Pet Corner International claims it offers a low-investment, home-based distributorship that will enable you to capitalize on the $54 billion pet care industry.  Is Pet Corner International a scam?

( The Pet Corner International distributor program claims it offers “an affordable, easy to operate business in a thriving industry.”

According to the Pet Corner International website:

Enjoy a proven business model with numerous competitive advantages:

  • Recession-resistant industry
  • Flexible, home-based business model
  • Ground Floor Opportunity
  • Offer the most in-demand, all natural pet products
  • Company Established Accounts
  • Growth Opportunities
  • National Television Advertising
  • Strong Company Support and Local One-On-One Training

The company claims:  “PCI can be your vehicle to a reliable and growing income and a business that, with our help, can develop for you into long term financial security.”


Numerous complaints about the Pet Corner International business opportunity have been popping up on complaint sites lately.

Don’t Buy into Pet Corner* wrote:

Posted: Friday, September 16, 2011

Reported By: Don’t Buy into Pet Corner — Sneads Ferry North Carolina United States of America

Pet Corner International

Pet Corner International This Company misrepresented itself to me and hasn’t done the things it said it would do. Deerfield Beach, Florida

I bought a distributorship from Pet Corner International in December 2010. They claimed to be audited and inspected by the National Science Foundation. The National Science Foundation has denied that they have any relationship with Pet Corner International. That claim was one of the main reasons I bought into this Company. Also,the product hasn’t sold very much at all in 9 months. Pet Corner has abandoned me as a distributor, not contacting me anymore. They haven’t done a thing to help me in this business as promised. I just want the public to be aware of them so people won’t make the same mistake I did.

* received the following message 12/7/11 from the author of this complaint:  “There is an agreement in place to resolve all the issues between Pet Corner International and myself. These issues have been resolved to both Parties mutual satisfaction.”

October 14, 2011 EJ wrote:

I purchaed a distributorship in Sept 2010. Product doesn’t sell like they tell you.I’ve yet to see one advertisement on TV. The 2 distributors they gave me to contact (Norfolk Va. and Seattle Wa) told me the products sell immediately off the shelf. Vets and store owners tell me the product price is too high at $19.99. In one year 11 retail accounts I’ve sold less than 25 bottles. In this time frame not one representative from Pet Corner has called to ask how I was doing or if they can help. I’m fairly well off so I can handle the loss. I understood the risk going in. What I don’t get is if we as distributors can’t sell the product Pet Corner International will never survive. They should have a vested interest in making sure we succeed but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m going to think about trying different approaches to sell the product. To those of you thinking about buying –BUYER BEWARE

October 25, 2011, Hamond B3 wrote:

…The product only has a 30% profit for the retailer. Even on consignment they turn it down because everything they sell outside of pet food they work on 50 to 60 % margin. They dont tell you that in the sales pitch.

The displays they have for the product are lame at best. The bottles do not stand up straight. One has to kneel down to read what the bottle says. They will tell you the average distributer sell 60 bottles a month or one a day. Not even close at 19.95 I was lucky to sell one a week. The product is overpriced for the market. My displays were located in high end car washes with plenty of traffic. My peeve with them they are very evasive to give you any information on there dealer network if they even have one. They are more interested in the short term of selling start up inventory at 15,000 a pop. I thought I did all my home work after months of research but obviously that was not enough. There is no company dealership or distributorship that will not allow you to use social media to advertise. I believe they do not want there failure rate to be known through this media. Be very aware of them. These guys are preditors on the phone.


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40 thoughts on “PET CORNER INTERNATIONAL: Scam or No Scam?

  • jeff kingman

    Perhaps checking out another siter and comments by m. lucas would bring
    some balance to this situation. M. Lucas is a very successful Pet Corner distributor and goes into some detail as to why he is successful and also why he chose to become a distributor with Pet Corner.

  • Charles Curcio

    I bought this dealership and could not get the product sold. The company is just interested in selling you the inventory for a one shot deal. The price point is to high. The margin for the pet retailer is only about 27% if you average what is cost for all the products. Even if it were 30% the pet industry excluding pet food works on 50 to 60 % on all the toys and cloths from China. They are not interested in consignment at 30%. I lost 18,000 on this company. Ask them about other distributers that are succesfull they give you only two that give you the same answer. I offered my entire inventory to one of them for 50% off my cost. You would think they would jump at it. Never heard from either one of them.
    What company do you know of that will not let you promote your product on a website, Yelp or linkedin ? You would think they would have a distributership in New York the most densenly pupulated place on the planet. Ask the for names of distributership and they will only give you two with the same success story. do not invest a dime into this company.

  • Larry B. Jersey

    Stay away from Pet corner International. Unscupulious at best. Ask them for 10 dealers you can talk to. Ask them where are the stores that the product is sold at call the stores and see if it sells. Why wont they give you the names of 10 dealers that you can speak to or the stores that carry the product ? They say they are an international company there brochures say they advertise on TV. No one has heard of this company. After you buy the inventory you will get 1 or 2 calls at best. the product does not sell at 19.95 I have 16,000 dollars of Inventory I offered to other dealers for 50% off never heard a word from them. I am not sure they exist, When I spoke to them I was very suspicious whent hey said how well they were doing. This company by all means is not transparent. Do not send them a check Buyer Beware !

  • Pet Corner Scam

    Don’t even go near these guys. They are out to sell inventory. Ask them for at least 8 sucessfull dealers that are selling 90 bottles a month to one account. You will never get that information Ask them who the owners are. This is by all means not a transparent company. Dealers have been sold thousands of dollars of inventory that does not sell. They tell you what you want to hear. They are so evasive and slick, do not send them a check unlless you go to at least 20 pet stores, you will find out even on consignment the margin is to low at 30%. They sell all there items at a 50 to 60 % margin. They are not interested in taking up space for 30%. Same item on the market now for 9.95 STAY AWAY FROM PET CORNER INTERNATIONAL.

  • Patrick

    PCI representatives have proven to be deceptive and unscrupulous. Actually, to be blunt…they are thieves! I have secured legal representation for two reasons.
    1. I wanted to build a distributorship where I reside in Lake County, IL, but the PCI distributorship sales rep, Bob Lambert told me they wouldn’t set up a distributorship in this area because it doesn’t meet their “recommended demographic profile”. However, he said that if I purchased a dealership in Kane County I would be free to pursue accounts in Lake County. I purchased my distributorship in July, 2011. In October, while at a local dog event I discovered PCI had already sold a distributorship in March, 2011 covering most of Lake County which means I am in fact not allowed to pursue accounts where I had intended to do so. This of course made me furious.
    2. I purchased the highest level distributorship requiring their account specialist to set up 16 accounts in Kane County, IL. He only set up 9 accounts and NONE were located in Kane County. Four were scattered throughout the northwest Chicago suburbs and the other five were set up in McHenry County. They have been unwilling to offer me an acceptable territory in closer proximity to where I live in Lake County and in fact have tried to interest me in a very undesireable territory further into the city.
    When I voiced my dissatisfaction with Bob Lambert he acted offended that I would suggest that he is a liar (I never actually used that word, but he obviously knew my compaint was legitimate), he read me the riot act and hung up on me before I could even respond. In my over 25 years working in health care and senior living operations and marketing, I NEVER treated a customer so horribly. I am confident there is a special place in hell for him!
    PCI is a scam!! The only acceptable resolution to this mess for me is PCI refunding me for all my costs associated with setting up this business. We took on a large, international vacation club 3 years ago for deceptive practices and won. There is no way we will walk away from this without either recovering our costs or at least seeing them shut down so nobody else will have to go through what I have been put through.

  • Hamond B3

    Bob lambert is the owner an Old transpalanted New Yorker. That sounds like a Kosher Deli Manager. He and his Staff are most dishonest people you could imagine. They are Thieves. Do not get involved with this company. They will not give you a list of succesfull dealers. The answer they will give you is that they are so busy they have no time to talk to anyone. They only give you 2 that will tell you how well they are doing. I offered them all my inventory for 50% off. You would think if they were doing so well they would jump on it. Never heard from them. Ted is the operations manager, he lies through his teeth, Ron Singer is the bait man that gets you in. They have a retail account specialist that looks like a has been cowboy. They have these endorsements and they market themselves as a ligitimate company. I lost 16k here I have it in storage. Anyone want it ? email me [redacted]

  • jeff kingman

    Like most reporting there is a grain of truth in them, unfortunately they always
    tend to leave out the most important details and facts.
    PCI was very open to offering Patrick alternative territories but we were stopped
    from doing this by Patrick.
    Incidentally one of our distributors just expanded and in so doing purchased another distributorship and is developing into a larger territory.
    Why would someone do this unless they were succeeding, or perhaps they
    are just very, very lucky or maybe crazy.
    The next step will be for a few people to want to speak with this distributor, ostensibly about ‘ideas’, in reality it will be a nasty and negative call. Why would anyone in their right mind take that kind of call, unless of course they were crazy.
    Getting back to Patrick, we are still ready, willing and able to work things out with him, but the ball is in his court.

  • Patrick

    My response to Jeff Kingman…..You trying to suggest a willingness to work with me by offering an alternative territory is a joke. You sound like you are having trouble grasping my complaint. Let me try to explain it to you again.
    I only purchased a PCI distributorship because Bob Lambert advised that although they would not set up a distributorship in Lake County for me due to Lake County not fitting the “recommended demographic profile” for an approved territory, I would be free to pursue accounts in areas where there is no distributorship present….in my case, Lake County. Had Bob Lambert been truthful and disclosed to me that they had just sold a distributorship in Lake County and that my being able to pursue business interests in Lake County wasn’t possible, I would not have purchased a distributorship. Bob Lambert intentionally withheld this critical fact and gave me a false excuse why I couldn’t set up a distributorship in Lake County in order to to get my buy-in. You can’t see how that is deceptive? Really?
    At this point, there is no alternative you can offer that will enable me to pursue business opportunities in Lake County, so any “alternative terrirtory” would be unacceptable. Besides, why would I want to continue a business relationship with PCI after their representatives have proven to be dishonest and deceptive?
    Also, I never heard of Ron Singer until my attorney asked if I had any communication with him as he is the one who should’ve made sure I received the required Disclosure Document and my signed acknowledgement back in July which never happened. According to my attorney, that fact alone would make our agreement null and void.
    Finally, I have no confidence in the product either. We gave the hip and joint formula to our 7-year-old westie following the simple instructions and it made her horribly sick. She vomited what looked like her intestines. Fortunately, she got her appetite back and was okay after about 48 hours. I would never recommend PCI products to anyone.
    Oh, by the way, those nine accounts Don Dahling set up in October produced ZERO sales. Several of the convenience store owners said they’ figured that the product’s production date being so prominent on the bottles was a sales deterrent in addition to the high cost. One even said a customer asked why they were selling expired product assuming that the production date was actually an expiration date.
    My full time job is being a community relations director covering a wide territory for a senior living community. I am compiling a list of the pet related businesses in my territory and will call on them and alert them to the reaction our dog had to the hip and joint formula and to suggest they not stock PCI products in their establishments. I encounter pet owners every day and I make it a point to tell them about my experience with PCI. As a public relations specialist, I am quite capable of spreading the word & promoting the virtues, benefits, etc… of a service or product. I am equally capable of discrediting a poor product and a shady buiness operation as well.

  • Patrick

    NOTE to Hammond B3……The two presumed “successful distributors” I spoke with were hand picked by Bob Lambert, a gentleman in the Virginia Beach area and a woman south of Indianapolis. I wanted to speak with someone in the Chicagoland area, but they didn’t want me to talk to them for some reason. I’m wondering if these successful distributors are real or just personal contacts who are posing as such.
    You would think that PCI would encourage distributors in neighboring markets to network and be a resource to each other. The fact that they are very secretive and controlling about there distributorships is suspicious. Their claim that they do this because the distributors are just too busy to be bothered is B.S. Relationships like that could be vitally beneficial to your success (and their’s!), so them discouraging it sounds fishy.
    When Bob Lambert told me in mid-July that the soonest they could send me a representative to set up my 16 accounts would be within 60 days. Being anxious to not have to wait that long to get my business up and running, I suggested that he let me accompany a rep while they are setting up accounts for another new distributor so I can see first hand their approach and strategy. Then I could come back home and get started without delay, but said absolutely not. I of course offered to do so at my own expense (travel), but he said no.
    It definitely does seem that they clearly operate with the intent to isolate distributors from each other because they don’t want us comparing notes and plotting to expose them for being a fraudulent operation.

  • Great South Bay

    Dont buy into Pet Corner, out right liars. Bob lambert is the owner. He is scamer. Do not send a check to these people. Read Below
    The United States Attorney’s Office
    Southern District of Florida
    Press Releases
    US Attorney, SDFL
    US Courts
    Victim Witness
    Discovery Practices
    Community Based Initiatives
    En Español
    An Kreyòl
    Public Affairs Office:
    Alicia Valle
    Special Counsel to the U.S. Attorney
    (305) 961-9153

    Public Affairs Fax
    (305) 530-7055

    Press Release
    January 27, 2012


    Wifredo A. Ferrer, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida and Allison C. Lerner, Inspector General, National Science Foundation, announced that Edward F. Elliot, 67 of Coconut Creek, Florida, pled guilty yesterday afternoon in Federal District Court in West Palm Beach to charges of falsely making and forging the seal of the National Science Foundation, an agency of the United States, and knowingly using and affixing such fraudulently made and forged seals and facsimiles upon instruments, documents, and papers, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 506(a)(1) and (2).

    U.S. District Court Judge Daniel T. K. Hurley accepted the guilty plea, and set sentencing in the matter for April 12, 2012, in West Palm Beach, at 4:00 pm. The defendant faces a maximum statutory term of imprisonment of up to five years.

    According to court records and statements made during the hearing, from as early as December 2010, a Deerfield Beach-based company, Pet Corner International, LLC (PCI), at which the defendant served as Operations Manager under a series of false names, including Ted Godfrey and Ted Lambert, marketed distributorships to individuals interested in selling a line of pet supplements for dogs offered by PCI. On PCI’s website, and in various promotional manuals and brochures, the company asserted that its products were produced in a laboratory audited and inspected by the National Science Foundation. This fraudulent claim was buttressed by the use of the seal or logo of the Foundation on the site and in the promotional paperwork sent to potential and actual distributors. In court, the government indicated that at least 62 contracts were signed by distributors between December 2010 and June 2011, the period during which the false claims were publicized by PCI.

    According to court documents and statements made in court, Elliot used two fraudulent identities and was the individual principally responsible for preparing the promotional material referencing the Foundation.

    The National Science Foundation, an independent federal agency established by Congress in 1950, is variously mandated to promote the progress of science, and to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare. The agency meets this mission by funding approximately 20% of all federally supported basic research conducted by America’s colleges and universities with an annual budget of approximately $6.9 billion. The National Science Foundation neither tests consumer products, nor audits and inspects private laboratories.

    Mr. Ferrer commended the investigative efforts of the Special Agents of the National Science Foundation whose investigative efforts resulted in the charges in this case. The criminal case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Watts-FitzGerald.

    A copy of this press release may be found on the website of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida at Related court documents and information may be found on the website of the District Court for the Southern District of Florida at or on

    Technical comments about this website can be e-mailed to the Webmaster. PLEASE NOTE: The United States Attorney’s Office does not respond to non-technical inquiries made to this website. If you wish to make a request for information, you may contact our office at 305-961-9001, or you may send a written inquiry to the United States Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Florida, 99 NE 4th Street, Miami, Fl. 33132.

    Department of Justice
    | Privacy Policy
    | Project Safe Neighborhoods
    | PSN Grants
    | Legal Policies and Disclaimers

  • Incoronata Perna

    We bought into this business in May 2011and we became distributors in July. Now that we just started to make any profits we just realized of this investigation of fraud. We are very upset that we invested and believed in this product. Now we don’t know what to do with a product that we cant sell and we invested $18,000. We need some help to figure out what we should do about this. Should we hire an attorney? Please Help us!

  • Colleen Fisco

    We lost our savings on this company after my husband got laid off. They lied about the product being endorsed by The National Science Foundation. And now they plead guilty. Read the above article. To late for us, 6 accounts called us up and said pick up the displays. We found out they only have a 3 man boiler room operation. They make it sound like it is an international corporation. They claim they have 60 distributers but will not give out the names or addresses of them. Do not invest in this company.

  • David

    I agree we have been screwed but I do not agree on slandering the product. That cuts of your nose to spite your face. The clients of ours that have bought it have come back with incredible reviews. Our neighbors 17 year old dog could not get up off the floor after joint and hip care she is running up and down the halls. Our dog is on senior energy care and we see such big difference that people are commenting. We have one client that calls it dogie crack as her dog has never felt better. So on the business end they are awful and deceptive but don’t bash the product as it does work. Its the company that doesnt.

  • Jay Moore

    Pet Corner International

    Pet Corner International This Company misrepresented itself to me and hasn’t done the things it said it would do. Deerfield Beach, Florida

    I bought a distributorship from Pet Corner International in March 2011. They claimed to be audited and inspected by the National Science Foundation. The National Science Foundation has denied that they have any relationship with Pet Corner International. That claim was one of the main reasons I bought into this Company. Also,the product hasn’t sold very much at all in 9 months. Pet Corner has abandoned me as a distributor, not contacting me anymore. They haven’t done a thing to help me in this business as promised. I just want the public to be aware of them so people won’t make the same mistake I did.

  • Jay Moore

    as a follow up to my last comment. I would love it if PCI would take the profits that it has made from the sales of this product, test it completely and have it proven that it does not make animals sick, and move quickly to advertise throughout the U.S. what should have been a tremendous product. I am also interested in connecting with other “exclusive” distributors and seeing if there is any further recourse that can be taken.


  • PC anon

    To you and all the other loser’s! Go work your business, I do work my! and having a lot of success, my customers are reordering! The “Products are excellent” I dont seat and wait for the products to fly the shelves!

    I do all cities events or festivals in my county, that call working my business, do you now the difference in beteewn a dreamer and achievers! of course not, let me tell you the difference between the two is action! Loser like you stay home and say WHY ME!!

  • Jay Moore

    I am interested in your territory PC anon. I have no issue in taking the time to come into your territory and ride with you so that I can learn how you are doing it, what your retailers are saying to sell the products and how you are handling exhibits and events in your territory. I would choose to learn and be successful as opposed to just complaining. I would even submit that if you assist me in increasing my sales I will pay you a % of those sales increases.

    Let me know if you are interested. I am not pushing back, I sincerely am wanting my investment to be a success.

  • HamondB3

    Pet Corner has a media kit with the logo’s of Dish Network and Direct TV they claimed to have advertised in. Well we call them on it. Both have no record or proof of payment they advertised on these networks. We forwarded the brochure to the networks and they have passed it on here legal department. You dont want to invest in this company. They also claimed they were endorsed br The National Science Foudation. They are will be in court for sentencing May 9th. in Florida for fraud.

  • Patrick

    This is addressed to PC anon…First of all, your claim that you have been successful in marketing PCI’s product line and suggesting that anyone who hasn’t had the same results is a “loser” is both immature and suspect. By that, I mean perhaps you are communicating by just your initials because you are actually this Bob Lambert guy (or one of his alias names like “Ted Godfrey” or Edward Elliot”) or perhaps you are one of his cronies who pose as successful distributors who will argue about the merits of the PCI distributorship program in an effort to try and discourage those of us who, in good faith entered into this agreement and did not receive what was promised.
    I have over 26 years in the marketing, business development and sales and PCI is clearly a scam operation with the sole purpose of selling product and crappy displays. For you or anyone else to read the testimonials of so many of us who have been scammed, one could only conclude you are part of this scam operation.
    PCI took my money for setting up 16 accounts in Kane County, IL, but didn’t set up a single account there. Instead, I had four scattered throughout northern Cook County and another five in McHenry County. NOT A SINGLE BOTTLE SOLD in any of these establishments in over three months.
    So, for my trouble and money, I had 9 accounts, not 16 like I paid for and not a single one was set up in the county I secured. You have a lot of nerve suggesting I don’t have a legitimate complaint against this con artist. Therefore, I can only conclude you are either Bob Lambert or an accomplice to his fraudulent activities.
    His sentencing has been delayed until May and I plan to attend. In the meantime, I am putting together my e-mail records exchanged with PCI reps since last July and a full review of how I was scammed and sending it to:
    U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Florida, 99 N.E. 4th Street, Miami, FL 33132. Attention: Thomas Watts-Fitzgerald, the lead prosecutor & Dominic Brown, Victim Witness Assistant.
    Bob Lambert ABSOLUTELY committed telemarketing fraud in my case because he knew full well that the key condition to me accepting the Kane County, IL territory was that I could also pursue business opportunities in Lake County where I live. He neglected to tell me they had sold a distributorship here just 3 months prior to my signing up knowing full well it would have been a deal breaker for me.

  • I attended the sentencing of Edward Elliot in West Palm Beach last week. I did have the opportunity to address the court concerning my complaints focusing on the telemarketing fraud committed by Bob Lambert and presumed “successful distributors” in my particular case. The U.S. Attorney informed me afterwards, since Mr. Elliot was sentenced to one year in prison, that I could have an outstanding civil case against PCI which I plan to pursue. I expressed to the court that this scam is likely more wide-spread than anyone first thought. The supposed “successful distributors” may be complicit and their records should be investigated to verify if their claims of success in marketing PCI products are legitimate. Plus, the owner of PCI on record, a Candace from California has been impossible for federal investigators to locate. Also, the account “specialist”…a term I use loosely in reference to Don Dahling, who couldn’t set up a single account in Kane County like he was supposed to should be investigated as well. Frankly, when the one year sentence was read I felt no degree of personal satisfaction. I am still out the cost for purchasing product and securing a territory for more than $38K. That’s why I will do whatever I can to get my money back first and foremost, and if that’s not possible, I will do whatever can be done to make sure everyone complicit in the scam is exposed and held accountable.

  • My atty said the only chance we all have is a class action suit. He has someone that specializes in this if any one is interested. MY sales stopped when this whole thing started. now my business is dead.

  • I’m meeting with my attorney next week to discuss how I should move forward with this matter. I will mention the class action suit route to him. I wonder how many distributors are still out there who have not settled with PCI yet. Apparently of the over 80 distributors nationwide, about 25% claim to be satisfied with PCI, another 25% have settled already. That means there could be as many as 40 who have unresolved grievances against PCI. Sure wish there was some way to connect with them. Any ideas?

  • I was not going to settle for 10% back of the territory fee. I too took the master and $37,000 down the drain. I realy dont know if there are any happy distributors.
    My atty also put in a restitution claim at the hearing but I guess nothing. We have to sue in atlanta. Will help you in any way. I am the distributor in the Northeast.

  • Eddie alias Ted was also convicted in 1995 in Massachusetts. he is now in jail for one year and a day for miss use of the National science foundation Logo claims. We have all been had! My atty is putting together a class action law suit.. I have lost over $39,000!!!! You be the judge. If any one is interested please let me know. we worked and worked the business with no luck in a market with over one million dogs! spent tons of money in advertising and give aways but no success. Please be careful as we all have horror stories. Maybe, just maybe there are a few semi success stories. I was given the name of a successful distributor and he said he is struggling and if he didn’t have another income he would be broke.

  • Tim…I am absolutely interested in learning more about the class action suit your attorney is recommending. I bought a master distributorship as well and have over $20k in other start up expenses that I’m out due to this scam. How should I go about contacting your attorney? Thanks!

  • Crystal M.Smitch

    To all the loser’s of pet corner international! then working your business (see below) again, again you have to try to distroy the other distributors its time for you to take the pamper out and go work your business, I do work my! and having a lot of success, my customers are reordering! The “Products are excellent” I dont seat and wait for the products to fly the shelves! I do all cities events or festivals in my county, that call working my business, do you now the difference in beteewn a dreamer and achievers! of course not, let me tell you the difference between the two is action! Loser like you stay home and say WHY ME!! STOP WHY ME! AND START WORKING YOUR PET BUSINESS!



  • I would love to connect with all those looking at a class action lawsuit as PCI just sent out an email stating they are discontinuing their business effective immediately as of today. I bought a master distributorship, have worked the business and like most have little or no results and now no support whatsoever.. The National Science Foundation claim was a main reason as for many to purchase this distributorship, and that was the nail in the coffin when that was found to be untrue. Contact me at [redacted]

    NOTE: We don’t allow personal contact info sharing in comments. If you wish to connect with other commenters, contact us at UnhappyFranchisee[at] Thanks. ADMIN

  • I like to partecipate with all those for class action lawsuit i need more information .contact me

  • Greg Jones

    I am interested in seeing that email of PCI shutting down. I am a distributor and did not receive the notice. [redacted]. I would also love to talk to someone else that bought a franchise. seven one nine four nine two four four one one.

  • Greg Jones

    I found out today that you can still purchase the product from the manufacturer. When I called Jared Luke of Palmer Natural Products he said that I was only the fourth distributor to call. We can place a different label on the bottles and sell them with the exact same ingredients. I have not been able to sell many bottles and started with 18 stores and am now down to 12 but would like to somehow recoup my losses. Maybe if enough of us get together and keep buying the product, we can get it at a much lower price. At the very least, with PCI out of the way, we won’t be paying them anymore for the product. Then it may sell much faster if we can put it on the rack at $15 each. After talking to Jared, we will be paying much less than what PCI charged us. The trick is to do bulk buying. Maybe we could come up with another name for the company, get new labels made and rent a small warehouse that could take delivery of all orders. We could also use that location to package orders done on-line. The on-line orders would pay for the warehouse and any personnel needed. Let me know what you think. I don’t mind heading up the warehouse but if someone else wants to, that would be fine with me. At the very least, I think we could re-coup our investments. Personally, I think if the price was at $15 per bottle, it would sell like hotcakes. This doesn’t mean that PCI should not be sued. What they did was wrong but the product is still good. I am interested in joining up with the class action suit. But I am also interersted in the continuance of trying to sell this product. My office number is seven one nine five three six nine zero six three. I would love to talk to other distributors, which was considered a no-no when Ted was around. I talked to Bernie in Oklahoma and he is interested in the continuance of his distributorship. I know there are a lot of smart distributors out there, let’s get together and brainstorm. We still have the product and I think we can make a go of it. Also, if you want to confirm the possibility of buying the product directly from Palmer Natural Products then call Jared at one eight hundred eight four one four one three two. There is power in numbers! Maybe we could communicate via facebook or something.

  • Greg Jones

    Well only one person has called me so far and he is very interested in a lawsuit. I am all for that but it would be better if we had more distributors involved. You can email me at Greg dot Jones at PetJetLLC dot com.

  • Greg C.

    I too was taken by these scammers I would gladly join a class action suit, or any attempt to get a portion of my investment back, I have had little success in any of my 16 locations and most are telling me to come and pick-up my stuff. I think all of the distributors should ban together. email me : [redacted]
    Greg C.

  • np NY

    Pet corner international move to hawaii .business name Healthy Doggies Hawaii INC. the doing ADV. on Hawaiiwellness Magazine. —=

  • I am a retail Natural Foods Store, and I would be interested in getting a refill on some of the product. My local distributor has taken the loss and moved on. Any other distributors in the NE area?

  • hi ATBMass i am distributor contact me maybe i can help .To all the other distributor i discuss with the conpany (Palmer) The can make the prouducts for us ,but minimum order need . Contact me [redacted] NadiaP

  • I too am a PCI victim of this SCAM from NJ. Had 16 accounts set up by the VA Beach guy. He set them up as exclusives, and of course when the stores found out they didn’t have exclusives they started cancelling. So I set up the stores (total of 20). After a full year and 5 shows, give-aways, etc. I have sold less than $750.00 worth of product. I did the advertising, the flyers…and nothing. Then I found out about Ted/Ed/Bob Lambert. Please write me at glempicki at yahoo dot com or call at nine one 7 – 8 six nine – seven one seven 5.
    I am very interested in a class action suit.

    Also ANYONE who wants to buy any Product, please contact me

  • If there is a class action lawsuit I would be interested in joining other distributors that bought into this too.

  • Eugene Lempicki

    Is anyone pursuing a class action suit or any legal action against PCI or the principles Ed, Ted alias whatever and Bob Lambert.
    Also for those who claim to be selling SOOOO much product, I will sell them my product a 1/2 price, but they are liars, so I don’t expect any response.

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