off, or “bling” um, well I’ve had Levi’s do that, manufacturing isn’t a perfect thing, but one thing I know, Vault will fix it, or exchange it, no problems.

With my wife not only being a consultant, but also an inventory coordinator for 2 different inventories, she has had to deal with a few of these issues, but always does it quick, and with no questions asked.  For those that expect a refund, well my suggestion would be to keep shopping at Walmart, where refunds are more common than expensive boutique jeans.

If you look at other companies based on similar principles, usually you have to buy inventory, with Vault, you do not.  I was skeptical at first, as is my nature, but I can see no bad at all, and the company as a whole really wants their people to succeed.  They have even set up goals with benefits of having a paid trip to Lake Powell which my wife qualified for and another trip to Cancun, all expenses paid.

Someone will always be unhappy with something in this world, but my experiences with Vault is this isn’t the case.  As far as your comment on the company faking positive comments to fill up google, do you think it could be that there are more positive comments than negative?

Just a thought, not even sure why I felt the need to comment back on this, but just thought the “other”point of view might make someone else realize that some of you just might not be positive people :)

Sandra Torres writes:

So sorry that some people have to complain about everything and try to defame other peoples livelihood.

Vault DenimVault Denim is an awesome company that offers women, men, children, and maternity jeans from 0 to 24 plus size.

The quality is awesome.

The price points on the products are perfect.

Business startup cost… Every company has a business startup cost.  Tupperware, Mary Kay, 31 Gifts, Miche, just to name a few.  Vault Denim happens to be the lowest start up cost of all.  It covers the cost of materials- policies & procedures, a website and personal website that has no additional charge.

Do your homework before you cry wolf.  Every company on the planet has a complaint about something.

Be professional and not rude.  It is not very becoming.



One thought on “VAULT DENIM Vault Jeans Defenders Lash Back

  • Vault Denim is an excellent company! Some people are impossible to satisfy….doesn’t mean the product is bad.

    Vault Denim provides top quality jeans for every consultant for every show! As an Inventory Coordinator (or IC) in my area, it is my job to pull out any jeans that are less than perfect from the inventory before they go out to a show! All blingy jeans will lose some part of bling over time. IF that happens with Vault Denim, then the customer can contact their consultant who can work with their IC who has a repair kit! We are working every day to make sure that customers and consultants have only 100% quality jeans! Vault Denim purchases jeans directly from the manufacturers and sell them through Independent Consultants at In-home parties, personal shows and expo events.

    Vault Denim also provides the inventory FREE to every qualified consultant to use at their shows! The $159 sign-up fee is minimal and there is no cost for merchandise! Consultants check them out much like a library book! The company provides websites, online shopping kiosks, online checkout, business cards, and much more in the sign up kit. It is a quick and easy process to complete online training and you are ready to make money!!

    My income from Vault Denim has given me the opportunity to work from home and match the income I once made as a preschool director in less than a year! Vault works for me!! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

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