DIVERSIFIED HEALTH: Testimonials From Failed Franchisees

Today’s amusing lesson in why you should dig deeper than the franchisor’s franchise marketing web page comes to us from Diversified Health & Fitness.

Diversified Health & Fitness, founded by “Dynamic leader, Successful Entrepreneur, Steadfast Friend and beloved Father” Roger Wittenberns, is sort of the fitness industry hospice for terminally ill franchise chains.

If you look at the franchise marketing page for Diversified Health & Fitness concept Fit For Her, you’ll see that they tout the safety of investing in a franchise with the bogus, widely discredited claim that “90% of franchise businesses are still operating after 10 years, but 82% of independent businesses fail.”

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Another Diversified Health & Fitness web page contains testimonials from 7 Diversified franchise owners representing 8 clubs.

Funny thing is, 2 of the 7 franchisees currently featured in Diversified testimonials have closed their clubs.

The testimonial of Carol Weickardt, franchise owner of Shapexpress of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, still reads:

…I have been with Diversified since July 1, 2008. Although this is not a long time… I really appreciate working with a dependable company like Diversified that who I feel I can put my trust into to help my business succeed.

ShapeXpress of Pewaukee, WI has been removed from the location directory and the phone has been disconnected.

Ray Shoaf’s testimonial currently reads:

I am currently in the process of opening… Fit For Her in Sherman, TX… The consistent help and support provided by DHF is unlike any in the industry and sis sure to make any of the unique health and fitness brands be a huge success!

Ray Shoaf’s Fit For Her franchise in Sherman, TX reportedly closed a month after its grand opening.  He came under fire after he allegedly continued to bill members for 6 months after the club closed.

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25% of Testimonial Clubs Fail in the First 2 Years?

Just a thought… It might be wise for Diversified Health & Fitness to rethink its claim that 90% of franchises succeed when, in fact, 25% of the franchise clubs featured in the company’s own testimonials didn’t survive 2 years.

Just sayin’…


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