Did Christy Ogle & Max Ogle Lie Under Oath About Businesses They Operate?

During an April 17, 2020 bankruptcy hearing, Christy Ogle & Max Ogle were asked by Trustee James Studensky whether they had, within the past 5 years, operated under any business names other than Sometimes Spouse and Tools to the Max/Nat’s Tool Shed.  Both Christy Ogle and Max Ogle, testifying under oath to a Federal court officer, that no, they hadn’t.  Here is clear evidence that they were not being truthful.


During their April 17, 2020 conference call hearing with Trustee James Studensky and the Ogle’s creditors, Christy Ogle & Max Ogle made a number of statements, under oath, that appear to be blatantly and provably false.  One is that they haven’t operated under any other business names in the past 5 years other than those mentioned in the hearing (Sometimes Spouse, Sometimes Spouse Partners, and Tools to the Max/Nat’s Tool Shed).

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When Trustee James Studensky asked Christy Ogle and Max Ogle if they did business using any other name (or dba) in the past 5 years, they answered clearly and deliberately:

“Not that I can recall.”  – Christy Ogle, 4/17/20

“No, nothing.” – Max Ogle, 4/17/20

Christy Ogle Stated Under Oath That They Did Not Operate Under Other Business Names in the Past 5 Years.

Christy Ogle & Max Ogle’s LinkedIn Resumes State Otherwise.

Christy Ogle Christy Ogle – Sometimes Love[Note:  We can find no registration for a non-profit entity called “Sometimes Love” in Texas or national charity databases]

7 years 1 month

  • Co-Founder

    Apr 2015 – Present 5 years 1 month

    Hewitt, TX

    Sometimes Love is a non-profit created to help those recently diagnosed with cancer, providing handyman & household cleaning services.

  • Co-Founder

    Apr 2013 – Present  7 years 1 month

    Waco, Texas Area

    Sometimes Love is a non-profit organization created to help others who have recently been diagnosed with cancer, to ease some chores around the house.

Christy OgleChristy Ogle – Masterminds Business Academy

Chief Executive Officer
Masterminds Business Academy

Mar 2018 – Present  2 years 2 months

Waco, Texas

Helping small business owners see the Big picture in their business. Helping the local community to get better, by helping the business owners.

Christy OgleMastermind Business Academy

Mar 2018 – Present  2 years 2 months

Hewitt, TX

Mastermind Business Academy(MBA) helps small business owners work on all areas of their business. MBA helps them to develop systems to make their business run smoothly, from financials, operations & marketing. MBA delves into the 7 pillars of your business, and how to utilize each pillar to your advantage. MBA has helped businesses grow 30%-125% in just 6 months time period. If you are willing to do the work, we can show you how to master business.

Max OgleMax Ogle – eBay Secrets

Ebay $ecret$

Nov 2018 – Present1 year 6 months

Waco, Texas
As of publication, Max Ogle’s YouTube page displays 5 videos from 1 year ago pitching their “eBay Secrets” program. Christy claims that Max made $77,044.61 in just 30 days on eBay. Here she pitches the initial package. [This video and 4 others are available as of 4/21/20):

How to TAKE Your Business Online with eBay

Franchising SecretsChristy Ogle – Franchising Secrets

Franchising Secrets

Mar 2018 – Present  2 years 2 months

Franchising Secrets (How to franchise your business in 30 Days)

Christy OgleChristy Kinney Ogle – Speaker

Christy Ogle Promotes Herself as CEO of 5 Companies

Chief Executive Officer
Christy Kinney Ogle Speaker

May 2019 – Present  1 year

Hewitt, TX

Christy Kinney Ogle helps people put family first with her family education. Do you feel like you have lost touch with your children or even your spouse. Christy Kinney Ogle can help you get back on track with putting your family first.

From the Christy Ogle & Max Ogle Bankruptcy Petition

Ogle BankruptcyBy signing here, I declare under penalty of perjury that the information on this statement and in any attachments is true and correct.

Max James Ogle, Debtor 1

Date  1/27/2020

/s/ Max James Ogle

Christina Lee Ogle, Debtor 2

Date 1/27/2020
/s/ Christina Lee Ogle

Christy Ogle, Sometimes Spouse Response:

Response Requested from Christy Ogle & Max Ogle. 

No Response Received Yet

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