CITY WIDE MAINTENANCE Franchise Complaints

( CITY WIDE Maintenance Franchise Complaints

The City Wide Maintenance franchise opportunity is different from other janitorial franchises in that its business model is focused on providing sales and management services, but not the actual implementation of janitorial services.

The City Wide Maintenance franchise website greets franchise prospects with this cheery greeting:

“Your future starts here… with City Wide franchise.

“You are about to take the first step to determining your own destiny and growing a business in a $100 billion industry that will help you achieve your personal income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals.”

However, not everyone shares that enthusiasm for the City Wide franchise opportunity.

Citywide Maintenance

CITY WIDE Maintenance Franchise Complaints

We’ve received several complaints regarding the City Wide franchise.

Some have complained that they lack control over their subcontractors, that City Wide franchisees lack the experience to manage subcontractors, and that they cheat their subcontractors by misrepresenting the contract amounts.

Keep in mind that City Wide franchises are independently owned and operated.  The practices of specific franchisees are not necessarily that of all City Wide franchisees.

Sammy wrote:

City Wide is the worst.

They underbid and at the same time they didn’t tell you how much the original bid is.  You just believe them.

If they bid $500/month they will tell you they bid $400/month and will take additional 30% from your paycheck.  Then you get less than $300/month from a $500/month account.

When you calculate it it is below the minimum wage.

I don’t know why independent contractors do not report to FTC about this rip offs.

Chris Bensen writes:

City Wide uses all subs and they do not do any of the work.

They are managers and owners of the accounts they sell but they do not have control of the employees or their subs.

No background checks No drug tests and no control of the people as they are not the one’s paying them.  So if you are using them how do you know who is in your building at night?  And how do you know if the subs have Insurance? They do not have the control over the people at all because if they did they would be employees and not subs.

Check the IRS rules on this and you can see.  Most of the city wide franchisees just sell and could not do the work.  Very little experience in floors, carpet, water damage, disaster restoration and do not have a clue about OSHA documentation.  One franchise has a guy as a manager that before he worked at city wide he worked at Best BUY.  There is a guy with about no experience and if the sub does not show up who does the work?  Also how can he train people to do the work in the building when he has never done it himself?  Maybe he just watched a few times.

Know what you are getting before you hire a janitoral company.  Most franchises under bid and do not have the experience to do the job right for very long.  They most always start to cut corners after they have had the contract for a few weeks.  Or their subs do.

darrel writes:

All janitorial franchises are scams… I am talking about City Wide Maintenance.  They don’t only manage janitorial business. They manage more than twenty businesses to manage.  So They have no time to give to customers.  The customers keep on calling for issues related to their management and they don’t have time to contact them.

My advice is to start your own janitorial business not a franchise.

Businesses are fooled by big names.

Big Companies like City Wide are just selling their names



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10 thoughts on “CITY WIDE MAINTENANCE Franchise Complaints


  • city wide scam in tampa

    city ​​wide is a scam I paid 600 dollars to marc MacLauchlan in a library tampa and after many calls I made only gave me an account popr 2months and a half without any reason me the quito and I never returned to take anything, I I wonder? to where they ended the $ 600 paid to them for nothing, this company is as clean as any other con artist existing in tampa

    city wide es una estafa yo pague 600 dolares a marc maclauchlan en una libreria de tampa y despues de muchos llamados que le hice solo me dio una cuenta popr 2meses y medio y sin ningun motivo me la quito y jamas me volvio a dar nada, me pregunto? a donde fueron a parar los 600 dolares que les pague a cambio de nada, esta compania de limpieza es tan estafadora como todas las otras que existen en tampa

  • Reasoned Source

    The only real difference between City Wide and Jan-Pro, Stratus, Jani-King and others is simply they don’t have a “business owed” aspect to their model.

    Do they underbid? Yes
    Do they charge outrageous Fees and Account Acquisition Fees? Yes
    Do they charge you upfront for joining their organization? Yes
    Do they give proper support from Operations People the know the business? No
    Do they Churn both accounts and “vendors/sub-contractors”? Yes
    Are they really any better than the companies listed above? No

    Again, what has kept them “cleaner” than the rest, is simply the fact there is NO Business Owed aspect to their model.

    You are nothing more than a glorified “sub-contractor” that takes it in the shorts multiple ways vs. one way only. Most “sub-contractor” relationships the split is something around 70/30 to 80/20. You don’t have to pay a fee to Join, You don’t pay an additional “Account Fee” for accepting an account etc.

    With City-Wide, you not only have the lower “split” as they charge you Royalty Type Fees, but you pay an “account acquisition fee” and you have to pay to be “part of City Wide”.

    Bottom line, just another Franchise without the Business Owed Aspect!

    Now you know, don’t claim you haven’t heard, didn’t know, don’t understand…..

  • guadalupe romero

    Esta compañía es una estafa tienen a puros mexicanos haciendo el trabajo por que saben que somos los que mejor trabajamos pero a la hora de supuestamrmte ver las ganancias te comienzan a poner complaints y todo para que la gente pierda parte del dineral que quitan no les recomiendo esta compañía es una estafa están explotando a la gente..

  • Nicole Lindsey

    I was working at Kingsway Christian Church in Avon Indiana through Johnson & Johnson which happen to be contractors of Citywide. We had to reuse gloves, never filled out an application, never showed identification. We were paid under the table once a month.A 240,000 sq ft bldg 4 employees and were made to be done in 5 hrs. We cleaned / dusted everything with red cleaner that burned my hand and vinegar. They gave us 1 box of gloves for 4 ppl and said make it stretch. When we asked for regular pay they fired us.

  • Nicole Lindsey

    Johnson & Johnson (citywide contractor) only paid us $8.00 for cleaning that huge bldg which was under the table. Also my coworker was being harassed by our boss

  • Timothy E. Keltner

    Every complaint above is without merit. City Wide is a MANAGEMENT COMPANY. They are NOT a janitorial service. They sell franchises and MARKET for the franchisees – period! There motto is “We’re Managers, Not Janitors” They hire building managers to check up behind the contractors but they are at the mercy of the person in the office that is supposed to report problems and work with the building manager. Mnay times that person drops the ball.

    City Wide NEVER sells their contracts (like JaniKing does as a REGULAR business practice) and their contracts are MONTH TO MONTH as opposed to Jani-King that lock you into a mulit-year contract and dwindle service until you finally try to leave – just to find out your contract renew AUTOMATICALLY!

    As you may have surmised, I am a former CW Employee. And, although it did not work out with me – I have been saying, since the day I left that building, that City Wide Maintenance is the best company I have ever worked for… Go City Wide!

  • They manage their bank accounts and sub out all the work HORRIBLE …..avoid these people of louisville ky

  • It is the worst franchise ever.
    1. They cheat on how much they bid.
    2. They also tell you that you can’t clean right and the customer reduced the price but not. They are cheating on you.
    3. Give to customers the cheapest products with a higher price(paper towels, trash bags and so forth)
    4.They do not want you to have any contact with the customers you are cleaning.
    5. If you calculate they pay you even less than a minimum wage.
    6. The FSM(so called Facility service managers) have no clue about what janitorial cleaning is.
    6. They are the worst company ever existed on the face of the earth.

  • Anita young

    City wide has the most nasty attitude contract person in the Greensboro Burlington area not only is she rude but she has a nasty way of trying to be funny towards workers. I had 4 contracts with them and everyday it was a complaint when I know my crew was cleaning right. Not just that the fees they take after you pay to franchise is ridiculous. Then you make one mistake by hiring a person who you think want do wrong and they blame the whole team and take all your contracts I wish I would’ve knew the pay was below what a worker should get and that they had rude staff and over all complained about everything I wouldn’t recommend them to nobody to franchise with the pay wack and the communication sucks

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